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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 5/20-5/26

This is the

where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's two of them, I think we need them both!:


Real, sustained self confidence comes from knowing you can do it, and knowing you can do it comes from the experience of actually doing it. Just as strong muscles are built by lifting heavier and heavier weights, confidence is built by taking on bigger and bigger challenges.

Even if your muscles are weak, there is some amount of weight you can lift, and as you regularly lift it, the muscles become stronger. In the same way, the confidence to take on major challenges is built through the experience of first taking on small challenges, and then working your way up.

Others may encourage you, yet no other person can actually give you your own confidence or talk you into it. Others may help you to believe you can do it, yet only by experience will you know without a doubt that you can.

The sooner you begin to accumulate that experience, the stronger and more quickly your confidence will grow. Where you are, right now, is a great place to start building the solid and unshakable confidence of achievement.

Start with what you have, with what you know you can do, and then add a little challenge to it. Soon you'll know without a doubt that you can do even more. As your confidence grows, so will your achievements, because the biggest achievements come to those who have the confidence to take on the most difficult challenges. Start small, continue to build a strong confidence based on experience, and you'll have something valuable indeed.

-- Ralph Marston



When the challenge first comes along, it looks to be overwhelming. And yet, you know you must get past it, so you do what you can.

Day after day, you do what you can, when you can, as well as you know how. And something amazing begins to happen. What you can begins to be more than what you could. You learn, you experience, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, and most of all you grow.

You grow stronger each time you do what you can. At the beginning it doesn't seem like enough, yet with persistence it becomes more. What once seemed difficult, becomes easy. What once seemed awkward and uncomfortable, becomes natural and even graceful.

Taking on a difficult challenge can bring about a great accomplishment, yet it can bring so very much more. In challenge there is strength to be gained, there are lessons to be learned, there is a kind of nourishment that cannot be delivered in any other way.

If the challenge seems a bit too overwhelming, that's the one you want. Take it on and let it pull you up. Do what you can do, again and again, and what you can do will truly amaze you.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Hi all! Need to catch up on the weekend's posts, but I hope you all are doing well.

After a rocky weekend, I'm off to a good start today. Anyone here do the Denise Austin morning workout? I was channel surfing at 6am (I NEVER watch TV in the morning - dunno why I turned the thing on today), and found the Lifetime channel with the exercise routines. Thought "what the heck", and joined in, since Dan was already at work.

So, exercise out of the way for today *happy dance*. Now off to plan a healthful, SF day of eating!

All the best,


ps - a friend of mine is trying to get her Dr. to prescribe Xenical (sp?) for her. I don't know anything about this drug, but I'm concerned that she's trying for a "fix" without modifying her eating and exercise habits accordingly. Is this drug safe? Will she be okay taking it? I'm trying to motivate her to at least start to eat better, but she's convinced it's the ticket. Can anyone at least give me the pros/cons so I can talk intelligently with her???

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Default New week!

Good morning! Thank you Deb for today's motivational stuff. I sure needed it. I'm glad this is a new week. The last two have been filled with over eating and quilt from my last of self control. But today is a new day.

We did have a great weekend. My daughter won first in western pleasure and barrels in her 4-h horse club. She took overall senior division for the buckle. She is 14. All the kids were great. It's fun watching them.

Well, off to finish emails and start this week off right. Gonna try walking twice a day like I use to last year. See if that helps get things rolling again.


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Good Morning Ladies (and "D" man!)

Had a power sleep last night...something about the mountain fresh air, and then being back in your own bed! I had my morning of reckoning with the scale to see what the damages were being off-plan....I'm at 237. Was at 236 during my TOM, but before that had started when I was being an angel I had seen the scale get as low as 233! What kills me is you have to be soooooo
patient to get the weight off, really stay OP, do the right thing, exercise, drink your water, but with a slip of the tongue, it all comes back on sooooo fast. Of course now, I wish I wouldn't have allowed myself to be off-plan this weekend .....that's okay...just a little lesson for the Nancemeister that being good equals loosing weight. I'll see if I can't get things to turn around this week, but probably won't have a good WIW for a week or two until I get back to where I was at!

