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Old 07-28-2004, 06:11 PM   #46  
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Default what a great bunch of losers

I can't thank you all enough. I asked and you answered and I do really appreciate it. If that doesn't motivate me, then I don't know what will. You all are an inspiration.

Like I had mentioned, I followed this WOE last summer and it worked really well and I'm just having trouble getting started. I did find my book and am re-reading. But it's great to know everyone is here and on sweettalk.

Thanks again, all of you. It may take me some time to jump in and get to know everyone. I will be away for about 2 weeks or so in Aug. But I'll check in when I can.

Oh yeah, quick question. Did everyone here give up caffeine? I did the last time, but now without the smoking, I relish my coffee. I do drink caffeine free diet soda when I have it. thanks again
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It's booming outside, and we're under a flood watch! My house is on a hill, so if it gets in here, the town is gone!

My week has been pure ****!!! Nothing but problems, and the SNOWBIRDS aren't even here yet!

My Niece called me today (CATHY) and they now have their house under contract. Three families came offered too low, and the other two offered more than they were asking! One lady left and it wasn't thirty minutes the Realtor called her and said the lady wants to come back with her husband. When they came, they went down on the next street (Woodmont, Jackie) and into an empty house to write the contract...that's how bad they want the house. Greg and Cathy are hoping they can get 45 days until the closing and that will give them enough time for the movers to get there and pack them up...Everyone PLEEEEEEEEZE keep your fingers and toes crossed!

GATOR...I've seen that website you sent's a hoot! I would like to see the other things on their site, but the server is always too busy...
How's your BIL????

LAURIE...You've done so well, so when you get back from me and I'll come with the wagon....

SUSAN...good thoughts and prayers are on the list for your precious baby girl.
Let us know when you find out something.
Remember when you told me that the BAMA fans were blaming PHAT PHIL for their suspension??? WELL....he didn't go to B'ham for the Media thing for the coaches, and it's not being taken well. Now they say he's running scared!

JACKIE....Good luck with your treatment a big girl!!!!

KEN....I've made that casserole before, but I don't cook the squash. It cooks in the oven and there isn't as much water....




MISSY.....don't make me come down there!!!! I would have to shake you till your teeth rattle!!! Get on here and spill your guts to us....talking helps....We love you and you know that....

JACKIEO. Glad to see you get on here and stay here!!!!

Gotta go...


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Hey Everyone

I am happy to report that I got out of the house today! A friend called and asked if I was up for a pedicure - so that's what we did! It was wonderful - my feet were sooooo bad! HA!

JACK-K & GATOR: Terry reminded me yesterday of all of the wonderful things we do have and how we should appreciate them. He knows that doesn't take the place of what we want but appreciating what you have helps.

PANCHO: Girl...thanks so much for worrying! If you would only know how NOT me I am right now. I am a happy go lucky, easy going crazy person! This depression has everyone worried. But, I'll be ok - it's just tough to handle. Everywhere I go there is someone pregnant or someone with a newborn...or even worse...someone beating the crap out of their kid at the Wal-Mart. When I see that I want to take those people and shake em! If they only knew how lucky they were to have that child! UGH! I'll be ok though....thanks!

BOB: Yes - get your butt over here and cheer me up! I'll be waiting for the wagon!

ASHLEY: Welcome back! We need to do lunch again soon!

Well, hello to everyone else! Sorry no time to post to all of you wonderful ladies but just know that it is the love on this board that keeps me going every day!

299.5/295.5/250 (1st goal)
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Hello everybody!!

I didn't disappear, have just been really busy. And eating has been 100% OP since Friday. So can't complain there.

Saturday, we went up to Ione for their yearly celebration, called Down River Days. Parade, and a lot of different booths set up down by the river. Pancake feed, raffles and the likes. Took my own food so stayed legal, though I did have a couple of Miller Lites. Neither of the places we went had wine. Even though I brought some, you can't bring in your own.

