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Smiling Sal 01-01-2003 10:05 AM

Hello from lots of fat chicks in England 17
Thought I'd start a new thread for 2003 - the last one has been running for ever.

Smiling Sal 01-01-2003 10:13 AM

I had a ball last night, I hope everyone else had a great time doing whatever you wanted.

My friends came over at the back of 10 and left just before 5 this morning, we drank loads, danced around, chatted, sang and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Drank too much, ate too much rubbish but hey it was good fun and it doesn't happen every day of the week. As we were dancing it was hot in the house and we opened a window, was freezing this afternoon, we didn't get up until 2:15. The boys are out of bed, but they aren't really awake, they are laying on the couch watching a video under their quilts, looking oh so cute.

But here's to the year when I am going to lose at least 3 stone. Today is a nothing eating day, the gammon is gently roasting and the potatoes will soon be joining it, at least we're not having traditional steak pie with all that pastry

Tonight I will be planning my eating for the next few days and organise a shopping list. I am going to wow you with my losses over the next few weeks, hope I don't live to regret thoses words.

Speak to you all later, need to get my butt in gear

leigh-r 01-01-2003 10:14 AM

Ty Sal. A new thread for a New Year is a good idea.

BritinNJ 01-01-2003 10:28 AM

Happy New Year everyone.
Carol, your night sounds like it was wonderful :) Hope everyone's else was as wll. Mine was great although yep, too much food, and malibu's and pineapple went down well too. I AM STARTING TODAY! I have loads of low fat food in the house, I am back to work tomorrow and I can do this.
BPB, so glad to hear your man is on the mend. Enjoy your junk today, you do deserve it after your past week.
Later tater's.

cat90 01-01-2003 01:57 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR GALS! Carol you sound amazingly bright after a night on the tiles :lol: so..do you keep the boy's up too? you :s:
:devil: i wondered how you pulled it off..i was imagining you half dead today with the boy's bouncing around you :lol:

Mine was a non-event i did'nt even have a beer..that's a first :lol: but at least i have'nt a hangover today and i did'nt need the extra calories anyway :D today will be the last day of eating anything i want and you know what i don't want :lol: i probably will tomorrow :dizzy:

veggie 01-01-2003 02:48 PM

It all looks different round ere :D :dizzy: I got up at 2.15 :devil: and havent been out of the house :D :cool: :p Im watching Pollyanna Im a bit worried she cant walk :( ;)

cat90 01-01-2003 03:12 PM

I've been looking at the "mugshot" thread :lol: i've got a couple of old one's of me (2yrs old) will post them..then..when i get the courage up i'll take some fresh one's..totally unflattering one's with everything hangin' out then when i start to lose i'll see the diff like i did last year :D

Smiling Sal 01-01-2003 03:34 PM

Haven't look at the pictures yet Cathy, but I seem to remember one of you in the bath from TPAAT.

I must scan a couple of pictures in when I go back to work.

The boys were up until 5 too, they could have kept going longer with their pals, it was the adults who were wilting.

Smiling Sal 01-02-2003 05:15 AM

Today is the day I get my life back to normal. Normal mealtimes and bedtimes and healthy food - no more junk and definately no more alcohol - for a few days anyway.

Wish the office was open tomorrow and I could go back to work. Hate this long holiday we have in Scotland, after the New Year. Everywhere is still shut today with even the supermarkets on short hours, so we can all drink ourselves stupid again today - WELL NOT ME !!!!!!

Need to attempt to tidy the boys rooms after all they pals were in the other night. Will get a shower first though and some breakfast, at the table, with Steven. No more eating on our laps. Sean is still sleeping, am going to let him lie, he has had far too many late nights. This afternoon though I am going to drag him somewhere where he can use up a bit energy, goodness only knows where in this weather, but I'l find somewhere.

Time to get serious

cat90 01-02-2003 12:42 PM

Lost my ooomph today..it was pouring down last night and the gutter was overflowing onto the deck below..really loud..so i listened to that until 3am when the rain eased off..i'm so :tired: this morning :yawn: i hope a good hot shower take's care of that.