Jenn from Min Regarding "Xenical"....don't worry too much about your friend taking it because I can gurantee you she won't stay on it for long! All it does is make your system elimate fat (from the fatty foods she is planning on still eating) and eliminating it by producing oily, diarrheaish bowel movements. It's like a roto-rooter and I haven't heard of one patient at our practice who has stayed on it! Like you said, it's just a quick fix. Hopefully you can be an inspiration for her to do things the "right" way. Hey...have you ever heard of "Mud Lake"? in Min?
I'll have to find my Country Living magazine, but they have the coolest house for sale a "Minnesota Farmstead" on 9 acres that was built in the late 1800's for $165,000. Couldn't believe it...hold on...let me get it and see if they list the town it's near it...It just says"Minnesota's Northern Lakes Resort Area and has 288 feet of direct frontage on the western shore of Mud Lake"...the eal estate office is located in Walker, Minn. I'm ready to move....just how bad are those winters of yours?

[c]CountryMom[/b] That's so cool about your daughter. She must be so happy! I was in 4-h when we used to live out in the country. I grew my own sugar beets, and got to process them at the sugar plant. I think they came out to be about 2.5 pounds of sugar, but the smell in the processing plant....UGH...took me YEARS to get over that! 4-H is such a wonderful thing to be involved in. Glad to hear you are on a mission...two walks a day WOW!
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Default Hola It's Monday :)

Disappointed that Kathy did not win Survivor! Wondering about the scare to the water supply in Central Florida! Some mystery pounds have struck.... so I need to get busy burning them off. I stayed completely 100% OP - but may have just overeaten the legal stuff!!! I was ravenous yesterday!!!

Jenn - I have only heard about the side effect if you eat too much fat in your diet while on that medicine brings on some yuchy diahrea. You are right - it is just a quick fix....seems to me just not eating fat would be more pleasant.

Country - Congrats to your daughter! Sounds like a nice weekend The walking will surely get your blood pumping and make you feel good!!!

Nance - Sounds like you had a good weekend in the mountains! I know what you mean about the weight thing, up and down, how fast it comes back, I did not even go off the program, just ate more than normal - I hope mine is just water and will disappear - yours too!!!

Well, off I go to look busy at work - I finished all projects and now I am just cleaning and looking busy - it is going to be a boring week!!!


272/257.5 - ahhhh
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Good Monday Morning Everyone

Whew! What a week it was last week-more twists and turns then my colon! LOL!! I really missed you all in more ways than one-but I'm back with a vengence this week.

Let me first say that that old wagon of ours had seen much better days. iI recent weeks it had been really put through the grinder and just couldn't be fixed any more, esp. after my mishap yesterday! It has finally met it's fate and is beyond of state of being able to be repaired! It has been given to those who look for scrap metal. BUT, the good news is-we have a brand new wagon that's ready for action and ready to pick up whoever needs a nice comfortable ride. I'm in the drivers seat and ready for anyone who wants to climb aboard to join me

Well, let me tell you about, I always tell you guys EVERYTHING and I've always been honest about how things are going with me. I wonder if my eating mishaps of late are good to tell you or not, as I wonder what you all think about my recent eating off plan troubles-is it better to tell, or not. I think better, esp. for me, I need confession, I need to be accountable and let you all know-but does this discourage you all?? Well, here you go-I'm hoping I won't be having any stories like this one ever again!

