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Old 05-25-2002, 09:56 AM   #121  
Child of God
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Angry Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quicky! two little ones got me! I feel like a Mac truck hit me and left me for dead. Hope I am better by tomorrow...I need to go to church and refuel myself! Chances are I will not be better.

You know I started this weight loss thing at about 149 and was hoping to get to 130. 125...that was like an unreachable goal, untill I was losing pretty easy. Well...when I got there, I was happy, but kept losing. I am actually very happy at 119....lets say 120ish. So if I can stay under 125......I would be happy. Fro being 5'7"....I will have to keep working out in order to stay here. I wish I were a rock like you.

I posted you a message....Thanks for your encouraging words. I agree about the wedding. Too much focus goes into that.

Why not have a small wedding w/ friends and go to H for a HM? Beach weddings are not all they are cracked up to I hear. Just my 2 cents.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't keep up..... Welcome to all the new folks. I am trying to keep a list of everyone so I know who is who. I don't know how Deb does it. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is beautiful here in the California desert. We went to my Dad and Moms yesterday to get the stuff they will be using here while their house is being built. Looks like it will be after the first of the year before it will be done. 5 to 6 months.

While we were there we stopped in at one of the local tatoo shops. Ed has many tatoos and has not had a new one for many years. For his birthday this year he wanted an old one covered up with a new design. Soooo... we are going back today to get the new tatoo. Anyone ever been to a tatoo shop? They are very interesting places.

Went to the DR. yesterday morning. I think I have a bladder infection. Well I hate the DR scales. They showed me up 4lbs. Was very bummed about that. But this morning on my scale I was down 1 lbs from WIW. I'll take my scales reading. Not sure about the bladder thing though. The first test doesn't show a strong positive reading so they are doing a culture. I have a cysist (sp) on my overy and perhaps it is it that is causing the problems. Will find ut next week.

Jenn - Don't stress, do what you feel good with. I agree with some of the others. What is the most important to focus on is you and your new hubby and the rest of your life together. Horsechick definately has the right answer. God in the center of the relationship and you can't go wrong.

Deb - How long does it take you to reply to everyone. The speed I read and type I will be here all day. How are you feeling. It sounds like you don't have time to worry about it.

Jack-K Enjoy the hob nobing.

Gatorgal - I agree that this is the way that I will have to eat for ever. I lost on SB two years ago and a year later started eating my old way. the weight came back. I was so bummed. I have lost 9 of those lbs again and I am not doing that again. My dad and mom are moving in with us while their home is being built. It will be very interesting what is brought into the house. We eat SB they do not, or at least not yet. LOL

Toni48 - Hope your DH doesn't float away. My DH used to work night shift at the plant (Kerr McGee) . It was hard to stay quiet and keep everyne else quiet. I'd leave the house some times.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

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Good Saturday Morning!

Thought I'd get in a post this morning before I venture into my closet to clean it out.

Garage sales sucked big time today, hardly any out there and what was had next to nothing. Was disappointing Oh well, I guess I have to look at it as saving $$$.

Got on the scale this morning and have to say HAPPY, HAPPY,JOY, JOY! I could just FEEL the difference and shure nuf, I'm at 123 today Being 100% OP for the past few days has been not only wonderful when it comes to the scale, but the way I feel like my ol' self once again!

I forgot to mention this yesterday. When I went to the HFS where I usually buy my AGAVE the guy who orders it for me told me the bottles had an increase of $2.00 each! I was sorta surprised, but then again, I should of heeded the warning that this was going to happen. I still have 3 cases, but wished I would of bought more when the PRICE WAS RIGHT. Not sure if this is going to stay like this-has anyone ordered some recently at a decent price, esp. from SWEET CACTUS FARMS?

HORSE, ELI and you can compare sick notes, he's hacking away! Hope you feel better quick. Did I miss something-what was the MRI for? Hope nothing serious. Only thing I see starchy in what you listed was the brown rice, not to worry, esp. since you basically had no food in your bod! Your corn chip episode made me laugh and remember when I was young and my Mom would make a sandwich for me, there was always a bite taken out of it, she would tell me she had to make sure it wasn't poisoned! LOL! I use to HATE dark chocolate-now, it's the chocolate of choice and it seems a little can easily satisfy ones desire. I'm not touching any of my stash until June 10th though-ELI has it safely hidden in an undisclosed location! Yes, that's the FM I use to go to when I was up that way-they built one in Hollywood that I'll go to when I'm up there now. Skinny thing, not hardly-flabby thing, definitely!!! Going shopping with LAUREN today-wish me luck and a lot of patience. May end up going to Sawgrass if we don't find anything close to home - pray for me!!!!!!!!