Congratulations Leigh-R on losing 3lbs over the holidays..you clever girl :D

Got to drag myself to the mall today for groceries so hopefully i'll make some good choices..i'll definitely avoid the candy aisle :eek:

teel 01-02-2003 12:58 PM

Gosh, Sal, you certainly know how to party!!You don't need to join thousands of others in Edinburgh...sounds like you had a super time right there!!Hope you are all recovering, by the way?

I stayed in but went to friends for lunch yesterday which was great. In the evening I restored the lounge to it's former state...sorry, could not put up with the clutter and mess any longer... and watched Billy Elliot on the beeb. I have seen it before but it was worrth watching again.
Must make an appointment with my dietician in the next few days. I think things are ok. I have not done too badly but ruined everything today and lost the plot by eating a 100g choc 'n nut bar that someone had bought me. I am a lot better if there is no naughty food in the house, so I plan to give the Christmas pudding and the dark chocolate biscuits to my neighbour.The goodies are all part of a food hamper I received for Christmas.....

Errr, please excuse ignorance but SmilingSal, what is "TPAAT"? re the photo thread.???

cat90 01-02-2003 02:19 PM

Teel...TPAAT..is ten pounds at a time..we used to have our own thread on here but it got canned due to the lack of posting's..we are now on the miscellaneous board and we have a group on yahoo where we post pic's of ourselves (if we want to :( )

Smiling Sal 01-02-2003 05:01 PM

I de-christmased the house today, just got to the stage where I had to get back to some semblance of normality. I watched Billy Elliot last night, hadn't seen it before and cried most of the way through.

Been at my SIL's today, she is due her second baby on the 11th, we only popped up for a short visit, 6 hours later we sent out for pizza. Ended up having to go and pick it up as there was an hour and a half delivery time on it. Didn't do too bad, had half a pizza and some pakora, wedges, dip, chicken nuggets, etc. Besides all that though, have only had my frosties this morning. So have not done to bad on my first, back on program day.

Tomorrow will be better, I will manage to count points for the whole day. Am going to count my points for the whole week again starting at 6pm Friday night. It worked last time I did it, so I know that if I stick to it again and count everything then it will work again. Will count everything I eat over the weekend and then divvy up the remaining points for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I am tidying up 2 cupboards, the coat one in the hall and the one in my room. A lot of clutter will be ready to go into the loft by the time Ray comes back from work. he will not part with his beloved Land rover magazines, even though they have not been read since we moved into this house 8.5 years ago. Men !!!

tupperware queen 01-02-2003 05:38 PM

I managed to stay on track today, hurray!! I had 6 squares of fruit and nut and 4 boiled sweets but managed to call it a day. Let's hope for a good day tomorrow , I would like to get through the weekend without alcohol if that is manageable.
The shock of the scales on Saturday should see to that!!
I am ready to see the back of the xmas decs, will make a start tomorrow night then blitz the house on Saturday. I have a few cupboards need sorting so remind me of that when my fingers keep reaching for the goodies and I need to occupy myself to keep the greedy demons away.

BritinNJ 01-02-2003 10:11 PM

Hi Ladies,
I am on track OH YEAH!!! I have been counting points since yesterday and I even finished off a bar of fruit and nut with a friend over a cuppa tonight and it fitted in with my points so I am well chuffed. I am doing really good on the water intake as well. I am proud of me.
ER is a repeat tonight but I thinkI'll watch it and drag the trampoline out and bounce for a bit, as one of my aims with this weight loss business is to get back into this excersie business. I used to get up an hour earlier last year when I was on track and puff my way through Tae-bo, but I think if I do either that or bouce ( and I bounce all over with this bod) I will do better, cos I don't like getting up at the best of times at six in the morning, so five is even more horendous!
Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow, I am back at work now, although this is a very short week of only two days...today was the first, I think it helps, cos the mind, body and mouth are occupied :)
We have winter weather warnings for the next few days so if we get a good snowfall, I'll burn calories too, by walking thorough snow and maybe shovelling it too.
Later tater's.

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