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Default Friday's finally here!!!

Guys, has this been the longest week or what!!!

School's finally out. We got an email from Jordan's English teacher that he passed her class. We're just waiting to hear about Algebra II. We're not holding out a lot of hope there except that if he passes this last semester, he at least will get a 1/2 credit that counts as an elective (which he needs). Anyway, he's a much happier kid after yesterday afternoon when finals were over. He even went swing dancing with his friends. Now let me tell you I never thought he was the swing dancing type but just goes to show that they can surprise you.

I've eaten way too many starchy carbs this week, my usual downfall. We've got a party to go to tomorrow evening, a cookout type thing. I'm going to try to make some legal stuff that I can take, maybe some veggies/dip and possible THE CHEESECAKE. We also have a minor league baseball game tonight to go to. In the past I always had at least 1 beer, maybe 2. The last time we went, I had one and it didn't even taste good to me any more. Glad I got that out of my system. We'll probably eat before we go so I won't be tempted with the other (translate definately not OP) food.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe week-end. Gotta run!!

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Good Friday morning everyone... Its cloudy here and looks like rain.. I hope not my DH works at a campground right by the river and the store there has been flooded out twice in the last month. They just got it all cleaned and restocked. He works the night shift starting tonight. So I'm trying to very quiet while he sleeps. Sounds like everyone is busy busy. Schools are out here and done with for the summer. Thank everyone on the eating advice, I really love the line of support here...

Debilli- I hope you have a great day with your Mom....

Beth- You're sure doing good with SB. And a new job with crazy hours. My niece is Cheif of Police in the next town and my sister was a dispatcher in the town so know what crazy hours are...

Gracious- So sorry about the lamb. Thats such ashame... Sounds like you're going to be busy prepareing for the roof crew... Sounds like you're staying strong with your weight...Keep up the good work....

Jack-K- Hope you do well with all the parties and stuff. Sounds like you've got a busy week-end. I had lost allot of weight and kept it off for a real long time to and gained it back and more on top of that. I hope I never have to go there again. I just want to be back down and be able to maintain it. Thats why I picked SB this time. Its more a way of life and if you fight it I think you'll always fight it...

Chris- Sounds like you're fitting right in... Your bread sounds good...

Fruit- Missed seeing you on the board.. Good thoughts for your surgery and hope you get a chance to post more this week-end... Sounds like you're really busy...

Tranquil- Sounds back you just kicked back and took a break!!! Glad you lost that water weight....

GatorGal- I've been hearing about that hormone on the news. It would be wonderful if they would find a pill that would work in suppressing hunger.

Nancemeister-Thank you for the advice. I know you're right about the coffee. I'm slowly cutting down from a pot to two cups but I can't seem to give up that second cup. I know I can but just need to try harder... This seems like its harder to give up than sugar for me.... I hope you have a great week-end...

Frog lover- Wow the work you're doing on your home!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous. I'll bet your new paint job is great. Now a new deck and kitchen....... Lucky you....

Melf- Sounds like you're all set for a wonderful vacation. It would be wonderful if you and Slaphappy could meet...

Music Teach- Its so good your Mom is driving and stuff.. I'll send up a prayer for her..

Bob- Slow down gal.....Sounds like you've had a rough way to go.. Hope you're feeling better....

horsechick- I hope you're feeling better.. I love pumpernickel bread....

Hope everyone has a great week-end. And a good day......

