Productive day

1 Dec 2011 In: November 2011

Here I sit at my desk salivating over the dinner I’ve got cooking in the crock pot at home!  I got up this morning and got my exercise in and then made dinner and got it into the crock pot so everything will be ready when I get home tonight.  I have an eye appointment after work, yay new contacts!  My prescription ran out a month or so back and I’ve had to wear my glasses ever since because I couldn’t afford to get to the Dr and pay for the appointment or to fill the prescription.  Thank goodness for parents 🙂  That is my Christmas gift from my mom and dad this year.  Yippee!

Anyway, back to my busy morning.  After I made dinner and hopped in the shower, I made my lunch and my youngest daughter’s lunch and then I made her breakfast too 🙂  I feel like super Mom today, haha!  I love feeling this way.  I love having the energy to do so many things that before would have wiped me out completely.

This weekend the girls and I are going to get our Christmas tree.  The first time any of them have had a REAL tree!  My ex would never let us get one because he felt that it was a waste of money and we had a “perfectly good” fake one that finally broke after last Christmas (it had been wobbly for years!)  I had never experienced a fake tree until I moved to Arizona, I mean growing up in Washington, the Evergreen State, you can imagine why!  I miss the smell and the soft feel of the needles…I’m very excited 🙂

I’m basically out of “lunch” groceries at home right now.  I brought the last of anything portable today…a nonfat greek yogurt with homemade granola and an apple.  At least after dinner tonight there will be left overs I will be able to bring.  Grocery budget is extra tight this month due to Christmas.

Is anyone out there planning on doing any Holiday baking even though they are on a weight loss program?  I am going to make a few things for some coworkers and friends.  I just wondered if I was crazy to attempt this!!!


30 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

Today was a pretty quick work day. Lots going on, which always helps. I got payroll timesheets all ready for the entire next year, so that’s done.

Today was a day off working out. I have a bad knee and so I usually take 1 to 2 days per week off from my walking/jogging routine. It was a good thing too because today happened to be a day where my knee was clicking and popping like crazy. I usually have one of those days every month or two and it really bothers me. It would have been aggravated if it had also been a workout day.

I have a new recipe that I am going to try out for dinner tomorrow night. I can’t wait to taste it, it looks like a winner. Anything I can make in the crock pot automatically gets bonus points. I will let you know how it turns out 🙂

I have been debating getting a hair cut but I’m really nervous. I know, I know. Hair grows back if I don’t like it, but my hair is fairly long and I’m thinking of going much shorter. I don’t know if I’m quite ready yet but by the end of this weight loss portion of my journey I know that I definitely want a different do!

I have plans with some friends that I haven’t seen since I’ve lost weight next week and I’m curious to see what they say or if they notice. I don’t see how they couldn’t notice, I mean I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs, it’s pretty noticable. I mean, I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination but I definitely look thinner and my clothes definitely fit baggier. I will let you know how that goes after we go out.

Today’s food

Lunch: Sushi 5 pieces

Dinner: grilled chicken salad with homemade baked tortilla chips and homemade salad dressing.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Where did everybody go?

29 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

I know, I know.  It was a holiday last week and people are/were traveling, hanging out with relatives and house guests.  It just feels like forever since I’ve seen any new posts 🙁

I got locked out of my house last night.  That was interesting.  My oldest daughter stopped by my house after school to pick up a shirt that she had forgotten (the girls were with their dad last night) and for some reason when she walked by the garage on the way to her bedroom she locked the garage door, and I don’t carry a house key simply for the fact that I go in through the garage!  I had to have someone drive over and let me in to my own house, haha!  I had a trunk full of cold foods from Costco too!

I’ve been having a craving all week for popcorn so I am definitely going to be making some this week!  I have NO idea where this is coming from but I did used to eat it at least twice a week 🙂  I love popcorn, we grew up on it.  My mom would make it every single night after dinner to have as our TV snack.  I especially love taco popcorn.  I’m going to have to have some soon!

That’s all for now.

Ho hum one holiday down

28 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

Ahhh Thanksgiving.  What a great holiday.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time off, their family, friends, food and whatever other plans you had going on.  I had a blast, here is my time off in a very abbreviated version.

