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cat90 01-15-2003 04:35 PM

TQ..Talking about muck..i have a gravel driveway and a hubby that won't take his workboots off when he comes in the house..so i know all about it..it can wait..i need to exercise while the 'Bold and the Beautiful' is on first ;)

cat90 01-17-2003 12:32 AM

Chris they did a repeat of Joe Millionaire tonight (Thursday) did you catch it? :D

Smiling Sal 01-17-2003 04:09 PM

Very Quick post, just to say hello.

I am feeling a bit under the weather. Had a boil sliced on my side yesterday and am having to squeeze the 'gunk' out myself as there is a lot of it. Not a very pretty image, sorry.

But besides that I have felt that something has been 'hanging over' me for a few days, don't think now it is going to come to anything more than a slight sniffle and extreme tiredness, but it has knocked me for 6.

Will be back on form soon, promise.

teel 01-17-2003 04:22 PM

Oooooooh YUK YUK YUK!!!!!

Poor you, Carol....it may be that you have felt under the weather because your body is under par and fighting this infection...hope the lancing has helped a lot and you feel better soon....:(
here are a few fuzzies to help you on your way to recovery...

:cb: :dance: :flow2: :dancer: :flow1: :grouphug: :balloons:

tupperware queen 01-17-2003 04:28 PM

OOh Carol love hope you are soon feeling much better, look after yourself this weekend and try to get some rest.

teel 01-17-2003 04:54 PM

Hello tq.....how is your poorly sick ear doing???:(

BritinNJ 01-17-2003 05:54 PM

Ooooooooooo Carol, you poor soul. Keep squeezing and get rid of your gunk. Hope you feel better soon. I am all over my cold now, I am so glad. I am tired though, it's been a busy day at work. I feel a bit stressed today and it's shown in my eating. We had cake at work for the kids and I had a piece and I'm usually so good refusing it, and everyone at work is very surportive of me doing WW, so I don't know why I gave in today.
It's a three day weekend here so I hope I don't keep off of track cos of today. It's also very cold, I think our temp for thisevening is going to be 9 degrees! Don't know if I want to walk out in that with the dogs. They run outside in the back for a very quick tiddle as it is!
Cathy, I didn't see the repeat of Joe last night, was busy upstirs doing laundry until ER...wouldn't miss that for anything though :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend. TQ, what do you polish your wood floors with?

cat90 01-17-2003 10:19 PM

Carol...that sounds painful..hope you feel better soon :) TQ hope your ear is better now too :D

tupperware queen 01-18-2003 06:18 AM

Hi all!! My ear is still 'uncomfortable' but on the mend, I haveto finish my ear drops and then The doc gave me a prescription for an ear spray on Thursday, and hopefully that will get to the bottom of it.
It has put me off going swimming though and really i need to get on with that to aid my weight loss. Back to work on Monday so that involves a good hours walking each day, every little helps.

cat90 01-18-2003 01:51 PM

TQ..how exactly did your ear get infected? through swimming? or did you just get up one day and it was sore :(

Smiling Sal 01-18-2003 07:27 PM

Hello am feeling better, am tanked up with vitamins, decided I have to take much better care of myself.

I have a new nephew, Rays sister had a wee boy yesterday, they have decided to call him Kade, going along with the trend for unusual names, it was strange at first but has grown on me. Haven't seen him yet, but she they came home from hospital today and we are going to pop over tomorrow and visit, must get a present for her older boy as well.

It is all boys on Rays side of the family, 8 boys and no grand daughters, still his other sister is due in April, maybe she'll have the grand daughter, imagine how spoiled any girl born into this family will be after all those boys.

Have over eaten over the last few days. I have gone from struggling to eat 20 points at the beginning of the week, to eating everything I can find. At this rate I will be showing a gain on Monday. I have to get my act together tomorrow and get back to it.

Am hoping for a long lie tomorrow, keep telling Ray it must eb my turn to stay in bed for an hour or so. Steven always wakes me up in the morning though, think his dad is just to grumpy for him.

I live in hope, of a weight loss this week and a long lie.

tupperware queen 01-19-2003 06:52 AM

I have no idea where the infection came from as I haven't been swimming since November so don't think I can blame that. Heres hoping I will soon have seen the last of it though.

BritinNJ 01-20-2003 12:32 AM

Hi girls,
Well after being a big greedy piggy on Friday, I got myself back on thrack Saturday morning and have been doing well ever since. I also figured out why I was such a pig on Friday too. I WAS hungry cos silly me didn't eat all my points on Thursday! At least that is what I'm thinking made me pig out.
I had a lovely meal tonight, a proper very low fat roast, with loads of veggies. Cabbage by the truck load and now the tum is rumbling so I'm afraid I might be in for a bit of a windy night! Too much information right....LOL! Anyhoo, I'm off to my cosy bed, I have another day off tomorrow, yippee, so can have a lie in :) Here's to a good week for everyone.

tupperware queen 01-20-2003 03:51 AM

I was v greedy on Saturday, must be summat in the air Chris and heading this way!!
We went to the British Museum with H and then out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, I had a salad......a cobb salad.....the best salad I have ever had, I swear a burger and Jacket potatoes would have been less calories!! Spent Sunday lazing around all day reading the papers and generally doing nowt. Must try to get myself back into my routine now, back to work today, well on a course actually but you know back into the big wide, very wet and windy world.!! Have a good week fellow cyber slimmers.

Smiling Sal 01-20-2003 09:15 AM

Have over eaten all weekend, will probably gain back everything I lost last week at tonights weigh in and whos fault is it

MINE !!!!!!!

Am beign an angel today = not that it will help much

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