Sunday, Dh had a job to do up north, so I went along and picked huckleberries with Sam. It was going to be over 100 degrees so we got up at 3 AM. Sam and I headed for the mountain and picked until noon. Got about 8 pounds of berries. Got home and had to bake a ham that we had thawed out. Fell asleep as soon as I got stretched out on the sofa!

Monday, made 18 jars of huckleberry jam, and did laundry.Fell asleep on the sofa again.

Tuesday-- Back up to the mountain. Believe it or not we picked berries for 8 full hours. We got into some fantastic patches of berries. Some of these berries are as big as blueberries. I ended up with 12 pounds total. I am not sure how many Sam ended up with. She usually out picks me, but I really lucked out and got those great big berries and found spots where I could pick all the way around me. So I out picked her for once. And got a lot of bug bites as an added bonus!! Even though I sprayed myself, they found spots where I had missed, like where my shirt would pull up when I bent over. I now have a ring of 5 or 6 bites around my waist. And my pants rub right there so it is drivng me crazy!! Last time I forgot to spray the top of my head, so that is where they got me. I don't think they are misquitoes, I never hear them buzzing anyway. But we would disturb little clouds of knats. Was so tired when we got home. I had planned on getting on here after dinner, but fell asleep again.

Today I had to run into Costco and get dh prescriptions filled, and have been freezing berries. Our raspberry bushes are still producing so I am freezing about a quart every couple of days. And we have had 5 cucumbers out of the garden along with a few tomatoes. I am loving the taste of fresh tomatoes!! Can't wait for the squash!!

Last night for dinner we had leftover ham with a salad of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers all from our garden!! It was delish...... Ohhhh and fresh green beans too. Almost forgot them.

TOM arrived on Sunday night, so I am not weighing in until it has passed. Sure hope to see some results. But even if not, I feel better being back where I should be.

I haven't had time to read any of the will try and get caught up and get in some replies tomorrow.
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Wow I'm late this evening. Can't believe its almost bed time. But better late than never I guess. All is fine my way. My life is boring so I so enjoyed reading all your posts. Some of you asked about what kind of dolls I collect. And I do a few of every kind it seems. I mostley like baby dolls but do have a few toddlers. I used to collect porcelins but I'm now into silicones and vinyls and a few Ooaks. Its just the kid in me I guess but I enjoy it. My eating has been fine. Except as usual not enough vegetables. B- peanut butter toast, L- bacon and tomato sand. S- fruit and some peanuts D- Pot roast and broccli. I forgot to weigh. Hopefully not tomorrow. Welcome Donna hope you stay with us.....
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Good evening!!

I just had my late dinner. I know way too late. I wasn't hungry when I fed Jess at 7pm today. Plus I wanted to add a fish to me leftover and have not cook it yet. So, I waited until Jess went to sleep. I immediately took a bath just in case dd wakes up. She is running a fever at this moment. It started right before she went to sleep. I noticed that she didn't finish her soup which was VERY unusual. She is my little pig and she loves her soup!! Right before she went to sleep, she kept saying she was cold and I thought she was kidding at first. She used to say that a lot, sort of like her "get attention" line. Anyway, I felt her forehead and did feel slightly warm. I just fed her Motrin Cold a while ago. I can feel that she is really warm now, so it is a fever. Jess hasn't been sicked for over a year and this will be the first for this year Anyway, hope she feels better soon as I know she is very eager to celebrate daddy's birthday tomorrow.

It is almost 11pm and I have a pot of beef curry simmering on my stove. It is for dh's birthday tomorrow and I thought if I cook it today, I will have more time to spend time with dh and dd tomorrow. The beef needs to be stewed until it is very soft, so about 2 hrs minimum.

Okay, on to some replies :

DONNA-D : Jump on in anytime. We can help each other. This WOE is very easy and delicious!! lol.

