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Default Why not popcorn?

Why is popcorn unacceptable, when whole wheat pasta is?

The glycemic index of whole wheat pasta is 44.
The glycemic index of popcorn is 55.

But when you look at the grams of carbs per serving,
Whole wheat pasta is 42g of carbs.
Popcorn is only 28g of carbs.

So the glycemic load of one serving of each is:
whole wheat pasta = 18.9 (.44 * 42)
popcorn = 15.4 (.55 * 28)

So if one serving of popcorn will affect your blood sugar levels less than one serving of whole wheat pasta, why is popcorn unacceptable?
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Good afternoon everyone. Just getting some laundry going and a little housework. Will have to start lunch some for DH. I forgot to weigh again today. I guess I have a mental block. The rain is supposed to roll in here this afternoon and keep up till Sat. My tomato plants would really like that. We've been blessed with a few cool days for some reason. Record breaking cool nights. Tomorrow I go out of town for my shopping trip. I look forward to having lunch with my sister then.

Kengjw- Hope you dd is better today and didn't have a bad night. How did your beef curry turn out? Hope your DH birthday is great... I collect junk I think, LOL. I love old things and my house is full of it. I have lots of copper things I like to. My kitchen is full of pink roses of every kind and shape. So every room is a collection of some kind.

Teensybean- I'm so glad you got the Huckleberries but do feel bad for your poor back. You've sure made the most out of your summer with berries and jam. Your cabinets must look beautiful with all the different jams home canned. I love to read your posts on what you're doing next..

Fillise- Hope everything is alright with the baby today.... It sounds like you're oh so busy.....

Gatorgal- I'm praying for your BIL. I'm sure you'll be gone when I post this but my thoughts are with him and his family....

Monet- wow what a wonderful productive day you had and to stay right on program to boot!!! Yea for you..... I have about 30 dolls and used to have allot more but have tried to get my collection down to a more manageable one. So I've been weeding out the ones I like the best and to get rid of the rest..

Jack-K- Did someone say you were going for a treatment today? If so I wish you well and you're in my thoughts.... Sorry the anniversery wasn't great but the shoe buy sure was....LOL

live216- I don't know why but I thought 1 cup of air popped corn was legal.... I thought that came true about the time raw carrots were okay'd. Maybe I'm losing my mind...

Well better go and finish my lunch stuff and laundry. Talk to you all later......
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Just got in from shopping with my daughter. We got baby shower gifts...and spent WAY too much money. It was fun though. I love buying baby stuff, and almost everything I got was toys. I love toys. I bet most of you could figure that out though, huh?

I had leftover beef curry for lunch, water, and a small baked potato. I hope that does not set me back.

I am having problems with my ear/head. It feels like my inner ear is full of fluid. My ears are ringing, and noises make me almost ill. I am going to go lay down for a bit and hope that helps. Later!

LIVE: Corn in any form is what the book says, but popcorn is kind of a different animal, isn't it? I do know that many health food nuts avoid corn due to the mycotoxins that are in corn. There are some people on here that indulge in a bit of popcorn with no problem. I have done that, but it does seem to cause cravings for me, so I try hard not to do it often. I think a lot of the avoid lists were developed before they had the glycemic load charts down. So much of it is based on GI and not the GL, which is more accurate. Carrots is another item that they have decided is ok now. If you can eat a small amount of popcorn with no trouble, then go for it! The idea with pasta is also moderation. If you eat it ever night, its going to be a problem. Once a week, its not.
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Hey y'all!

I'm just popping in again for a short fly-by. We are heading to New Orleans tonight - Terry is doing a "test" at Ochsner tomorrow morning - we are going to make sure he doesn't have an infection or anything stopping "his boys" from swimming correctly - if you get my drift. Then, we are off to Bourbon street for a little cutting up. We actually booked a room for next weekend too - for our anniversary. It will be fun and I'm sure nothing SB legal will cross these lips!