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Regarding the hormone that suppresses those hunger pangs and the incredible urge to EAT!!!--I remember an article in USA Today a number of years ago about people that had lost weight and kept it off for 5 years. There was no magic to their accomplishment, and unfortunately, I believe their secret will apply to me and perhaps many of you all. And that is that they had to stay constantly vigilent. They never were "off the diet" but consistently monitored what they ate, and were faithful to exercise. One man told about allowing himself a once-a-week trip to TCBY for his treat of a chocolate yogurt. What do we call this SB thing? A Way of Eating, and not just for now but forever. I know that this sounds discouraging; it does to me! But I am also testimony to the fact that I lost a good deal of weight and then put it all on and then some. It wasn't that I was even pigging out; I actually have always eaten pretty healthy. But those pounds crept on ounce by ounce. So, I now realize that if I ever get down to goal, I will just never be able to eat like my sister, who is 100 poound soaking wet, and can eat desserts and barbeque to her heart's content. We will always have to keep the "H" word in mind--HEALTH, and eat accordingly. I think Debbie's struggles last week are a good picture of this. What do you think?
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I am totally bummed...was supposed to go to the doctor today, and he is not in! Now I have to wait until Tuesday.

Yesterday, my daughter brought home some stuff from the bakery she works at. I was naughty and ate a chocolate croissant. Thankfully, the scale was not effected by that this morning.

My son in law to be is upset with me today. He wanted to make a special ham to serve at the reception. He dittered around about it, then decided he did not have time. Then he asked his mom if she would make it. No one told me she said yes, so I ordered all the food from Publix. Yesterday, his mom stopped by, and we talked about the different details. The ham was mentioned, and I told her I had ordered everything. She seemed ok with it. Today, he talked to her and found out she is not making the ham, and now he is upset because he feels like he is not getting anything he wanted at the reception. I suppose he will get over it, but I hate to disappoint him. Now I am wondering if I should call and change the orders, and get his mom to do the ham..... Two weeks until the big day.

GRACIOUS: The TSH test is a good starting point. A lot depends on your doctor. If they tell you it is 'normal', ask for the specific number. Normal ranges from .5 to 5.5. The higher the number, the greater your chances of being hypothyroid, or underactive. Many doctors are reluctant to treat you if your TSH is in the normal range, even if you have all the symptoms. Difficulty losing weight, dry skin, hair falling out, tired, brain fog, even trouble sleeping, are all symptoms. If your test comes back high normal, say 3.5 or above, ask about treating subclinical hypothyroidism, and see what the doctor says. If it helps you feel better, then bingo! Most thyroid experts think women should have a TSH of around 1. My doctor keeps mine at about .5, and even then, I am not completely normal. Concern about the T3 and T4 comes when the standard testing and replacement hormones don't relieve the symptoms. Keep my posted. You know I am fascinated with thyroid stuff!
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Good Afternoon Everyone

This is just a quickie to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Haven't time to read any posts. Was out this morning playing ping pong and going for a quick game of badminton now before heading for work.

Should have more time to catch up tomorrow.

Bye for now.

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Just wanted to drop by to let you know that I haven't fallen off the wagon, and that I am still (kinda) here, but I've had family in town for the last few weeks, and am just now getting back to normal. Hope to be on next week - take care everyone!
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Hey Gang,

It's been crazy has heck here today. Glad it's almost over. Heading out to my bosses' DD wedding. this should be some fancy affair. Reception is at a swanck country club. I love to hob nob with the rich crowd. LOL.

DOn't think I'll be back on until Tuesday, my computer is broken at home.

Gracious, Sounds like you are having an old fashioned barn raising at your house. Hope the little lam recovers.

Beth, you are on a downward trend, keep up the good work.

Deb, Have a nic day with your mom.

Nance, WTG on your walk. Is yur foot better?

Trish, Glad Jordan is feeling better about school. Have fun at the ball park!

Toni, what a mess your DH must have had. THere is no bigger mess than from a flood. It looks like rain here too. Hope not we have a wedding to go to outside.

Gator, I agree with you 100%. IF we give up exercise and healthly eating, those pounds will come back faster than lightening! You have to change your eating habits not just what you eat. I hope this it it. I'm too old to keep doing this.

Monet, It's just starting. I would cancel your order and let his mom make the ham. No sense starting out on the wrong foot with your new SIL. Mine only wants cheese. Not bad and an ice sculpture, (he may not het that one). LOL

Rosalie, have fun at badminton and a nice weekend.

