I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I was told there’d be no math with this diet…

Got a loverly cortizone shot at the doctor’s yesterday & he’s got me taking 1800 mg of ibuprofen a day now (up from my self-medicating 800 mg). This is how we’re approaching the joint pain, which is, it seems, the rheumatoid arthritis back again. I sort of knew it…it’s been in/out of remission since I was 16, & it’s hard to ignore the crazy swelling & pain (although that’s what I did during my 20+ years uninsured), but I was really hoping all that was the fault of my lazy metabolism cause there’s a real treatment for that. Not much beyond major ibuprofen & hoping for another remission to do for the RA.

He’s keeping me on the metabolism meds, since it’s in a subclinical range, but I don’t have to go back for two months, when I’m hoping the swelling will be way down, I’ll be back running, and I’ll have lost some serious weight. That stuff I can control…what the blood work shows may be in someone else’s hands.

He also suggested (again) that I try a fast every week…actually, he suggested two semi-fasts a week. Last time he recommended one 800-calorie day a week. This time he says two 600-calorie days. Given that I’m walking 1.5-2 hours a day, he figures my problem is calories. I figure my problem is mainly fruit & nuts (too much of both). So…calorie counting for me. Oh joy! There’s little I hate more than measuring & counting & adding up calories.

I need to focus more on veggies & lean proteins. Lunch needs to be a salad every day with maybe some extra green veggies thrown in if I’m especially hungry. I need to keep hard boiled eggs on hand since those are hugely filling. I also need to cut out all eating after 8:00 (up here the sun doesn’t even think about setting until 10, so we tend to eat late, walk late, get to sleep late)…then make certain I have breakfast so my metabolism is firing steady all day long.

& back to food recording here now that my insane travels are over. Food recording complete with calorie counting. Argh

Okay, today I need to get this stupid book review finished (it’s technically due tomorrow), so if I’m going to get my long walk in, I better head out now.

Breakfast: kashi (190), skim milk (45), blueberries (65) = 300

Snack: (so much for cutting down on fruit…it’s strawberry season in the UP!) 5 medium-sized strawberries after my walk (19)

Lunch: (eggs are boiling) will be salad (lettuce = 20) with egg (90), grape tomatoes (24), radish (2), & asparagus (13), lite Paul Newman dressing 1 capfull (30). (179 total)

Subtotal 1200-498=702

Dinner:Ham (91), Peas (44), pasta (363), squash (20), half/half (78), parm cheese (28) = 624

Snack: Hb egg (90)

Total = 1212

Exercise: 1 hr & 35-min walk in morning; 30-min walk in evening.

Happy day Chicks!

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oogiboogs Says:

Ooooh, I have the gene for RA, but just have fibromyalgia for now. So your blog is very interesting to me. It is SO inspiring. You just have loads of energy and work hard to combat the RA. You go girl!

brseay Says:

Hopefully the calorie counting will only be for a short time.

inkheartmeg Says:

LOVELY?! ohhh man…. I’ve had a few shots in my feet. It is PAINFUL! The first time I had it, I was amazed at how well it worked and I could walk out of the office without pain. The second time, I was more amazed at the amount of PAIN I had as he inserted the needle into my foot. The third time, I had my husband drive me there so I could drink down some whiskey before I got the shot! That’s how bad it is! I hope I never have to go do that again. I’d rather live with the daily pain I guess…. or better yet…let’s lose weight and get rid of it that way. 😀


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