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Default Good morning....

I am not sure what is doing on with my body..I've put on two more pounds since yesterday...making 6 pounds in a week and a half. hmmm hope it stops soon. My daughter did something she never does...she ran-walked with me yesterday evening. She thinks walking is boring so we ran and walked. It was GREAT! Almost half a mile of the running part. The best part was she was proud of me... I look forward to us doing it again someday.

Homeschool Momma....I don't measure when I cook but you put equal amounts of oil and flour in a pan. Stir till flour gets coated and it starts to get warm. Stir in COLD it thickens if you need more milk just make sure it's cold. I also use a wisk to get out lumps. You can make it with water also and then it's just brown gravy instead of milk gravy.

Trish....we did get a little of that rain last week....but we sure could use some more.


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Good Morning Everyone!!!

It's Thursday...counting down to that 3 day weekend. YIPEE!!! Why does it seem like FOREVER between the monster weekends off from work? Looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house. Did I tell you what one of my dogs did??????
Ms. Trixie got into my closet and got out my daughter Halloween mask that had the squirt the fake blood through the plastic skeleton face....well...the fake blood is on the carpet, the walls, my bed skirt, and it looks like something out of the FBI files! I'm busting out my little green machine by Bissell, and PRAYING in will come out of the light beige carpet. Has anyone tried OXYCLEAN??? Is is a miracle worker?

Today I am going to my Doctor to get my heel injected. Doesn't that sound like something one should avoid? Needles in the foot?
I have what is called Plantar Fasciitis, where there is inflammation in my heel, been taking anti-inflammatories and doing the stretching thing, but the pain has become too much and I NEED TO WALK DANG-IT!!!!!!! I need someone to hold my hand while I'm being torchered!!!

Horsechick No Scale???? I couldn't live. You can go on e.bay and get a Tanita digital sclae for cheap bucks and they are awesome. Will even tell you what your body fay % is...not that we ever want to find out

HomeSchool Mama.....soon to be shortened to HSMama Did you have to pick something out soooooooo long! I like my bat too....of course I love Halloween, before I had an angry beaver, which I loved, but he didn't show up too well! That's cool about your must be tickled pink to move into something brand-spankin' new!

BOB WHERE ARE YOU?????????? It has been way to many days since you have posted and the same for SOLSHINE.
Don't make me call Southwest Airlines!

Gotta get ready for work! Hugs and kisses to all! Nancita

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Good morning everyone. Here was my menu for yesterday I tried to be careful, and hope I did good but if you see anything wrong let me know.
Break-1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of coffee
Lunch-homemade vegetable soup
snack - 12 macadamian nuts
Dinner 4 oz. pork loin chop, baked sweet potato, salad with 2 T dressing
snack-1 string cheese stick
60 oz. water.
walked 15 min. on treadmill. Wasn't feeling good so didn't do more.

CountryMom-Great on your walking, maybe you ought to post your menu's here to for a week.

Homeschooling-Sounds like you're off to a great start.. Its so good to have you here...

Rosalie-Sounds like we're having the same problem, going the wrong way on the scale. I hope we both do better this week...

Monet-I love the homemade pizza. I save the leftovers for breakfast.. LOL... its so neat you can make it OP. Good luck on the wallpaper hanging. I'm a flop at it...

Tranquil-I'll have to remember that salad and chili if I get stuck out. Its always good to have ideas when you're out of town...

horsechick-LOL on the shoes. I'd wear socks to the store... I used to run in at the doctor's office here in town and weigh. But I told the kids I wanted a scale for Mother's day and got a really nice one. To bad they got me one thats going the wrong way!!! You're doing so good....

Gatorgirl- Just a howdy!

Jack-K- It does take a couple of posts to keep up on here! Hope you're having a good Thursday

tree-I love yogurt... but I can't find the right kind it must be out there.

Beth-I can understand that broke!!!! What kind of yogurt are you eating? Sounds like you are really looking good....

Guess I'll go for now and eat breakfast. Hope you all have a great day....

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Good Morning Everyone

It's a cool sunny morning here and I have to get outside to do some gardening. I have weeds to pull and my driveway to sweep. If I have any energy after that's done I may go to the store to get some more plants. I would have been out there already cleaning up but found I had no garbage bags so had to run to the store.

Nancemeister - I don't envy you having a heel injection. I had that done once and it definitely wasn't very pleasant. Good luck and I hope it helps your heels. Sounds like you have a playful dog! Someone on the board last year suggested NATURES MIRACLE from the pet store for cleaning carpets. I don't know what type of stains it is good for but you might want to check it out if you haven't already got them out.

