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Old 07-30-2004, 10:15 AM   #76  
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Good Morning!

Again, I am tired this morning. Dh came home about 5am and woke me and dd up. DD and I took quite a while before we both went back to sleep. After 7am, dd was up and running again. She looked fine and feel fine so I am hoping she is on her way to recovery. Now, I can see more of her symptoms, she has a sunny nose too. Could be a cold that somehow started off with a fever first. Hopefully no infection anywhere. Anyway, again, I have yet to eat my breakfast today and it is late. The last few days I had no idea what to eat or rather no taste for the regular breakfast food that I have been eating. Well...I will figure that out somehow.

TEENSY : Like Monet says, not eating enough is a good I think for my size and frame (5 ft 2), I eat a lot. Gosh, before SB, I was a pig!! lol.

MONET : Glad your ears are feeling better. I have been to Dekalb Farmers market few years back. I remember that was the first farmers market dh brought me to when I first came to US. I agreed they have lotsa great stuff especially indian foods. I love indians food and can relate to them as they make me feel less homesick. Monet, I would love to meet up someday but probably will have to do it after I have my driver's license. I never drove in my country because I never need to and it was cheaper to travel by the public transport. Since being in the US, things are different and living out in the woods (lol) now, I know I have to get that license. I have been in US for few years but am finally ready to get behind the wheels. So, wish me best and hopefully before long, I will be able to meet you somewhere. As for right now, dh will have to come with me...LOL. Monet, I wonder if "Panang" curry originates from Malaysia because that is where I am from. There is a state/island in Malaysia called "Penang" and many dishes are named after the island. If you ever go to Buford Highway, there are a malaysian restaurant there called, "Penang" and the food is great! Not as authentic as the real deal but the closest I can find. I especially love the indian bread, "roti canai", goshhh, so heavenly. In Malaysia, roti canai is a street food and so darn cheap while it is being sold so expensive here. I found some frozen roti canai in Buford Farmers Market long time ago but somehow they don't carry it anymore. Good for me though since that is not really an SB legal food and I will probably pig out on Dh and I don't go to the Farmers market in Doraville as often as we used to anymore. If we go, it is when I need to restock some of my sauces, mung beans noodles, dried mushrooms etc. They have such great bargain on the seafood especially the shrimp. I always buy few pounds at one time and freeze them when I get home. That will last me for few

FILLISE : Good morning!! I am the most unpolitical person you will ever find. I saw Kerry's speech about to start yesterday, I quickly turned off the I don't know, just never have any interest in politics but if you want to talk about food and shopping, I am up!!! LOL. Dh is working extra these days since the convention started. Sighh....

JACK-K : Glad your treatment went ok. Sounds like you are a trooper yourself Jess is better today, thanks for asking

Alright, got to get my breakfast now. Good Friday everyone!!

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Default Good morning

Just a quick note to let ya'll know I'm around just busy. Every day I've been reading even when I don't have time to post. Sunday is our anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been 9 years. Don't have to worry about cheats because we aren't doing anything...LOL My prayers are with those feeling poorly and whose family and friends are going through things this week.

Love and hugs,
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Good morning everyone:

Gheez, where do I start? The reason I wasn't on yesterday....well, I woke up and was in Lane's room with her, when I got a shooting pain in my pelvic/groin area that radiated back into my rectum, and then I got sweaty and felt like I was going to throw up. It didn't last long, but did worry me. My Gyn is out of town, and my family doctor was too busy to see me, so I had to see another doctor in his office. He did a pelvic exam and felt my stomach. He also sent me out for a pelvic ultrasound (the kind that you have to drink 40 oz of water, and hold it in your bladder for an hour before the test). So, no-one knows what happened, but the doctor said it could have been an ovarian cyst, an ovarian contortion, kidney stone or maybe IBS. We will await the ultrasound results and see what happens. It hasn't happened again, so I pray that it won't.

My dinner with my dad went well. We went to Carraba's and I did get the Chicken Marsala; it was wonderful. I then went to their house and stayed to visit w/ my mom and niece, and gave my mom a Bare Minerals makeover. I didn't get into bed until midnight, and Lane was up at 6 a.m. I was dragging a bit yesterday.

I was at 119# this morning, and have been doing pretty well with my eating. I am going to start taking the Gymnema after this weekend and will keep you posted.

I got up at 4 a.m. to get to the gym. I have worked out Tues, Wed, & Fri this week, and will go to the gym tomorrow a.m.

We need to leave in a few minutes to get the oil changed and I told the girls I would take them to the outlet mall to get Auntie Anne pretzels.

Ken: I agree with you; I never imagined I'd lose this much weight on SB either. I am so glad I found this woe/wol. I hope Jess is feeling much better soon, and you can get some rest as well.

Fillise: So glad to hear little Savannah's surgery went well. I will continue to keep her and her family in my prayers.

