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Photo Post aka What 40 lbs Looks Like

celticharpie on Nov 8th 2013 12:18 pm

It’s good to take photos, especially when you’re overweight because it gives you a real idea of what you look like.  I had to search hard to find photos of me at my heaviest.  Mostly because I shied away from the camera.  Below is a timeline of photos.  While my weight from April to November did not change by a drastic amount, I did do a bunch of exercising and got more toned from last summer through now.  Pretty pleased with the results so far 🙂

40 lbs gone

Also, because my face has changed drastically, here is a side by side comparison…

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40 by 40

celticharpie on Nov 1st 2013 05:00 pm

So in August of 2012, I had one goal:  to lose 40 lbs by my fortieth birthday (which was in February of 2013).  I started by doing C25K and Herbalife.  Lost about 25 lbs that fall.  I stopped the program around the holidays and never got my mojo back before my fortieth.  However, I lost 25 lbs, so go me!

I spent my birthday in Ireland with my best friend and had a lovely time.  When I got back, I started working out a local fitness place (doing BodyPump) and, while I didn’t really lose any more weight, my body shape changed for the better.

In July, I traveled back to Ireland to see friends.  In the months leading up to my trip, I invested in a new summer wardrobe.  I was now fully back in normal sizes– goodbye Lane Bryant.  When I got back, I was surprised to find that even though I’d been off any sort of real diet plan, I had maintained nearly all (within 5 lbs) of my initial loss.  At the end of August, I decided to try a new plan because I was ready to invest the time and energy into losing more weight.  I signed up at the local Metabolic Research Center at the end of August.  In the past two months, I have lost 21 lbs while doing that plan.  More importantly, I have lost 23.75″ from my measurements.  Weirdest side effect?  I fit into shoes better.  Strange, isn’t it?

I realized when I went into my center yesterday, that I have finally lost my 40th lb.  I’m still 40 (won’t be 41 until February 2014), so it looks like I have finally hit my original goal of 40 by 40.

08/01/12 – 225 lbs
02/01/13 – 199 lbs
08/01/13 – 206 lbs
11/01/13 – 185 lbs

I’ll post some photos later this week 🙂

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