MAMA, good luck with not only the sale of your home, but with all the wonder things that go on with buying a new one. You are correct in regards to the carrot issue, they are now saying that they are okay to eat. Do keep in mind that raw has a lower GI than cooked, and as with everything, moderation is the key. If I'm not mistaken, there should be the info posted about this on the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD Austin, hmmm, TRISHALOO is from AUSTIN! There's quite a few TEXAS ROSES on this board!! You have COUNTRY, CATLOVER, MUSIC, JRED, PRAVDA & YELLOW ROSE all from your great state, so you are in good company

HEART, thanks for checking in - how's BOOGIE??

TRANQUIL, glad to hear you didn't have any ill-effects from the dreaded popcorn, knew you wouldn't. Everyone I've heard that has been to Carabbas loves it. We have one up in Broward, but not in Miami yet. They are owned by the same company as OUTBACK. Maybe one day we'll get to eat there, though we are never up in Broward in the evening and they are only opened for lunch. What do you get when you go there besdies salad? I love ITALIANNI'S, but they closed in Miami location and the only place to find one is now in Orlando.

MEL, poop, I didn't get to see 48 hours last night-darn! I'd probably of vented as well if I saw it. Have fun at the party!!!

KIMMY, sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather-hope you recoup quickly. I still can't fathom you weighing less than I do and being over 5 inches taller-you must be a stick-you need to post a recent picture!!

RED1, don't let that nasty scale at the Dr.'s bother you. I won't weigh on any other scale than my own. When I go to the Dr.'s for anything I just tell them my weight, won't step on their metal monsters for nothing. Hope your bladder infection leaves you quickly, those are NOT fun to have. Never have been to a tatoo parlor - do you have a tatoo? I wonder though, people who have them and then as they age and get wrinkled, they must end up looking really weird/bad. Yes, it takes me sometimes HOURS to reply to posts-esp. if I am behind. I need to get on here at least twice a day to get them all in, but that's hard sometimes-I do what I can when I can. It's not easy for everyone to do what I do, so even a general howdy to the board for those who don't have time to post individually is fine, and totally understandable by all. We all know that everyone has lives-though I have to say, much of mine is centered around you all BTW, how's DD doing?

Okay, I'm off of here, for now. Have to make a stop at the urination station and then make a salad for lunch-tummy is growling!!!!

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous LONG weekend!!!


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Reached goal 6/10/01
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HiedieHo All!!!

Nothing great going on just thought I'd try to keep up! And OMG is there a lot to keep up with!!! You are all so prolific!

Yesterday I was a baking fool!! TRISH, don't make the cheesecake unless you have willpower of iron!! Or at least give most of it away!!

I also started out to make banana bread. (We had bananas going brown) (I can't eat them fresh as I have an allergic reaction and my throat swells shut - trach anyone?). I never pay attention to the bananas the family gets. ANYWAY!!...........Had everything measured out, picked up the bananas and they were liquid! Had to change the game plan and went for pumpkin bread, basically that's half a can of pumpkin, what to do with rest? God fordid I toss it!! Easy measure more stuff and make double batch...of something you never made before and don't know you will like!!! Mission accomplished! Came out delicious! But will have to freeze it or I will succumb!! Since I ate some of that I didn't have any starch with my supper. Have to make choices you know!!!

BOB - Hope you are feeling better.

KIMMIE - Hope you are too.

MUSIC - Glad Mom is doing so well.

Welcome to CHRISB, HORSECHICK, HOMESCHOOL! This is a wonderful, caring group of people. You will be a happy addition to our friendship.

GATOR - On the chicken egg laying thing. I always understood that chickens will produce eggs without roosters, just not fertile ones, so they won't hatch. True?

TRISH - Glad Jordan over one hump in school, fingers crossed and good thoughts he get over the next.

GRACIOUS: Poor little lamb! I'm sure you're a good lamb nurse, but some things are beyond us.