BOB : Wow, 3 offers on the house!! Wow, congrats to your niece!! You know what, I actually didn't read the part that says the squash needs to be cooked I did NOT cook my squash either except the onions. I have always leave all the veges raw whenever I make any casseroles since I do not like mushy veges. Maybe that is why I just assume that the squash need not to be cooked Anyway, I agree with you, it came out good, not watery.

FRUIT : Good for you on taking your friend's offer to get out of the house. Pedicure sounds like a perfect thing to do

TEENSY : Great job on staying legal even with all those delicious food around you. I am proud of you!!! How;s your back doing, from all those berries picking? LOL. Gosh, you are in a berries picking fever aren't you? lol.

I better go check on my beef curry, it should be ready soon. Good night all!

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Old 07-28-2004, 11:09 PM   #52  
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Evening All

I forgot to post my menu to-day so here it is:

B - Hot oatbran cereal with 1% milk and 1/2 cup mixed berries.

L - Split pea soup with smoked sausage (leftovers).

Sn. - About 1 oz roasted almonds.

D - 5 oz chicken tenders with green pepper, zucchini and coleslaw.

Sn - 1 slice sgww bread with cream cheese and fruit spread.

Several cups of coffee and tea. Some water but not enough. Must try to do better.

Pancho - Hope you all enjoyed the belated Father's Day celebration.

DonnaD - As you can see from my menu I have not given up caffeine.

Jack-K - Good luck with your treatment tomorrow.

HeartMom - Have a wonderful vacation and don't stress too much over eating. Just do the best you can. We'll all be here for you when you return to help you back on the wagon.

BOB - . I'll be keeping everything crossed for your niece and her dh.

Fruitloupe - Glad to see you were out of the house to-day and in a better frame of mind. It sometimes helps to count our blessings.

Teansy - You are making my mouth water with all your berry picking and jam making. I'm not surprised you were ready for a nap after being up and out so early in the morning.

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Old 07-29-2004, 12:52 AM   #53  
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Evening all-- Just popping in to post my menu for the day.

Before exercise-- 1 plum and 1 mug decafe

B-- 1/2 c Fiber One, 1/4 c FF milk, 1 Tbl Huckleberry jam, Lite 85.

Snack-- apricots (4)

L--Turkey burger, 1/2 sweet red pepper, 1/2 c greenbeans with bacon and tomato sauce.

Snack-- apricots (6 small)

D--Hamburger on Low Carb Bun, with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle. Greenbeans.

Dessert-- 1/2 c SF Pudding with FF Cool Whip.

Here are a few replies.....

Missy-- Their sugar loaded ice cream doesn't tempt me at all. I alway make sure I have some SF here, but only have 1/2 cup on Sunday nights....that is my treat once a week!! I know it must be hard for you and I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. ((((((HUGS)))))

Keng-- I am just so thrilled that she has invited me to go with her, that I jump at the chance. She usually won't tell anyone where she goes, and it is on private property (theirs) , soooo..... I think she spooked herself last year......she got turned around and thought she was lost. So now her husband doesn't want her going by herself, so I feel privileged that she is taking me. Plus the fact that we love huckleberries. The back only hurts when I bend over or straighten

Rosalie-- Sunday was the killer.....up at 3 am, and I didn't fall asleep til around 9 pm. Thought I did pretty good. I actually slept in this morning.....6 am. Felt like heaven!! Up early again in the morning for our walk, though. Gotta beat the heat!!

Bob-- Great news for your niece. Hope whenever I get ready to sell our home sells fast. I don't know if I could take the waiting. But I plan to be here for a long while yet!!

Monet-- Glad you liked the jam. I have two more flavors now.....apricot and huckleberry!!

Donna-- Welcome to our little corner of the world. This is a great place to come for friendship and support. These gals are wonderful!! Good luck to you on your weight loss journey.

Okay, to all the rest of you.....please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all great success.
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Old 07-29-2004, 08:52 AM   #54  
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Morning all, I'm going to try to get on here before it gets too crazy today!

