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Arwen 01-20-2003 03:27 PM

Popped into Tesco yesterday and discovered that they are selling quite a lot of Weight Watchers books off cheap - presumably because its been renamed again.

Anyway the two big books (pure points cookbook 2001, and 2002) were there at 4.something instead of 10.99 and they had quite a lot of the magazine size ones that were selling for 2.99 instead of 5.99.

I bought "low point pasta meals" and "family meals" and they had about 4 others as well - one pot wonders, quick meals in 30 minutes - I'm afraid I can't remember the others.

They also had quite a lot of other diet and exercise books so thought it worth mentioning in case anyone was interested:)

Arwen 01-20-2003 03:34 PM

Sorry, forgot to say:

I have been doing very well on my diet since I last posted. I had to overcome my first major hurdle on saturday which was eating out at someone elses house. I've started following the "wendie plan" which i first saw mentioned somewhere on this site where I vary the points I eat every day. Saturday was my high points day so I managed to eat out - sensibly - at lunch time and have enough points left to have an evening meal too. I was really pleased with myself:)

Sunday I went to see Harry Potter at the cinema and sat next to my friend who was eating chocolate toffee popcorn whilst I ate my packet of weightwatchers chews. How angelic was that?:cp: :dance:

cat90 01-20-2003 05:15 PM

The something that is in the air made it to Canada too :lol: i was an absolutely lazy :moo: yesterday..did nothing..apart from keep the woodstove fuelled and make dinner :lol: i did'nt even get outta my jammies :o no exercise at all :mad: apart from changing the tv channel :rolleyes:

Smiling Sal 01-20-2003 06:13 PM

Hope you enjoyed the 'vegging' day Cathy.

I am a very happy bunny tonight, but very aware that I have to stick to plan religously to keep the weight off next week.

I am going to be angelic for the whole week - I'm sure it is possible.

Watch this space for me having a totally, no excuses, on plan week.

cat90 01-20-2003 08:29 PM

I've just looked at the weekly weigh-in thread and i'm inspired to do more :D i've been lazy again today..done some baking, cleaning and surfing the net..now it's time to exercise..i was going to give it a miss again :( but now i'm raring to go :D

tupperware queen 01-21-2003 03:41 AM

Hi all!! Feeling really doom and gloomy today, been up sinca 5.30 and feeling stressed out after just one day back at work, well I was on a course (really ate badly yesterday lunchtime!!) and found out about my next couple of assignments, 3,000 word essays, I am too bloody old for all this!!
DH is working late every night this week (10pm) so my exercise isn't really getting everywhere, my walking to work will be back in motion today so lets hope I can stride all these negative feelings out.
Have a great day and send me some good vibes if you have any spare.

BritinNJ 01-21-2003 08:14 AM

{{{{{{{Good vibes for TQ}}}}}}
As for the exercise luv, how about getting the rebounder out, now all your floors are polished? Have a bounce and shake the neggies away. Hope this helps :)

BritinNJ 01-21-2003 10:54 PM

Have just watched American Idol, never have before, 'Simon' is rather nasty whcih I already knew cos I'd heard about him from previous shows. Does he do the show over in ENgland too I wonder?
My baby is turning into a teenager tomorrow. She is already taller than me so I think I'll be ok having to say I'm old enough having two teenagers now...LOL! We've made her a cake, so I'll have to try a very slim slice of course, should be able to do it within the points. Talking of points, I tried a new cereal today, it has 9 grams of fibre, and 2/3 of a cup equals one point so with half a cup of skimmed milk, it makes for a very filling two point breakfast. Looking at my writing here, I reckon I've lived here too long cos spelling fibre the British way looks funny to me now......Oh NO!! I just can't believe it.
Right, well I'll post on the weigh in tomorrow, hope everyone has a great day.

Smiling Sal 01-22-2003 09:22 AM

HI everyone. Ray has converted our home PC to windows XP and I couldn't get near it last night. Goodness only knows what he has done to it.

I am doing amazing so far this week. I have been starting a new points day at 6pm instead of first thing in the morning. It is amazing how it takes the presssure of, for over eating in the evening, know you can balance it all out until tea time tomorrow.

