Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month: 3 Cardio Tips

With spring right around the corner, there’s no greater time to lose 10 pounds. Trying to lose 10 pounds in one month is an awfully ambitious goal. Generally speaking, it’s safest to lose one or two pounds a week. You’ll find that aiming to lose one or two pounds a week is easiest–both in the initial weight loss process and the in weight maintenance afterward. However, it is possible to lose 10 pounds in a month. With the proper combination of cardiovascular activity, diet and strength training, you can drop 10 pounds by the time the new month rolls around. Follow these cardio tips to obtain the best results.

1. Do High Intensity Workouts

We’re told to exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week. That amount of activity will cut it if you’re not looking to be in peak condition or looking to lose weight. If you’re wanting to drop 10 pounds in a month, you’re going to need to work hard and sweat. Try to make it to the gym for cardio workouts at least three or four times a week. You have several options for your workouts. You can do condensed High Intensity Interval Training, in which you work out for 20 to 30 minutes and alternate between maximum and minimum intensity (think working out at a level two for two minutes and then switching to a level 12 for two minutes and repeating for the duration of your workout). This is the most effective way to lose fat. Your other option is to take high intensity group fitness classes like kickboxing and step aerobics. You’ll spend a good 45 minutes working your entire body. If you aren’t a member of a gym, you can easily find fitness videos to do at home.

2. Mix in Some Weights

Remember that your cardio workouts can incorporate strength training. You can take group classes (like body conditioning or boot camp) or do circuit training to get a well rounded work out. Don’t fall for the myth that you need to be doing all cardio all the time for weight loss. You’ll burn calories as you lift and will be better off for using weights in your workout. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

3. Fit in Cardio Wherever You Can

In addition to your regular at home or gym workouts, find ways to be active whenever possible. Take the stairs at work. Park in the farthest spot in the parking lot when you go to the store. Dance around your kitchen as you cook or go out for a night of dancing with friends. Remember, ever little bit counts. When you have a lofty goal to lose 10 pounds in one month, you need to constantly be focused on obtaining it.

Truly, you cannot lose 10 pounds in one month doing cardio alone. You diet has more to do with your weight than anything else. Be sure to eat as healthy as possible and incorporate strength training with your cardiovascular routine for the optimal results.


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