MONET: Interesting article on thyroid, thanx for posting it. When I was in my teens my doctor put me on thyroid medication of some kind (I was OW then too) and I climbed the walls and couldn't sleep, had to go off it. My last doctor visit I asked him to check for me on next blood testing. BUt now that I read all those symptoms I don't seem to be a candidate. I tire easily but that is probably due to my other problems. Pain can be tiring!!

JACKK - Can see you inderstand about arthur. When I have a bad spell, some will say well the weather isn't bad. Well, we don't need bad weather, do we? I have been on different meds but Celebrex twice a day seems to work best for me now.

CHRISB - Although I now in LA, I am a PA girl (make that old lady!) where are you from? I lived in Milford, the Gateway to the Poconos. It's right on the Delaware, where NY, NJ and PA meet.

DEB - I think that's a nightmare of many mothers, shopping with daughters. I admire the relationship my DIL and GD have, they love to shop together. I guess I was a lousy mother (my DD makes me feel so) and I am glad that they are so close. When I say I was a lousy mother, my DIL says I couldn't have been so bad as I raised my son too! Your kids sound great, so I surmise that you will bite the bullet, go shop and enjoy it!!!

On the wedding controversies. Let the other mother bake the ham. You know the day is the bride's and sometimes the groom gets lost in the shuffle. Let him have his moment. Publix will survive, family start offs might not! Sometimes noses get out of joint over the simpliest of things.

I wanted a simple home wedding with family and close friends. My mother wanted the works, we had a war....I lost. I always regretted that I didn't have my way. The wedding would be an intimate moment for us to make our vows to one another and in my mercenary ittle heart the money could be put toward things for our home, which would last longer than the ceremony!! And it did!

Okay enough already!!

Take care Shirley
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Thumbs down Saturday check-in

Hello all--It's my Saturday check in to let you know I'm still alive!

Welcome to all the newcomers! It is always good to see new folks dedicating themselves to a healthy WOE.

Speaking of a healthy WOE--I do pretty good until I have to leave the house-then things become dicey. I'm eating all my meals at home today and have planned out a nice SB menu. Only 11 days until the primary!

There is an interesting artice in womens and thyroid problems in this month's MORE magazine. This mag is for women over 40 and I really enjoy it. Thyroid disease runs in my family--but the last test I had showed me at high normal for TSH. Maybe I should have it re-done--but getting the insurance company to pay for the test was a real b***h!

Oh well--I hope everyone has a good week!

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Hi everyone,

Just checking in and wanted to wish everyone a good weekend! So far I've managed to stick to my treadmill workouts. Right now I have them planned for every other day so I have time to recover between sessions. I think I'm going to go to one of the local gyms and check into membership. I have been giving serious thought to adding weight training to my workouts. I have been doing fine on the water intake since I have been really focused on that. I'm going to have a BBQ tonight so I'm looking forward to that. I usually have a couple hamburgers w/ melted cheese and a fresh steamed veggie of some kind. I have always loved veggies so this diet is perfect for me in that regard. Well, time to go refill my water glass! Take care!
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I just got off the phone with my sister. She just found out she has breast cancer. This was rather shocking news, and I am rather upset. She goes on Tuesday for a pre-op exam, where they will discuss her options, and set the date for the surgery. The doctor wants to do it as soon as possible, though he told her it was not an aggressive type of cancer. Those of you who pray, please pray for her, and her three boys especially. Her husband has a drinking problem, and I am sure they are terrified something will happen to her.

FILLISE & SEF: If you are interested in more info on thyroid, and symptoms, check out the thyroid pages on They have a list of symptoms you can check, and see if you should be concerned about your thyroid hormone levels. Sef, it sounds like you were given too much replacement hormone. When I was a kid, they used to prescribe it for anyone who was overweight. Now the pendulum has swung the other way, and they are overly cautious about giving it to anyone unless they are way over the normal range. I only wish I had gone to med school. It is SO hard to find a doctor who understands thyroids, and is willing to treat the person and not the lab results.

I had intended to answer everyone individually, but after my sister's phone call, I think I need to get off here and do some serious praying, and thinking.
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BOB is a little better. I'm on the antibiotic for my ear and it seems to be working. I still have the gurgling sound in there but the ache has subsided somewhat.

OK ALL YOU SICKIES~~~~ come on over and we'll pull the chaise lounges out to the tide pool and let the vitamin C work it's magic~~~ did you know that I had been over to STARBUCKS??? ...I did forget my shopping bag full of
COLUMBIAN ...could ya run it over???