Well I think it is. Will find out if it is really working on Monday

Hope you are all having a good day. Have just jumped in during my very short lunch break, am very busy so be get back to it.

cat90 01-22-2003 03:21 PM

Hi Ladies...Chris did you watch Joe Millionaire this week? i thought he would have got rid of more than one..i guess it will be one a week now :lol: Carol..good for you..wish i could say the same..i really need to get my eating under control..i'm outta chocolate so that should help :lol:
I just found out this morning that i'm a first time GRANDMA :eek: my daughter had a daughter "Olivia Nicole" weighing in @ 6lbs 11ozs :) i said i should take up knitting but my daughter said i'm too young to be a grandma ;) good answer! i'll be straight into the baby section when i hit the mall :lol:

BritinNJ 01-22-2003 04:15 PM

Congratulations Grandma Cathy :)
I didn't watch Joe again this week, forgot it was on actually, maybe I'll catch the repeat tomorrow?
Is your daughter near by to you to visit. It must be very exciting knowing you can spoil a kid rotten and then hand them back to their unsuspecting parents...like mine did to me....LOL! Love 'em!

teel 01-23-2003 01:07 PM

Hi all, I am returned from the "no use computer zone!!"
The truth is that mum and dad decided to come and stay for a few days and went home yesterday, so I did not have any time to get on the computer let alone get to this site!!
The visit was very exhausting and I struggled with the increasing level of relentless pain in my back and legs.Sleeping on the soft spare bed did not help matters and by the time they left yesterday afternoon I had reached screaming pitch several times but managed to step back in to the normal, jolly, polite daughter zone....:devil: :devil:
I won't write about all my thoughts now but will let loose in my journal entry another time.....

Thinking about your stress levels, BritinNJ...NOW YOU HAVE TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE!!:devil: and what was that new cereal you tried??:T
And congrats to cat90....a grannie!hehehe!!!
Hello to TQ...is your ear all better now....
and hello to SmilingSal, hope you are all fixed now as well.
Arwen, thank you for the info on the sale price ww cookbooks....what is the club going to be called now? And did you enjoy Harry Potter??Well done to you and everyone else for keeping OP !!!

Bye for now, love from Teel xx:wave: :wave:

Mini Gem 01-23-2003 01:33 PM

I saw an ad for WW on TV last night, and if I recal correctly the new name is something like WW "it's time to eat". It stuck in my mind as sounding sort of crazy. :)

Arwen 01-23-2003 03:56 PM

Yes the new WW package is called "time to eat". I thought it sounded a bit silly too. Its been repackaged so if you go to meetings you get a trendy sort of handbag to keep your stuff in and instead of a book a week for the first 10 weeks you get a card every month or so - I think anyway. I need a suitcase to keep my WW stuff in but I still want that bag just coz it looks cool. How sad am I! But I'm just doing WW from home and ordered the continuation pack so I don't get anything except weekly weigh-in cards and rewards like the 10% keyring. I don't even get silver sevens. :cry:

Teel, Harry Potter was excellent. I would definately recommend it though I'm not sure how much longer it will be showing for. Very different from Lord of the Rings which I'd been to see the week before. During that one I ended up sucking my thumb (which I've never done in my life) just to try to stop bitting my nails! Even though I knew what was going to happen as i've read the books about 20 times. How daft is that I wonder:)

I hope you recover from your visitors soon too.

Congratulations to Cat90, your Grand-daughter was exactly the same weight as my daughter and I bet she's just as gorgeous!

Smiling Sal 01-23-2003 06:04 PM

Congratulations grannie cathy.

I hate the time to eat adverts, at one bit a woman goes on about wearing whatever you want and she is wearing a hidous black lacy smock like top. Why would I choose something like that if I could wear anything.

Sorry to anyone who likes the top.

My boil is giving me problems again, had swollen up to day with yet more gunk and I had to get it out, sorry for the images, but now it won't stop weeping and is sticking to everything. Wonder how many months I'll need to wait for an outpatients appointment to get it drained properly and how many times will I need to do this. Is very tender and I am feeling very sorry for myself.

There is a bottle of wine in my fridge and I have to be honest and confess to being tempted. Would rather keep it for tomorrow, will need to see how the willpower works out

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