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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Suppor T Board 6/17-6/23

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, you get 2 of them today:


Success is nothing more than failure which has persisted long enough to achieve excellence. If you don't get it right the first time, by all means keep on going. What more powerful confidence could there be, than the confidence which is born out of persisting in spite of failure?

The fear of failure keeps most people out of the game. Yet once you've experienced failure, and picked yourself back up again, what's left to fear? Fear of failure is only for the weak and arrogant, for those who foolishly think that somehow they can achieve success without paying the price. Those who know true success also know that failure is not to be feared.

No thinking person would intentionally set out to fail. We must give our best effort, and highest expectations, to each attempt. And if we fall short of the mark it is no disgrace. It is in fact another rung we've climbed on the ladder to eventual success. Out of failure comes the confidence and the determination to succeed.

-- Ralph Marston


Remember this Sanskrit prayer:
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today, well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope

Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default Good Monday Morning!

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I am alive and well. I may be able to hang with you gals sticking with the diet, but I can't hang with you all posting. How does everyone keep up? I sat and read all of the postings last night...boy have many of you been busy!

Motivational Monday: (from Devotions for Dieters)

Joining the group was the best move she ever made. Fay had struggled alone through a dozen diets with no real success. Then she saw the notice on the church bulletin board about the group that dieted and exercised together. She was a little hesitant at first, but finally she decided to give it a try. What a difference it made! Dieting with a group was much better than dieting alone. She gained so much strength from her new friends, and she was amazed at how much she was able to help others.
Today's Thought:
A diet for two is easier to do!

I can testify...knowing that you are all here makes sticking to the healthy way of eating is soooooo much easier!

Fruitloupe: I said a prayer last night and this morning for you and will keep you in my prayers throughout the day. Hang in there. For laughs you should take BOB's suggestions and walk into the doctors office with those tampons...boy will they take you into the back real fast!!! They will not leave you sitting in the waiting room for long! Smile...Life is Good!

Monet: We are also going west. I would suggest more time in the Grand Tetons rather than Yellowstone. They are about 30 minutes south. The scenery is much more beautiful. I have a friend that lived in Switzerland, France, and several other places across Europe...she said last night that the most breath taking place that she has ever had seen was the Grand Tetons. What dates are you traveling? If you are interested, I can give you places in the Teton Mtns. to visit.

BOB: You always make me laugh!

jRed: Prayers for your daughter!

All others: I have enjoyed reading your posts. Hopefully this week will allow more time to chat with some of you!

Started at 198 June 1st...June 16 (2 weeks) 188.5!!!! YES!!!
If I can do it.....YOU CAN TOO!

Have a wonderful day and week!!!
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Default Another week...

Happy Monday, everyone.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I managed another walk around the lake with Dan on Saturday evening - 3 miles in an hour. Not too bad for being this out of shape!

Found Blue Bunny NSA ice cream!!! Yay!!! So after our walk, we came home with Rocky Road and I had 1 serving (1/2 cup) with some fresh strawberries on top. Even Dan commented that he'd eat that ice cream anytime.

It's going to be another hectic week at work for me, so apologies in advance for not responding to every post like I should. I am doing my best to read them all, and will drop a note now and then when I can.

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs to all,

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Default Confessions of an eater...

Good morning! This weekend was wonderful. I opted to eat like a horse. And it was great. We had mexican on Sat. night. I even had a pina first in 7 years. It was delicious. And yesterday we went to a birthday party for my nephew at the pizza pizza but I did have a few too many stuffed jalapenos. So nice. But all that done it's back to the task at hand, eating right and getting more exercise. The scales have stayed on 155 before and after this eating so it's all good.

I did try to run a couple more times last week. I didn't do as well as the one day..but oh well. Praise God I can walk.

Thanks for the motivationals Deb and Gumbo. They were both very good.

WTG Genn on walking the lake. What a nice place to get your walk in.

Have a GREAT week all!


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Default Monday

The house is officially finished…for now. The roof, siding, windows, door and back step. We will install the lights on Friday and there are some casings around the windows downstairs to do, but all in all it is complete! We will begin on the garage after vacation, but there is no pressure. I just wanted all this done before my parents arrived and it is!

I have been eating terrible things. I am on the wagon seems to make a regular stop every Monday morning for me! I have 4 days of OP eating before my parents arrive. To be quite frank, I plan on eating what I want while on vacation. I am just hoping that the things I want aren’t terribly off plan.

