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Old 05-22-2002, 09:59 AM   #61  
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Good morning!

The scale is down another pound for me. I beleive that puts me at 2 pounds lost for the week. I find that many times I can go a week or 2 with no loss at all, but then, suddenly, I will drop 3-4 pounds in a couple days. It all works out in the long run I guess, but I don't have the regular weekly loss that some of you report. But since I know this is how my body works I try not to get disappointed.

Monet 320 - My next book is Canterbury Tales (translated of course) and then a book I just bought on the Crusades, and finally a book on pirates. I love going to the library or Borders. I don't read as much as I used to, but I am trying to find more time for it since I love it so. I read mostly historical/non-fiction, but I am making an effort to read more classics and fiction. I read Bram Stoker's Dracula and Treasure Island not too long ago. I really enjoyed them.

Jack-K - Glad to hear you are starting to journal. Let me know if you feel it helps you stay focused. Right now, Im just going to keep track of my water intake. Although, I may end up journaling my food at some point down the road.

Take care everyone and congrats to the losers!!
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THE NANCEMEEISTER HAS LOST!!!!!!!!! I'm down to my new all time low of 232.5!!!!! Can't believe it when I got on the scale!
So I'm down 3.5 pounds from last WIW. I'm keeping a weight loss graph so I can see if there are any "patterns" with the female stuff, so I won't wig out when I go up a couple of pounds.
Dan the Man and I got up at o'dark thirty and walked (he jogged), and I'm soooooo happy!!!

There are so many post....and I know I'm not going to get to everyone as much as I wish I had time to!!! Big hug to all! My buddies, my pals, my amigos!

Toni Kibbe is a middle eastern recipe, basically for BBQ'd meat on skewers. It's usually made with a combination of ground lamb, and ground beef, and has a little chopped up onion, and some seasoning. It's delicious, and I think I'll post the recipe for everyone on the weekend.

Monet Northern Georgia sounds pretty neat. I'm sure there are little towns sprinkled all across the USA that I would love to move to. Wish I was a woman of leisure and could just travel around! Reality is that I won't be able to move until the kids get out of High school and my son is in 8th, and daughter in 6 more years to go! I told my usband we can at least work on getting debt free, and get everything in order around the casa to prepare for departure. I got moved around so much as a kid and hated it ( and my Dad wasn't even in the military, they just liked to move!), so I promised myself I wouldn't do that to my kids!

Red1 How far is Ferndale from Eureka? I thought Dan the Man could commute since his life revolves around computer and networking. Seems like there is nothing but dairy farms, and the victorian village in Ferndale which suits me just fine! You've got to check out the web's soooooo cute, but heck, you've been there! That's even better! It sounds like such a nice community, and of course is cute with a capital "C"!!!!

Welcome J Bug, SchoolMom, and Horsechick! This is a GREAT support group for weight loss and a whole lot of other things as well!!!!!

Gotta get ready for work! Love to all!
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Good morning everyone... I'm in shock I gained another 1/2 lb. I may have to post my food here so you all can see what I'm doing wrong... I'm going the wrong way on the scale...... !!! Its really cool here like 40. Woke up to a freezeing house. But I'm sure we'll have a beautiful day. Theres so much green and beauty going right now here. Roses are blooming and so is my mock orange bush, I just love spring time..Hate I missed the chat last night. Need a note on my forehead.

jbug-Hurray for you on your loss. And your exerciseing too! I only weigh once a week that helps me to not get obsessed with the scales. It will ruin my day if I've gained... Ut oh ruined day!!! Keep up the good work!

Kimmythekid-So sorry you've had sick children and now you to... That sounds neat to photograph all the kids. Wow and 500 squats!!!! You are really a woman in motion lady. Congrads on the big loss, I use super dieters tea from the health food store for the constipation problem, it keeps me regular. And it comes in different flavors so it tastes good.

Red1-Hang in there Red you can do it.

Jack-K-I'm with you and the journal I'm going to write everything down to. And I think I am not excerciseing enough..

Monet-Those books sound great... Wow 4 lbs... congradulations. Theres where I want to be where I don't take a little more of stuff and its easy not a fight...How long have you been doing SB??

Meliris-Sounds like you're doing great and steady.