CountryMom - Perhaps you should post your menus for a couple of days to see if any one can give you any suggestions. Are you close to TOM? It could be that you are retaining fluid. That was great that you got your daughter out running and walking with you.

Toni48 - Your menu looks good to me except I would suggest that you need more protein as you only have protein at one meal plus the cheese snack. Maybe add some protein at lunchtime. JMHO.

Gotta go. The garden is calling me.

Have a good day everyone.

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

Only one more day to the weekend. Yeah!!

DId something I never do, I got on the scale this morning, hope that the 1 pound was gone. It wasn't . Drinking like crazy. Hope it will flush out. I've been so tired this week. Went to bed at 9:00 last nite. Even slept thru the nite. That's very unusual. I always get up 1-2 times to potty. LOL.

Tranquil, I'm still thinking water, but I did something I never do this morning, I got on the scale and it was still up 1 pound. So depressing. Hanging in there though. Hang with me.

Horsechick, I use MS notepad to swich back and forth between notes and the board. Definitely those shoes weigh 3 pounds each. Could you weigh at the store naked? LOL

Monet, what a bargain shopper you are! Deb would also be proud. Good luck on your kitchen.

Rosalie, Keep OP and those pounds will melt away.

Homeschooling Mama, I loved your quote about planning. I always take either my tricuits or my bread with me when we go out. I can use the triscuits to dip in stuff. I have 5 graduation parties this weekend and I will be taking my bread along. If you don't plan then you set yourself up to fail because you don't have a choice sometimes. I don't plan my menues for the week, but I ususally have an idea of what I am having. I always start with dinner, then I know what I can have for lunch and then breakfast using my carbs. Good luck.

Country, WTG on your walk/job. It is more fun when you can exercise with someone. The time really flies. Maybe you should tlak to Deb and post some of your menues. Something is wrong here.

Nance, Did Ms. Trixie get in trouble? I have had the foot injections many times. No biggie, but I will be thinking of you. Close to holding your hand right. Hope your foot feels better soon.

Toni, IMHO (which isn't worth much) you are not eating enough. You need more veggies and protein. Does your soup have meat in it? Maybe yu should exchange your scale since it's going the wrong way. LOL

Rosalie, sounds like you are going to have a nice day working in your yard and garden. I'm jealous.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

257/191 /145
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HorseChick--Here’s how to respond to the messages without taking notes or clicking back from the reply page: Simply open your word processing application when you are reading the SB board and when you see something you want to respond to, type it on the Word or WordPerfect or Notebook or whatever page you have open for word processing. Then click back to the board and keep reading and when you see something else you want to respond to, go back to your word processing app. and type some more. Then, when you have read through the whole board and finished all your responses, simply highlight and copy your word processing page and paste the whole thing onto the “Reply” page for the SB board. Easy as pie!

We live in the city, in a suburb with fairly large yards. We used to have chickens and even a chicken coop. Definitely a no-no by zoning laws, but my son went to the neighbors when he was about 8 and asked them if they would mind if he had chickens for a pet. How could they say “No” to that, so he raised them from chicks. We just kept hens--no roosters. So there was hardly any noise. Just a slight clucking. Every now and then he would have to spread lime around to quench the smell. They probably were the most expensive eggs I ever had, but they were good, fresh and double yolked.

Tranquil--How about trying plain non-fat unflavored yogurt and then add fresh fruit and maybe some agave to it. Then you could “have your yogurt and eat it too.”
My DH also sprinkles grapenuts on top, but you could use crumbled shredded wheat or whatever else you can substitute that is crunchy.

Homeschool--Maybe your DH could ride a bike along side when you walked. There is a lady in our neighborhood that has one of those big 3 wheel bikes and she rides it every day.

ZippyBubblebutt--I’ve had all kinds of foot problems. I had PF for a while, and also something where my achilles was so tight that I could hardly walk. It seems like every year it is something else flaring up on my body. Anyway, I found an empty beer bottle and put it on the floor and would sit and roll my foot back and forth over that bottle, with the emphasis being on the arch part of my foot. It worked for me. I had the injection thing. It was not fun!!!! Hope it works for you. If they have to do surgery, they just go in and cut part of the fascia to loosen it up a little bit. My sympathies are with you.