We had the luncheon on the ship yesterday with the teachers. It was VERY nice and I got to chat with many of the teachers MICHAEL has and has had in the past. When lunch came around, it was a sit down lunch with everyone having the same meal with the only exception of being able to choose chicken or meat-I chose the tenderloin. The meal started off with bread which I said no to having, and a plate that had 2 shrimp, 2 scallops, a smattering of cavier and a piece of nova with slivers of fruit-not a big deal. Next was some pasta that had a bit of sauce and sun dried tomatoes-tasted 3 noodles and some of the sd tomatoes - still no problem. Tenderloin came-I had asked for extra veggies instead of the potatoes and veggies-ate both slices of meat-was surprised I was able to pack it in-didn't eat but one stalk of brocolli-still not a problem, doing good (okay, should of eaten the brocolli), THEN, this is where the problem all began-they bring out dessert, this lucious looking chocolate square of something that looks like a thick piece of chocolate mousse on a very thin layer of chocolate cake-well, I don't know what had possessed me at this time-never before had I had a problem with desserts being in front of me since starting SB-NEVER, but oh boy, yesterday, there was a problem! I ate every stinking morsel of that piece of whatever and it was phenominally delicious! This is the real first major cheat that I can honestly say I had a ton of sugar when I ate it. All the SB LEGAL cheats I've had in the past, no matter how big or how small will never compare to what I ate-sugar city-paleese-it must of had a entire crop of sugar in that! Well, after that, I went on a free for all. I figured I've done myself in finally, might as well go out with a bang! Sooo, yesterday, I had a piece of 2 cookies from the ME store, bought a Cadbury bar of this chocolate that's from the UK, took a bite, didn't like it, gave it to ELI. Came home, had some ice cream, still not too too bad - hit some SF cookies, probably about 25 of those babies-not good there. THEN, ELI'S sister NADINE arrives from Cananda with goodies in hand! Oh, it went from bad to worse at this point. She bought a bag of these mixed nuts that you get in the ME store that were so fresh - I easily ate over a cup of nuts - mostly cashews and almonds-talk about calories, fat, etc! THEN, she also brought a box of 3 miniture cookies, 2 kinds I love, one is called ghrebee, the other barazak - well, it wasn't a pretty sight and it looks like somebody in this house had a field day. Honestly, I can't remember what else I ate, and I know there was more. Oh, now I remember, we all went to STARBUCKS so ELI could introduce NADINE to MINNIE & MORRIS, and they had some samples-mind you, I haven't had any SB pasteries since ELI started working there - last night I had a small sample of their lemon pound cake, (wasn't impressed), their vanilla biscotti (pretty good)and their toffee bar (was really unimpressed). Still, I know there's more and I think I should just try to forget about yesterday ever happening at this point-it wasn't a pretty sight and no one could believe it was me eating all this crap. What a day!

Anyhow, today, I'M BACK ON TRACK!!!! Yes, this is a promise that I am keeping! Even after going to be extremely late (we stayed up to watch a movie til about 1am), I got my butt up and out of bed this morning and was out the door before 6am and ran my 4.5 miles in 45:16-and then took MICHAEL to school. Yesterday, last week, these are events that are in the past and I'm looking forward to today. I'm going to focus on getting through each hour, as well as the day. I won't even THINK of getting on the scale-you read right, no scale for me I know it will be depressing, so why bother!

With this renewal, I have a small challenge! Always voluntary, of course, though if you want to join me, feel free. I would like everyone, including myself, to write down each and every indiscretion you may have throughout the day. If you do have something off plan, just write it down, or how many times today you may find yourself eating something off plan. I am hoping with keeping this in mind that we may be more conscience of eating whatever it may be-cause we are thinking about it and this little challenge. We can let each other know our numbers late tonight/tomorrow - I'm going for a resounding "0".

Before I forget, here's the website where you can view my new niece BAILEY:

The code to put in is 020 42987

Only saw the SURVIVOR REUNION, though I'm hoping the tape of the show comes out. Was surprised to see the 2 ladies up there-I thought it would of been Kathy, Paschal or Neleh, though I think Vesepias win was just as good. I have to say, that Kathy sure cleans up nicely!

Okay, it's already 10:30am, I better get some replies in here before the day is shot to all heck:

GRACIOUS, you are not alone, as the wagon ran over you, it plumb crashed into me, backed up and ran over me, over and over again! But as you read, we have a brand new wagon ready to roll, so hop on board and enjoy the ride!

SEF, glad to hear BEAR seems to be on the mend, either that or you make a darned good pot roast even a sick cat can't resist. May goodness, is it just me, or is that an awfully a lot of money for a buffet? $16? No lobster on there? Nope, not for me! Loved the FF!

FILLISE, pick you up on the new wheels???

TRANQUIL, not taking vitamins, though I have some in the house-glad I can remember my own name sometimes, can't remember to take pills. I sure wouldn't take any prenatal vitamins-that's like putting a kunahora (curse) on yourself-with my luck, I'd probably get preg! Hope your boss is feeling better.

RED1, not much down here in the way of yard sales either this past weekend, a few items, nothing great though, which is fine, less money I spend.