CountryMom- Sorry for your daughter I hope she ralleys around fast, it is so hard to lose when you're young.

Gracious-Oh my gosh I love the egg storey it made my morning.

HomeschoolingMama-Welcome to the board here. The support is great here. What a wonderful thing to have your whole family doing SB, its the best plan I've ever been on... Good luck to everyone.

lizery-That trip sounds wonderful.....I bet you have a great time..

Daramus-Good idea about the journal. Good luck with it..

horsechick- Welcome to the board. You'll love it here. And no cream of wheat. I just asked about that a few weeks ago... I know what you mean about the vegetables. Sounds like you're doing great in the weight loss dept...

catlover-Hang in there you'll get it.. That sugar is a mean dude. I just got some Agave yesterday so at least I can have something sweet now and then. I don't use artifical sweetner so need something on my oatmeal and cereal...

Everyone have a great day......

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Angry Happy WIW

Good Morning: Well I am still up from last WIW - I have gained 1.5 lbs - don’t have a clue where it came from - and still hoping it is just water gain and will dissipate soon!

I am putting in 2 miles an evening - walking - and I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous here right now - breezy and cooler! Such terrific walking weather.

New Members - Welcome! I have found great support and only positiveness from this group in the short time I have been a member - I hope the same goes for you all too!!!

Horse - Sounds like you have great motivation going - and it is spreading around too! Keep up the good work!!!

HomeSchool - My son is benefitting from my SB WOE - he has been trimming down, plus with my incorporating evening walking into our schedule - he has been benefitting from that as well - he walks with me, or rides his bike, or skates - it also gives us that
quality family time that we have done something together and motivated each other in a healthy way! And, most of all - like last night - he made a comment on how skinny his Mom is getting! Meanwhile, his pants that were too tight at Christmas are falling down on him now!!!! So, don’t worry about complaints - just do it!

Gator - I went to London last November for my DS’s birthday and Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful and magical vacation - and I am so excited about going back to see the MANY MANY things we missed. I have never been to France - so the mini trip through
the chunnel to Paris is going to be a whole new experience. I have to get myself in gear and toughen up and get in shape because there is so much walking when you go to Europe - I would love to bring a pedometer and clock how much I put in walking a day!!!

Daramus - nice chatting with you last evening....that is so fun to be able to download those movies! For awhile I was downloading tons of music - funny, DS puts a cd in the
car and I am like “where did you get that?” it was all Linkin Park stuff - he says “You burned it for me, don’t you remember?” - so I realized he has so much music!!!! I quit doing it when I accidentally somehow unbeknownst to me downloaded something with a Trojan horse - I got rid of it - but still it scared me.

Gracious - That is so funny about the chick!!! I told my son about it when I read it - and he was so disappointed that you were not able to hatch the egg in your bra! Hahahaha Zach is 11 yrs old - and he does in line skating. It is so funny how he just put the skates on - tried it out for a day - falling all over the place -skinned and bruised - and then the next day was a pro! Last night I kept reminding him that the change in the health
insurance does not go into effect until June 1st - so be careful!!!

Country - Sorry I was late to chat and missed you.... I got to chat for a while with Dar, Jbug and Deb....

Mel - At least you are still losing and you must look great and feel terrific with all your weights and cardio!!!!

Monet - WTG on the four pound loss!!! Keep up the good job!!!! I have taken your advice, even before I got it I made a nice salad for dinner last night before I took our evening walk - and that is the plan for the rest of the week’s dinners. I also bought a
bunch of fresh veggies to steam in my new steamer.... I am going to make the heavier dinners for Sat and Sun - and then pack them up in the freezer to heat up for lunches - as I plan to stop going out to eat for lunch (save money, along with I will be eating at my desk since lunch will be spent at the gym).....

Jack-K - Probably water like my little 1.5 lbs probably is - me too in mid-cycle now....Good luck with the journaling - I am trying it too -

Well, I have to get busy at work before I get in trouble for being a goof off Good Luck to all those who have not posted yet for WIW!!!

April 1, 2002
a/k/a Lumpy Bubbletush (so appropriate!)
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To those posting when I was

Kimmy - WOW 119! That is fabulous!!!! The weekend sounded fun - and yet - I am sorry you all have been under the weather - hope you are all on the mend now!!!! And, don’t worry - I am the most IRREGULAR person I know, and always, all my life, have
been that way - fiber only makes me bloat

Red1 - Sorry that the scale was not good to you - next WIW might do better for you!