Wednesday afternoon: buy the rest of my pie ingredients and bake my 3 pies

Thursday Turkey Day: wake up and exercise, watch a little bit of the parade and a movie with the kids.  We went to my sister’s house around 1pm for snacks and football before dinner.  I had one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten!  A bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeno popper.  It was divine.  (I only ate 1 though!)  I also had a cocktail because I haven’t had one in weeks.  I limited my nibbling on the snacks to a few veggies, some cauliflower and radishes, and a couple of feta stuffed olives.  Overall I think I did a great job of enjoying the food and festivities but not getting out of control.  For dinner I had a heaping pile of turkey meat and about 2 bites of mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and a side of brussel sprouts.  I had 1/2 a sliver of chocolate pumpkin pie for dessert and it was delicious 🙂  After dinner and dessert I took my girls to Breaking Dawn (again!) because middle daughter missed it last week.  That was a lot of fun 🙂

Black Friday: Did NOT go shopping, in fact I did not leave my house until that evening when it was time to head to the ASU football game.  We headed to downtown Tempe and met up at a restaurant for pre game dinner.  I had a cup of chili.  I was STILL full from Thanksgiving dinner if you can believe it!   The game was alot of fun but I literally froze my ass off, haha!  The bleachers were metal and so cold and we were seated in the top half of the stadium and so the wind kept getting us.  We left just into the 4th quarter.  Too bad ASU didn’t pull off the win.  It took me over 2 hours at home to get my legs and butt back up to room temperature!

Saturday: got a good bit of my Christmas shopping done 🙂  Yay!  Still got the same sale prices for most of the items I planned to get but did not have to be out in all the craziness that is Black Friday.

Sunday: Family lunch.  We had the most amazing gyro meat salad.  It was so delicious, I brought the leftovers for my lunch today and a whole wheat flatbread so I can make it into a gyro salad wrap!!!  My stomach is already growling!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and now bring on Christmas!

Turkey Tuesday!

22 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

I’m so close to my holiday weekend that I can almost taste that turkey!  Our bosses decided to give us an additional half day off on Wednesday PAID so I get an even longer holiday than I thought, woohoo!  Let the festivities begin 🙂

I have begun my Christmas shopping.  I’m getting excited but nervous.  My budget is so stinking tight but I really want my girls to have a good Christmas.  I know it is not about gifts or material things and I even make them some of their gifts.  Last year I made them each a handsewn tree ornament and I made my youngest a throw blanket for her new bedroom.  I have been stock piling stocking stuffers all year.  Every time I shop I buy one or two little things such as a cherry chapstick or a $10 iTunes giftcard or a 99 cent (why is there no cent symbol?) peel off face mask or nail polish and I throw them in a drawer in my room.  That way around Christmas time the stockings are practically all taken care of and I don’t feel the strain!  I have been saving every spare penny for the past several months in order to be able to get them each a few really nice things.  I would rather get them less and make the item nicer than buy lots of stuff but not have it last.

So, if you are able to watch some college football this week check for me at the ASU vs. Cal game on Friday night 🙂  I will be there with my mom, dad, gma, aunt, cousin, my other cousin, sister and her boyfriend!  Should be a blast!!!  I will be the one in the ASU sweatshirt acting crazy…oh.  wait.  Haha!!!

I made the BEST turkey burger last night.  It was juicy and delicious and I even got some good char grill marks on it 🙂  Makes me want another one tonight!

Lunch today was some of my homemade granola with a fat free greek yogurt and some grape nuts mixed in because I love them!

I’m unsure what I will be doing for dinner tonight because I think I am meeting up with a friend, but I will be sure to post what I eat!


Hip, hip, hurray for a short week!

21 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

I am actually happy that it’s Monday today.  That’s unusual, hehe!  I am so thrilled that it’s a 3 day work week and that I will get 4 glorious days in a row off work, ahhhhh!

I bought all the ingredients I needed for the pies that I’m in charge of for Thanksgiving.  I think that’s what I will be doing Wednesday evening.  I love waking up on Thanksgiving morning and watching the parade and the dog show and I don’t like to be rushing around the kitchen trying to finish my sides or pies or whatever I’m supposed to bring that year.

I’m completely wiped out from my weekend.  The movie was FANTASTIC!  I’m not a HUGE Twilight fan, I’ve read all the books (and have them autographed!!!), seen the movies, but I don’t have to go on opening night, or even opening weekend.  But OMG!  To say that I loved part 1 of Breaking Dawn is an understatement!  It was so good, I’m going to go again this weekend and take middle daughter that had to miss it.  SO GOOD!

The cheer event was fine, if not reallllllly long.  50 miles to get there, they compete for 3 minutes and then you wait 4 hours for awards.  It was definitely a learning experience.  Our school has never done competitive cheer before so none of us knew what to expect.  The girls had been having a really hard time hitting all the stunts at practice all week and during the competition, they nailed it!  I couldn’t have been more proud of them 🙂  They didn’t qualify to state championships but that’s OK.  We wanted them to hit and they did!  (Some of those cheer moms (and dads!) are NUTS!)

My Eagles kicked some whiny Eli Manning butt last night so I was a very happy girl 😀  Vince Young played an amazing game, especially the long drive in the 4th quarter.  With so many of our players out injured I wasn’t all that optimistic going into it honestly but I’m very happy now!  We are just barely hanging on to our season, eek!