Well, I walked 2 miles on the TM this morning. I went to the gym where I had my regular work out with weights. Then did one mile at 6% grade at 3 mph. and then one mile at .5% grade at 3.5 mph. That was enough for me! Glad to be home and off my feet! I still am trying to look at walking as fun. I want to reach the point where I look forward to it. I wonder if it will ever happen.

Have a great day.
BTW, who else besides SolShine is walking/running in the WDW half-marathon or marathon?
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Good Thursday Morning Everyone

FINALLY, I have time to post! I wanted to get a post on here yesterday but it was impossible, so I'm trying to make up for lost time and posts today. NADINE, ELI'S sister was going to take a 2pm flight out yesterday but ended up taking a 7pm flight out, so plans of mine got sidetracked. I had wanted to give a spinning class a try, but with having Nadine leaving later than expected, with my Mom coming over to visit, with Lauren bringing a friend home unexpectedly and me having to run for pizza before having to take Lauren to school for a drama performance, well, as you can probably see, there's more than one reason that I didn't make it to that first class-oh, lets not forget the trip to the grocery store as well.

I didn't get in any exercise yesterday, though I should of tried a bit harder in the morning, but with the idea of going to the spinning class, as well as having popped that lovely blister I had the night before, I thoguht I'd give myself the morning off-at least the blister got a reprieve. I was able to go out this morning and walk, though honestly, I really didn't feel like going and I couldn't find the strength to run any more than maybe 1 mile out of the 4.5 I did and that wasn't all done in one shot-it took me over 55 minutes-slower than a turtle today, but better than nothing.

Yesterday, my eating was wonderful and I felt sooo good. I had to take a good hard look at myself and have a nice long conversation with myself as well. Having many lapses of good judgement in recent weeks I have to find out why I am allowing this to happen all of a sudden and why I didn't allow these events to happen before over the past 2 years. If I don't come to grips with issues like these, I will never be able to keep this weight off. I'm confident I've got the emotional eating licked now, a major accomplishment in my book, but now I have to tackle how, if I want, to eat something totally off plan on a special occasion/once in a blue moon and get right back on. Instead, I find myself taking the plunge and sinking, not coming back up to the surface quickly, but instead, drowning in the sea of bad food. How was it before that I could go to any restaurant/event and not even give the desserts a second thought? I still don't give them a thought, but when the one the other day was put right in front of my face as part of the meal I couldn't resist. I want - NO - I need to be able to either continually turn up my nose at stuff like this, or learn how to be able to try a little and then get right back on plan. I've always said I envy those who are able to cheat and then get right back on the wagon like it never happened and thus do not see any effects from the cheat, whereas I know and have always said that should I cheat I keep running the other way, and this is EXACTLY what I do. I know myself, so in knowing myself, why do I do this? I want to be able to learn control in this respect. Why do I have control over so many other things? Like cookies I may have for the kids that I use to like, they do nothing for me and I would't think of eating them -it just doesn't make sense sometimes. I guess this is just something else I need to work on within my life and it's something that's going to take time, just as the weight loss did. Hope you don't mind me sharing my personal thoughts on this-wonder if I make sense sometimes.

Anyhow, back to my eating yesterday, there was a feeling of some empowerment I had that I can't really explain, but it felt GOOD! Not even all the crap food we had in the house that NADINE brought from Canada bothered me at all. I put all of it in a bag and set it on the dining room table with ELI'S work stuff and didn't give it a second thought. Didn't even give it a third thought when ELI came home and started to indugle after dinner on it. THAT felt wonderful and I felt like I was back in control. Today, I'm feeling just as good and look forward to a fabulous day.

I think for me I have to have consistency of some sort. I don't like eating foods that I don't know what's in them. When NADINE made dinner the other night I watched her use a LOT of oil, something we don't do at home, and I really didn't want to eat the food. We went to lunch at the ME restaurant the other day and I have a hard time choosing what to eat because most items come with rice (no subs for veggies at these places) nor do I know how it's made, so I stick to falafels, not the most low-fat item on the menu though. I find that I eat best when I have foods that I've made that I can journal all the info-when I don't know, I don't seem to do as well as I could.

Okay, enough babbling here, I know I'm proably boring the heck out of everyone!!!