Adronsgirl, Good to hear from you. Get back on soon.

Sef, Glad to hear from yu again too. My arthur has been acting up too. Probably my fault though. Sounds like you have been busy. Get back soon.

Have a great weekend and day off everyone!!

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Default happy holiday weekend all

Hi - boy I can't keep up with you guys! Anyway, I saw a few people discussing that fat hormone story, here's a link:

Haven't read it yet, just glanced over it, not too encouraging!!!
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Good evening everyone.... Thought I'd just pop in and check out the new posts...

jbug- Thanks for the link to the hormone site...

Jack-K-Hope you have a great time at the wedding... And a great week-end..

Adronsgirl-Glad to see you posting again...

Rosalie-Hope you have a good week-end to...

Monet-Ut oh maybe let his Mother do it...

Wow guess I'm caught up.... Think I'll head over and see if anyone posted new recipes....Have a great week-
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Good Friday Afternoon Everyone!!!

Got up early with the intentions to get my walk in before having to take Michael to school but was late getting up by 10 minutes to get my 4.5 miles in safely before running late. Decided to do 3.5 miles, figured I'd have 35 minutes if I ran a bit faster, so started out and found these little legs didn't have the energy to go fast, so in the interest of time decided to go back home, take him to school and THEN go do my 4.5 miles when I didn't have to worry about the time. Ended up putting a bit over a 1/2 mile onto my run/walk length (7:54 time) for the bit I did do beforehand, and ended up just walking the entire 4.5 miles in what seemed and actually did take me forever to complete, 1hr 56 seconds VERY SLOW!

We went to this little art thing last night. ELI brought all the SB PASTERIES as well as BOB'S FAVORITE SB COLUMBIAN COFFEE. It was a student art exhibit from one of the art magnet schools called NEW WORLD in Minnie & Morris' SIL'S courtroom and I have to say, it was really good, many pieces I thought were great. One kid, David Olivera had his painting bought by VOLVO. It's hard to see the detail, but up close this looks like a photograph and not a painting. Here's a website that had a picture of it:

Such talent! Anyhow, ELI was awarded such a nice certificate of appreciation for helping in this event which was really nice and unexpected. ELI tried to egg me on to eat a dark chocolate covered graham cracker - I didn't budge - will someone come down here and slap him one - BOB, you like doing that!!!

Speaking of egg and eating...yesterday was ANOTHER wonderful day of 100% OP eating and I'm doing phenominal so far today. I couldn't be happier. I did get on the scale and found myself at 124.5-just a tad more to get back to being a happier camper. Water consumption has been fabulous as well

Here I think that things are going to settle down now-WRONG! It seems in the next couple weeks, until the kids are out of school I'll be finding myself a wee bit busy still. Lauren just remembered this morning she has a dance for NJHS, and then she has her 8th grade dance, which mind you, I have to take her to find a suitable dress to wear still-not going to be an easy task and I think I am already going to pull my hair out. Shopping for/with her is NOT one of my enjoyable past times. I'm not looking forward to it at all. She also has an awards ceremony, date TBA. Not sure what MICHAEL still has going on.

Went with my Mom today and just ran around, nothing exciting really, just spend some time with her. We went up to Broward but did NOT make it to OLE OLE, but sure did hit the place with the Carbolite, which thankfully, had one of my favorite flavors-MINT! I had mostely mint with a touch of PRALINE-very yummy!

So here I am, all alone in the house for the next hour, and I'm going to make sure I catch up on the posts!!!