Heart: I'm not sure what the heart defect is; I'll have to ask her when I talk to her next. It sounds as if she makes it, she will definately need to have a heart transplant. Have fun on your trip.

Donna: I don't drink a lot of caffeince, but never did give it up. Good luck getting back OP.

BOB: All my body parts are crossed for Cathy!

Fruit: I remember going through that and having those thoughts after trying to conceive for a yr, having a miscarriage and trying again for another year. It seemed like there was the biggest baby boom of all time going on, but it wasn't any different than always, it just seemed that way to me. I even had a friend get preg. twice during the time I was trying to conceive. I loved her and hated her at the same time. You have been in my prayers, and I will continue to pray for you and your DH.

Teensy: So how long will all that jam last you that you have been making over the past few months??? I think you need to eat more!

Gator: You and your family will be in my prayers. What a sad situation for your sister.

Monet: I like the Kamut flakes. I put a little bit of Agave and some frozen blueberries on them, and they were good. I buy that rice cereal for Britt. I can also eat oats, and eat oatmeal and Cheerios. My problem in wheat and gluten, but mostly wheat. I was like 300% allergic to wheat, and 80% allergic to gluten, and slightly allergic to spelt.

Jack-K: Glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner, even though not too elaborate. I hope you don't have any negative affects from this treatment. I hate McDonald's beef!

Country: Happy Anniversary early. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Well, I gotta run.


P.S. I've been having a lot of computer problems, so if I disappear for a day or two, it's prob due to my "piece of crap" computer.
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Old 07-30-2004, 03:38 PM   #79  
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Hey all!

I wanted to give you an update on little Savannah. The procedure went well and she is off the ventilator now and taking some folmula. If all goes well she should be home sometime next week.

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Hi again,

Got to leave in amout half an hour to get my shot. Dh has to work until 8:00 tonight and then to noon tomorrow. Yuk! Going to BW3's with some friends. Don't know what to eat, everyting tastes orrible today. Tried soup, ate half and threw it away, took one bite of a hot dog and threw it away. Ate a popcicle. even had a bite of green apple and could not tell it was even sour. I am getting lots of water in though. Seem to be very thirsty today.

We have a birthday party tomorrow for the twin my DD nannies for. That should be interesting. They are pretty spoiled.

Other than that, no big plans.

Susan, we were posting at the same time. No rest for me today, but then again Friday's seem to be my best day. It's Sunday and then down hill that I get tired. I didn't listen to the speech last night, but this morning GMA had a poll and out of 5 people, 3 were swayed by it. BOB will have definate opinion, you can bet on it. That is great news about the baby. Hope she continues to improve.

Ken, breakfast doesn't have to be regular bf food. Whatever strikes your fancy. There have been some stange bf posted on here. Gladd jess is ok.

Country, Happy Anniversary. You have all those kids and only been married 9 years. You are a saint.

Nat, glad you liked the chicken marsala. I really did. Hope that pain was just a lot of gas :lol and noting more. Great job at the gym this week.

Hope to check back tomorrow sometime. If not, have a great weekend.

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I have been running around all day. I need to go to the store sometime tonight, too. Tom will be working on the deck tonight, and tomorrow, he has some guys coming to help again. They are almost done. That means, though, that I have to cook for the crew! Not sure what I will fix, but it has to be good! (and easy!) Tonight, instead of cooking, I am going to go get take out from someplace. I refuse to cook tonight!

KENG: I am sure that the Panang curry was Malaysian. I have seen it spelled with an e as well. As for Penang restaurant, I have eaten there a number of times. The food is fabulous. That whole area is very familiar to me, as I live only about ten miles from there, outside of 285. As you can tell from my posts, I am sure, my family loves any kind of unusual cuisine. I have a Malaysian satay recipe a friend of mine from Hong Kong gave me years ago that is a great family favorite. Do you make satays? I would love it if you are willing to share any recipes. I am glad your daughter is better today!

JACK: I am sorry food tastes like cardboard to you. Its hard to get the nutrition you need when nothing tastes good, I bet. Just think, its almost over! Behave at the birthday party!

PANCHO: I have had those kinds of pains like you described. I DO have ovarian cysts, and also fibroid tumors. I see the GYN on Tuesday, and I am hoping they decide to do a hysterectomy. Life without periods sounds heavenly to me.

COUNTRY: Happy Anniversary! Post when you can! We miss you when you don't!

FILLISE: Any day you want to come visit is fine. The only day that doesn't work for me is Sunday. I would invite you to come spend the weekend, but my spare room is about to be filled...James is moving home! I am so happy, I can hardly stand it!
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Shopped today and I'm woren out. So I'll only write to say everyone have a good week end...
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It's HOT today.....we go from one extreme to another!