Weigh-in this morning was great.  I broke 2 of my goals 🙂  Passed my halfway mark and into a new 10’s group!

I took the last of the baked potato soup out of the freezer for lunch today.  I’m so looking forward to that.  And for dinner tonight I’m thinking either a turkey burger or a chicken caesar salad, or possibly greek yogurt with granola and fruit.  Guess it depends on what I’m feeling like after work!

Some of you (janee 😉 ) have asked where I get some of my recipes.  I get some from watching Hungry Girl on Food Network and check out the recipes on her website,, the other website that I stalk daily is Gina’s website,  I got the won ton idea from HG and the baked potato soup from ST!  I hope you all love them as much as I do 🙂  Enjoy!


18 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

Well, Friday has finally arrived, hallelujah!  ‘Bout time!

Last night’s dinner was the won ton cups again.  We love those things at my house.  We did the tacos again…black bean refried beans, some shredded chicken breast, guacamole, light sour cream, fat free shredded cheddar cheese.  Last time we made them I ate 3, but I was really hungry last night and had 4.  I should have stuck with 3 because my stomach felt so full for the entire rest of the night.  Even an hour later when I was going to exercise my stomach was too full to jog, so I just walked the whole time.  I don’t like the feeling of being overly full anymore.  I think I have lived the past 2 years constantly being overly full and the physical feeling now reminds me of the emotional feelings that went along with it.

Tonight is a very busy night.  After work I have a work event.  Whenever a really big movie, preferably a series, comes out our firm rents out a theater for a private viewing and we invite other firms, potential new clients and so forth to come.  We put together “goody bags”, typically our firm water bottle filled with candy, business cards, pens, and some type of trivia related to the movie event.  We do raffle prizes, from t-shirts, gift cards, all the way up to iPods and Apple TV.  It’s fun because I get to see whatever the big movie is for free, typically the night before release (we usually do the Thursday night 7pm showing) and my kids get to come too.  We started this last year and have done both the final Harry Potter movies, 7 part 1 and 2.  We are doing Breaking Dawn as well, but we didn’t make the decision until pretty late in the game and so we are doing the showing tonight as opposed to last night.  We will probably do the Hunger Games series also starting next March.  It is a fun but busy event and I always bust my hump on them.  After the movie, we have to scoot across town to my parents house because my brother and his wife are in town to celebrate Thanksgiving early.  We aren’t having the whole big meal or anything, just to visit and spend time with them.  They live in San Francisco.  Her dad lives here too so they get to see both sets of families in one trip, so that works out well for them.

I brought some of my homemade granola for lunch today and I plan to get a recipe up for you next week.  And I’m going to go to the grocery store on my break and get a fat free greek yogurt and some fruit.  I wanted a lighter lunch since I felt so stinking full from my dinner last night.

I’m so glad it’s payday.  I can finally get some groceries.  I need to go to Costco and Trader Joe’s as well as Walmart and Fry’s.  It’s like each store has specific things that I buy there…I wish there was one place I could get everything!  That would make my life easier, haha!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

The longest week in history

17 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

I mean really?  It’s only Thursday?  Because I feel like I’ve been at work for a month!  I guess it doesn’t help that payday is Friday, so it seems like it’s taking even longer to get here.  And I desperately need for payday to get here…man I’m flat broke!

TOM is out of control.  I feel so heavy and tired from it and I just want it to go away.  I also feel whiny, which seems accurate given my complaining about this week dragging on and on and on and on.

My weekend is crammed full of stuff to do.  My middle girl has her first cheer competition and it’s way out in BFE and if the hour and a half drive wasn’t bad enough, she competes at 1pm and we have to stay until after awards which don’t start until about 6!  Holy crap Batman…my butt is going to be sore from riding the bleachers all dang day!  I’m going to bring a book and just read in between watching the competition.  Luckily a friend of mine’s daughter will be there to compete too so at least I will have someone else to watch and hang out with.

I had NO food in my house today so I had to eat out for lunch.  I got a 6″ turkey sub at Subway, although there was so little turkey on it, I think calling it a 6″ veggie seems more accurate.

Adios muchachas!  I’m beat…


16 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

So, clothes (or sew).  Here’s the sitch, or should I say here’s the stitch (haha, love a good, or bad, pun!) Everything I have been wearing has been way too tight.  I was too broke to upsize my wardrobe, that, as well as refusing to do it.  Now that I am down about 42 lbs. everything is baggy.  I have a limited stash of smaller sized clothes and once those are too big I will definitely have to spend a little bit of money to get a few things that fit better until I am closer to my goal.  I’m still broke, but I know that eventually I am going to need things in my size.  I’m wondering if I can get nominated for WNTW and have Stacy and Clinton help me pick out a new skinny wardrobe 🙂  I will worry about that when I get there, but wouldn’t that be fun?!  I <3 that show, it’s such fun to watch.

