Four Types of Healthy Pasta

The average semolina pasta found in your local grocery store isn’t considered healthy pasta, because many of the nutritional layers of the grains have been stripped. This means that white pasta won’t provide you with the bran and fiber that’s so important when it comes to eating complex carbohydrates. However, there are numerous pasta options that are healthy, full of fiber and are delicious too. If you don’t want to give up pasta but you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, consider incorporating the following healthy pasta options into your meal plans.

Whole Wheat Pasta

This is one of the most common healthy pastas on the market. It can usually be found right next to the white varieties in your local grocery store, and it’s affordable so you’ll find that it is extremely easy to replace your white pasta with a whole wheat variety. Wheat pasta is a little heavier than white pasta so it helps to fill you up quicker, and keep you full longer.

Spelt Pasta

Spelt flour can be found in health food stores and can be made at home using spelt flour. Both spelt flour and pasta can be used in place of any other variety without compromising the integrity of a dish. It’s considered a healthy alternative to white pasta due to its high protein and fiber content, and the nutty flavor adds something different and rich to dishes lie spaghetti and stir-fry meals.

Buckwheat Pasta

Commonly used in Japan, buckwheat pasta takes on an almost purplish color. It’s rich in taste and high in fiber in addition to protein, just as most other whole grain pastas are. They are perfect for creamy pasta dishes like Alfredo or pesto pastas and they’re great in soups that require noodles. Simply break them up and throw them in a few minutes before the soup is done!

Brown Rice Pasta

Brown rice doesn’t have to be served traditionally, as this healthy pasta option is becoming more and more popular. It tastes a lot like rice so it works well when you’re trying to create something different. For example, you can mix brown rice pasta with refried beans and tomatoes in order to create a Mexican flair, or you can toss the pasta with fresh greens for a quick casserole dish.

If you have a pasta maker, consider experimenting with different grains. You might be surprised at the kind of pastas you can come up with!  Quinoa, millet, couscous and other grains can be used. You can also combine different vegetables with the pasta flour to create colorful dishes everyone is sure to love. If you don’t already own one, pasta makers can be purchased in your local store or on the Internet for less than $30. They come in very handy when you want to make a fresh, healthy meal from scratch.


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