Daramus - Congrats on your loss! Wow that is great!!!

Jbug - Terrific job!!! Nice chatting with you last night

Trish -You might even have a better WIW next week since you had the chinese food! WTG!!!! losing even after eating dinner out Chinese!!! I might have to move my evening
walks to the mall myself when summer is here in full force = it can get just too hot and humid to be motivating for me....

Nance - WTG!!!!!!!! You Go Girl!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!

Toni - I am right there with you on the scale going the wrong way - hopefully for the both of us we will be losers next week!!!

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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Wink Remember Me??

Guess Who...LOL!!!! I figured Deb had sent out an APB by now, and I was right!! LOL!!

I didn't fall off the wagon, I fell off the money tree..LOL!! With me and DH starting new jobs, and his being one where he gets paid through snail mail, we ran out of $$ before we ran out of bills, so my internet was down for the last week and a half. But I got it paid this morning, and here I am!!!

I'm down a pound in the last month... slow going, but I just can't seem to eat enough. I'm still trying to adjust to this schedule. I eat a salad at work every night, and I eat yogurt and cereal for breakfast when I come home, and usually something when I get up, but still not nearly enough calories. I know where my biggest problem is though. NOT ENOUGH WATER. I know I could drop probably 5 pounds in a week if I'd get on the water wagon, but here's the thing...
I work 3rd shift ALONE in my office. If I have to go to the bathroom, I have to call dispatch and tell them I'm going, forward the phones to the jail and tell them where I'm going, and then lock the office and go down the deserted hall to the bathroom and get back and call everyone back and tell them I'm alive and back in the office. So... I don't drink much that way I can hold it all night. I know I know.. not the best thing for a girl with frequent UTI's to do... and not good for my weight at all. I'm gonna do better this week... who cares if all the guys at the jail snicker cause they know I'm going to the girls room!! LOL!! They played a trick on me 2 nights ago... I have to get paperwork from them at night, and they send it down on the jail elevator which they operate with controls there. Well... they put my paperwork in the back corner of the elevator, and when they saw me go in after it, they SHUT THE DOOR!!!! LOL... The running joke is that I'm the only person that works for the Sheriffs Dept who's never been up to the jail for a tour, and they're threatning to kidnap me Anyway, they opened it and let me back out...

I had something wonderful happen to me the other day. I was at the ballpark with my son's ball team, and a man came up to me... This is our conversation:
" Excuse me, but don't think I'm crazy... I know you..."
Me - You do?
"Did you go to Lee High School?"
"Class of 1991?"
"Did you have Coach Jackson for Goverment?"
"I thought so... I was your student teacher. I recognized you the other day and told my wife I knew you... she told me to shut up..but I was right, She's never gonna believe this"
HER??? I don't believe he knew me!!!! That was 11 years ago and I was a SIZE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And This man recognized me!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how great that makes me feel!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then yesterday a lady who's son played TBall with my 10 year old (5 years ago) came up to me and said she almost didn't recognize me cause I'm getting down to skin and bones. Ha... 175 pounds ain't skin and bones, but it's closer to the bones than 240 was..LOL!

Anyway... I'm doing pretty good, now that the paychecks have started rolling in, I'm doing even better...LOL! We hope to be caught up very soon. That will feel so wonderful!

Oh yeah.. MY STEPDAD IS HOME!!! They have a hospital bed set up for him at the house, and he's doing PT, but he's gonna be ok!!! Thanks for all the prayers.

Also my dog is doing great with the HW treatment, and is gonna be fine also!!

My youngest son's TBall team is 13-0 with 3 games to go... we're hoping to sweep the 14 is tonight.

