Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. 

 Over the past few months I’ve become more aware of my thought patterns – how listening to negative thoughts can tear down my strength and resolution.  And how simply turning up the volume on thankfulness changes my whole view of life. 

I’m making a very conscious decision to engage in positive self talk.  I’m trying to treat myself as I would treat a dear friend.  It’s been a big transition to treat myself this way.   For so many years I focused on the negative internally – while *appearing* optimistic and happy to others.  And a lot of that was negativity about my body weight and relationship with food.  Not just my body and food though.  As a mother to 2 little girls I am determined to get this right.  I’ve spent too many years being negative about everything from the weather to my stomach to my little toenails!  I never want them to hear me talk negatively about my body.  I want to model healthy exercise behavior.  And show them a healthy relationship with food.  And above all else, be a genuinely happy and thankful woman!

I am going to attempt to log on here at least every day and write down 1 positive about my life, body, surroundings…anthing!

  • I have a strong body.  A. Really. Strong. Body.  I love weight training!