Glad you've decided to hop right in and join us. I personally do not buy the Alvarado brand of bread, but from your description it sounds like it falls under the SB GUIDELINES of being OP. There's many problems with the SB BOOK unfortunately. To understand this a bit better you have to know that MICHAEL MONTIGNAC wrote a book about this WOE first and that the SB BOOK was basically copied from MM's book. It's very contradictory in parts and thus there's many questions that get asked over and over again in regards to these parts, as well as generalized questions. See, for instance, you aren't suppose to eat instant oatmeal, yet, the menus in the book put it in there. Another big problem I have with the book is that it says you can have 60% cocoa choc. bars-they don't say how much, how often, or the fact that the idea is to get the sugar detoxed out of your body. So many people thing CHOCOLATE, good and from day 1 they eat this. I didn't have my first piece of chocolate til 2 weeks before I hit my 1yr anniversary of being on SB. Anyhow, there's lots of problems with the book, but overall, the idea is there and you can easily follow this WOE by reading what's in the book and asking LOTS of questions!!! BTW, where in PA are you-MELIRIS is from West Chester, PA.

THUNDER, glad to see your post and to hear the good array of news, DH getting a job, you doing well with the pregnancy! My Sister went through the exact same thing with the gest. diabetes with Bailey. I had it too, with both kids, but thankfully, I never had to do the blood tests as you and her have/had to. Glad to hear you also have a mended computer-hope that means we'll be seeing more of you on the board

GRACIOUS, glad to hear you are back down again-good news to hear. Okay girlfriend, what does drinking enough water have to do with fiber? I have to say, the last 3 days (this includes today) I haven't ha a single starchy carb. Haven't a clue why I am doing this, or if it's even making any difference, but this won't last for long, that's for sure-probably hit a starchy carb tomorrow. Sorry to hear about
baa baa-I hope your next post has some better news. What other animals do you have in your menagerie???? Thanks for the explanation of VD!!

JENN, try not to stress out over the wedding plans as you are-not good for you and it sure doesn't help matters at all. This is suppose to be a joyous and happy time for you and if you let this get the best of you this will overshadow this wonderful time of your life. If need be, what's so terrible about getting married locally-you could have more family and friends around you to witness your marriage. I think you could probably still get to Hawaii, as you mentioned. I'd surely be happy to try and help you locate a decent price, if you wish (I love shopping for a good bargain!). I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if something is meant to be, it will be. If you find you will be getting married in July, just keep following this WOE and exercise best you can and whatever you lose between now and then is an added bonus to getting the man of your dreams, who undoubtedly loves you just the way you are, no matter what. Keep us informed!!!

BETH, WTG on hitting that new milestone - you go girl!!! Keep up the good work on the exercise too, anything is better than nothing.

GLORY, glad you finally got a hold of that Dr. I hate Dr.'s who have no consideration for their patients. Last year I went to the Dr. with a 9am appt and finally walked out at 11:20am when I still hadn't been seen-haven't been back since, though I do need to go - should actually just find a new Dr.! I hope Dayna realizes that pills aren't going to do the job, that she needs to eat, esp. for her since she's a diabetic, as well as exercise. I found an interesting site you may want her to read:

Oh, and I have to tell you CONGRATS on your 2lb loss this week-yes, you are definitely back on the right path!!

JACKK, glad to hear DD is doing better, though having to take those shots doesn't sound too appealing. I guess the Dr. knows what's best? Ahh, I see, you had breaded shrimp-hmmm, did that happen to be WW breading? LOL! Just egging you on there. Okay, once in a while a vodka and grapefruit won't kill you, but not 4-you sure don't get my stamp of approval on having that many-don't want those to catch up with you and bite you in the arse, do you?? Do remember this...if you eat a high GI food with a low GI food you will have a moderate GI food rating-so yes, in the future, when you reach goal, say you eat a baked potato with a low GI food, it probably won't effect you as if you ate a BP alone. I personally don't think I'll ever eat another white potato ever again-I've grown to love the sweet ones. Sounds like you do have a busy weekend ahead of you, but you sound like you are going to be well-prepared with your food-good going!