For those of you commenting on my wonderful hubby. He IS wonderful! He has gone through a lot and he admits that he knows that he doesn't quite know how to help me. But, he does feel the pain that I feel - he just doesn't express it as openly as I do. Well, NOBODY expresses things as much and as openly as I do! HAHA! Anyway, those of you that have met him can agree that he is a special guy! I am very lucky!

Well, hopefully next week - I'll be better with addressing everyone! Y'all have a wonderful weekend - I'll be back Saturday and I'll check in then!

299.5/294/250 (1st goal)
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Good afternoon all-- Today has been my catch up day. I haven't had the time or energy to vacuum or dust or do much of any house cleaning for the last week. But we haven't been here much so it wasn't too bad.

Dh went back up to Cusick this morning, so I had to figure out some way to let Jo get her walk in with us. I walked both her and Buddy then brought her home. Buddy and I then took off and did our regular 3 mile walk......needless to say I got in 3.5 miles today. I also got the back yards mowed, so that we can get the front tomorrow. Been so hot that the grass really isn't growing too fast. The back were it is more shaded is growing faster than the front.

Used up the last of the apricots this morning and made an Apricot Walnut Crisp. Sounded good, will have to wait and see how it taste.

So far today I have eaten;

B-- 6 oz cantaloupe, 1 slice of homade WW bread with 2 T peanut butter and 1 T Strawberry all fruit, Lite 85.

Snack-- 6 small apricots

L-- 4 oz baked ham with a dinner salad of fresh lettuce, cucumber, and tomato, and Walden Farms Honey Mustard dressing.

Will probably snack on some more apricots and then I am planning Chicken Fahita's without the tortilla's for dinner.

Gator-- Praying for your family......I can't imagine how your sister must be feeling. Just having you there will be such a comfort to her.

Fillise-- Will keep praying for the baby and her family.

Keng-- Sure hope your daughter will get to feeling better. As you least she isn't fussy and miserable. My back only starts hurting when we are getting close to being done. So then I know it is time to stop.

Monet-- I am planning on picking peaches as soon as they are ripe, so will wait to until I get that jam done before I send these others. I opened some strawberry all fruit this moring, and it is pretty bland. I think you will definitely need to add some Splenda. I have the liquid so that is what I added and now it taste great!

Jackie-- I got up at 3 am but we didn't leave the house until 4 and by the time we get to their place it was 5. It is 3.2 miles up to our picking place on a horrible dirt road that you can drive at about 3 miles per hour. It was light by the time we got there. Those berries are too darn tiny to be trying to pick in the dark, lol.

Live-- Sorry but I don't have an answer to your question. I just go by the book and it says popcorn is not legal. (Shrug)

Toni-- Sure wish we could get some of that rain. (Do you all remember earlier this year when I was complaining about having the furnace on in June?) Well, we are so hot and dry right now. Everything is burning up. The air is smoky from several wild fires that we have around us. We definitely could use some rain, without having the lightening to go with!! Next will be peaches as soon as they are ready.

Fruit-- Again, all I can do is offer you a big ((((HUG)))) for both you and Terry. Have a great weekend, and try to be a little bit good, ha-ha. Just have fun!!

Well gang.....see you all this evening.
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GATOR...I'm not quite sure what it is that PHAT PHIL
has you know? I know there are 4 law suits that he is involved in, but I'm just clueless....I know that it has something to do with two assistant
coaches at BAMA...Fill me in??????

MONET....I splashed by your house, and you didn't throw me any crumbs! So....

JACKIE...Yes, they have already bought a house, and it is absolutely beautiful.

OH OH....gotta go....TIPPY is ready to go outside, and I sure don't want a mess in here....

I'll be back!!


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BOB--The Bama assistants brought the lawsuit against the NCAA because they (the asst. coaches) ended up being the "fall guys" when Bama was sanctioned. They want to prove that they were unjustly punished, saying that they really knew nothing about the booster in Nashville, Memphis, or somewhere in Tenn. giving the Bama players money. They want to subpoena Phat Phil because he was the one that ratted on Bama, and, apparently, knew what was going on. They want to find out the truth, and, thus, the subpoena. However, the suit is in a state court, and they can't subpoena PP until he shows up in Alabama. Hence, his no-show at SEC media days. He didn't want to be subpoenaed. They also were gonna look into whether the NCAA "ignored" shenanigans going on at Ewe Tea because Phat Phil did a favor for the NCAA by ratting on Bama. The NCAA, therefore, "owes one" to PP. Terry Bowden, on his radio show, was discussing this whole topic, and made the remark that he would not be at all surprised at the rumors going around about PP.