My oldest son's ball team has gone 3-10...they're disappointed but they are still managing to have fun! OMG...Monday night they took the field to practice, and lo and behold I see my SON on the mound warming up... I'm thinking WTH???? He's not a pitcher, he plays Second Base?!?!?! Well... in a practice a few weeks ago the coach was seeing who could get the ball across the plate from the mound, and apparently my son did pretty well at it, so he decided to get him in a game and try him out. He's been on pitchers mound a total of 3 times for practice and NEVER FACING A BATTER... But in the 4th inning... in he goes... He took over on a batter who was already ahead in the count, and he ended up walking him... but he STRUCK OUT THE NEXT 2 BATTERS!!!!!!!!!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He got up to pitch the next inning, and walked 2 batters and the coach pulled him. After the game he told him that he didn't get pulled because he did bad, he took him out because he 1) didn't want him hurting himself because he's not used to the stress on his arm of pitching, 2) didn't want him to get down on himself by walking in any runs... because he wants him to pitch again TONIGHT and didn't want him to be less confident!!!! He told my son that even the kids who've been pitching for the last 2 years have had as many walks as he has... and he did a great job!!! I got pictures of almost every pitch

Anyway... end of proud baseball mom brag..LOL! We play tonight at 7:30 and I have the camera ready!

Well that's my update... I'm OP, and I don't need a ride on the wagon. That buritto 2 weeks ago did my tummy so wrong that night that I haven't touched anything off plan since!!! LOL!!

DEB - I just wanted to let you know that even tho we count you as our fearless leader, your slip-ups aren't discouraging... they remind us that YOU'RE HUMAN, and you're really just like us... It's nice to see that you're capable of the same human weaknesses that we have too sometimes It isn't discouraging, it's encouraging to see that you get back up and get going again!!!

Well I'm off to do something constructive
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Welcome Newbies - Jbug, HSMom, Horsechick!

Yay to all the losers! and all the ones who are hanging in there! I belong to the latter. I've been trying to figure out why I'm not losing (besides little exercise). Today, I took a look at the Yoplait Peach Light yogurt I've been getting with my salad for lunch. I thought I could discount the sugar, assuming it was artificial. AACK! it's loaded with corn syrup! I figured it was like Dannon's Light & Fit, with sorbitol/fructose instead of sugar. So no more of that stuff. I'll bring my own yogurt to work now!

Deb - what was the brand of yogurt you used to make yogurt cheese? I've tried it several times in the past, but it's never worked out.

GloryB - I don't think we've met, but I'm glad you're back. We need all the inspirational stories we can get to keep us going.

Daramus - your cross-training doesn't seem to have much upper body exercises (unless you do arm stuff along with the treadmill cycling). When I took weight training in college, I was supposed to choose a variety of exercises for a total body workout. I found that hard to do.

Gracious - I recall hearing that chick eggs need a lot higher heat than just human body heat (37 C). Check it out before your next experiment - it may be a lost cause. Glad your DD wasn't too upset.

Gotta go.
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Height: 5'6"


Hey Gang,

Checking out for the day. thought I would post some more notes.

Monet, What a great idea for making SB a science project for kids. That would really get them interested. I can't believe yu don't have a dress yet? You only have 2 weeks left, and the kitchen to finish. I am panicing for you. You should let your SIL to be do the food!. LOL

Red1, Hang in there, those 2 pounds will come off next week. I was up 1 today and it really ruined my day. But I know it will come right back off.

Kimmy, Hope you and the kiddos are feeling better soon. WTG on your 4 pounds and being under goal. It's good to have a "cushion". Your pet show sounded so cute.

jbug, Officially, wed is WIW and I only weight on Weds. I can't deal with the emoitional ups and downs of daily weighing. SOme weigh every day (Deb) and some report it every day to. Whatever you want to do.Congrats on the 4# loss. Keep going.

Trish, 30 pounds that is GREAT!!! We went to PCB a few years ago, and there is a Hooter's Rest but can't remember the street name, (right off the main street), there was a place right next door that had great food and cheap! Maybe Lizery can tell you about the place they throw the rolls, but it is home cooking, probably not SB kind.

Daramus, Another pound, WTG.

Nance, WOW< WTG on 3.5 pounds and exercising too! You go girl!!

Toni, Hate to hear you are up again. Post yur menues and someone will help you.

Tranquil. Yur gainis probably just water. It will come right off. Keep drinking!!Glad your sonis benefiting from SB too.

Beth, Good to hear from you, been wondering if you were ok. Glad your SD is home and doggie is better too. Awesome about your son. I hope the make a clean sweep. Good luck tonite for him. Neat about the guy recognizing you and he lady too. Always makes you feel good and makes this WOE worthwhile. Keep up the good work.

