I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Hey, hey, 5K!

Does it count if it was unintentional and the miles were spread out over a 12-hour period?

My guess is, no. Doesn’t count. Nice try, though.

Ran/walked my two miles in the morning. The bike pants (really, quite long) worked pretty well under sweats, but add to that my jacket that I use to carry my iphone (gps run tracker, music, 9-11 when I pass out on the road), a t-shirt, and a sports bra and I was pretty dern toasty towards the end there. Figuring out the i-phone issue tonight so I can leave the jacket behind…although if the weather turns.

And then tonight while hubby was at choir practice I figured I’d see how the dog might do on a one-mile run/walk. Answer: not too bad. He slowed me down by about a minute, but then maybe it wasn’t him so much as me tired after a long day. Hubby said the dog gets very upset when I’ve gone out to run these past 3 times, so I thought maybe I’d bring him along for the 1 mile runs twice a week. He’s good, distracting, company.

So I ran/walked 3.24 miles in 50 minutes today. Not exactly fast, but faster than slow. I think my goal is to get my run tracker to call these little adventures “runs” rather than “walks.” I think of them as runs, and my lungs, sore legs, and aching back think of them as runs. Why won’t the technology do me the honor of calling them runs even if they’re pathetically slow ones? 🙂

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By bigprof
On September 21, 2011
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