Still have not heard anything from my sister or her son about the operation today on my BIL. I'm on pins and needles, praying that he survived the operation. I have a 7 am. flight tomorrow and will leave here at 5:15. Early!
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Good evening. Just popping back in so I don't get behind again...Did fine with my eating today. B-peanut butter ww toast L-pizza made with a ww pita D-roast, broccli, tomato, S- That peanut butter thing someone posted with the fudge bar.... It was good and filling.

Gatorgal- Hope everything went alright with your BIL. Have a safe trip...

Bob- Looks like you've got rain to. Well its messing up my satillite and I'm scared I won't get to watch Big Brother....

Teensybean- Wow you really got a nice walk in. And your eating was great...
Wish I could send you a bit of this rain but I'm hogging it all to myself..

fruitloupe- Have a great trip, drive safely and enjoy!!

Monet- Hope your ear gets better. Did you get this from the pool? Get lots of rest....

Have a good evening everyone....
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HiedieHo Everyone!

Here I am, not exactly full of pi-s and vinegar! I swear if it's not one thing it's the other. I am having a major flare-up of Arthur and I wish he would go elsewhere! Did go to PT yuesterday and the NH this morning. It's Dil's day off and she is feeling better so she fixed supper. Yesterday I managed to cook bacon and slice tomatoes for BLTs, too achy for anything more creative. This too shall pass!

Have browsed through the posts but just can't comment on all.

Can't remember who, but belated best wishes to the 31 years of marriage. My DH passed away 24 days after our 31st.

Sun parasols..........have soon people in this area use them. Especially at fairs etc., where they are out in the sun a lot.

Eating has been good. Had scrambled eggs w/ ww eng. muff for bf and tossed salad for L

Next Tuesday the cable man is coming and we will have the computer hooked up to it. A nice bonus, we're getting about 10 extra movie channels with it.

I went through brain tumor with DH. So many new treatments have come out, hope one will help the BIL.

Prayers for all who need them.

May good things happen
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Hi everybody,

BOB - keep fingers for your niece and also to keep those flood waters away from your house.

Missy - Pedicures always make me feel better, but I actually feel bad for the person working on my feet. They are not pretty Anyway, keep your chin up.

Jackie - Belated Happy Anniversay!

Colleen - Sounds like you had a great day on saturday, and stayed on program I never tasted or even seen huckleberries. I would imagine they must be delicious if you spent all day picking them and made all the jam. All the fresh produce, you must have quite a green thumb

Toni - thanks for the welcome. I was looking for a quick easy breakfast (especially since I'm usualy not hungry in the morning.) after reading your menu I tried the PB on my sprout bread toast ...Yum.. thanks for the idea.

Julia - Thanks for getting me so many answers. I will also be visiting sweettalk. I'm so glad all this support is available. Everyone is great. Hope your dd is feeling better soon. Sometimes you can't help but eat late. I try to eat early, but it's late more than not. Again, thanks for the welcome.

Marie, That menu made me hungry for split pea soup. Haven't had it in ages.

Gator - I wish only the best for you and your family during this very difficult time. Prayers & thoughts are with you all.

Monet - Yeah, the caffeine is going to be tough. I figure I will at least try to cut down. Can't give it up yet. Need to put my efforts into getting OP.

Well to everyone I want to say again, for letting me join your great group. Hopefully I can become a loser like the rest of you

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Good evening all--

My menu ended up a bit different......added some chili (3/4 c) with the fahita's. And tried the SF Apricot Crisp for dessert. It was okay.....but I think I prefer to eat the cots fresh. But dh will eat it up. He buries everything with his ice cream anyway.