HORSE, don't ***** and moan at me if you lose your post doing it my way-I've lost enough of them. What I try to do from time to time is put a single letter in the SEND TO area and then to save it will hit SEND LATER, that way, if I save it from time to time I don't lose everything should the computer lock up on me or just go off line, which it seems to do more often than I care to remember. I think we should make a date after school gets out, then we both shouldn't have much on our plates to have to contend with. I would LOVE to ride, though I'm sure after so many years I've forgotten even how to get on a horse. I really thought of riding when I was a lot younger, but honestly, I thought I'd break the horses back, as well as the fact, I couldn't find a pair of pants to fit my FA and had to wear moo-moos. Thanks for the offer, I sincerely appreciate it. Where do you ride? How far are you from the FRESH MARKET up there? Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, LAUREN & ELI are sick as well, hope I don't get it, but seems I usually don't get anything-thankgoodness. Will reply to your e-mail when I get a chance.

BOB, you sick, I mean, I know you're sick, but that's mentally, now physically, geez, one kind of sick isn't enough for you. Your SWEETIE is sick too-hmmm, have you been visiting SB here in Miami recently??? Funny how we went to dinner tonight and your name came up-seems whenever we hit [color=crimson]SHORTY'S[color] your name comes up! Tell SKEETER to take good care of you!!!! Thanks for the comment on Bailey's web page-can't wait til you come down and have the chance to meet her. How's YOUR baby doing???

MUSIC, thanks for checking in as well as giving us an update on DM-glad to hear she's doing better and feeling like her ol' self again.

MELF, thanks for the compliments on my niece I hope you do have the opportunity to meet up with TRANQUIL & HAPPY. Wish I could make the trek up there to meet you as well, but unfortunately, can't do it at this time - but you know, should you ever want to make a trip a bit more South, I'd love to meet you at any time!! PICTURES, go armed with camera, PLEASE!!!

FROG, I can't only imagine how busy you are doing all these projects with the house. I have visions of BP cracking the whip to keep you going! I'm sure everything once done is going to be absolutely gorgeous and will give you such a sense of accomplishment. Glad to hear your first show went well. Hope the other shows you have planned go even better. Yep, you are a busy camper!!! Can't wait til you're back to normal and back with us as usual-miss ya!

GATOR, thanks for the heads up on that article, will see if I can locate it on line later.

TRANQUIL, hoping to see About A Boy as well, maybe this weekend. Want to see INSOMNIA as well, got decent reviews. I'm sure that popcorn didn't do anything to you, unless you make it a regular event, one night is not going to do it to you, that is, unless you had the mega gargantuan bag all to yourself

FRUIT, glad to see your post and to hear you're still doing well. You, not being able to talk for two weeks-yeah, that I have to see!!

NANCE, loved talking to you as well-hate having to hang up but knew that you had just gotten home from work, plus, with me being starving, I didn't want to be munching in your ear Are we trying to get up that stain this weekend? GOOD LUCK!!!!

SEF, thanks for the cute comment on the website for my niece, that was so sweet. Sorry to hear about the feet and Arthur-but thrilled to hear you've been OP and doing great-details, details, I want details!!!

TRISH, glad to hear JORDAN passed his one class and crossing my fingers for you that he'll pass the other as well. He swing dances - how cool! Michael loves the music, but would never dance swing, well, maybe with his Grandmother, but not with friends, not that he knows how anyhow. Hope you have fun at the cookout, make the cheesecake, everyone is bound to love it and if there's nothing else there you can eat, then heck, as long as you have that cheesecake, nothing else matters!

TONI, kids out already-wow, that's the earliest I've seen yet! When do they go back (as I would say, "not soon enough!!")

MONET, my 2 cents about the ham, you have time to change the order and his Mother has time to prepare the ham, and if it will make him happy, let him have this one thing, one less thing for you to get. I'm surprised he's upset about ham, no beer, that coming from a guy, I could understand!

JBUG, thanks for posting the link to that story-saved me from having to search long and hard. Can't wait to read it.

Well, that's it for me. Need to go put a chicken in the pressure cooker and ELI needs the computer to do something for work.