Tree, Bummer onthe yogurt. I just don't eat it.

Have a great nite everyone.

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Gracious--I think it's a hoot that you were gonna incubate the egg in your bra. If it hatched, I wonder if it would think you were its mama. That would be something.

Homeschool--Sounds great your whole family doing SB. Hope you have great success. You might try the suggestion made about walking. It will really help. Just a short walk, do what you can, just after dinner every night. Give your family some together time, or just you and your DH some together time if the kids don't want to walk.
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Default Hey again!

Thanks to everyone who said "hi" and offered a welcome. I'm happy to find a spot with all of you wonderful "losers." Appreciated the input about Grape Nuts and Cream of Wheat. Lent my SB Book to my neighbor who is jumping on the wagon, so I didn't know. My initial loss was definitely inspiring, but I've been so busy, that I haven't been drinking as much water as I did those first 10 days and I think I've slowed a lot. I also don't own a scale, so have to trust Publix (grocery store) and then account for whatever garb I've saddled my body with (those new shoe styles HAVE to be at least 3 pounds......each, right?)

Don't panic, though....I really did lose 7 pounds. Same scale, same clothes....THAT was a scientific study, but the next one could be guesswork. All I know is that the clothes are getting more comfy, and that's what counts for me.

As I get used to this board, I'll respond better to individuals. Got any tips out there? I'm thinking that I have to takes notes or something, I can't remember who said what when I go to post my reply. Is there a way to go back and forth between the reply I'm writing and the BB? I know DARAMUS is having quite a laugh right now.

Every one of you is wonderful for being an encourager to others who need help, advice, a hug, etc...I'll be praying for you, KIMMY. Thank you for your response, sound like my kinda gal...I live on a farm, too, but the roosters annoy me (i'm a light sleeper) so We don't have chickens anymore. My 5 YO DD has been begging for a "baby chick" of late, so I'm trying to figure out if I'm ready to try again. The eggs are sure good! (I used to use them in my hair, but never did try the skin treatment that you did:-)

Sweet dreams all!
Ciao for now, Shellie
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Default -Saying Good Night

Well, all, today I put in another good brisk 2 mile walk, but could not workout at the gym as I was stuck registering ds for camp. But, for lunch I had a little side garden salad from Wendy's and a small chili - okay, I have no clue whether the small chili was legal! I just guessed that since it was not sweet, it might be legal.... For dinner, salad - lite dressing, nothing sugary, no starches - and steamed brocolli - so lets see what that darling scale says to me tomorrow morning!!!! Oh PLEAZZZZZZZ let it be down!!!!

Horse - Definitely 3 pounds for the shoes

Jack-K - We will just think positive - water weight, water weight, and that is all it is

Tree - I am a yogurt nut, and I have just quit eating it since starting SB.... it is difficult, as I like Yoplait so much!!!

Beth - All that good news and still losing and you sure do sound happy!!! That is great about being recognized - nice ego boost. And, not very nice of those jail employees!!!

Well Good Night All!!!

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Well, I probably blew my four pound loss today by eating homemade pizza. It was family dinner night, when all the family comes for dinner. A few were missing, cause they had to work, but it was fun. We had whole wheat pizza, but I made way too much, and ate too much too! It sure was yummy!

HORSECHICK: The easiest way to keep up with the posts is to open notebook, and write your replies in it as you read. When you are done, highlight the whole thing, copy, then paste it into the reply box here on the board. Rosalie shared that trick with me, and it works great!

JACK-K: Aw, don't panic for me yet. I did find a nice dark blue silk dress and bought it. It is sleeveless tho, and I definitely need sleeves. BOB would be proud of me tho! It was a $180 dress, marked down to $27!! If I don't find anything else, I can wear it, and get a shawl, or jacket to go with it. I need to go check out another mall, and see what they have. I just can't find anything like what I have pictured in my mind, and it is irritating me! The kitchen will be ok, too. My friend is going to help me next Thursday. She used to hang wall paper professionally, so it won't take us long. Then if I run out of time, I will just not paint it until after the wedding, but I think it won't take me more than a day to do the painting. With me, the clean up after I am done is the hard part! The buckets of paint are still sitting in the great room! Shame on me!
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Well there were no surprises for me for WIW. The 1 1/2 pounds that I had lost last week have found their way back. To-day has been a good eating day, as was yesterday, so I hope to see some of those pounds melt away soon.