GLORY, glad to see you on a roll now. I'm sure you are feeling better just being back on the board. I know you'll be fine all the way around. I'm sure your daughter will start feeling better as well-she's got a great Mom behind her!

NANCE, mid 30's at this time of the year? Heck, I'm dying of the heat here and you've got the cold-no fair! Sounds like you had a blast camping and I LOVE the idea of FEAR FACTOR, poor Nadia! LOL!!! Hey, glad you lost, I'm sure that crap couldn't of been SB LEGAL.

COUNTRY, are you sure we aren't twins? Seems we both had the same type of weekend, eating wise! Congrats to DD for her win!

JENN, great job on the exercise this morning, bet you felt great afterwards-good way to start a Monday morning for sure. Hope your friend nixes the Xenical idea-bandaid is all it is, in MHO.

FROG, SOL, FRUIT, BETH, BOB, ZANNE, MONET, THUNDER, JUMUIR, JRED, BUSDEB, PRAVDA, KAREN, NASCAR, ADRON, SEMMENS-Where the heck are you guys??????????? We need to send out APB'S!!!

Well, I'm going to run off to the grocery store. NADINE was planning on cooking dinner tonight-seems I'm going to be doing the honors (LOL-she'll be kicking herself later for this decision).

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


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Well, I figured I better write in before Debbi sent the Possee after me!!!!!

I have been really busy! My best friends baby pasted away a few weeks ago, my brother got married last weekend, my brother iinlaw was in jail for domestic voilence, now he is at my house, becuz he can not go near his house for 60 days, my family came in for the wedding......I was out sick form work for a whole week due to a very bad tooth ache. I have been in the middle of total choas!!!!!!!

I am ready to start drinking! Anyway, I have not had time to read any post. I hope that every one is doing well. I did read Debbi's from today.....sounds like you had a rough day yesterday!
Anyway, I will chat somemore later, right now I have to get back to work.
mini goal 220 by aug 2002
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Default Happy Monday!

I have not been able to post for over a week. Thanks Deb for your email. It is nice to know someone misses you if you are not around. I did get to lurk a bit, so I kept up on what was going on.

Today, I am trying to get some things done for the wedding. I have a bunch of errands to run, things to pick up, and people to call. I am beginning to feel panicked, and a bit buried!

I was supposed to go see the doctor today as well, but he will not be in until Thursday. Rats! Especially since I am down four more pounds! That makes six since I last went in.

I am not sure why I lost four pounds this past week, but I have not been obsessing about keeping track of everything I eat. I just ate when I was hungry, and ate on program things. I did indulge in some Russell Stover sugar free stuff, but was fairly true to program other than that. I have been careful about not eating much, if any, starchy carbs in the evening. I try to have only veggies or soup for dinner, and I think this is good for me. Another thing different is that I am only using organic eggs, butter and cheese. I want to eventually have only free range chicken, and grass fed beef, raised with no antibiodics or growth hormones. I realize for many this is not necessary, but I am sensitive to chemicals, as my Lupus proves, so I figure anything I can do to get additives and chemicals out of my diet will be good. The hormones they feed beef tend to be concentrated in the fats, so that is why I chose to replace the butter and cheese I eat with organic.

DEB: I tried that ww lavash bread they have at Harry's this past week. Very yummy! Didn't you tell me you use it? Any suggestions for it? I used it like a Hye roller, and that was pretty good. Thanks for being honest about your struggles. It helps me to understand that you have to be diligent even after you reach your goal. You are going to do just fine! If you don't, you are going to have to come to Camp Monet and wear a bathing suit in public!

NANCE: Your camping trip sounded fun! We love to camp up in the north Georgia mountains. My hubby is a member of the Appalachian Trail club, and he would camp every weekend in the summer if I let him. My daughter told me her fiance' is giving her camping equipment for a wedding present! (how romantic! ) Don't worry tho...she got him an X Box for his!

JENN: My doctor suggested I try Xenical, and I told him no way! After reading about it, I did not want to take it. You can do a search on the internet on it, and probably find all kinds of info about it. There are bound to be some web pages devoted to slamming it!

TRANQUIL: Whats the scoop about the water supply? I hope you have a water filter!

COUNTRY: Congrats to your daughter! My girls love horses..they would love to have one, but we live in the city and have never been able to afford one. I know you are proud of your daughters win! Walking twice a day! I am impressed! Sometimes it is all I can do to get mine in three times a week! Hope that is the catalyst you need!

