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Old 05-23-2002, 07:29 PM   #91  
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Sorry that BOB hasn't been around lately. With the baby and then the wedding, I've been so busy...NOW I'M SICK!!! Got an ear infection, sore throat, bronchitis....YUK!!!

This will be short as I'm climbing up in the bed..I just don't feel good at all...

WELCOME to everyone that's new..I'm not working tomorrow or Monday so maybe I can get pepped back up...

I'll check in..

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Old 05-23-2002, 08:34 PM   #92  
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Hi everybody. Just popping in for a minute. I haven't even had time to lurk this week. Only 5 more days of school and things are really busy. To update you on my mom...she's back to her usual routine that she had before the surgery. She drove herself to the beauty shop Sat. and went to church. Even went to her quilting group on Mon. She sees an oncologist on June 3, so don't let up on the prayers. I'm just thankful that she has done so well getting over the surgery.

Hope I can get caught up soon.

168/154 /140
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Old 05-23-2002, 09:59 PM   #93  
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Well, so much for good intentions. I was going to try to keep up & read & post, but I have failed miserably. So much going on here that I just haven't been able to.

I did go back to my last post & read a few responses so that's what I'm going to address.

Tranquil I'd love to meet you if the I-95 Outlet Mall is good for you on Saturday, June 1st. My email addy is [email protected] Let's work out the details that way if that's ok.

Slaphappy I would love to meet you as well, especially since we will be in your area for a whole week. Maybe you can drive down to the condo & enjoy the pool with us? We can have salad & ice cream SF of course!!! Let's work out the plans via email. Do you work everyday? shift work? I'll give you the phone number to the condo when I email you. We arrive Sat evening, June 1st

My sister & her dh will be joining us on our trip & we are so excited about that. I've been tring to start packing, but have not done any more than get the suitcase out. LOL I start back to work tomorrow & have to work 72 hrs in the next 7 days, so I may not pack till the night before we leave as usual. But that's ok, next Friday will be here soon!

Scale was up today. Well maybe being back to work will help me control my eating.

Deb Your neice is soooooo cute!

Well, got to go. Will try to check in later.
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Old 05-23-2002, 10:17 PM   #94  
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Talking Oh My! Could it be me?

Hoppin' in to say hello!

Well, I confess I didn't read the posts because to say that I am far behind would be an understatement. But I can say that I hope that everyone is doing well and that I have missed knowing what is going on with you all.

Update on the redecorating:
Living room is 90% finished. I have painted everything but the baseboards; waiting for the floor to be refinished first. DH needs to replace al the outlet covers and such. But the thing is painted and there is a new ceiling fan and blinds. Thank heavens I got the popcorn off the ceiling as well. I worked right up until the part on Sunday.

Update on Southern Living At Home:
Had the first party on Sunday the 19th. Paint was barely dry on the walls! My sales were good, especially considering it was my first. Just wish I could really get something going here in my town. Next weekend I have 2 shows in Georgia - Thank heavens for family members! Have several shows promised for later this year, just nothing in the immediate future.

Update on Hurricanes:
Well, they are in the "final four" of Hockey and are up 3-1 over Toronto. We're going to the game on Saturday night and hope to see them clinch! If they win they'll be in the Stanley Cup finals!

Next Home Project:
Gonna take down our awful, splintery, warped deck this weekend. It is such an eyesore and is rickety! I think once it is down we will be better able to tell what we would like to do in the future in the backyard.

The contractor came last week for dinner and to talk about the kitchen. Boy does it need some love! Hope to get them started on that in mid-June.

Travel Plans:
I will be leaving for Atlanta and Columbus on Thursday. Have a show on Thursday evening and one on Saturday. Sunday I'll come back home with my 12 yo niece with me. Then we are going camping in Bryson City, NC (mountains) with my bro and sis's family the weekend of June 8th.

Now do you guys see why I have been away for so long? This is one CRAZY schedule I've been keeping.

Thanks to those of you who have kept in touch with quick little emails! It's always great to hear from you.

Hope to be back on the board when I can be a more active participant!

Love to all!