I'll check in tomorrow after garage sales-there's very few out there due to the holiday weekend, so I shouldn't be out that long tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!!!


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Default Checking in

Hey everyone! Just a quickie to catch you up. My cold still sucks, but that's boys (12 & 13) are gone for the weekend with their dad (#2) so I won't see them until Monday nite ;-( I'm home writing my magazine with a 2 and 5 year old (pray for me, will ya?) I had an early MRI this morning, no time to eat and then straight to a sales meeting at 10 and then some cold calls with a girl I'm training, soooooo I didn't eat today until 1:00 pm. I know that's not good, but that's what got me in the shape I'm in today. I forget to eat, and then when I do, even if its not much, I just jiggle . I did try to drink lots of water while I was running around, but it only amounted to about 20 oz. Alright, I'm done *****in'....sorry. I ate great when I finally did eat. Some legal bread with a little Boursin cheese, a salad no dress, snack was small mac apple and dinner was brown rice, black beans, steamed zuchini. That doesn't look like much, but it does look starchy....hmmmm. Opinions?

Still not excercising until I can walk without hacking....I'll try tomorrow. I need to get out from in front of the computer and see the sky. Even cleaning up after the horses would be a nice change instead of Pampers.

DEB - You're doing great with the temptation thing! WTG and hit that SDH of yours when he does that! I actually ate a teeny piece of corn chip today because the bag was open and I was thinking they must have gotten stale so I better check....RIGHT? Well the kids will be glad to know that the chips are still good and I'm glad to know that I didn't even think about nibbling twice. You're a rock, woman! I could never pass up dark weakness. Hang in there with the daughter shopping. I know that it's not always fun, but my best memories with my mom are when we went shopping for the special occasion stuff....parties, new school clothes, etc. She'll love you for it later, and you'll have some silly little things happen that you can laugh about in ten years. I live very close to the Fresh Market in Coral Springs, if that's the one you mean. I'm two miles from the Sawgrass/University exit. Come visit! My horse for newbies is very sweet and very stout, so no worries (even though you're a skinny thing, now, aren't you?) I had a friend who was 300plus take a two hour ride with me one day and the mare was smiling the whole time;-)

JENN - Not being proud of the fact that I've been married three times (two very long stories), let me just say that I'll be married to #3 until we're dead(Put God at the center of your marriage and you'll be in Heaven here on earth, my friend). And the first two were big, fancy weddings, planned to the minute and very costly. Two days after the weddings, I was wishing that I had taken the money. When SCOTT (DH) and I got married, we did it very quietly with close friends and have both been thrilled ever since. I know that if it's your first time, it's probably something you've been dreaming about your whole life, but think about this. You're going to spend months and mega bucks planning something that lasts a few hours. When it's all over with, it's like somebody died. All the stuff you've been living for for months is finished.....done. And then you're just who you were before you started planning, not the center of attention anymore, AND you could have just taken a two week cruise to Hawaii on the money you spent. OK, so maybe I'm being too much of a bummer....You and H2B need to figure out what makes you both happy, and I'll be praying that your day is full of memories that keep you smiling for a lifetime:-)

TRANQUIL - Keep me updated on the movies...I've been wanting to see About a Boy, Insomnia and the Sweetest Thing. The popcorn thing is keeping me home. THAT is a tough one for me to overcome. Living vicariously through your popcorn adventure should keep me sated for awhile. I'm sure you look great, girl!

MONET - Agreement with DEB about the ham. Don't sweat it sweetie. Let future in-law shine on her boy's day and let him have his ham and eat it too! Publix doesn't hold grudges the way family can. I bet she cooks a great ham!

So the Pumpernickel does have the dreaded E word after the wheat flour description, so I'll have to give it to the geese. My kids are bummed that I only buy WW bread now and no more potato. PB&J on that sweet stuff was a dream come true for them. Heading to bed...writing for the next two days. Love you all.......sweeeeeet dreams!
Ciao, Shellie
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I hope everyone?s have a great Friday evening. If you?re in the US, it?s the first of three free glorious days.

