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cat90 01-24-2003 01:45 AM

Awww..poor Carol..that sounds just awful :( are you using anything? antiseptic cream or anything like that ? get yourself some TCP i swear by it :D hope you don't have to suffer too long :)

I've spent an absolute fortune at the mall on baby clothes :o i'm walking around proud as a peacock :lol: feel like telling everyone that i'm a granny :D

Chris.. :nono: my daughter lives in England and i'm in Canada :cry: so i won't see Olivia until she's a few months old :( i've told my daughter to get snapping and send me plenty of emails with pictures until i go and visit them :)

teel 01-24-2003 11:03 AM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Smiling Sal

My boil is giving me problems again,

Carol, have you asked your pharmacy if they can suggest any home treatment for your boil, like good old hot water with salt in it? I am worried that the should-be-simple-to-cure-boil is turning into an abcess that is a b"*@~# nuisance!!:(

And how is Grandma feeling today?:p :devil:

I confess I have had a very bad eating /binge day today and it is only 15:00hrs.....I am blaming it on my mood which is hurtling downwards at an increasing rate. I am so full of pain and so, so tired that I am nearly asleep typing this on the 'pooter. I am at screaming pitch and I feel that I cannot cope with this amount of disability, pain, isolation.....I WANT OUT.
But actually I can't, can I?:cry: :cry: :cry:

tupperware queen 01-24-2003 11:53 AM

OOh Carol, I sympathise I have had one too in a very awkward (!) place, wonder if the antibiotics have owt to do with it. Hope you are soon fit and well. I am leaving the wine until tomorrow cos if i have wine tonight I might want it tomorrow too.
Anyone got good things planned for the weekend, mine is crap shop for refreshments and make cakes for stall at school tomorrow then spend the day at school on Sunday as we are having a table top sale. I am doing of refreshments.....I would be wouldn't I !!!!!
Teel.....(((((((.....))))))))) sending you some good vibes love, hope you are feeling a bit better, forget about what has happened today it is history, don't dwel l on it we all have those times as long as we keep getting back to it we will win in the end.

cat90 01-24-2003 02:08 PM

Teel..Granny is fine thank you very much :lol: How are you :?: and what is the pain you are talking about? i think i read something about your back..is that it? why don't you have a nap you sound absolutely worn out..or is that not possible? Curl up with a nice hot water bottle on your back (if thats whats hurting) in front of the telly ;) thats what i do..hope you feel better soon.

TQ...i have nowt planned :rolleyes: just another boring weekend here..cooking..cleaning and watching telly..oh..i almost forgot and EATING..probably too much :(

tupperware queen 01-24-2003 02:46 PM

Cathy just get your goodies posted off to your daughter and await those photos arriving on the net, you don't look old enough to be a Grandma!!
Have you started knitting yet?? When are you planning on coming over to see the baby, I bet you can't wait!! My sisters baby was 9 months old when we went to Canada to see him, it was a long 9 months.

cat90 01-24-2003 03:09 PM

TQ...there is a really trendy 'baby' shop downtown so i think i'll go there today before i post off the parcel. I'll probably go home in May, June or July depending on price and availability of flights :D I did'nt receive any pic's today..i hope she finds time to do it sometime this weekend..she is'nt online at home yet and will have to go into the office to do it until BT gets around to her house..i think she said there was a month's wait :(

Smiling Sal 01-25-2003 11:06 AM

Teel you should get one of those mystic meg phone lines, you know the type of thing call 0800 XXX XXX and talk to telepathic Teel. The boil has indeed turned into an abcess and yesterday I was the woman with the incredible swelling side. Also affected my energy and gave me a blinder of a headache until I got some anitbotics from the doc at about 5. By then my tiny boil was bigger than my fist. All is much better now, the antibotics are curing it nicely - so far, although it is still quite swollen, not so nasty looking.

So no booze for me this weekend and there I had saved up 12 poins plus 10 exercise ones to enjoy myself tonight.

I will still enjoy myself, we will just be at home, but the wine bottle is still in the fridge and will need to stay there until next Friday night know. Avoiding it is taking will power.

The boys have gone swimming with their uncle and I am supposed to be tidying up and sorting the washing, but hey I haven't managed on here very often this week

Speak to you all soon

teel 01-25-2003 12:02 PM

Hello the U.K.