I am wondering if I am eating enough?? I was looking at my calories burned on my pedometer tonight and it says I have burned 850 calories. Wow!!! I don't think I have eaten much more than about 1300 -1400. What do you all think??

Bob-- How the heck are you?? Give Tippy a hug for me.

Toni--I must have missed the peanut butter and fudge bar thing.....fill me in please. Couldn't we just share a little bit of the rain??

Donna-- Huckleberries are in the Blueberry family. They have the flat bottom like the blueberries only they are a lot smaller berry. Normal size is about the size of a large pea. But we got into some the other day that were the size of some blueberries!! That was a great find....and my bucket filled up a lot faster too!! Here's hoping you are a big loser!!

Sweet dreams .....
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Good evening all...

Thanks for all your well-wishes for Jess. She is doing okay but I am not sure if is better yet. At least she is not worse so that is a good sign. She has a sore throat too and taking the Motrin helps in the pain while also make her fever go away...well, for 6 to 8 hours anyway. She didn't eat much the whole day but was a bit sleepy and uncomfortable. Overall, she was a champ! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

My menu today :

Breakfast : 1 piece of ww bread with a legal salmon patti (not homemade) . Few pieces of watermelon.

Lunch : Beef curry with bread fruit and green beans and onions (recipe from

Snack : A little fruit salad and few sweet potatoes chips.

Dinner : Same as lunch with an addition of some leftover squash casserole I made last night.

Now some replies :

MONET : I cooked the beef curry from scratch but then again not an elaborate recipe. I simplify it from what I can easily find here around my area. I have LOTSA curry powders from home and they are way too old actually. The longest they stay in my pantry, they lose their flavour. Here is how I make mine...

Heat up some canola oil in a deep pot. When the pot is hot, add the beef stew meat. Season with salt and pepper, curry powder and red curry paste. Sauteed it until the meat is brown on the outside. Add lotsa chopped garlic, shallots and sauteed for few mins. Then add chopped onions and carrots and let it sauteed for few more mins before I add water just enough to cover 1/2 to 3/4 of the ingredients in the pot. I will again add some salt but not too much. Put the lid on and bring it to a boil. When it reaches the boiling point, turn it down to simmer. Then, pretty much leave it alone for 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. Before I started SB, I will put cubes of potatoes to my curry but now, I just add some fried oily tofu to it half an hour before the curry is ready. The main ingredient (besides the curry powder in this curry is coconut milk. I grow up with having coconut milk in my curries so I am so used to it. I will add about 1/2 can of coconut milk at the last 10 mins when my curries are at the right consistency. The timing is usuall determine by the tenderness of the beef. When the beef is tender, I will reduce the liquid in the pot until about 1/4 left. Then, I add the coconut milk and let it heat thru. I will check the seasoning again before I consider it done!! If I were to cook it closer to my mom's curry, it will have lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. That makes a whole lot different but still will not be the same as my mom. I have tried one of the store bought (from Publix) green curry packet, it was quite good and surprising quite spicy too I will have to get some of the sauces when I visit any Asian market next time. Which asian market do you visit? Dh and I usually go to Buford HighWay Intl Farmers Market located in Doraville.

JACK-K : Sorry dh had to leave you after your anniversary dinner yesterday. Gosh, I hate when dh has to work so many hours too. Tonight he has to work 13 hours straight again...gerrr. Hope your dh will get this busyness over with soon. Wow, 4 pairs of shoes, wtg!!

Live216 : Welcome!! I am going to attempt to answer your question. It is just my opinions so it may not be accurate. I believe SB is healthy way of eating, although does based on GI but not totally. It focuses on eating as wholesome as possible, close to how our ancestors eat. Corn itself is very high GI and so does most of the corn products. I believe it is easier to avoid all the corn products than allowing one or two since it will only complicate SB as a whole. I imagine the authors of SB tried to make SB as simple as possible. The no-no list is kept to simple short lists and so are the rules. Whole wheat pasta is "wholesome", yes higher than popcorn but SB emphasizes eating as wholesome/whole grains as possible. I believe you can tailor SB to your own needs. There are some foods that I do not want to give up entirely so I save them for treats ocassionally. It really depends on how flexible you want to be

