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cat90 01-05-2003 06:42 PM

I've been browsing all morning and i've found a site with some George Foreman Grill recipes on it that may be of use to you :D she even list's the pts for the W.W.er's amongst you..i have'nt had a real good look yet but there are also crockpot recipes and regular one's too..here is the link:- www.geocities.com/losingtogether/HOME.html
click on RECIPES and you will find everything there :D

tupperware queen 01-05-2003 07:03 PM

Oh thanks for the recipes will have a look tomorrow. Is a crockpot the same as a slow cooker? I won't be going back to work tomorrow ear infection is chronic so no doubt I will be on here all day trying to keep my fingers out of the fridge :o

Hope you have all had a happy end of the holidays weekend.

cat90 01-05-2003 07:26 PM

Aaaah..TQ..hope the ear feels better soon :D and yes a slow cooker is the same :)

BritinNJ 01-05-2003 07:39 PM

Hi ladies,
Sounds like everyone seems to be having an ok weekend :) Mine is good. I have eaten nicely (haven't dribbled once)! It is snowing here now. SOrt of crept up on us this aftenoon. There's about an inch settled on the ground now but I don't think we'll get much more, it's supposed to peter out through this evening. Looks pretty out though.
Dave and I went out walking in the nearby woods this morning, with some friends and of course Pen and Lew. Lew decided he needed a cool down on the way back to the car and decided to lay down in a puddle a muddy one at that, so I was not happy, although he didn't leave a huge mess on the back seat of the car, daft me forgot to put a towel or blanket in...tut tut.
SO both of them got baths when we arrived home and they are all nice and sweet smelling and Penny is extremely curly, she is in dire need of a hair cut.
I have been ploughing through laundry this whole weekend and am still battling more loads, does anyone else have this constant fight? Thank God for a dryer is all I can say, don't know what we'd do if I had to hang everything out, although I do love washing on the line :)
Right, have to stop babbling, must go do laundry.....help me!
Have a great week everyone.

BritinNJ 01-05-2003 07:44 PM

Poor TQ, sounds like a cauliflower ear? Do we still go by that name? You poor thing, I hope you get it sorted soon. Have you tried putting an ice pack on the ear just to give some relief from the swelling although I'm sure it must hurtl like buggery being so swollen. Take care.

tupperware queen 01-06-2003 03:34 AM

I have one of those things you put in the microwave to heat up and have been using that all weekend. I will be going back to the docs today for somethings else the antibiotics he gave me on Friday are having no effect whatsoever. Yes it is a caulflower lug!! Looks like I have been boxed in the ring.

teel 01-06-2003 12:42 PM

:?: :?: cat90, now I am confused too.what does TQ's new avatar remind you of???Am I missing something?
I loved the story about Dick Francis' book!
Poor TQ!Hope the doc sorts out your ear p.d.q. Having a single spot in my ear feels like mount Vesuvious(sp?) is about to erupt.
:lol: about Pen and Lew...Holly has got some rather nice coconut-smelling shampoo for "white" dogs :lol: :lol: :lol: I wish there could be a supplier of dog-sized wellingtons....

:wave: :wave:

Smiling Sal 01-06-2003 05:37 PM

Going back to work wasn't too bad, even managed a very quick chat with TQ when I got there on MS Messenger.

Have been up and down the stairs several times today, that is bound to help shake this body back into action. Also went for a walk at lunch time in the park, the ground was all frozen and hard so I just wandered around across the grass, instead of sticking to the paths, was lovely and invigorating.

Went to my new WW class tonight, was good, but very quiet. Gail is the leader there too and reckons a lot more people will start their diets next week, when they have got rid of all the goodies out of the house. The class is totally new, so there were only 7 of us there, almost individual attention. Everyone is very friendly and I enjoyed it, I hope for Gail it is busier next week, although I would be quiet happy with the smaller group. There is a class before it, so no doubt some people will move from the earlier class to the later one, over time.

So today has been good, but tomorrow I will glitter cos I will be so healthy.

cat90 01-06-2003 07:09 PM

Hi Ladies...i just can't get motivated into exercising and i was feeling depressed yesterday so i did what alway's perk's me up..what is that you ask :?: go to the mall..of course ;) and spend money..i bought 2 exercise tapes..i thought new ones would kinda get me interested again..WRONG..i bought the FIRM and i'm absolutely hopeless at it :dizzy: OMG these amazons move like crazy..leg's go one way arm's another :spin: they even use a 14" step..i would need a ladder to get on that :lol: what a waste of $20 the other one is Sexy and Fit after 40 :o i had a go at that earlier and it is much easier.

Teel...i wish i'd never said anything about TQ's av now but my feeble attempt at humour was this -> :eek: <- this is what it reminds me of..someone is watching me :lol:

Coronation St is on and i still need to do some exercise so i think i'll jump on the treadmill for a bit.

cat90 01-07-2003 11:00 AM

Yaaayy! I did it :D got my lazy arse on my treadmill last night and i really enjoyed ;) now..if i tell myself that everytime i DON'T want to be bothered maybe i'll get on it more :dizzy: i got up really early this morning and the plan is to do lots of cleaning and exercise i'll come back later to let you know how i did :wave:

Smiling Sal 01-07-2003 05:42 PM

Have had an amazing on points day, if only every day could be so easy!!!

Haven't done much, got up late, de-iced the car, went to work, climbed up and down stairs far too many times, went for a walk, de-ided the car, came home, made the dinner, tidied up, did a huge pile of ironing, put it away, toasted a bagel, came here.

Does ironing count as exercise, it always tires me out - or is that just boredom !!!

Every Saturday I like a treat - don't we all. But I have mine regardless of whether I have saved enough, or indeed any points during the week. But made a decision today, if I don't lose weight on the Monday, I don't have the Indian or Chinese or Pizza or whatever on the Saturday night. I can still have something nice, but it will have to be healthier and within points and probably out of the supermarket chiller. Think this may inspire to work harder to lose weight each week.

Just need to be strict with myself the first week I gain weight so that I don't juse have the 'treat' anyway. You may all need to come round on that Saturday and chill in my livingroom just to make sure I stick to it.

This weeks gain doesn't count as it was a holiday gain - is that me just deluding myself. Can't take any credit for the idea, it came from the VLL at WW. But that is what I pay the money for, her ideas and inspirations.

Best go before I commit myself to anything else.

cat90 01-07-2003 09:02 PM

I've eaten way to much today :( but i have done lots of cleaning and i did a 55 min exercise tape this morning and walked for 50 mins on the treadmill (3 mls) this afternoon while i watched Coronation St and Emmerdale :D would be nice to do this everyday but i doubt i'll keep it up..i will do some everyday tho' and try to watch the calories tomorrow :wave:

BritinNJ 01-07-2003 09:19 PM

How come I feel fatter than ever? I have been so good following my points. Not even going to the max, so there are some banked. I am below tonight too, and actually fel a bit under the weather, scratchy throat and bunged up nose.
Well I'll let you know tomorrow if I'm fatter or not when I jump on the scales in the morning. Here's keeping everything crossed although darling hubby did tell me he was proud of the way I've stuck to the 'diet' all week, so that has made me feel great about keeping to plan and not giving up, even if I am fatter tomorrow. Hold me to this please girls....

veggie 01-07-2003 09:23 PM

Brr its cold :lol: I should be sleeping :p

BritinNJ 01-07-2003 09:25 PM

It's cold here too Veggie, why aren't you tucked up in your sunggly bed? It must be the middle of the night there luv!

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