GRACIOUS, please explain VICTORIA DAY. It took me years to come and ask what BOXING DAY in the UK was, and it wasn't what I thought it was. Always thought it had to do something with boxing, boy, was I wrong!! LOL!! I take it from your post it's similar to Memorial Day? Are you back SBing, or still Atkining a bit? What I don't understand with Atkins, how the heck do you not have major dookie problems-there's no fiber at all in his plan-that alone would drive me nuts, I'd be so stopped up my hazel eyes would turn brown. Loved the egg and bra story!!!!!

VES, that class you went to, the girl you described reminds me of that commercial with the spinning class and girl named KELLY. I'd definitely complain to whoever you could, esp. if this happens again. Maybe she was having a crappy day, but if not, someone should say something-surely they'd do something to correct her, or at least you'd hope so. Glad your friend saw the SB LIGHT, many people, esp those who should lose weight, think that if you speak one word about your WOE you're obsessed. I think they are more jealous that you found something that works and have the willpower to do it.

JACKK-you never had shrimp before the other day? WOW! I love shrimp, though I never buy it. Did you like it? Nice boss handing over the plastic. Vodka and grapefruit juice??? 4??? How could you go back to work after drinking those??? Re-read the SB book-I've read that thing so many times-honestly, I know what has to be done-just have to keep reminding myself, I need my little mantra tatooed on my hand to continually see - which do you want more, the ____ or the weight loss?!? How's the journaling going?

COUNTRY, thanks for the compliment on Bailey, my niece. I haven't seen her in a few days and I'm sure she's changed a little since being born a week ago, may go by there today and make sure she's still in the cute zone I too have been watching the different scales on Ebay-want a new one as mine only weighs in ounces and I'd like one that weighs in both ounces and grams. I too bought a pair of very gentley used Nike sneakers at a garage sale last weekend that I'll have to break in as well - couldn't pass them up, a great $1 purchase. Glad you liked the cheesecake-I dare not make it anytime soon!

NANCE, CONGRATS!!! I know I don't have to tell you, but what the heck, I'm so proud of you!!!! What an awesome sight to read that you've hit a new low for yourself-I'm behind you 100%, you know that!!! Hey girlfriend, you described kafta there, not kibbe-though both are equally delicious!!! Oops, seems Trixie is going to get an arse beating. I'm sure Floyd egged her on! Hope it comes out-maybe the Oxyclean will do the trick-have to try some on Lauren's carpet where my niece Ainsley barfed orange mac and cheese-on her nice off white carpet! GOOD LUCK!

TRISH, CONGRATS for losing yet another pound AND for hitting a new milestone!!! 30lbs - you go girl!!! Kids are getting out today Kids aren't out down here until June 12th, and that's to soon for me-not sure what the kids are going to do between end of school and summer school that starts July 8th-hoping their Father takes them on a week trip somewhere to give me some free time-that would be nice. What are you kids doing for the summer? Better yet, what are you going to do with the kids for the summer? Happy belated bday to JORDAN. Congrats on running that 5K!!!! Hey, the offer is open to come visit should you want when you come to the Sunshine State in July!!! Glad to hear you've got a new SB'er going there-always easier when you have someone close that's following the same WOE as you-good moral and support booster!

DARAMUS, CONGRATS on this weeks loss, you are continuing to do well! Whatever exercise you end up doing is going to be not only wonderful for your health, but helpful in toning and weight loss-find what you enjoy doing the most and don't worry about anything else. Go learn to ride horses, I use to love riding when I was a kid, haven't been on a horse since I was 19-lonngggg time ago-you'll probably love it and it's a new experience for you!

GLORY, I hope your daughter realizes she can eat, and eat good food, and lose weight at the same time. LAUREN is almost 14 1/2 and she has no interest in losing the weight. It breaks my heart that she's following in my footsteps-I wish she wasn't in knowing all that I know. What can we do-damned if you say something, and feel damned if you don't-there's no happy medium with a situation such as this.

JBUG, sounds like you are doing quite well thus far on SB, CONGRATS! That's a great loss in 2 weeks!! You did great in the chat room-like you had done it many times before The dreaded scale question...I think we are all different when it comes to that metal monster. Some people don't even own a scale, some go on it only once a week, while others are totally obsessed with it and continually weigh in many times throughout the day-which is me, I confess, except when I've had a lapse in judgement as I have recently and I KNOW for a fact I'm up (feel it in my clothes) and then, I don't want to have a thing to do with that scale. It's a love/hate relationship. Weighing in and posting your weight is not mandatory at all on this board, nothing is-but we do WIW for those who want to-why WIW some may ask-well, that's the day I started SB and it sure as heck sounded good to me, so that's my coined phrase!