DEBELLI- Prince Edward Island is fantastic! It is a small island on the east coast of Canada. The birthplace of Confederation for us Canadians. It is beautiful, pastoral, serene….just lovely. I am sure you have heard/read/seen Anne of Green Gables. That is their bread and butter as far as tourist attractions goes. I love all that is Anne. There are also gorgeous beaches, fantastic lobster, cute little towns and a lot of historical buildings and architecture. We love it there and so do our kids. The landscapes along the ocean are breathtaking.

MUSICTEACH- Nice blanket…very patriotic of you!

KIMMYTHEKID- So glad to hear from you!! I am happy to hear you have been busy with the church and VBS. My kids look forward to it every year. I will have to change my profile thing I guess. I am going on vacation Friday so when I get back I will look into that. {hug} Hope everything is going okay on the homefront for you and the kids.

JACK_K- Did you have fun at the church picnic? Good eating for you?

HEARTMOM- Your post had me bawling my eyes out. My middle son was sitting here and asked why I was crying. I told him it was something I was reading about Jesus and he asked me to read it to him. He thought it was nice too and understood that the surgeon got saved at the end. {{hugs}} I can see why that story is so precious to you.

GUMBO- Way to go!!! You have reason to celebrate. Now that is great motivation for Motivational Monday!

Okay, I gotta FLY...looks like a hurricane went through here this weekend!
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Happy Monday Gang!

Boy I couldn't wait to get to work and read all the posts. There were many. Really busy hre so I just got to skim them all and didn't get to make many notes. So I apologize to anyone I don't post to. Please forgive me. Going to be a wild week here again. I'm already looking forward to Friday.

Our pinic was good. Think we made close to $140,000. Eating wasn't too bad. Sat dropped D off at 7:00, went and got do-nuts for all the men. That was a killer ride, smelling those hot do-nuts. Ran home and ate my oatmeal and threw a load of clothes in. Headed back and stayed there until 11:30 that nite. Lunch was great. One man was fixing the green beans and he also fixed kilbasa (sp) and cabbage for the workers. So I ate that for lunch. I had 1 chicken leg and 1 rib at 2:00 and never go to eat the rest of the day or nite. But I am totally exhausted. My legs were killing me Sun and couldn't ues my hands. Even went to bed at 8:00 last nite, but I'm still exhausted. I think I'm too old for this.

Sunday went to Lexington to visit my dad. My DS was sick so we ate an early dinner/lunch around 3:00. She wanted me to come early and help her so we headed out w/o breakfast and decided to stop at MCDonalds. I walked across to Burger King planning to get their sourdough burger, thinking that was the least damaging thing. I couldn't eat a salad in the car. It was off their menu so I had to go back to McDonalds and jet a regular hamburger. I ate the bun and all since I hadn't eaten for almost 24 hours. I remembered from my WW days that a reg hamburger wasn't that bad and just counted it towards my carbs. She had, ham, turkey, mac & cheese, broccoli, baked potatoes and slaw. My other DS brought me some slaw and let me add splenda to it. I passed on the potatoe but I really wanted some mac & cheese since I was starving. But didn't. She bought me soem NSA ice cream and had unsweeetend strawberries. They were delicious.
Around 7:00 I was hungry so I just ate a peach and went to bed. I'm famished today but have not had time for my snack.

I haven't had much time to plan menus this week. Got to get back in the swing of doing that and cooking ahead.

Deb, I could do a SB Surviror, ICe cream, cakes, candy no problem. Just dont bring ut the cheese puffs. My downfall.

Quilter, There is a bridal place called Fashion..... (something else) and they are having a trunk show every week with different designers. So we may be heading that way soon. I'll let you know if I need the yellow pages. Thanks,

Nance, I love to read too, but just don't have time in the summer. Someone suggested books on tape so I could listen while I walk. Might give it a try.

Seren, You jobs sounds wonderufl. It is always great to have a job that you love doing.

Monet, Great news on your sister. Keeping her in my prayers.

Jred, Must have skimmed the posts too quick, what kind of surgery is your DD having? How old is she?

Gumbo, Welcome back. Loved your mm post. It is so much easier to diet with a group, friend etc. 90% of my success is due to this board and the people here.

Jenn, Walking around the lake is peaceful I bet. We walk around a pond for one part of our walk and I love watching the ducks and geese. It's my favorite part of the walk.

Country, Pina coladas, stuffed jalapenos, YUM, I love both. I'm jealous. One day though.

Gracious, yur vacation destination sound wonderful. Can I go too? Picnic was good. hetic. I'm exhausted. Eating wasn't too bad cause I didn't have time to eat.

Have a great day everyone. Hope to check in later, but don't know for sure.

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Good Monday Morning!

