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cat90 07-14-2003 01:51 PM

Glad to hear you are back on track Chris :D

Huh, i was just watching CNN and they were just saying that it has been hot in England but the storms are rolling in next week.
Typical..because we may be going home in 2 weeks :rolleyes: just in time for the :rain: i guess that that couple of weeks of sun was good old blighty's summer :lol: i'll have to remember to take my woollies and brolly with me this time :dz: i took summer dresses in 2001 and ended up buying some warmer clothes :eek:

BritinNJ 07-14-2003 02:16 PM

Heyyyyyyyyyyy, what's going on around here? Everythings changed again...LOL! Am still on track.yippee! Just got home from work, feel absolutely worn out, had two major fights on my hands and that was just riding the bus! I just adore my job :)
Hooray for you going home Cathy, is hubby going too? You'll be able to see that Grand daughter of yours and have loads of cuddles?
Have a great day all.

teel 07-14-2003 07:18 PM

Ooooh, I just love the new look to this site, all bright and breezy, well done 3FCs.
Not much interesting stuff going on here to tell you about....the man came AT LAST and poisoned the wasps nest and so now I can remove it and use my garden shed again, just need a bucket of courage to actually get near enough to unattach it from the building site...:( :no: :chin: :chicken: :chicken:
I think the heat is getting to me too much though, I have had loads of sleep today yet as I sit here my eyes are getting heavier and heavier and my bed is calling to me....so I guess I must pack up and shut down for today. Be back soon though, and in the meentime, be good and take care!!

Night night, have nice dreams, love from Teel xx:cloud9: :wave: :wave:

BritinNJ 07-14-2003 11:29 PM

Hi Teel, hope you're surviving your heat wave jolly ol Blighty is having. Great to hear that all the waspies have been sorted. Be brave and unattach it from the building site, you can do it luv.
I am allergic to wasps so am very wary of them so understand you not wanting to deal with the after math of them. I had a wasp try valiantly to build a nest on the canopy of my swing seat a few years back, but I wallope it with a fly swatter and was scared half to death to pull the beginnings of the nest off....but I managed it after about half an hour...I don't do at all well with stingy things or creepy crawlies. I'm such a baby.
Very interesting telly here tonight, a documentary about the murder of Jill Dando...must go and finish watching it.
Later all....

cat90 07-15-2003 01:08 AM

Hi Girls,

Holiday all booked so i leave in a couple of weeks to spend 6+ weeks at home :D can't wait to meet the little 'un :love: i bought her a dress today at the mall and i'm going to get her a nice bright musical toy to give her when i first meet her so that she'll think "That Granny is alright :) i like her" :lol: does that work with a 7mth old?

I love the new look too Teel :D snazzy eh? Glad you got rid of the horrible wasp nest at last..did the cheeky monkey charge you for having to come out again? hope not!

Hey Chris..great job at stayin OP again! Yes, hubby is coming with me this time..i don't think we are going to tell anyone and just knock on the door when we get there :lol: just hope MIL's heart can take it :eek:

peacock 2 07-16-2003 06:15 AM

Well Teel, thank goodness you got those waspies sorted out. That'll teach 'em to mess with you! Why couldn't the man have removed the nest himself? Huh! Men! Don't get me started....!

I was rather horrifed to notice hornets in my friend's garden. She wasn't bothered by them but I certainly was. I am house and cat sitting there soon so I hope the hornets leave me alone (I will frighten then... I will whisper the name Teel haha! :)

Smiling Sal 07-21-2003 12:40 PM

I was away a week and everything changes, I like the new look.

Had a great week up the caravan, the weather didn't break until Sunday, was too hot most days to do much - how often do I get to type that. Because it was so warm we did very little, but I have eaten too much and drank far too much and it will show on the scales tonight. I really don't want to go to WW tonight, I have gained, no surprise I've been on holiday, but also I am going away again on Friday so what is the point of making an effort this week. :(

TO much negative attitude in this post today. I will go to WW, I will force myself to. Even if I just get weighed it might be enough of a reality check for the next few days. I am not going away until Friday and I know from experience I could drop a couple of pounds by then. Would mean I could eat a wee bit extra when I was away. Just because I am off work this week is no excuse to eat a whole load of junk - funny how we all end up doing that at some time though.

So I am off to WW in 2 hours and will show approximately 3lb gain, have drunk loads of diet coke today and no water, that will make a difference in the wrong way too. Am going to make a salad for tea, see how easy all these decisions are once I've taken that first step and decided to go get weighed :)

My bike is almost put together can't wait until I can test it out on the pavement, if the rain stays away tomorrow will give it a serious test.

Smiling Sal 07-22-2003 07:00 AM

Hello everyone from a very motivated Carol. I am determined not to have a gain when I come back from my holiday in a fortnight so determined, that I am even going to cut down on the booze. Will not be easy.

I am not going to count points while I am away, I am going to relax and enjoy myself, but I am going to watch what I am eating. I will be making good choices and I will be watching the wine intake.