ROSALIE, sounds like you too have the same trouble as I do when it comes to making one indiscretion end up being a day of bad indiscrections! Glad to hear you're back on track-makes two of us-hope we stay on the straight and narrow from here on!! Thanks for noticing my niece being cute-I keep saying she takes after me, though I don't know if anyone believes it!

TONI, so what are you going to make first now that you got the agave - time to scan the recipe boards!!!!! Don't worry about a 1/2lb, esp if you know you are eating right-but if you feel there's something amiss, definitely post one of your menu's from the last day or two. It could be hormonal too - just take a weight and see attitude and don't worry about it. Okay, just took a view of your menu, and with not knowing all the amounts you eat, I'm guessing you aren't eating enough. I also suspect you aren't getting enough fiber or calcium either.

CAT, WOW, thought you'd bit the dust there. I wish you well in your goal to lose 20lbs, not sure if that will be feasible for you or not, but whatever you lose is a definite step in the right direction!!

HORSECHICK, here's your official WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!! Glad you've jumped in and joined us! Always happy to have ANOTHER FLORIDIAN ON THE BOARD!!! You have the dubious distinction of being the closet person on the board to me now-so with that, as I've said before, we are definitely going to have to meet in the near future. You're doing very well thus far-keep up the great work! JAMBA JUICE, if you are using it as a meal once in a while, well, I wouldn't worry about it too much. DARAMUS likes going there once in a while-but like him, try not to make it a regular occurance, all that juice is like pure sugar, better to eat the fruit and get the fiber, but if nothing else is around and it's for a meal, like I said, once in a while won't kill you. Thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD, it's always nice to get to know a bit more about our board members. As for making replying to others easier, I do my replies as if I were writing a letter on AOL, but alas, have lost many posts from my computer just cutting off line. I just open and reduce my windows. I'm sure others out there have a much better and easier way. If you look at the bottom of the board if you do your reply in the box, you'll see all the past replies down there, but then again, if you don't do it elsewhere and your computer shuts down or locks up, your going to be *****in with the rest of us who have lost posts just the same way!

HOMESCHOOLING MAMA, first off, WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Glad you've decided to join our wonderful group. Hmmm, hope you don't mind, but can we shorten your name to MAMA, or would you prefer something else-just makes typing a bit faster I can relate to where you are at this point as I am 5' 1 1/2" tall and my highest weight ever (that I know of) was 284lbs. That's wonderful should be easier that the entire family will be doing SB-I wish everyone well and good luck. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, we're all more than happy to help. Hope you take a family before picture to compare with the during and after!!! Where in Texas are you? Seems there's now just as many Texans aboard as Floridians!

MEL, glad to see you're still alive and well. Glad to hear you're still doing well, and losing, even if it's slow. Girl, I'm sure you'll be passing me at the WDWM, as will thousands of others - seems this old bod just ain't able to keep up the pace these days.

MONET, I too haven't inhaled the bags of pretzels I have in the house. I seem to go through phases. When something is new I eat a lot of whatever it is and then lose some interest in it. In a way it's good, but then it's bad that whatever it may be ends up going bad and rots or gets bucks. I seem to do this quite a bit-another one of my "problems".
I'm sure you'll have everything together and the wedding will go off without a hitch. I'm not sure if I missed it or not, but did you ever get your dress (I pray so) and if so, what color did you end up chosing?

RED1, don't fret about those 2lbs, trust me, I'm far above 2lbs right now and fretting over those pounds doesn't help at all. Hope things on the homefront are better!!!

KIMMY, sorry to hear that the kids haven't been feeling well and then to hear you seem to be catching something as well-you're probably so run down with no sleep and then being around little sickies-hope you get better soon. WOW, 119, you've really gotten down there girl! CONGRATS!! So, are you trying to stay down there, or are you giving yourself a cushion as I did 119-124? Just don't lose any more weight, we don't want you to vanish into thin air!!!

BETH, glad to see your post-glad I didn't have to call out the National Guard to get you on the board! I can relate to your money woes, but I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things. Do try to watch your eating, putting in so much wonderful effort and not having results that are due to you just because you're not eating enough just isn't fair and can easily be remedied. Don't worry that you are "bothering" those at work when you need to go to the "urination station" remember, you need to think about BETH first!!! Nice to have someone notice you and your weight loss, definitely a great moral booster. Glad to hear your SD is doing better and back at home. Girl, you brag away about DS-you have bragging rights on here!