Ok, ya'all ( that is southern for all of youse gals and guy...) here it is a new week. How was the last one? If it was less than you wanted, here is a brand new week to try again. Set some small goals for yourself. Small attainable goals are great motivators! Mine is to eat only program food this week. I am not going to worry about amounts, so if I am stressed and want to eat, I will, but it will be something 'legal', or not at all! It helps to write your goals down someplace too, so you can tick it off as met at the end of the week. It helps you to feel good about yourself, see your progress and convince yourself that this program is worth it! And it is!

GUMBO: We did want to get to the Grand Tetons too...I got all the basic info on it off the National Park site, but you feel free to send me any info you want! We are going the last two weeks of July. If you know great places to visit and stay, I would really appreciate the help! I have been all over the west, but never to Yellowstone or Grand Tetons, so this is going to be fun for me, as well as my husband and daughter. I have been to Crater Lake, and I am looking forward to getting there again. Thanks for your advice and help!

GRACIOUS: Hope you have a great time on vacation! Maybe next summer I can convince my husband to head up north. I have a friend in Maine I would like to meet (oh, you know Buggie from LCC?) and I would not mind getting into Canada either. I loved the Anne of Green Gables films, and would love to see PEI.
I think I would not mind it in winter either, but my hubby is a southern boy, and he thinks Atlanta is cold!

COUNTRY: Sounds like you have a gastromonic time this weekend! How great that you are finding out your limits and can get right back on program. I have heard that getting into running is like two steps forward, one back. You will see your endurance peak, then fall, but it should be going up and up bit by bit, until you can run all the time! You might find reading Bill Phillips Body For Life book helpful on how to increase your levels. You could probably find it at the library. It is very motivating!

JENN: Three miles in an hour is pretty good! You should be proud of yourself! Wish they had that Blue Bunny ice cream here..but if it has aspartame I won't eat it. I would love to find more stuff like that with Splenda. Have a good week! I hope you find time to post some!

DEB: Did you get the kids off for their cruise yet? Where are they cruising too? I think I would be jealous!

Have a great week everyone!
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Hi everyone!!!

I survived a week of making 3 cakes and passing up slices of two of them.......YIKES. Not to toot my own horn, but my cakes are very good....everyone was going on about them....I knew how horrible I would feel if I ate any, not so much physically but mentally. I am loving that all my clothes are fitting and loose and looking forward to fitting into smaller ones down the line.
I'm really wondering how I will handle Christmas cookies....I make tons of them for presents.

I just had a very wonderful find. I went to find Trader Joes, I found it and to make things even better in the shopping center next to TJ is a Fresh Fields. I found some great stuff...even though I had my whining three year old with me. It was a quick trip and I told him he would not be back to that store for a long time, he will stay with Dad from now on!!!!

Deb, what it the TJ tomato splash you mentioned?? I couldn't find anything like it.

Gotta run!

I'm going to try to keep up with the posts this week, though with the kids being out of school that may be a tall order.
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Good afternoon everyone. This is my running late day...LOL... Got some housework done and running around to the bank, post office so maybe now I can take a few to catch up a bit. Hope everyone had a great OP week-end. Mine was nice and quiet. Managed even to read a book. I want that one by Dr. Phil "Self Matters". I'm having an awful time getting my vegetables in. I'll eat a salad at dinner but thats all I want in the vegetable line. Know I need to eat more but I just can't seem to make myself...

Debilli- Your motivation was really good as usual. I love the Sandskirt prayer...

Gumbo- I love "A diet for two is easier to do "
You're just doing terrific on your weight. You should really be proud..

Jenn in MN- Your walk around the lake sounded wonderful and its so nice to have someone to walk with you. Yum Rocky Road my favorite. Don't work to hard, have a great week and hop on when you can.

gracious- Congraduations on all your hard work getting done.. I'll bet your parents will be proud. Good luck with your eating on vacation. That would have to be hard, going away and trying to eat right at the same time.. Wow I would love to go to Prince Edward Island. Have a great time with the Flylady today...

Jack-K- Sounds like you had a great week-end... I'll be trying my first outing with SB in July. My sis and I are going to Branson Missouri for 3 days. I'll be eating out all my meals. Wonder how I'm going to do that!?

Monet- I'll bet you're looking forward to a great vacation. It sounds so beautiful where you're going.. Great motivation message!!!!!!!

Chris- I was figureing by Christmas SB would be inprinted on my brain so much I could bake things and be all right. How lucky you are to have those stores by you Trader Joes and Fresh Fields.

Guess its time to go put the clean sheets on the bed.. Have a great day.... Don't forget that water....