The baby's surgery went well yesterday and she should be in the ICU for a couple of days and hopefully home next week. Thanks for all your concern and prayers.

Heart--thanks, I made a contribution to the parent's travel fund, but I'm going to make a suggestion what we have someone go to the house and make sure everything is in order before they return home. I think their church will keep them well stocked with food, plus they own one of the nicest restaurant in town, so I think they will have plenty of access to meals.

BOB--Yup talk around here is that old Phil is running scared! You have no idea the depth of the hatred that Bama fans have for Fulmer. That means, of course, that we Auburn folks think he is ok!

Jackie--Good luck with your treatment today. I'll be thinking about you!

Missy--I hope you are feeling better soon. Terry sounds great--y'all are luck to have each other.

Every one else--I have to get to work--got somehard deadlines today. Hope everyone has a good OP day!!!

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BOB--Glad you liked the website. If anyone else on the board wants a good laugh, go here:

My BIL is in surgery right now, as I write this. It began at 8:45, and it is expected to last 4 hours or so. They are doing a brain biopsy on a cyst they found, and if the lab results come back "positive" they will remove the cyst. My sister says he is really declining. If the lab results come back "negative" then they are still at square one where they still don't know what is going on with his body and why he is so sick. It's weird, but they don't know whether they want "pos." or "neg." Who wants to hear that a test shows up brain cancer? Anyway, I am flying up there tomorrow at 7 am. I don't know how long I will be there but have a return ticket for a week later. I am able to change the ticket for another date if need be. My BIL does not expect to live, and, of course, my sister is just beside herself. I have a vague feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, and know that the week will be hard. My BIL has not wanted anyone except my sister in his hospital room, so I will bewaiting in the hall or in a waiting room. I am going to just be a support for my sis. Keep all of this in your prayers. Unfortunately, my BIL, and most likely my sister, would not have the slightest idea about how to answer "the question" that I talked about a week or two ago. I'm hoping that I will be able to talk to them about "The Answer."

Haven't had breakfast or exercised yet today. Last night we went out to a restaurant, and I had tuna and spinach. And . . . ahem, a dessert. Bad, bad girl.

Anyway, I've got to go. I have lots to do today. Need to get everything in order before I go.
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Good Thursday morning,

I am a bit tired today although I didn't sleep too late. Anyway, dd is having a fever and it is about 102 this morning. I just give her another dose of Mortrin and watch her fever today. If it is still high by the end of the day, I might have to give the dr a call. One of the comforting sign is that she is still as chatty and playful as she was.

I have yet to have my breakfast for today, not sure what to eat yet. Thought I better get few replies in before I decide what to eat for the day.

HEART : Have a good vacation.

TONI : Surely your life is not boring Do you collect any other things besides dolls? My neighbor collects some procelain "bride" dolls.

ROSALIE : Good morning!!

TEENSY : Picking berries sound great but I just cannot imagine the amount of berries you had pick so far. I think if it was me, I would have to confine myself to bed by now since my back will be hurting quite That's how unfit I am. Got to start moving, got to start

FILLISE : Thanks for the update on the baby. I am so glad her surgery went well. Will continue to keep her family in prayers. What an amazing person you are...

Alright, got to get some breakfast and give daddy his birthday presents See you all later!


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Just one more thing before starting on packing, etc.

Fillise--I'm so glad the baby's surgery went well. I can certainly understand her family's emotions. Keep up the good work.