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Default Monday, Monday

O.k. Seems to me you'all had a field day last week, eating off plan and being naughty!

Well, I had my share last week, when my girlfriend baked me a delicious cake with all organic ingreadients, save for the honey. She said she only uses a wheeny bit in the recipe, so I said, what the heck. Do it. whe-****> lemme tell you. THe thing was delicious. Neverhtheless, the after effect was terrible.
I had a little piece for breakfast the day after the dinner, and ...well, I never took speed, but I think the feeling was a mixture between a speed trip, and a bunch of bugs trying to crawl under my skin. ALso, my throat was swollen, and I felt goose bumps all over.My dear SB believers, Vesna was sick as a dog.
THe result is a total suspicion of anything that might possibly contain sugar. I guess that's good! I have definitely been OP, because there's no way I want to be that sick for a while. Screw the goodies!!!

O.k. now.

Update on the KILN - I fired my FIRST glazed pots this weekend. WHOHOOO! I couldn't sleep all night, waiting and anticipating the results. I even had nightmares, whereas everything bubbled, overfired, or the glaze simply peeled of the pots. Just before 6, i told myself I was being stupid for torturing myself, and went to break into the kiln and inspect the results.
AWESOME! I am in love with my kiln, and hopefully we'll have a long lasting relationship. Yes.

DEBBIE - Naughty girl!!!!! You haven't really been good since the SB get together. What was the last time you were at 119? Huh? On the other hand, you have SOOOOO MANY social obligations that I can't even comprehend how you manage them all!!! Good going for that one.
ANyway, this is my take how to help with the situation:
* Do not buy any chocolate any more. Even if it's the greatest deal of your life. Leave the thing alone.
* Donate what you do have: give it to the school, your sister, friends, do not keep it in your house.
* Call a friend when you feel like going for that 4th cookie. NOt even 25th (gosh girl!!).
* Treat yourself with full body massage, buy some essential oil, wallow in your body and enjoy it! If you love your body, you won't put it through all that stress.
* Keep up the confessions! That's a great idea. But slap on the wrist could also be therapeutic, so this one is from me!

BTW - Bailey is ADORABLE!!!

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Hello to all: It's a good Monday.

Just a short note to let you know things are going good, here.

Deb: Thanks for the encouragement, Dayna is having such a hard time and gets so depessed it worrys me sick. Hey that was a great surprise to see Baily. She's a beauty. Thanks for sharing. Talking about sharing, I've never, never heard of you doing such things sence I've known you. I'm so glad to hear that you right back on track. Good for you. Don't be to hard on yourself after all were all human, and it just goes to show, we all need a little support now and then.

Have a good day all. Love ya Glory
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Nance - My DH has a corollary to your sugar beets. He had to dry and grind watermelons into powder (for analysis). For days, he was covered in watermelon sugar, and as the stuff ground, it got hot. What an awful smell, burnt sugar! Plus all the dust triggered his asthma at night. To this day, he can't stand watermelons!

CountryMom - Congrats to your DD! You must be so proud!

Deb - no matter how often anyone jumps off the wagon, we're all here to support them! Telling us your story, just impresses me all the more - you've come so far, are so dedicated, and a wonderful moderator to boot. Round em up, the wagons are a-moving!

DH is BACK!!!!
I kept telling myself 3 weeks..., 3 weeks..., and since I didn't know which day he'd be back (the river has it's own time), I didn't want to get my hopes up, and be anticipating his return! But, he's back now (and safely!). Yay! I can't wait to see the pictures! Apparently there was some wild rides on this river!

Well, I gotta go.
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Hi everyone,

I've been busy downloading movies from KaZaA and making them into DVD's to watch on TV. So far I have Episode II, Spiderman, and Blade 2. Sure is cool being able to watch movies that are in the theatres at home on my TV lol. I figured I already paid to see them once in the theatres, so I can make my own copies now and not feel like a cheat.

Im OP and even lost a pound or so over the last few days. I have to go grocery shopping later to re-stock all my SB staples.