TONI : We can really use some rain and the days are hot and hazy here. I believe we are supposed to get some rain tomorrow or the day after, not exactly sure. Shopping?? I love shopping!! lol. Oh wait, I even love shopping with my I sure missed that a whole lot. We used to hit the malls at their annual hugh sale and scraped for their real After all that hardwork, we would celebrate it with a feast, either a buffet lunch or something to regain our energy...LOL. I sure missed that. Have a fun filled shopping day tomorrow!! The beef curry didn't turn out quite as creamy as I wanted it to be since the quality of the coconut milk wasn't thick enough. Anyway, it was edible Now, you must be a treasure hunter? Do you like antiques? Remember the saying, "old but gold"??

TEENSY : 3.5 miles is great!! I haven't walk that much for a longggggggggggg WTG!!

SEF: {{{{HUGS}}}}

DONNA : I usually have a better eating habit than yesterday Definitely hang around here and Sweetalk, they are the best! We are here for many good reason, so lets support each other

I should go check on Jess plus I have a tiny headache that tells me it's time to lay down for the night. See you all tomorrow!

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Good Morning! My ears seem to be a lot better this morning. A good nights sleep cured the problem before too. That is fine by me. I slept like a log last night. It may have been the late afternoon workout at Curves, or the light supper. Who knows?

Not much on the agenda today. I will go to the church office and do the worship guides. I hope to get to Curves again today. Last night, I wrapped all the baby shower gifts, and got them ready. I think I went to bed early too! Its too early this morning to remember!

KENG: I go to the Buford Hwy Farmer's Market too, but I also like the the International Farmer's Market on Peachtree Industrial at Clairmont. It has more Indian foods there, as the owners are Indian. The Buford Hwy. market has everything, doesn't it? I love going there and shopping. Your curry sounds similar to a Panang curry recipe I have used, only better! I love the coconut milk in curries, and the kaffir lime leaves are awesome! I find them at Harry's Whole Foods. You really need to check out the Dekalb Farmer's market. If you take 285, you get off at E. Ponce de Leon over by the Stone Mountain Freeway. Go inside the perimeter, and go about 2 to 3 miles, and the Farmer's market is on the right, the entrance is at a traffic light, so its easy in and out. When you go, plan to spend a lot of time there, looking at everything! They have tons of great SB legal stuff you can't find anywhere else. Their meats and seafood are superb. I love the grass fed beef... They have a fabulous selection of fresh produce, which is all very good quality. Maybe the next time Fillise comes over to visit me and shop, you might meet us there? They have a cafeteria kind of place were we could have a bite to eat and visit.

TEENSY: You very well might not be eating enough. What a nice problem to have! Maybe add in something extra healthy, like fruit or veggies, or even something whole grain, and see what happens. With the way you are always going, its not surprising. What kind of pedometer do you have? I am thinking of getting one, but can't make a decision until I hear more from people who have them...

DONNA: Its good to concentrate on getting OP before worrying about non essentials. Though, I have a hard time thinking of coffee as a non essential! I will eat too many starches, and fruits to get back totally OP, then worry about the portions once I get over the cravings and such. It seems to work well for me, I hope that it does for you too.

SEF: I am so sorry Arthur is giving you trouble. Try laying off nightshades for a while, and see if that helps. They include tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. I know some people swear that helps. I just load up on vitamin I (ibuprofen) and carry on as best I can. I have found that working out at Curves 'loosens' me up a good bit. I don't have osteoarthritis, but Lupus, so mine is more kin to Rheumatoid arthritis. Take it easy and pamper yourself. You Shirley deserve it! (he he!)

BOB: I am sorry I missed you splashing by...must have been I did not hear you with my ears all messed up. It is STILL raining? If someone wanted to come to Sarasota for a vacation, when would you recommend they make the trip? Is October a good month down there?

Well, as I was sitting here, the ringing started up again. Guess I will go lay down and hope for the best.
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Morning all! I wanted to pop on and say hello before the day gets too busy. I will be working through the weekend as well to get all the stuff done I've got on my desk.