Got your weekend movie picks for y'all:






Hope everyone is having a good end to the week.

SUSAN: [email protected]#$ %^&* ()_+{} ~?>< Did you get all that??????? I actually enjoyed Edward's speech more...he was my first pick from the start!
Thanks for the heads up on the web site...the K'ville paper says it was the UNIVERSITY that wouldn't let him go to B'ham....

JACKIE....This could be THE CAT'S year....GAWD knows it won't be MY GUYS!!!!

MONET...good to hear that your ears are you need to be on the lookout for my family up in Greenville....they are truly under water and expecting for rain today!!! So, if you see anyone floating by...snatch em up!



DONNA....good to see ya back...I was only being a smarty pants about the flooding, and THANKS for the well wishes for Cathy!

PANCHO....GOOD GAWD GIRL.....hope that US turns out ok, but it sounds like an ovarian cyst that has burst....especially since it hasn't happened again...


I think I've hit everyone...hope I didn't miss anyone...


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Hey all -- Didn't have a darn thing planned for today. Dh got up and asked if I wanted to go to the casino for awhile. Dumb question.....of course I do. We had a great time and won a bit of money to boot! Dh won 265.00 and I won 100.00. We each started out with 20.00. Lunch there was very good. It was
a buffet, and I did pretty good. Will post it all down below. I did nibble on some of their terryaki chicken that I know was not legal, but only had a taste.

Pretty lazy now, waiting for the temp to lower so I can get some water going in the yard. We have a sprinkler system, but it is so hot and dry that it just isn't keeping up this year. And the air is so hazy and smoky here. There are wild fires burning to the west of us, but the wind is blowing all the smoke over here. Looks overcast....but it is all smoke.

Here is my menu so far today.....

Before exercise; 6 oz cantaloupe, 1 mug decafe.

B-- 1 sausage link, Lite 85, 34 g WW homemade toast, 1 oz lite cream cheese, 1 T SF strawberry all fruit.

L--Had a big green salad with Bleu Cheese dressing, Mesquite Chicken, and a Beef patty with mushroom gravy. I also had a small dab of their SF FF frozen yogurt. Along with the taste of Terryaki Chicken.

Will probably have an apple later, and not much else. I am still stuffed and it is after 5 now. Maybe just a dinner salad......don't know yet.

Keng-- That beef curry sounds good, but I have never eaten anything curried.....not sure if I would like it. I like spicy foods, do you think I would like it?? The only reason I worry about not eating enough, is that I have already done that and put my body into a starvation mode where it refused to let go of any weight. I still have about 10 pounds to get rid of......but it isn't going!!!

Monet-- I am already eating 3 servings of fruit, and 2 starches. I think alot of it is because most of my meats are just grilled, and then the fresh veggies are not high in calories or carbs. This time of year I tend to veg out, lots of cucumbers and tomatoes. My pedometer is just one from Walmart. I got one for Christmas, but gave it to Ted's Sis when we were there. Walmart had two different ones. I got the higher priced one, (10.00) but don't know how acurate it is. I set in my body weight, and step length. I am thinking of going to a sporting goods place like Gart's or Big 5 and see what they have.

Fillise-- Hello, yourself!! And you have a great day too.

Jackie--Thankfully you are down to only one more treatment!! ( I think??) As far as the Apricot Walnut Crisp......dh liked it very much. I prefer my apricots raw, but did like the blend of flavors. I think I do need to eat more on those days that I am super active. Will see what happens......I know my weight is up on the scales, but my clothes are still fitting fine, so I wonder if I have just gained more muscle. I know I am seeing more muscles up and down my arms. Who knows??

Country-- Thinking about you and that wonderful horse ranch!! And all the hard work that comes with it. We had horses, cows, chickens and rabbits when I was growing up. Now I just wish I had a horse!!

Pancho-- I hope it is nothing serious. But sounds painful. Please keep us informed. I think the jams would last dh and I forever, but I will use most of them in my goody bags at Christmas. They will make very nice additions to the cookies and candies that I do each year. I also put in Christmas candles and other little things that I find. I usually do at least 12 bags for family.....then a few for friends.


That's all folks.....see you all later!
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Just got in from picking the garden. Its dark, and the mosquitoes were bad. My ankles are all itch! I got a full basket of tomatoes, and there are SO many that are still green green green! The cherry tomatoes are unbelievable! I picked at least another gallon. Tomorrow, there will be tons more. I think I may let my friends two little girls go out and pick them with little baskets. They will love it, and it will save me from having to do it!