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend...I've JUST GOT TO BE BETTER BY MONDAY......MEMORIAL DAY SALES AND BOB IS TOO SICK TO SHOP??????

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Old 05-25-2002, 08:18 PM   #129  
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Talking WooHoooooo...

Small brag... my youngest son's T-Ball team just won game 15!! The season is 16 games, and the person with the second best record so far is 14-1, so even if we lose and they win the last one... the records will be 15-1 for both of us with the deciding factor being which of us won the game we both played... Guess who that is

We are OFFICIALLY the SEASON CHAMPIONS!!!! Now we have to play a Great Game on Friday to be UNDEFEATED, and then kick some butt during the tournaments to become the TOURNAMENT CHAMPS!!!


My oldest son pitched at his game this morning and did really well!! He played some awesome second base and did some serious baseball smacking with that bat too... I'm so proud of my boys!!!

Off to take a nap... gotta get up and get ready for work at 10pm
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Good Morning!

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. Yesterday I did a side job (I'm a clown!) and made some good $$. It was for the opening of some new model homes that were so beautiful. Just makes you sick...but whose home ever looks like that??? You come home and look at your spread and say ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!!!! Dan and I went out cause he wanted ICE CREAM...we went to Baskin Robbins and he got a sundae, them I made him drive me to the yogurt shop so I could get SF yogurt with a SF topping. Last night I was not so good....Had steak, potato and corn and squash....bad Nancy. Once a week, usually on Saturdays I allow myself to have something, then get back on track. I usually don't have two illegal things though So far so good today. We're going to get to gether with my Mom for dinner tonight.

Monet...I'm one of those prayer people!! So sorry to hear about your sister's diagnoses. If it is any consulation, working in medical, just know that soooo many patients are diagnosed with breast cancer and are treated and live completely normal lives afterwards....doesn't mean she is at the end of the rope. Things will work out, the most important thing is that it was dectected and something is being done. Prayers coming her way!! {{{HUGS}}}}}

Daramus You sound like a man on a mission! Treadmill I can deal with, that's torcher with a capital "T" to me! Instead of paying $$ out to a gym, check and see if your local Parks and Recreations Dept. has a gym...they might...and I only pay $10.00 a YEAR to use the equipment. Of course, if you want to impress some chicks flexing your pecs, get that gym membership NOW!

Red1 Sounds like you have been one busy gal! Hope your parents are doing okay with the transition. My mom and I often talk about moving out of the desert and the thought of getting her packed and out of town gives me heartburn! She's such a pack rat. I have made friends on line with a lady that works at the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and she is going to be sending me some information. My sister and I are going to try to get up there possibly for the Scandinavian Festival June 15th...if not then...sometime soon! Does your son live in Ferndale or Eureka?

Tranquil Sounds like you have been on track...WTG! Any plans for tomorrow??? My mom bought a slab of pork ribs, and want to make hawaiian chicken, except I'll have to slip the agave nectar in, instead of the alternative! Wish out town had a Memorial Day parade! They have a "Golf Cart Parade"...PLEASE!!!
This is why I need to get out of here! Country Club City! I don't do golf or drink martinis....gotta get away from here!

Gracious What's the report on the sick lamb???? Is he doing better...I hope!

Sef What did you end up making with the other half of the pumpkin? Deb has a recipe posted on the recipe board for pumpkin muffins that I want to try. I have an awesome recipe for pumpkin bread, but it is illegal with a capital "I"....3 cups of sugar...eeeks! Won't be putting that into my mouth anytime soon!
I'm in the mood to bake too this weekend....I'll have to rummage through my recipes and see what I can whip up!

BOB Glad you are starting to become of of the living again.
I can't imagine you NOT getting to those sales...that would go against the grain!

Well, I've got to get breakfast squared away for the fam....check in later!
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Default Sunday

Let me see....

The roof is finished! They arrived at 6:30 am and left at 10 pm but they got it all done and it looks great! We had a wonderful time of work and fellowship. The ladies came through for me and I had more than enough food. Infact, I froze some for next Saturday when they are to do the garage roof. I gave in and ate some of the fixins'. It was hard not to when we had homemade everything...from bread to casseroles to desserts. I didn't go mental but I certainly ate illegal yet tasty stuff!