I had a great morning workout today, which is surprising because I usually despise the morning ones.  It’s getting so fetching cold outside so I get in that in-between stage where I start out freezing but as I’m working, I’m sweating my ass off.  So I’m hot/cold!  It’s such a strange sensation.  Anyway, I started off by jogging the entire first mile of my route today, which is great because I haven’t jogged that far for a little over 2 years, so I was very pleased with that.  I have a really bad knee that has bothered me since a high school soccer injury and every once in awhile it pops/clicks a lot.  Well, after I finished the first mile jog and started to walk for awhile the popping began.  I have to walk strange to get the popping to stop because it feels like my bones are grinding together when it clicks and pops like that.  It doesn’t hurt necessarily but it bothers me alot and I’m afraid it’s damaging my knee.  So finally after a bit of walking I went back to jogging because it doesn’t do it when I’m jogging.  It hasn’t happened for over a month so it’s not that big of a deal but when it does happen it is so annoying.

I made the most amazing spicy green beans last night.  Or as my boss calls them, Harry Cotverts.  Omgosh that was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.  Last time he took us to lunch (he usually does this about once every other month) at Kona Grill and as he was perusing the menu said “What are Harry Coverts?  They come with almost every dish!”  I almost spit out my iced tea, I could NOT stop laughing!  Anyway.  Last week I had purchased a jumbo bag of haricot verts from Costco.  We used about half the bag and last night I decided I needed to cook the other half of the bag before they spoiled.  I snipped the ends off and threw them all on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet (easy clean-up!) and drizzled them with 1 1/2 tsp of EVOO, sprinkled them with salt and pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes.  Baked them at 425 for probably 15 minutes (sorry I didn’t pay closer attention!) stirring once during cooking.  My kids were at their dad’s but they probably would have been a bit too spicy for them, but for me?  Perfection.  I ate half last night and packed up the other half with some tofu for lunch today.  Heavenly!

I can’t believe it is only Wednesday.  This feels like the looooooooooooongest week ever.  TOM finally came on full force today so I feel quite crappy.  I’m hoping it’s a quicky though.

Does anyone have any plans for Thanksgiving weekend?  My family decided that the adults all needed a night out so Friday night after Thanksgiving we are going to a college football game.  My Gma will be down from Washington and she’s going to go with us too!  It will be cold, but fun!  I’m so excited, I can’t wait.  I think that’s why this week seems so long, because I am looking too forward to my days off next week!

I’m fetching dying!

15 Nov 2011 In: November 2011

Holy crap, I’m tired, more than tired, exhausted and sore, not really sore, but my muscles are just worn out!  As you may or may not know from reading this little corner of the blogworld, in addition to my weight loss journey, I am participating in a 6 week challenge at work.  There is a money prize and I am so flipping competitive that I couldn’t let myself lose if I wanted to.  Anyway, we are on the sixth and final week of the challenge and our special final weekly challenge is to do 30 minutes of exercise per day and in addition to that 30 minutes, we must complete a half marathon, 13.1 miles, of walking or jogging over the course of the week.  The sucky part is you cannot count any of the distance from your 30 minutes.  In order to get enough distance, I’m having to do 2-a-days right now and I’m just flat out beat!!!  Yesterday before work I did 2.5 miles, after work 2.5 miles, this morning 2.5 miles…you get the picture.  Bloody hell, I was so tired today that I actually forgot to put my shoes on and came to work in my slippers!!!

I had breakfast for dinner last night.  That’s one of my favorites.  I had a nonfat plain greek yogurt (I usually don’t buy the plain to eat, I buy them for recipes, and I get vanilla to eat but I was out of vanilla 🙁 ), which I topped with 1/4 cup of the granola I made Sunday night.  I also scrambled an egg and had that in a 50 calorie whole wheat tortilla with 2 strips of bacon, 80 calories, and 2 tbsp crumbled feta cheese.  It was the most delicious dinner, breakfast, ever!

I find this odd and I thought I’d ask what everybody else’s experiences are like.  Since I have been doing the twice daily workouts, and they are the exact same distance, I have noticed a difference in my pace, speed, and endurance.  I have more energy, am faster, am more limber and have more endurance for my workout after work than I am for my morning workout.  I did the exact same distance 9 minutes faster in the evening than I did in the morning.  I guess my being a night owl and not a morning person is showing in my workout too.  And let me tell you what, it is ALL I can do to drag my butt out of bed and get into my workout clothes and out the door.  It literally almost kills me.

Anyway, have a great day.  Back with food later and as Tigger says TTFN!