I did watch Kerry's speech last night. In a former life I taught communication at Auburn University, which involved public speaking and speech writing. I didn't think it was a very good speech. He was apparently told to rush it to get it finished before 11:00 pm (EDT). And he did. That made the speech very workman-like instead of the soaring oratory you would want in that kind of situation. He was working so hard to finish that by the end of the speech you could see the sweat on his face. Reminded me of Nixon in the Nixon-Kennedy debates from 1960. I'll be very insterested to see the bounce he gets from this.

OK--so much for my analysis, I'm sure BOB will chime in with a differing opinion! Just like football season LOL!

Jackie--I the treatment went well yesterday. Do you get to rest today?

Heart--Enjoy your vacation! Be on vacation. Take one frombeating yourself up no matter what you eat.

Monet--Glad the ears have cleared up. I might need to come to Atlanta to shop before I go to NYC next month. I'm thinking it would be better to do that on a weekday rather than a weekend--or is that wrong?

BOB--Fulmer had an interview in the birmingham news this morning about his decision not to come to Birmingham this week. Go to to read it. BTW BE will be on QVC this Tuesday.

Gator--My thougths and prayers are with you for your BIL. It sounds like a tought situation, you don't want him to be sick, but you want to know what is wrong--and something clearly is. Safe travels.

SEF, Teensy, Pancho, Melf, Missy, Country, and everyone else--Hey! Have a great day today!

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Height: 5'6"


Good Friday morning.

Treatment went ok. Stange, the first one they gave me 50 cc of benadryl and my restless leg syndrom went nuts. They calmed them down with Ativan. the 2nd one, they cut it to 25 cc and i pill by mouth and I had no reaction. Yesterday I only got 25 cc and no pill and they bothered me,not near as bad as the first time, but I eventuallyhad to get out of that bed and walk around. Go figure. Other than a red chest and face from the sterioids I feel fine. tummy is grumbling but it is the potty thing again. So much fun.

My 2 weeks OP was messed up last night. Dh worked until 8:30 and brought home big macs from McDonalds. Yuk. I was starving so I ate it but it tasted like pure cardboard. He broight the dog a plain hamburger and I was going to switch with him, but the phone rang and he got it before i could sit down. The scale didn't go up b/c of it. But right back OP tody except I will be having tomato soup for lunch and jello.

Toni, we have had some really cool weather early in the week too. It is warmer today, but the rains are coming in and will last thru next Thursday.

Monet, baby stuff is expensive for what you get. Especially in the clothes, accessories line. Glad your ear is better today.

Live, air popped popcorn is ok in moderation. wouldn't do it every night but once a week or so won't hurt you.

Missy, have a wonderful time in NO. have a dacquiri for me (or 2 or 3). Happy anniversary. Hope Terry's test turns out ok, I guess. You don't really know what to wish for in this case do you. Anyway enjoy and relax. Yes, Terry is a great guy, and you are a great girl.

Teensy, sounds like you got your exercise in yesterday. Let us know about that Walnut crisp, it sounds good. If you are burning that many calories, I don't think you are eating enough.

Bob and Gator, Yesterday, Brooks said UK would have to beat either TN, Fla, or Ga this year. today the polls puts UK last in the SEC. GA first. We have a lot of work ahead of us and 2 guys just got kicked off the team. Come on BB.

Sef, Does the TPT help your arthur or make it worse? it was me with 31 years. I sur hope Dennis doesn't pass away in 24 days. But with the hours he is working, it could happen.

Donna, stick with this WOE and you will be a loser. If you stay OP and don't cheat it is so much easier. Seems once you make that first cheat the second comes easier, etc. Hang in there.

Ken, sure hope Jess is feeling better today.

Gator, my thoughts and prayers for your family and you. Have a safe trip. Keep us posted if you can. Believe in miracles.

have a great day. Be back later.

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Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 11/26-12/2 Debelli Sugar Shakers 80 12-03-2001 06:08 AM
Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 3/26-4/1 Debelli Sugar Shakers 181 04-02-2001 07:16 AM

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