Deb - Don't feel bad about having a cheat! Sure, none of want that to happen, but even the best slip on occasion since nobody is perfect! I'm sure you learned from this experience and will remember it the next time you are tempted. Personally, I allow myself certain cheats (pizza, jamba juice, etc.) maybe once a month or so. Even then, though, I don't go overboard. I even have a beer every so often. As long as I don't make those things a habit then Im ok. Keep your chin up!
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Hello again!

So far so good today. Had 1 sl. sgww bread w/ natural peanut butter for breakfast, an apple for a snack, and the last of the salsa sour cream chicken with 1 sl. sgww bread w/ laughing cow cheese wedge for lunch. Haven't been drinking my liquids, but am working on that! Have 2 slices american cheese handy if I want afternoon snack.

The wild card for tonight is dinner - Dan is meeting me, and taking me out. I'm hoping for Timberlodge Steakhouse or Red Lobster. Either way, with a salad, some rare cow, and veggies, I'll be okay. I can stay away from the bread and potatoes just fine. The hardest part of that meal for me is the portion sizes! And the dessert.

Thanks for the info on Xenical. It sounds awful!

After some net research and my passing along your info, my friend has decided to nix the Xenical idea.

Of course, now she's convinced that "Satietrol" might be for her. That's the potato-based powder mix that is supposed to make you feel full before you eat. I can't find anything bad about it, and the nutritional info has very low sugar (1g), low carbs (6g), and 3.3 g of dietary fiber. The worst I heard is that it tastes icky. Don't know what to tell her, except try it and see what you think. YMMV. Heck, maybe Dan will want to try it to see if he can stop binging when he gets home from work.

As for me, slow and steady. Trying for mini-goal of 180. I just bought some "curvy" low-rise jeans from Old Navy. The 18's fit, so I bought 16s. Darned if they didn't fit, although very tightly! Also got some low-rise shorts in 16, although my legs are much more flabby than I want (darn pear shape body!).

I call myself a "work in progress", at any rate.

Country: Congrats to your daughter! I had a wonderful retired barrel racer for my horse when I was 14. I never rode competitively, but that's what I miss the most - having my own horse and riding frequently.

Nance: There are a lot of wonderful lake properties, and properties with acreage out here. I don't know specifically where the one you mentioned is, but Dan has some friends with a weekend lake cabin (we're going up with them this weekend) and it's wonderful. As for the winters... As a native Californian, albeit Northern CA, this last winter in MN was COLD! And everyone told me it was mild - we only dropped below zero a few days in January. *brrrrrrrrrrr* If I were you, I'd look up towards Redding and/or Anderson, and stay warm! Seriously, I love it here. It's just going to take some time to adjust to the winters.

Tranquil: Have a feeling those mystery pounds will flop right off. Good for you for being OP!

Debelli: Ahem! Ack! Not only is the shiny new wagon heading your way, but we're making you drive! Human beings that we are, it's to be expected that the wagon will run over us a time or two. Best we can do it pick up and hop back on. But you know this, obviously! The niece is very cute. How fun and exciting for you and your family!

Monet: Interesting about the chemicals concentrating in the fat. I didn't realize that! *shudder* Makes me more mindful of what I'm putting in my body.

Vesna: Any chance you had a reaction to the honey? I know some people have adverse effects like you've described to bee pollen, etc. Just a thought?

Glory: Glad to hear all is well.

Tree: With your DH back, we won't expect to see you for a bit.

Daramus: What's KaZaA? Sounds interesting! I'd have to check it out at home on my broadband connection, tho!


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Jen from Minn Where about in Northern Cal did you live?
My sister keeps telling me about this town called "Ferndale" below Eureka that I would just love. It has lots of Victorian homes and is about 50 miles from the coast. Would certainly get alot more rain than the DESERT!!!!, but wouldn't have any snow.
My husband is from Kansas, so when I mention moving somewhere where there is snow...a dead silence comes over him. I think he's already used to the climate, but misses the thundershowers. The farmstead advertised sounds so neat, and I can't get over the price! Everything is so expensive in California it just kills me! I want some land and would love an old house with some character! Can't do much of anything until the kids are out of school, they would hate me if I made them move right now.
I'll have to bust out a map, and see if I can locate Walker, Minn. I e.mailed the real estate agent just for fun, and asked some specifics on the property. I keep living in fantasy land, but one day, I will move out of the desert!
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