Ok, I get the point about my name. I?ve officially changed it to ?Mama?.

Well, today we accepted an offer on our house. We?re supposed to close on June 26th. First my DH was stressing over selling the house. Now he?s stressing over the inspection. He called our builder and the builder assures us our new house will definitely be ready in time. I?m keeping my fingers crossed.

The kids and I spent the day at a park socializing with two other homeschooling families. It was only in the 80s, so was a perfect day for being outside.

I had a question about carrots. I?ve been lurking on the Sweetalk board for Sugar Busters, and have read a few posts stating the carrots are legal. The posters stated that the original tests with carrots were flawed somehow. I just finished reading Sugarbusters for Kids with a 1991 copyright date, and it gives carrots a thumbs down. So?.carrots?.legal or not?

CountryMom4Him -- Thanks for the gravy recipe.

Debelli -- Thanks for the heartfelt welcome. I live just outside of Austin.

Thunderwoman62 ? Take care of those little ones. Especially the one in the oven.

Gracious ? I?m still chuckling over your egg story. Hope the new eggs have a healthier future. Here?s hoping the little lamb is better soon.

Beth -- 30 pounds is a major Woooo-Hoooo!

BOB ? Take care of yourself. Hope you?re feeling better soon.

Missy and everyone else whose sick or up for surgery ? I?ll keep you in my prayers.

That's it for tonight. I'll check in tomorrow, Saturday, to see how everyone's doing.

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Hey,everyone! Just peeping in to let u all know I'm still here. Just haven't had much time for posting and reading all the posts between being on 4 heart discussion lists and starting a sugarbuster AOL group. Anyway, I cheated already this weekend! What is the big deal about the weekend- I do so good during the week to just throw it out the window on the weekend I know that only I can change that.
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Default Good Night All

I have not had a chance all day to post! I feel deprived....

Well the popcorn last night did nothing - I was weighing in at the low I was a few days ago - so the water has passed on or evaporated It was delicious, but I am definitely not going to make it a regular habit as I felt just too guilty and worried about it.....

Today at work I had a salad in between slow periods - it was a busy day! Then I took ds and gram to Carrabas for dinner to celebrate ds graduating with good grades from Elementary School - I was SOOOO GOOOD!!! I had salad - never touched the bread or anything not OP!!! I felt good about this willpower that I did NOT have last night

So, after we ate, we went for a nice long walk - and this weekend will remain 100% OP - and trying to get in as much walking as possible. Tomorrow eve before sunset I want to take kidlet and hound to the beach and walk!! I miss the beach!!

I am exhausted - so good night - and Happy Memorial Day to All!!!

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Default Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!

Beautiful sunny day here to officially start summer. I got my run in early some I'm all done and can relax for today. hope you all have a relaxing, SB legal weekend planned! My step-sister just got her MBA so we are having a party for her tomorrow; half the family eats this way, so it shouldn't be hard to stay legal.

Did anyone see 48 Hours last night? First time I've watched it and boy was I furious! It was about weight loss, and how hopeless it is. The only success stories they told were 1) a woman who took ephedra; 2) a woman who had her stomach stapled and 3) a male model (who was pretty good to look at) who does a pretty tough workout regime and eats squeaky clean. However, they presented him as superhuman, and his nutrition and workouts and something that no "normal" person could do! Excuse ME?!?!?! That's pretty close to what I do and I'm just a normal person, and way older than him, to boot! To be fair, they also presented a story about another woman who took ephedra and died from a stroke to at leat highlight how horrible dangerous the stuff can be, but not once in that show did they say anything about changing the way you eat and exercising! Even the stomach stapling lady was shown happily eating fritos and and peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, saying how happy whe was. Gag me!

Alright, I've ranted enough for one day.

Have a nice weekend, everyone,

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