TREE, ack, the yogurt! Girl, you have to get better on those labels!!! With peaches now coming into season, try what I do and puree some fruits and mix it into your plain yogurt and put a little sweetener in it, if needed - much better than the stuff already made up out there. If you've tried making the yogurt cheese without success, more than likely the yogurt you had had gelatin in it, not one you want to buy. I like using CASCADE, HORIZON or AXELROD. There's easy instructions on how to make it on one of the old recipe boards, just need to do a search. It's delicious in so many ways.

Well, I've been on this computer for 3 hours now, typing away-can't believe it! Well, at least I'm caught up-sort of. I still have more to say, but no time to do so at the present. I'll try to get back on here later tonight if possible, though don't hold your breath. I have to go with ELI to an art thing at Minnie and Morris' sons work (he's a judge), he's doing some art exhibit in his courtroom and ELI'S supplying the SB COFFEE and pastries and wants me to go-means another night of not getting to go to my weight training class-that's 4 nights missed in a row.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

SB since 3/22/00
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Question Hi everyone, I just registered....

Hopefully I am posting this correctly!
I am waiting for my book to come in the mail.
I have been eating legally(I think for 3 days!)

Do any of you buy Alvarado St. Bread?
For one slice of the California Style it contains 60 calories, 1 gat gram, 10 g carbs, 2 g fiber and 1 g of sugar. Is this legal??

I have been reading the sweettalk board and ppl mention that there is an error in the book....something about the maintenance plan and the first two week plan.....can any one elaborate on that for me??

Thanks A bunch!!

starting 184/??

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been MIA. Our computer monitor had problems so we sent it off to be worked on. We just got it back yesterday evening. I have been keeping children for my cousin. So I have been very busy with them. My hubby finally got a job. Its only 5 minutes from the house. He got 2 job offers in one day. After 2 months of no job calls! The baby is going to be early as I have gestational diabetes. I only have a touch of it. I don't know why they make us drink that 100gram sugar drink when I am not used to eating or drinking sugar. I came home with a glucometer and I have to stick my finger 4 times a day!!! So far the highest its been is 115. I hate needles so this is not the easyiest thing for me to do. I am still sticking to the sugar busters way of eating and still feeling great. I have only gained 14 lbs and its all baby and the fluid it floats in. The doctor is proud I am only gaining that little. Thanks to sugarbusters!!!!! My new due date is August 18 or 19 the doctor said. The baby is moving more and more every day. It kicks and thumps like a bay mule . I love feeling it move and kick. Beings this is the last baby I will have I am trying to savor every moment of it moving inside me.

WELCOME Newbies....This is a great WOE. You are in for an enjoyable experience.

Congrats to all the losers this week. And to those that didn't just you wait it will start to drop off.

Well got to go check the kiddos and make sure they are asleep for naptime.

Everyone have a great day!!!!
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Default Thursday Afternoon

I have to make this the abridged version because I have been going nuts lately and still am!!

Firstly, I am glad so many of you got a chuckle out of my *baby/egg* story. It was funny and I am so demented that we took a photo of the bra covered with egg...not with me in it though! Daughter found 2 more eggs but I got a light from a friend and am trying to do it right this time. TREE- thanks for the heads up on the heat issue, I was just winging it and didn't know the details.

Secondly, I forget if I mentioned this or not but I am back down to 164 and fully recovered from my Mother's Day Plus a few more days Extravaganza. I am pleased with the wagon! DEBELLI- I am still doing Atkins and probably will keep it up until Friday or Saturday. The fibre thing is not an issue with me because I drink so much water, but I know what you mean! MONET- What can I say? When I am in trouble, good ole Atkins always does good by me. It was just to get back to 164 and like I said I will hit SB again this week.

Thirdly, isn't this an awful way to do posts? I need to catch up en masse though and this is the way for me to do it now. Thanks to all the HOMESCHOOLING MOMS that gave their 2 cents about curriculums. I noted them and will look into each out of curiousity.

Lastly, and this is another sad farming trauma...our wee lamb is sick. He began looking strange last night and as of this morning he was laying on his side and obviously ill. To make a long story short we did the calls, got the antibiotics and home remedies and are trying to get him fixed up. Poor wee guy. We think he ate some green foliage that is poisonous to sheep. Maybe tomorrow he will look better but throughout the day I have not seen an improvement.

In anycase, I gotta go!!