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Good afternoon everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a busy one. I was out Saturday and Sunday morning watching my eight year old gs playing soccer. He had some good games, his team tied one and won one on Saturday and lost the Sunday game in overtime. They were tops in their division. My gs was very pleased as he scored 5 goals on Saturday. He has an Italian grandfather who has been teaching him and his brothers to kick a ball since they were about 2 years old. My eating wasn't so good on Saturday. I took the kids out to lunch and we ended up at Wendys. I didn't want to have my usual of chili and salad as I was taking the same thing (homemade) to work for my supper. So I had the same as the kids, hamburger and fries. Can't say I really enjoyed it but had to eat something. Sunday was a good day and to-day so far. Was busy this morning making chana hummus. I also made Almond Granola, the first time in a long time. Just have to make sure I don't eat it all at once.

Deb - Liked your motivational, particularly the Sanskrit prayer.

Gumbo - It's so true that a diet is easier to do if you have company. And this board definitely makes it easier to keep at it. You have done very well in your first two weeks on SB. WTG.

Gotta run. Should have left for work 5 minutes ago.

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Hi There!

Boy the board is slow today. We are stil on page 1. Glad though.

have a busy nite ahead, Dinner (have no idea what), cut grass, walk, and a ballgame to visit. I'm ready for bed already. LOL.

Monet, You are very motivating today. I agree about the mini goals. I have set one for myself. By July 3rd I want to be at 180. Don 't know if I will make it, but I'm going to give it a good try. Your trip out west sounds fun. I have never been out west. Only to Texas when I was in HS.

Chris B, WTG on passing up the cakes. You will do fine at Christmas. I baked all day and night last year and neer even licked my fingers once. You can do it. It's yur choice.

Toni, you will be fine on your trip. I think eating out is much easier than cooking at home. Just ket your meat, a salad, and veggies. Pass on the bread. Don't let them bring it to the table. Good luck.

Rosalie, Sounds like your GS is a natural soccer player. He must get it naturally. Glad you are back on the wagon today.

Have a great night everyone. See ya Tuesday.

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Well, the doctor visit went ok -I guess. He cleaned my nose again and took the packing out. He put a scope in there and he found one source of bleeding. He was able to cauterize that spot. But, he isn't sure if there are more. So, now I wait and see how this does. I go back on Thursday. The good news is - that he really doesn't want to go into the operating room again. That would mean another 8-10 days recouperation! So, we play it by ear now!


GUMBO: thanks for the prayers! They worked so far! You must have a direct line to the big guy. I have a few other things that I need prayers for - should I send you my list! haha Congrats on the weight loss - you are doing great!!! Keep it up!

ROSALIE: Sounds like you have a future soccer star on your hands there - glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Well, I'm running - I took a pain pill earlier and I think it's kicking in! See y'all later!

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OK, I'm not going to even talk about what I ate this weekend. Funny enough, I'm not mad at myself. At least I enjoyed every last bite!! Eating normally again. My BF is going to start getting in shape again so that'll be a big help. I really want to lose 5 more pounds before August..or before the summer ends

Thanks for giving me such a warm welcome back to the board. it's nice to know that I was missed!

Fruit - Nosebleeds are no fun. I hope that you get that problem fixed soon. Make sure to wear black until then. You don't want to ruin all those nice white shirts!!

Rosalie - I've been doing my share of watching soccer as well! I'm so excited that USA is in the Quarterfinals of the world cup. All the games are at 2:30am or at 7:30am EST. I'm late for work everyday!

Chrisb - I have no will power for cakes. Probably because dessert wasn't big in our house growing up.. I guess I'm making up for lost time. However, the feeling after passing it up is quite nice. Especially if the scale goes down afterwards!

Monet- I love going back to my food journals to see how I ate in the past and to see how quickly I lost and to track any patterns or cycles. It's a really good way to get to know your own body I think.

Gracious - When I went on vacation, I managed to stick to SB relatively well. I know that I might have gone off a bit here and there, but I certainly didn't go overboard. I'd have a few fries..but I sure didn't order supersize. I guess moderation is key. I'm sure you'll be fine though. Remember to do a bit of walking and you'll be a-ok!

CountryMOM- if you like pina coladas...I love mexican food. I'm such a sucker for it!!

Jenn - walking is walking. it must be nice to have a lake to walk around.

Gumbo - It's true what you say. It's so rewarding to see myself and others lose pounds and succeed. In New York there is so much negative, it's nothing but positive!
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Evening All

Just a quickie to let you all know I'm alive and kicking, though not feeling up to the usual self, somethin's been waiting in the wings since last week and it may be finally deciding to take hold of me, but still not sure. It's almost 6pm and I'm ready to go lay down for a while.

I'll have the day free tomorrow to work on a mega post (or so I say that at this time). I'll play catch then, I hope!

Hope all is well with everyone-miss not having the time, or now the energy to read the goings on of the last few days.


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