BOB (and Fillise)--re Phat Phil's reluctance to attend the SEC media day in Alabama, the word on the street is that he did not want to be subpoenaed for appearance in a lawsuit brought by a former asst. coach at Bama against the NCAA. The suit alleges that the NCAA treated Bama unfairly, to an excessive degree, and part of the proof was going to be the demonstration that Ewe Tea received favorable treatment (by the NCAA overlooking some wrongdoings of that program) because Phat Phil ratted out on Bama. Apparently PP is able to avoid being subpoenaed if he stays in them thar' Tennysee hills, but if he puts his tootsies in Alabama, wham, he gets a subpoena. Interesting, eh? Doesn't make what Bama did any better, but it does make you wonder about what's up at Ewe Tea. Especially after PP was interviewed about this and nowhere in his remarks did he deny the allegations by Bama that his program was "suspect" and that UT was not investigated because of his "help." I hope the Vols and the Tide are not playing each other this year, or, if so, they are playing at Knoxville. Otherwise, Phat Phil may have to have an emergency appendectomy the Saturday of that game.
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Good Morning! Sorry I was MIA yesterday evening. I was being really good, and actually cleaned up from dinner, loaded up the dishwasher and ran it, made Tom's breakfast, lunch and snacks for today, picked the garden, and read some before bed. I felt SO productive! My eating was fabulous! I was SOOO proud of myself. My friend who came for lunch can't have wheat, so I skipped the ww tortilla too, then for dinner, I did not fix a starch, so I actually kept my starches to two yesterday, with the ww bagel I had from breakfast.

So far today, I have had a ww bagel with cream cheese and Teensybeans cherry jam. Yummy! That and cup of coffee with half and half.

I forgot to weigh yesterday, and today. Maybe I will remember tomorrow. Its good for me to stay off the scale. Its so depressing!

FRUIT: I am so glad you got out and got that pedicure. It's so much better than holing up in your room and all. My heart goes out to Terry. I know how hard it is for you, but he is probably hurting too. When I miscarried the last time, I never thought about how Tom was doing. A few months later, we were driving down I-20 in the same area as the hospital I always used (we don't live anywhere near it..). I was feeling rather down about it, thinking about the last time we had been on that road, when Tom's hand snaked over into my lap and grabbed my hand. I glanced over and he was crying. It shook me to the core. Terry sounds like a definite keeper. I am so glad you have such a loving husband.

FILLISE: I am glad to hear little Savannah's surgery went well. I will continue to pray for her improvement, and for her family. I guess the feast was justified, but I hope you did not overindulge TOO much!

BOB: Are you mad at me? I felt positively forgotten! Overlooked! Insignificant! Woe is me, Bob forgot me!

KENG: I hope your daughter is ok. It's so hard on us moms to have our kids get sick. What kind of beef curry did you make? Do you make it from scratch, or use one of those luscious sauce mixes they have at all the Asian markets? I use the sauce mix, and that is what I fixed for dinner Tuesday night. Everyone loved it. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

TONI: How many dolls do you have? I love going to my friend's and looking at all of hers. She has tried to teach me to make them, but I am not very good with details like you need to be, so I think it is not a good art form for me!

PANCHO: How was your dinner with your dad? Let me know how you like the kamut flakes. Can you have brown rice? Whole Foods here has a brown rice cereal that has nothing else in it. I think its like rice krispies. I suppose oat flakes are out? Is your problem wheat, or gluten? I think I would feel better without wheat, but dang, I just can't seem to do it! I may have to go to the naturopathic doctor my friend goes to. (she calls her the 'witch doctor') If she could come up with a solution to my inability to lose weight, it would be SO worth it!

JACK: How was the anniversary? I know what you mean about people making comments about the husband being a saint. In my case, they are probably right, and it does rankle some! Here I am, about 75 pounds overweight STILL, and he is this golden, Adonis like perfect physique, perfect weight, muscled hunk. Thankfully, he is of great character, and loves me to distraction, though at times, it awes me! Whoever said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach was RIGHT!

TEENSY: Apricot and huckleberry...yum. How much chocolate do you want in exchange? I can't imagine picking like that for eight hours, Colleen. I spent about 45 minutes in the garden last night picking the cukes and cherry tomatoes, and could barely move when I got in!