The lamb didn't make it. I did everything I could but poor chester died. We came back from church this morning and discovered this sad news. I am sad but happy that he didn't have to suffer any longer. He was such a sweet wee lamb and loved to follow me around the yard. My 3 year old son took it the hardest but the kids seem to be handling it.

My latest eggs are *baking* under a light. I am uncertain of the exact temperature but it is a good experiment for our family. It would be really neat if we hatched them and had 2 lil chicks. One is a leghorn egg and the other is a rhode island red. We will see soon enough, gestation is 21 days and these were laid on May 22.

My daughter had her piano recital this afternoon and she did an awesome job! Don't you just love watching your kids doing things like that? God is so good to us!

I guess that is it for me. I wanted to check in before we start a new week.

Oh...Monet..I am so sorry to hear about your sister. It is devastating news and I will certainly pray for her and your family as you all cope with this.

Kimmy- Catching the cooties from the kids is a drag because nobody takes care of the moms when we are sick! I hope you get better soon. I hope you didn't have to miss church, I know what an encouragement it is when we gather with other believers.

Nance- You are a clown?? Now why doesn't that surprise me?!

See you tomorrow on the new board!
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Good Sunday Evening All

I am soooo pooped, y'all have no idea! So pooped, I couldn't go exercise today, but honestly, I really had good intentions of going. Why so pooped-my loving son! Last night he went to a play with a friend and the friends mother. Before leaving I told him to leave a number for me, which he didn't. Then, when he called around 10:30pm, Lauren was on the phone and took the message which was "Tell Mom I'm not coming home right away." Well, by midnight, he wasn't home and I was getting a bit pissed/worried-and I was extremely tired. I figured he HAD to be home soon, so off to bed I went-got in about 45 minutes and woke up at midnight to find him still not home. Stayed up til almost 2am waiting and trying to search for a way to find a number for this kid. Called Michael's Dad to see if maybe he had a number, no dice. Woke Lauren up to ask her EXACTLY what did he say-she says he said he wasn't coming how right away and then said he wasn't coming home. Well, I figured this must mean he's sleeping at his friends, which would of been fine if he had asked my permission-which he didn't. Finally went to sleep. Woke up this morning to find him in bed-happy of course, but woke him up to tell him how pissed off I was and why. I blame not only Michael for not being more responsible to call me as he's NEVER come home after midnight before and never left me hanging as he did AND I blame the mother for being so irresponsible to keep someone's kid out til the wee hours and not insisting the child call his mother. Honestly, I wonder where some parent's have their brains!!!!

Well, here's the saga of finding Lauren a formal dress (which mind you, I don't agree with this at all -8th graders don't need a formal dance!). We went to 2 malls yesterday (def. exercise) and she liked this one dress from JCPenneys that was marked down, extra 10% and got my 20% discount - still came out to almost $80. Mind you, it was tight on her and I told her that she may bust the seams out! Today, we went to Sawgrass Mills and she found a different dress that fit her a lot better AND was not only marked down, but had an extra 70% off! It cost less than $30 with tax!!!! It does need a tiny alteration, but heck, not more than $10 worth, and in all desperation, I could probably do it. She's happier with this one - and so am I!!! Now that she changed, we don't have to buy shoes to match, she has some!!

After lunch (yes, OLE OLE) we went to WHOLE FOODS, figured I'd pick up a few more bottles of agave - not a single one on the shelf! Wondering if this is going to be the way it is now that the price seems to have skyrocketed!

Another wonderful eating day today - scale is still at 123 - I'm a happy camper!!!

Anyhow, forgive me for not replying to those who posted since my last reply if you directed anything towards me. I am going to get undressed, throw on my nightie and go watch a little TV before hitting the bed really early tonight. Hoping to get up at a decent hour tomorrow and get in some exercise.

I'll start the new weekly board tomorrow morning, though if I don't get up early, may be started a little later than usual - don't fret, I'll get it done Remember. tomorrow is MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY so if you have any words of wisdom, stories, quotes that you'd like to share, please, try to post them tomorrow.

Enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow!

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I just started SB today. Tomorrow wil be the real challenge. I had my son 7 months ago and I am at an all-time high for my weight. I need to lose a lot, for my health as well as my confidence. I have PCOS and someone said SB would be a good diet for me. What brands of bread and pasta are ok? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to stick with SB. Thanks.
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It's a new week and the new board is up and running. Here's the link, just click on it:

See you there

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