Horsechick - Welcome to the board. It's great that you have your hubby doing sb with you. It makes it so much easier if you have other family members involved. I used to like Cream of
Wheat but since I have been on sb I have substituted Quaker Oat Bran Cereal which is made the same way and tastes very similar. Another hint when composing a post (using Wordpad) is to make sure you SAVE it periodically, particularly if it is going to be a long post, so if your computer crashes for any reason or there is a power failure you won't lose it all.

HomeschoolingMama - Welcome. I think that is a great idea that Monet had for making sb a science project for the kids. There are some great recipes in SB For Kids. Maybe your son and daughter could choose some recipes from the book and help in planning your weekly menu. They may be more amenable to following this woe with you if they still have choices.

Monet - I've only had the one game of tennis so far but I started off by trying to serve the same way that I serve at badminton until my friend reminded me what I was doing. I didn't have a problem flipping the wrist like in badminton as most of the balls missed the racquet. Hope next week is a little better. . That was quite the bargain you got with the dress. BOB and Debbie would both be proud of you.

Congrats to all the losers this week and the rest of us just hang in there.

Gotta go.

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Post I'm back!

Hi Everyone!

I was right; everyone is friendly here. I had so many "hellos" and helpful suggestions that I had to write them down as I read messages. Next time I'll try opening Notepad while reading.

I just posted my bio if anyone is interested. I have two children: Cynthia is 12yo and Stephen is 11yo.

Gracious - We're using Calvert homeschool curriculum. My son is working the 5th grade level; my daughter is working the 6th grade level. We're really enjoying it, but the curriculum is very expensive. I've heard wonderful things about A-Beka. Your youngest son should love it. Plus, you don't have to drive as much. Every one wins.

As for the egg in your bra, your poor husband is probably going to have a complex from now on. Every time he goes to hug you, he'll hesitate wondering what he'll break this time.

CountryMom4Him -- The milk gravy with WW flour sounds delicious. I thought I'd have to do without my gravy on this WOE. I've always used gravies in jars so I don't know how to make it from scratch. Would you post how to?

Monet320 -- I love your idea for making our switch to the SB WOE a science project for my kids. I've already started jotting down notes.

Jack-K -- I didn't get a full weeks' worth of menu planning done today. We ended up spending all day playing around with several other homeschool families. But, it's first on my To Do list tomorrow. Which means our start date has moved. Your statement about being on the right track with planning the meals ahead of time reminds me of the quote "If you're not planning, you're planning to fail." Can't remember where the quote came from, though.

Trishaloo -- Believe it or not, I know where Pflugerville is. We go to Tinseltown whenever we want to watch a movie. I'm currently in Cedar Park, but am moving to our new house near Marble Falls hopefully with the next 4 weeks. Our builder keeps promising that it won't be long now. The house was supposed to be finished the end of this month.

Gatorgal and Tranquil -- The evening walk is a great idea. Unfortunately, my husband has a lot of trouble with his knees. I got him to promise me he'd walk with us, if I promised to not push him when he says he has to turn back. I'm looking forward to this family time.

Rosalie -- I love your idea of letting the kids choose recipes from the SB Kids' book. I picked up the Kids book last night at the book store. I'll probably name them head cook for their recipes with me as their helper.

Nancemeister (love your bat), Toni48, and tree -- thank you for the warm welcome.

I think that covers everyone. Whew! As I stated earlier, I didn't get our 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day for a week figured out. I did go through all of our family's favorite recipes and figured out how to make them SB legal. I only had to "throw out" 2 recipes. All the others look fairly easy to convert. I figure if we start out with some familiar foods, the transition will go smoother.

Welll, I'm off to bed and a chapter or two in SB for Kids. See everyone tomorrow.
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Just a quickie to tide you all over til later today, then I'll get and have big nice post done - just didn't want you all to think I've hit a brick wall-NADINE is gone, LAUREN'S play last night is done-it's back to normal today!!!

Have a great day!!!!

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