Hey world,

I am a big girl who is just trying to go from obese to overweight. I have 65 pounds to lose and am planning on losing one pound a week for 65 weeks. How am I going to lose the weight? I have absolutely no idea.

Today I went to the gym. I got onto a machine next to a large woman going slow and busted it out. I don’t think she knew I was racing her…well, I was staring at her machine to see how fast she was going every few minutes until she left (lost the race and gave up).

Next, I went to the bakery to pick up some peanut brittle for my father’s Christmas gift. I usually buy a big sugar cookie with sprinkles and/or icing that I eat before making it back to the car. Today they had a super-sized stocking one with icing AND sprinkles. As I stared at the two remaining cookies I was goaded on by the counterperson, “I know you are looking for something else to buy…”

“No,” I said. “I started a diet today and I’m taking better care of myself and I don’t know why I’m here.” With that, I snatched up the peanut brittle that my father will eat and chip off his remaining teeth with. I started to walk away. Then I wondered if I could have just one last cookie before…I turned around. The bakery was closed. I am finally taking steps to take care of myself. And that’s as true as the indescribable sugary deliciousness of the perfect amount of icing on a holiday cookie.