Oops...PS to DEBELLI- Victoria Day is a holiday to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria who reigned in the 1800's. It has become the Mark of summer. It means the gardeners get out in full force, the kids know school has only one more month to go and everyone enjoys the long weekend. We end our summer with Labour Day Weekend in the beginning of September. Nice holiday bookends, as it were.

Okay, now I gotta fly!!!!!!!!

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Unhappy Wedding nightmares

Right now this wedding situation is the major stress factor (read: incentive to eat) in my life. I have hardly had time to skim everyone’s posts this week, let alone reply. My apologies for this!!!

We had a big hit to our wedding budget this week. Dan’s ex-wife agreed that they want John (Dan’s son) to go to summer school and camp. They are sending him where he attends school, which offers classes in the morning and camp-like activities in the afternoon for six weeks this summer. The bad news is, in order to pay our half, Dan is having to borrow from our wedding fund, since all of our savings and tax refunds have been put in there.

This means that there’s a pretty good chance we won’t be able to afford the Hawaii wedding.

Right now, we’re thinking of asking our Pastor if she’ll marry us in a small, quiet, private ceremony at the church. We originally had our date set at July 20, and we may just be able to do this now, if the date’s still available.

I’ve given my best friend warning, and she thinks she can fly in (about $300) and of course she can stay at my place. I have yet to call my mom, but the same would apply to her (I have a large 2-bedroom apartment!).

Dan is really bummed that we’re not going to Hawaii. I’m thinking we MAY still be able to go, what with not having to pay airfare for his son or extra for the wedding. We just might keep it in budget, provided we keep saving like crazy.

Anyhow, my time to lose weight just got cut from 8 months down to less than 2. Any recommendations for getting in shape quickly?

Wish me luck!

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Height: 5'6"

Default Yogurt ...

I usually get the Dannon Light 'n Fit or whatever it is... it's sweetned with aspartame and frutose. I like the containers, they fit in my work lunchbox really well. I do also use plain yogurt and mix in some agave and fruit, or even a couple of teaspoons of the All-Fruit spread as a flavoring.
I've always loved yogurt, and being someone who is on antibiotics frequently, it's something I love to keep eating to help with other things I also only drink Acidophilus milk for the same reason

HEY!! I just realized I hit the 30 pounds gone mark this week!!!! Wow... GO ME!!!
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Wow, your miss one day around here and look what happens, 3pages sence I last posted, Man, I'll just answer the ones who wrote me cause I don't have time to read them all. I was home all day yesterday just waiting for the doc to call and low and behold he didn't get around to it. I seem to get around to it when they want some blood from me or a jab there or anything else. Isn't my time just as valueable. Oh well enough crying I finally call him again to day on his -personal phone and got some answers and anapology. imagine that, him keeping me from coming on and posting I hated it.

Jack K: How old are your girls, The way I do it is, If it isn't SF or Brown it doesn't come in the house. It also is easier because hubby and Dayna are both Diabetic so they know what's at stake.

Toni: Hope your right about the 100lbs. I'm an emotional eater, and things have been pretty emotional for me lately. So I'll just keep plugging along.

HomeSchool: Way to go. Great loses, That's what we did and it works for our family. I also tried the atkins and lost, but then got bored with it and hated eating so much meat. I felt free the minute I started SB. Thanks for the welcome.

Monet: Boy isn't that the truth, I pray alot. Teen are so emotional on there own then you add a weight problem and boy oh boy have you got a handful.

Tishaloo: I think Tex, is a little far for me to bring you lunch but if it was closer I'd do it.

Tree: Thanks I agree, It's good to meet you, Where in Arizona are you from. My Son just moved back from Glendale.

Deb: It isn't as simple as I've made it sound there were conditions, If she hasn't had a lose by Sunday then she wants to go on Metabalife. I'm not sure what to do about that so I'm praying hard she has a good lose as being diabetic and pills don't sound good to me. I'm amazed at how much self astem these girls have, even with a weight problem, I've been dealing with mine sence grade school and have a poor selfastem. But that's another story.

Well gang I must go it's time to make a salad for Dayna. Oh by the way I lost 2lbs this wk. I'm on my way. Love to all Glory
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Hi Gang,

It's been busy here today plus I had to take DD back to Dr. for post-op checkup. All wasy good, but now they want to put her on Lupron shots which puts her into menapause for 6 months to kill any endometrosis they didn't get. Sounds far out to me and scary. I did research onit and it sounds like the best to way get rid of this problem, so I guess we will do it. Side effects, are hot flashes, headaches, irratiblity, (more)?.