ROSALIE: I don't know if using the blender would be advantageous over the food processor. I tend to think not. I have both, and use them for different things. Blender for smoothies, food processor for chopping, slicing and making mayo. I am going to look for the chana dal next time I go to the International market with the Indian section. Thanks for the info!

DONNA: I am a caffiene addict. I have tried giving coffee up, but its just impossible. I take a medication that I am not supposed to have caffiene with, and it about kills me when I cycle on it to give up the caffiene. I use decaf then, but I would rather have the regular coffee than the meds!

GATOR: So you have a cat, huh? I really do like you...we have so much in common! When my son moves in, he is bringing three kittens with him. They are so cute too! He wanted to bring the two older boys too, but Tom said no way. Those he will leave for his roommate. I am thinking about the pedometer...I may have to wait until I have more $$...

My daughter is on her way over. We are going shopping for a shower, then to work out at Curves. Tonight is dinner for my massage therapist. I am not sure what I will fix, but it is going to include cherry tomatoes! I picked about a gallon of them yesterday! What is scary is all the ones I did NOT get to that I will have to pick today! I could start a produce stand! Unfortunately, some kind of bug has found the cukes, and they are being drilled into by some kind of small, annoying worm.

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Gator, your BIL condition makes me teary. Gosh, I cannot imagine what your sister is going thru. I will pray for both of them and also that God will open their hearts to Him, most of all.

Have a safe flight and keep us updated if you get a chance.

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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Just got back from my meeting so wanted to get a quick post in.

Anniversary wasn't much. DH got home about 6:20 and informed me he had to go back to work after dinner. He should have just stayed there and got it over with and we could have done it another night. But we went to Damon's. They had a special 2 meals and an appetizer for $25.00. The choices were limited. I had ribs, broccoli and a salad. The appetizer was a black bean chicken roll up. I'm sure the wrap was not legal, but they were tiny and I only ate 3. All in all it wasn't too bad. We had to take separate cars and we were right next to shoe carnival. So afterwards I strolled through there and since I was down, I bought 4 pair of black sandals. Oh well, what better comfort. I was really looking for wintr shoes, but they didn't have too much. Plus these were buy 1 get 1 half price. Bargain. They will come in hand for next year. I'm hard on shoes and mine tend to look bad quick. So i went home after that and iron until DH got home around 10:30. He had worked from 5:30 that morning until 6:30 w/o a break or lunch so he was ready for dinner. They are working so much. He had 70 hours last 2 weeks. I'll be glad when all this move thing is over.

Heart, have a great vacation.

Gator, hope you get your steps in today if the rain quits. How did you fix your chicken? That website is haliarious. Surprised Bob like it. How horrible about your BIL. Believe in miracles, they do happen. I wish they had a more positve attitude. It really helps. Medicine today can do so much. Sending prayers. Glad you will be with your DS to support her.

Donna, I rarely drink regular coffee. At work I drink decaf and decaf tea. But if we go out I usually just get regular, it easier. The caffenine made my boobs hurt. Guess I don't have to wroory about that now.

Bob, this has been the strangest summer with all this rain. Hope things go well on Cathy's house. Have they already bought one in NC?

Missy, I'm sure that pedicure perked you up, it would be. I went out ahd bought 4 pair of black sandals last night to beat my depression. That will teach DH not to leave me a lone on our anniversary. Keep your spirits up. Still praying, just a little harder now.

Teensy, how did you ever see to pick those berries at that time. I'm sur eyou needed a nap. for being OP all week and weekend.

Ken, hope yur DD is feeling better today.

Toni, My girls have porcelain babies that their grandmother gave them. Hope you have an exting day.

Rosali, have a great day.

Susan, glad the baby is doing better. Keep us posted.

Monet, good eating yesterday. Keep up the good work. Hope you get to Curves.

nat, how was your dinner last night?

Got to go for my treatment. talk to you all tomorrow.

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