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Old 05-23-2002, 10:18 PM   #95  
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Counting the hours and minutes til the 3 day weekend!!!
Not doing anything special, but always happy to be off!

Toni Looks like you could use more protein and one more fruit....also, we aren't "suuposed" to be drinking caffeine because it affects this WOE....I know...I have to have a cup in the morning, but maybe try to live with just one cup instaed of two! other than that, you are doing awesome. Eat a little more, when you cut back too much, the body freezes up! Words out of the mouth of someone that's done it both ways, and less in the stomach, doesn't necessarily mean less off the hips!

Jack-K When is Trixie NOT in trouble....her nickname is Devil-dog. I'm letting her get all her puppy phase out of her system, and after she turns a year old...I'm going to sit down and have a heart to heart with her!

Gator I didn't go to my appointment after friend was really sick, and we go to the same I told her to take my appointment. I'm getting by, I just don't like taking anti-inflammatories. I would never do scary on the feet. I know it's inflammation causing the pain and have orthotics in my walking shoes.

Chrisb1022 The bread you are describing sounds perfectly legal. Anything that has 3 grams of sugar or less per serving is okay. I'm not sure what you are asking re: maintenance and the two week thing...Let's just say this is a permanent way of eating (Ab. WOE). I think some people may chhose to be a little more strict until they reach their goal weight, and then will allow a few things occaisionally....but most of us have come to realize that white sugar, white flour, and all things made from them are what got us into trouble in the first place!

Jenn in Min Focus on what is most important....the committment you are making to this man whom you love. Sure it would be AWESOME to be married in Hawaii....who wouldn't want to get married there....but the ceremony is the real deal...Maybe you can go for your honeymoon...or maybe on your one year anniversary. Things will work out....they always do!

Beth WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND!!!! I'm so glad you finally got to a scale...the suspense was KILLING me!!!!! Too bad about not being able to pound down the it helps fill you up so you don't want to eat as much....not to mention all the good benefits!

MusicTeach Glad to hear your Mom is on the mend and getting back into a rountine. It will be good for her to participate in things and lift her spirits. Hope you are hanging in there! Prayers are still coming your way!{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

BOB Sorry to hear your not feeling well, when you get better we want all the details! Tell Skeeter to get you a hot water bottle!

Well, I'm going to sign off....veg out, read a magazine! See you all tomorrow!
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Old 05-23-2002, 10:29 PM   #96  
Little Engine That Could
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Horsechick--Our hens layed eggs just fine and we didn't have a rooster. But maybe we were just lucky.

Debbie--Check the USA Today Newspaper from Wednesday. In it is an article about a new hormone or something they have discovered that makes it difficult for people who have lost weight to resist splurge eating. It was a very interesting article that may have a bearing on what you are going through. Hope you find it helpful.
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Old 05-23-2002, 10:35 PM   #97  
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Default Hectic Day

Well, I am exhausted....had a nonstop day at work, then after working some overtime - I left for the movies and saw About a Boy, which I thought was a really touching movie.... the boy reminded me of my own ds....

Well, I slipped!!! I had Popcorn - I just could not resist!!!!! It was awful - the temptation was too much for me and in the meantime I was just craving something crunchy and salty.... oh well, back to being good....

I did lose my 1.5 lbs of water weight - but I am sure I just gained it back tonight at the movies

Melf - I wrote ya Glad to have a chance to meet!!!

I have to go to sleep now! Adios,

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Old 05-24-2002, 07:47 AM   #98  
Bustin' Buddy
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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to drop in and tell all of you that I'm still alive. I'm just real busy with the end of school. At the end of the year we have so much extra work to do - it's not fun at all!!!! I miss all of you tons! I've been doing pretty good staying on plan - I've strayed a couple of times but not too bad. I'm still losing and that's the important thing! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with everyone this weekend but if not I'll definately be able to catch up after my surgery on June 4th! Since I won't be able to talk for 2 weeks I'm sure I'll be on the computer a lot!!! Well, I'll try and check back in tomorrow!!

Love y'all!
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Old 05-24-2002, 07:52 AM   #99  
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Thanks so much for answering my question on the bread.
This bread is really good, I don't see wheat in the ingrediants...and it is definitely not white. I has Organic sprouted Wheat berries(wheat?), O Millet, O Rolled Oats, O soy beans , O Lentils ....

