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Happy weekend :-)

Sooo glad it’s Friday and its the weekend!

Had bloodwork done before New Year’s to see if i’m…just tired a lot and I had low iron years ago. Got a call from Dr.’s office and she wanted to see me. Two things….b12 really low..70 something when its supposed to be at least 110. Dr. wants me to take 1000 mcg’s a day. Second of all, one of my liver counts was high. Dr. asked me if i drank a lot (alcohol) few days before test and/or if i travelled ‘away’ and may have come in contact with someone with Hepatitis B.  Told Dr. that I drank alot on the 18th of Dec and then a few social drinks over Xmas. Those were the first ‘drinks’ i’ve had since the early Fall. Dr. wanted me to get bloodwork done ASAP to get the liver counts retested and if they come back high I will have to get an ultrasound and maybe some other tests…oh mys…..She felt my liver to see if it was swollen and asked if i was in any sort of pain…no and no. Anywho had the bloodwork redone so hopefully all will be fine.

Going out to a movie tomorrow with “M”…perhaps Sherlock Holmes..not much else playing. I stupidly watched “The Lovely Bones” online..yes its leaked…I say stupidly because I bought the book and there are some differences than the movie and I’m finding it really hard to get into…I shoulda waited, read the book first and THEN watched the movie, lol. However the movie was good!

Ooh forgot to mention that I started back up at Zumba. I didn’t pay for the ENTIRE 12 weeks ($100) because I have an appt next tues and if something happens to come up, however I paid $40 for ten classes. All I gotta say is “WHAT A WORKOUT!” can’t believe how much I missed it. I haven’t weighed myself in a few days and really don’t feel like it. Probably will weigh myself tomorrow and then after that hold off until every Saturday morning to weigh.

Have a great weekend! :-).