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Default I gave up gluten, sugar, milk, alcohol and coffee. And this is what I learned

What do you think people will do after quitting gluten, sugar, dairy products , alcohol and coffee?
Do you think eating food will be less fun? The exact opposite is true, and this is my story
Avoid gluten, sugar and coffee
Last summer I gave up on gluten, sugar, dairy products, alcohol and coffee. And this is what I learned three weeks later.
How to distinguish between real hungers and emotional
Real hungers are not displayed immediately, but gradually. When emotional hunger appears immediately and you want to be satisfied immediately. While purifying my body, I no longer feel emotional hunger.

Sugar isn't my friend
even the one found in dried fruits. It's addictive enough that you can even prepare to sell your soul for a piece of apple.

I felt like a hangover the morning after eating gluten intoxicating my brain . As a result, it was very difficult to concentrate on my work. Processed gluten in crackers and cereals is especially harmful.

other alcoholic beverages, than especially after drinking beer and wine, who after drinking this drink is felt much better alcohol to perfect .

Gluten, sugar, and coffee, which help you sleep less when you eat the right foods, can interfere with your sleep and make you messy. Before cleaning, I needed 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but during and after cleaning I needed 6-7 hours of rest.

Six months before my painful sensations disappeared, I had a car accident and suffered regular neck and shoulder pain. But after they started cleaning their bodies, they disappeared completely.

I love smoothies,
which is a great way to eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. You should try it for yourself!

Coffee makes me feel crazy.
Three weeks later, I tried coffee and noticed that it had a very negative effect on my body and health. Therefore, I try to completely replace it with lemon water.

are n't that good I'm having a hard time digesting most grains-whether gluten-free or not. Quinoa is the only exception to this rule.

The right to eat is not difficult at all
. Finding the right food for you is difficult, so you have to get into the habit and give up frequent trips to restaurants.
Avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy products, alcohol and coffee will improve your life. You will have a much greater sense of energy, strength, and lightness. Try giving up on these foods!
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