I see what you are saying about this WOE and other boards I have been peeking at. You guys seem so at ease with this WOE.
I like that! Thanks
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Old 05-24-2002, 08:14 AM   #100  
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Height: 5'6"


Happy Happy Friday!

It's finally here. It's going to be a busy weekend. 5 graduation parties and 1 wedding, plus I have to go to Lexington to visist my niece coming in from MD. Crazy me. I am taking my triscuits and my bread to all parties. I'm sure they will have ham/turkey, veggies and fruit and cheese. So I should be fine. I'm saving my carbs for the party meals. Now if I can curtail the voda and grapefruit drinks.

Just caugt up on all the posts from last nite.

Shellie, Your pump bread may be legal, it just can't be "enriched". Hope your cold goes away soon.

Bob, Hate that you are feeling bad. Rest and take care of yourself. Feel better soon.

Music, thanks for the update on your mom. Glad she is doing so well.

Melf, Glad yur DS and BIL are going on vacation with you. 72 hours, WOW you will need a vacation.

Frog, I was just thinking about you ont he way to work this morning. ESP I guess. Sounds like you have been very busy. Your [email protected] seems to be going good. Things will pick up. I'd have a party for you if I wasn't so far away.

Nance, How sweet of you to give your appointment to yur friend. But that sounds like you. You made me smile.

Gator, That news story about the hormone was on TV today. It said the peopel who have had their stoamch staple do so well because the surgery removes the growth gene (or somethign like that). But I remembered Deb had that done. Maybe now they will come out will a pill to suppress that hormone. I ran into a friend last nite that had lost 80 pounds and kept it off 2 years, now she has gain every bit of it back. How discouraging. It really scares me.

Tranquil, Popcorn! Was it good???

Fruit, Glad to hear from you. End of school is always so busy, but look at the outcome!!! WTG on staying OP. Check back soon.

Deb, I'm still journaling.

Chris, that bread sounds ok to me. Keep reading labels

Don't know if I'll be able to get back on today, the computer man is working on our computers today. Hope so though. Have a great day and a great weekend to everyone.

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Old 05-24-2002, 08:50 AM   #101  
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Default Friday!!

Lots of things happening. I am holding my own at 164 and think I will start back on SB tomorrow. I am looking forward to my pitas again!

Our materials for our house arrive today...after a wee stink they are now guaranteed. We have men from the church coming tomorrow at 6-7 am to start taking shingles off and start re-roofing. All the wives and kids are coming too so it should be a wild place here tomorrow. I have to feed everyone and some ladies are bringing things so I am not sure what will be around. I just know that I am not going to blow it!

Our poor wee lamb looks worse today. It is very sad but if he is going to die I am hoping he does soon and doesn't suffer long. He is getting all his meds but I can tell that he is going downhill fast. I feel so sorry for him and I really don't want all the kids tomorrow to be around a dying lamb. Who knows how some of them will react.

HORSECHICK- We used to have 20 hens and no roosters..rhode island reds..and they laid all the time. You don't need a rooster, in fact, if you are just interested in eggs it is better without a rooster around. We have the 2 roosters...a leghorn and a plymouth ...because we got 10 babies and the 2 boys were in the batch! We like hearing them cock-a-doodle-do so we keep them around. They are beautiful *studly* roosters.

JACK-K- Have fun at all your parties. Good to hear you are going prepared so you can stay on the wagon with us!

MUSICTEACH- I am so happy to hear about your Mom getting back to her regular routine. That will help her keep a positive outlook on things, no doubt.

TRANQUIL- Hop back on with us!! Popcorn is hard to resist, just the smell of it makes me salivate.

JENN- Bummer on the wedding news, I really hope you can sort things out so you are all happy.

Monet- I got my thyroid checked and am waiting for the results. He did it because I am always tired. But it was the TSH that the one that is not accurate??? As opposed to the T3 or T4?

Okay all you Americans...have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
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Old 05-24-2002, 09:09 AM   #102  
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Height: 5'6"

Talking Howdy!