Thank you for your kind messages of support....I am at the stage where if anyone is too nice to me I get all tearful....bleh!!!
To update you a bit...I saw my psychiatrist on Tuesday and he stopped the newish pill and increased the old pill that he had reduced to start the new one....are you still with me:?: !
The next day I saw the orthopaedic man who had my m.r.i. scans...said there was a load of excess inflammation around disc lumbar 2 and 3.It might resolve by itself in 5 years time but then the two discs would fuse and he did not want that to happen. So he wants to inject in to the discs..I forgot to ask him what, but I suspect steroids and local anaesthetic. I have had two lots of these injections before and they cause so much pain you feel like you have been run over by a herd of hippopotami, without them doing any actual good in the pain releif area. I have aggreed to him doing this because I don't feel I have any other choice but I am in agony here and hopelessly depressed with the whole of this "life" thing.I just want to :cry: and :cry: :stress:
Sorry to blurt all this out. I just don't want to cope with this any more......
But there is no other realistic path to take, is there???

Sorry, Smiling, about your absess...a friend of mine has got one in his throat.....aaaaaargh!!

Smiling Sal 01-26-2003 06:00 AM

A few big hugs for Teel

{{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}} {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

Wish I was a :genie: and could make it all better. We are here for you Teel, and we don't mind you letting it all out.


BritinNJ 01-26-2003 06:52 PM

Ditto for Teel. Anytime you need us just holler luv.

Peacock 01-27-2003 10:22 AM

Teel, sorry to hear you are feeling grot but I did wonder - the bit about the hippoes- would real ones really work?!!

I shall look like one at my weight in. I can blame my friend Wanda as she took me to the Ukrainian clubNot only did I indulge in alcohol (Double brandys - well it was cheap!!!) I also had the gorgeous pierogies somethered in butter YUM! (for those not in the know - they are the russian/ukrrainian/polish version of - dumplings but more like ravioli than our sort of dumplings.

I have also indulged in M&S chocolate covered marzipan as well.

I cannot blame Wanda for all this but will have a damn good try!!

Well I hope you find some cure for the pain even if it does not involve real hippoes!

Let us know how you get on.



teel 01-27-2003 02:45 PM

Thanks girls for all your supportive thoughts and wishes.I saw my g.p. today and he has doubled the painkillers...and was very sweet when I disolved into tears and he said he was so sorry that he didn't seem to be doing much to help the situation...

I am afraid the search for a thinner me has gone by the bye at this point. I have not got any of the pre-requisits...determination, hope or faith or anything. Lost it. All gone.I expect I shall be so darned annoyed with myself when I get on the scales anf find I have metamorphed into an hippo. And it will have been entirely down to my stupidity.:( :doh: :stress:

I do hope though it is a good week for all of you who are reading this....and of course to all of you who are not.....!

Arwen 01-27-2003 04:30 PM

Hey Teel

I think you have enough on your plate at the moment without beating yourself up if you put some weight back on. I know how annoying it is when that happens but you have higher priorities at the moment, like getting better. You can get back into weightloss when you are feeling more like your usual self. So treat yourself gently and be nice to yourself..you deserve it:)

And don't forget that 38 year old Geminis ARE THE BEST!!:smug:

:grouphug: :goodvibes :grouphug:

BritinNJ 01-27-2003 05:05 PM

Hey girls, hoe you are all well. Teel, do whatever you need to do right now and you'll probably find that your weight will not go up too much anyway, just get yourself on the mend luv.
I am ABSOLUTELY BL##DY FREEZING here today. Another artic blast has hit NJ and I wish it would just bu**er off! I felt chilled to the bone earlier, (is this because there's less flab on them I am wondering)? I actually do feel a wee bit thinner today, unlike last week, so I hope the scales do show a loss come Weds morning :) Anyhoo you lovely lot, have a great evening, I might have to bounce later, just to keep warm!!!!

Smiling Sal 01-27-2003 06:25 PM

Teel, just look after yourself and your weight will sort itself out - you are the important one, not the number on the scale.

Arwen, I beg to disagree, 36 year old Geminis are a much better model than the 38's.

Big disaster, my WW class looks like it will be cancelled, due to lack of take up. WW don't give them much time to get established. This was only the 4th week and the she (VLL) had to have 30 people there tonight, there was 17 which is an improvement on last week. Think if WW just gave it a couple of months, then it would reach their aspirations.

Suppose it is all about money for them.

Am going to nip in last minute to the weigh in of the earlier class and get the talk, over 100 people go to that class, not sure it is going to suit, I prefer a smaller group.

Am going to count my points from 6pm in the evening again this week - seemed to work last week. Although I just had a bag of onion bahji (sp?) from the Co-op I thought it would come in about 4 or 5 points, is a whacking 7 - just as well it was my 'dinner' adn not a snack.

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