It will be an active holiday, so that should help, no sitting around by the pool for us - no pool and probably very little sunshine. But every step will help to melt off a few cals, very few but every step counts

off to be motivated else where am going out on my new bike later, am really looking forward to it. A friend suggested wearing my pedometer on my shoe to see how far we go, never thought of it before, will try it and see

teel 07-22-2003 11:42 AM

Oh oh deary me, I posted a looong reply and then put too many smilies in it so got told to go back and do it again!!The trouble is that I don't know how to get it back, and always lose it all.:shrug:
Well here is my news of the past few days, I hope you are ready for this, and I warn those of you who are squeemish to be prepared:faint: Having had the man poison the wasps nest at last, I thought my wildlife problems might be over for a bit.Och nae!!!I went out to put some rubbish in the wheelie bin on Thursday morning, opened the lid....and was greeted by a couple of hundred white squirmy maggots slithering all ovr the bin sides and the bags and the bottom.I felt soooo sick!.I squirted the rest of any domestos type cleaner right round so it would slide down the sides and take these monsters with it to their death,but when I had fished out the bags that were already in the bin, covered with these horrible things, out with a grabber, and put them in another black bin bag, I saw that they were still all alive, swimming in the pool of dettol at the bottom.AAAAAARGH!!!Bleh!So I poured boiling water all over them and used a hosepipe to wash them all out and down the drain. Even then some escaped and had to be dealt with individually.UUUUGH.Goodness me those blighters are made of something indestructable...I dropped a brick on one and it was still alive.....oh horrible. But my drain is so clean it looks like a new one. I am sure mine was not that nice brown colour when I first moved here:lol:

I seem to have got rather obsessive now, in the cleaning department...I keep looking in the bins to see if anything is moving.I finally built up enough courage yesterday to remove the wasp nest, and thankfully intrique took over stomach churning, 'cos the wasps had all turned black in the poison, BUT ONE WAS STILL ALIVE!!After 12 days. I suppose it was the queen who was dead in the centre (ooops sorry about the pun) so was protected more than anyone else. The actual structure was fantastic though, perfect little cells with eggs in some of them, built in layers just like a tenament building, and so fragile that when touched it crimpled like ancient papyrus....An unforgetable experience throughout though.I feel like I am in the middle of plagues and pestulance,I wonder what can possibly arrive next... :?: :(
I do hope life is more peaceful where all you reading this, are!!

Smiling, have a great holiday, and you too, Cat90. I hope everyone takes good care and remember to enjoy yourselves whilst practising damage limitation...I think that is the only philosophy that works for me. Another 4lbs to go and I will have lost 2 stone..I NEVER thought I would be writing that:smug: :cp: :sunny: :bubbles: :bubbles:

Smiling Sal 07-23-2003 06:24 AM

OK today is back to serious day in my house. I have played around with this for the last few days so much so that the scales are showing a whacking 3lbs gain since Monday.

I know I have gone every where on my bike - novelty factor - and some of that will be muscle, but only a little and the rest of it is probaly water and fat. So today I will be an angel and work my butt off.

Zoo trip is off, as my friends car failed it's MOT, so we are maybe going to the park if the rain holds off. Will be just as much fun, but not as much exercise.

Need to go get some shopping there is no food in this house and with us going away on Friday do not want to do a big shop, just need a few things to get me through today and tomorrow.

Have been trawling through the weight watchers web site, but it's not as much fun as here.

Am going to go put on a load of washing, have a soak in the bath and then get this day started.

Smiling Sal 07-24-2003 04:47 AM

Well my lets get serious day worked fine until about 7:30 last night. All day I was very very good and ate healthily and drank the water and then we ordered a chinese for tea, I only ate half of it, but then we had a few drinks while watching a film and this lead to me munching on the cheese. Am scared to go and see if any is left in the fridge :joker:

So today I am going to have a completely alcohol free day, am getting my hair cut in an hour, am going to take my bike think I am still over the limit to drive. So that will give me some exercise have just had a bowl of sugar puffs for my breakfast so the metabolism has been kick started.

Scales stayed the same this morning, (dreadful habit this scale jumping :( :( )suppose I should be grateful after the booze and the cheese that there wasn't another sneaky little pound on them this morning. Am determined to see a wee drop tomorrow morning.

Have a feeling my weight is going to be a complete disaster while I am away, all will power and motivation seem to have deserted me.

As long as I make sensible choices I can come back weighing the same, or hopefully with a wee loss. The amount of exercise we are planning is unbelieable. We will be walking, cycling, running (?), swimming, etc. most days, so at least that should burn off some of the cals.

Have to remember I am not on holiday every week, but also do not want my weight to go back into the 15 stones :) :) A friend restarted WW this week and in the last couple of months she has slipped back to where we both started up in the 16 stones, I do not want to slip I want to be slim.

There I said it, only I can make it happen

Going to get organised now and hunt out the bike chain and maybe even wash my face before going to get my hair cut.

See you later.

Smiling Sal 07-25-2003 07:18 AM

Had one of those long talks with myself last night. Talked some sense into myself I think. I have gone a bit of the rails over the last couple of weeks, holiday fever. But I have to "screw the heid" as they say round here and get back to it. I won't be being too serious this week, but I will be making careful decisions and thinking seriously before anything goes into my mouth. I would like to see a small loss when I go back to WW so I am the only one who can make that happen. SO it's all up to me.

Felt lousy last night and it was pure guilt due to my over eating and self imposed weight gain. Life isn't meant to be lived like that.

Watched a montel programme yesterday afternoon, showing people who weighed over 300 pounds and they lost the weight some by surgery but most by sticking to a plan. I know that is what I have to do, so I just need to get on and do it.

Will speak to you in a week, will not beat myself up this week, but I will be careful

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