After a couple of Kardashian episodes and a kick ass “Cross Training” setting on the elliptical for 45 minutes, I was 10 minutes late to meet my boyfriend, sweaty as hell and scared to face the scale. But I did..after taking my shoes off, of course.

This whole process started out that I was going to do my weekly weigh-in every Saturday afternoon/evening. However, as the results on the scale didn’t reflect my goals of one pound per week I have become more lax in getting my ass to weigh-in on time. I realize now that the action of avoidance is how I got this big in the first place. Being a half-asser. From now on, no matter what I am sticking to the Saturday weigh-in. I am going to make it a priority. I feel that this trickles to my professional life as well. I do stuff but I am not committed to it and making it a priority. .

For shitssake, if weight loss was REALLY a priority in my life I wouldn’t be unwrapping a Christmas gift I hadn’t yet mailed my friend in Canada. Instead of sending her a favorite American candy (Whoppers) I wound up scarfing down her present while watching reality TV and hating myself. What really got me is that I unwrapped her gift! I had actually spent the time wrapping it! It was the saddest Christmas gift I’d ever opened in my life. But it reminds me that I need to give the gift of prioritizing my life choices, so maybe if I follow my own advice it will turn out to be the best gift I have ever opened for myself.

Here are the results:

Weight Loss for Week 4: .2 lbs

Weight Loss Total so far: 2.8 pounds

Pounds to Go: 62.2

Weeks Left: 61