Gator, I walk everyday. Sometimes it is a chore, but I do it. Other times I really enjoy it. I know that when I don't walk I don't real good about myself. So I guess yu can say it does become fun after awhile.

Deb, No that was the first time I ever ate it. It was ok, mostly liked the breading. I didn't have to go back to work. I went home it was 8:00 at nite. That was 4 all afternoon, while everyone was playing golf. Do you think vodka and grapefruit is OP? Deb I think you are right with your thinking about this WOE. I am hoping that I have learned something from all this and eventually after I reach goal I want to be able to have a baked potatoes sometime or an occassional bisquit and count them as my carbs and still be able to get back OP and keep this weight off. We have to ban together here and make sure we get the right mind set.

ChrisB, Welcome. This is a great place. I too started on the sweettalk board and ended up here. I like here better. Is the bread SGWW? I have heard the menues in the book were for maintenance more than losing. Good luck.

Thunderwoman, Welcome back. We have missed you. Hate to hear about the GD, but SB should help out. WTG on only gaining 14 pounds. You will be so proud of yourself when that baby is born that you won't have a lot of weight to lose. Baby kicking is such a wonderful feeling. enjoy it.

Gracious, Glad you have 2 more chicks going. Glad you got a light this time. Poor baby lamb. WTG on getting back to your low.

Jenn, What a bummer on the wedding plans. Maybe you can save awhile a take a belated trip later. Keep doing SB, it will come off, maybe not in time for the wedding, but it will.

Beth, Congrats on the 30 pounds. You go girl!

GloryIBe, My girls are 22 and 19, not kids anymore. My 19 YO told me today that she is going to do WW. I told her to do SB with me that it was easier. Congrats on the 2 lbs.

Have a great night, See you tomorrow, It's FRIDAY!!!

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Talking Good Evening Everyone!!

OK girls and boys, I'm trying this Deb's way, with the email window...we'll see.

MONET - Thanks for the advice, I'll use it if Deb's doesn't work.

ROSALIE - Howdy, and I'll save your help, too!

HOMESCHOOL MAMA - definitely a shorter name would be cool, if you're game. I also HS my two eldest boys 13 & 12. We don't use an organized curriculum (organized, I'm not) but they always test a few grades above level, and it works for us. I have two smaller kids that go to pre-school while I get other things done. It sounds like you're off to a great start!

NANCEMEISTER - Don't want a kids'll just use it for a fishing weight. I'll stick to Publix, but....

JACK-K had a great idea...I can always show up naked and be really sure. No.....I have a tattoo. That's an identifying mark, nevermind.

GATORGAL - Thanks for your idea...I'll use it if this one I'm using now (Professor Deb's) doesn't work. We always had chicken AND roosters. My dad said that the girls wouldn't lay without boys around. Was he mistaken? We had Rhode Island Reds....yummy eggs. I'm sure they'd lay for awhile, but will they lay till they're old ladies?

DEB - You are the greatest, girl! Thanks for the hearty welcome!! YES!!!! Let's get together. II'm in deadline mode now till Monday, so will probably not be checking much, but I'm back in Monday midday and then Tues we are off the Central FL for a break with the family until Thursday eve. Now that you all know I'll be gone, come on over and raid the out for the BIG DOG!! Hey, I didn't know you liked to ride....Let's go, my treat. I have a wonderful mare that all the newbies ride. She's also the prettiest horse in the barn. Let's make a date!

EVERYONE - Love all of you already! When I get the hang of this, I'll be more personal...I'm fighting a cold, so haven't excercised since Tuesday a.m. (Hate that!) and am not going to have time until Monday... besides I feel like doo-doo. Eating is going well, I bought some bread that I thought was legal, but I was wrong....Pepperidge Farm Pumpernickel. DH noticed that it didn't say WHOLE wheat, only wheat flour. But there are no other additives or corn syrupy things....I'll wait for skinny days. I need to remember to drink, drink, drink. It's awful when I've been drinking alot and I go to a client's for a meeting and they are pattering on and on and on...I feel so rude leaving to tinkle, so I hold it and then RUN for a potty after I very coolly make my elegant exit. I just wish #2 was as simple as that. All this roughage is making things rough in THAT department.

'Nuff said with that! Hope all's well....hugs and kisses....keep up the GREAT work, and have FUN doing it!!!

Ciao for now,
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