Good Friday Morning Everyone

It's actually Tuesday to me, but it's PAYDAY so that's all that counts!! Gonna take my little one with me to get my check before I have to be at work so we have time to go across the street to the park and feed the ducks! I worked by myself last night and it was BUSY!!! I feel like I need to sleep all day, but sheesh... I have too much to do, and I have to be back at work at 4pm! LOL!!

Thanks everyone for the WTG's. A year ago I never thought I'd see this side of 200 pounds again, but 4 months and 30 pounds later... I'm on my way down to 150!!!

NANCE - LOL! You crack me up girl... Maybe if I wait another month before posting my weight... I'll get a scale in the mail from a mystery person... One day I'll get one. Sometime when I'm not so dang worried about how I'm doing... I'm afraid I'd get too obsessed with it... actually I know I would. I'd be stepping on it 3 times a day...I like not having to think about it. I'll try to get over there more often just for you...LOL!!!!

Well all, time for my aerobics... I'm trying to do it every 3 days. Not very often I know, but I usually burn out fast, so I'm starting slowly so I don't get discouraged. Gives me time to feel completely normal before going into it again.

Hope everyone has a great Friday... and a Lovely weekend..

Buh Bye
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Old 05-24-2002, 09:16 AM   #103  
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Extreme quickie just to say good morning and that I'll post something tonight-going to spend the day with Mom and need to hop in the shower and gooooo.


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Old 05-24-2002, 10:48 AM   #104  
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Went for a walk this morning and feel good!

Chris Did you say that you ordered the SB Book? If so I hope you get it for the three day weekend. It answers alot of questions, and the things it doesn't answer the SB Goddess Debbie knows ALL the right answers!

Tranquil You bad girl! My DH eats popcorn in front of my face everynight! I know how hard it is at the movies....I try to plan ahead and bring a legal snack...because once you hit the theatre doors it's all downhill....and I always want a "regular" coke to go with that popcorn, so it turns into two evils ....try to bring some salted nuts and a diet coke.

Fruit I'll be glad when schools out for you too, because I miss you posting on the board!!! Hurry up!!! Ship those kids off to camp!

Jack-K You sound like one busy lady. If you keep talking about how good those vodka/grapefruit drinks are, you're going to make me break down and want to try one! So far I've stuck to drinking only red wine on occasion...with the exception of the two margaritas I had while camping (on the rocks)

Gracious So sorry to hear about your little lamb....I can't bear the thought of animals or children suffering...breaks my heart! I'll say some prayers, and by all means...keep the kids busy and away from him!

Beth Glad to see you posting more....I miss you when your not around! I have to agree with you on the is always a temptation, and I never make it Wednesday through Wednesday without hoping on, so maybe it's not so bad after all. Where did you weigh at Publix or your MIL? How's your SD doing by the way????

Okay....the Nancemeister is going to be late if I don't skidaddle right now!

P.S. Deb Thanks for calling last night Great to talk with you!
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Old 05-24-2002, 11:01 AM   #105  
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HiedieHo All!!!

Yes, tis me! I have been delinquent long enough. Just have been so busy. Been doing some PR write-ups for church and Habitat. Plus every time I turn around there has been a meeting!!! I love volunteering, but at times it can be very time consuming. But, hey, it's all for a good cause.

I also had podiatrist appointment. With the neuropathy you don't feel things. The last time I trimmed my toenails I trimmed my toe and didn't know it, until I saw the blood. So now I will go regularly to have feet attended to. The doctor said he would be sure to put down the neuropathy, as insurance doesn't pay for ordinary foot care, for insurance the two calluses are okay.

The last couple of days "arthur" has been flaring up. Certainly can not blame it on the weather. It has been just beautiful here. Warm days, cool nights.

It looks like Melf will be spending all her vacation time meeting up with SBers. It is something for me to look forward to.

The good news is, I have been really OP and it shows!!!

Can not sit too long and it's taken forever to read through the posts to try to keep up with you all. I will have to start fresh. Want to add my welcome to the newcomers ChrisB, Horsechick and Homeschool. Hope I didn't miss any one!

Take care all, Shirley
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