Dinner was not too legal. I went to Publix and got fried chicken. I also ate a handful of cherry tomatoes and an orange. I got stuff to fix for tomorrow...I am going to make sub sandwiches on somewhat whole wheat sub rolls from the Publix bakery. They are not 100% ww, but they are really good. I may be good, if there are a lot of people here, and eat my sandwich on ww bread instead. I was terribly ticked. They did not have any 100% ww English muffins. There was not a place for them on the rack either. I am going to be SO ticked if they are not going to make them anymore. Does anyone else get the Pepperidge Farms 100% ww English muffins? I am going to go to the Pepperidge Farms day old store and if they have any there, I am going to buy them all and put them in my freezer. It should not be this hard to find these kind of healthy things!

My mother in law just called. Fun.

Its not that late, but Monet is feeling like a whipped puppy. Time to hit the pillows and study the insides of my eyelids.

Sweet dreams all!
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Hi Everyone

Well, I am home alone this weekend except for 2 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs. My dil was pet sitting for my daughter this week as she was away camping. To-day they took off to the cottage so now I am the sitter. Hopefully only for one night, two at the most as my dd returns from her vacation tomorrow. I hope I don't wake up in the night thinking there is an intruder in the house as these little critters like to play all night. As long as they stay in their cages I will be o.k. I went to see the doctor to-day as my neck was still bothering me. I am now on Voltaren for 5-6 days. Of course to-day it wasn't as bad as it has been but still have some tenderness. But that's the way it goes. Some days agony other days not too bad. If it doesn't improve with the meds I may have to go for some physio.

Here's my menu for to-day:

B - Bran flakes with 1% milk.

L - Lentil patties with onions and spices. Homemade coleslaw.

Sn - 2 slices rye crackers - one with cream cheese and fruit spread and the other with gouda and fs. 1 small serving of apple sauce.

D - Home made cream of cauliflower soup (made with 1% milk, onions, parmesan cheese and seasonings), 2 pieces breaded haddock and 1/2 cup peas.

Several cups of tea and coffee during the day. Small glass of red wine. 1 glass of milk with ovaltine at bedtime - my usual nightcap.

Fillise - Glad to hear the baby's surgery went well.

Gator - Have a safe trip. Sending good thoughts your way.

Kengjw - Hope Jess is feeling better. Your beef curry sounds good. I love curry with coconut. I sometimes make a chicken curry with coconut milk added. Maybe will make some this weekend. My ds is away so it would be good time to make it just for me.

Jack-K - Sorry to hear that your anniversary dinner had to be cut short. I guess you made up for it with those four pairs of shoes. . Hope you can get to enjoy some food at the party tomorrow. It must be tough that your chemo is affecting your taste so much. But just think only one more to go. I had to laugh about the McD hamburger - you are now fighting with the dog over who gets first choice.

Fruitloupe - Hope Terry's test went o.k. and you had a good night out.

Sef - Sorry to hear that Arthur is bothering you again. Although it sounds like you are still keeping busy with your activities at the NH. It's not unusual to see sun-parasols here in the Asian community.

Teensy - For your weight 13-1400 calories sounds reasonable to me. I wonder how accurate the pedometer is in guaging how many calories you have burned. Would it not depend on the speed you walk not just the number of steps? JMHO. According to Diet Watch I should consume about 1900 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week at 200 pounds. And you are about 40 pounds lighter than me. WTG on winning at the casino. Looks like you are a big spender like me at casinos.

CountryMom - Have a happy anniversary.

Pancho - Hope you get good results from the ultrasound. Take care.

Monet - Good for you taking a night off from cooking. You deserve a rest. Sounds like you will be feeding the masses again tomorrow. Hope you can find something easy to cook. How about a big pot of chili? Hope the ear is feeling better. I'm sure those little girls will love to help you out picking the tomatoes.

BOB - Enjoy your weekend movies.

Donna, Toni,

Not feeling too sleepy tonite so will go and read for a while.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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Good Morning! Tom is snoring softly (why can't he do that at 2am, instead of sawing logs in loud mode?) so I am trying to be quiet so he can sleep. I am dressed and ready to go to Curves. I am so bummed...the other day the manager told me I could not exercise bare foot anymore. What is up with this country? They have a fetish about feet. No reason she could give me, just rules is rules! We are weird about feet here. Tom jogs barefooted. No, its not bad for your feet. There are muscles that need to be developed in your foot too. It was designed to support you. You don't HAVE to have shoes. So, today I have to scrounge around and find my shoes. I need to find a pair of ballet slippers to wear. Any suggestions as to where I could find some?

The deck building party starts in about two hours, so I want to get my workout in, and then get home to fix pancakes for the early birds. Hope everyone has a good day!
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It's a cloudy day here on the West Coast of FLA!! Guess I'll do today and get it over with...I've let two weeks go by so I've got a lot to do!

Monet....Get yourself some Isotoners...then bottoms are no slick and would be perfect...I've got some that I keep at work just in case I wear a pair of shoes that don't make it the whole day!

Everyone in today????

I'll check in a bit later...

Debbie called me this morning but the first call I was still and the next call, I was not here...

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