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Hi all! I'm new to LAWL just started my purple plan today. I'm from Georgia. I have always battled with my weight and I'm so tired of being short and fat so the diet queen here decided to join LAWL; I had a girlfriend and a guy friend who have had great success and though I'd give it a whirl. I have 60 pound to lose! I have always been a slow loser never see those big drops; so I will be happy with a 1-2 pond loss per week. Although my counselor says it will be at least 2 pounds per week.

I am married to a string bean! He tries to be supportive but has no clue as to what it's like to be heavy. So I need lots of support! I have 2 step kids SS is 15 and SD is married and is 28 and a school teacher in Atlanta area. I was unable to have kids so I have a "fur son" name Casey; he's a Cairn Terrier (looks just like Toto). We are big NASCAR fans; go to several races each year. I work FT for USDA, Rural Development(use to be called Farmers Home Admin many years ago) overseeing 42 apartment complexes which are for the low income and elderly; no we are not the "projects" actually our apartments are very nice and do not look like the typical government apartments like HUD; that's because we visit them annually. Needless to say I'm on the go a great deal of time so I was glad to know tha LAWL has a decent dining out menu and guide; some of the real small towns which is where all our complexes are located usually has some kinda fast food buger joint. I am also a Mary Kay Consultant which I really enjoy doing! I truely believe in the skin care products since it cleared my face up from severe acne at 19 that's all I use; so decided to be a consultant since my GOV job moved me so much that I couldn't keep a consultant. I've been with the GOV almost 20 yrs and doing MK for 12 yrs.
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Welcome Kayla!!!!
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Thanks Katie!
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Default Here goes.

I hope I'm doing this right. (the computer stuff)

I am 47, married to my high school sweetheart, a former teacher, mother of three, happy with my life except for my weight. Paul and I have moved nine times since we got married in 1983 and until 1990 I was a size 6, around 115 pounds. I've always said that the moves were easy, but obviously they were more difficult than I thought because I now weigh 253 pounds. What the heck happened???? Paul has a great career, I no longer have to work and have chosen to stay home and do the mom thing, occasionally doing sub work at one of the kids' schools, which I enjoy. I used to be very active but now I can barely climb the driveway to get the morning paper. I feel like a big flubbery thing.

I started LAWL last week because I'm getting concerned about my health. I want to be around to enjoy our retirement together and living like this probably won't make that happen. My hubby is 6'5'' and weighs less than me. Way back when he could lift me over his head like one of the moves the ice skaters do but now we would never attempt that move. I feel like I am a different person on the inside than I am on the outside. My most embarrassing moment happened while we were in Sardinia. We were out on this beautiful boat that had a rope swing on it that people were using to swing out over the water. They would hang for a moment then drop gracefully into the sea. Well, in my head I'm not that fat and I thought I could do it too! I couldn't support my weight with my arms and barely missed the side of the boat. Later, when I asked my husband how awful it had looked he admitted that the boat had actually tipped a ways and a couple of the people had gasped. I couldn't believe we were talking about me. And to make things worse, trying to find attractive clothes to wear is impossible. We're at the stage in our lives where I can afford to shop, (and need to because of my husband's job), but I hate to go shopping. I'm afraid I haven't been very good to myself and I don't know why. I am perfectly capable at mothering, wifing, friending and I am one of those gals who always looks happy to see you, but I get home and just eat and eat and eat. But....... that is over! I have turned over a new leaf. A leaf where I am good to me. I have joined the Y, though I haven't gathered the nerve to actually go in, and I have dedicated myself to being a healthier me by following the LAWL method of weight control. I enjoy reading the stories and questions on this site and look forward to chatting with you all. Thanks for being here for me.....
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Welcome to all the newbies! Great to have you here!

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Sorry but I have another question, is that 3 cups of lettuce as one serving? or 3 cups total for lettuce for the day?

Hi All, I am sorry but I do not know alot of the newer people, Hello GamaBaBa, Hello RepoGirl and Hello 2 all the new people.

Jump in with your input any time please

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3 cups lettuce = 1 veggie serving
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Good evening! I am Rosie (impala girl). I live in Portland Or. area. I joined LAWL in March and have lost just about 33 lbs. I want to lose another 30 or so lbs. One of the ladies in my COD told me about this site. I've been reading for a while. I am very busy at work and don't have a lot of time. I read here and it keeps me from eating while watching TV. My children are grown and taking care of themselves and their families. I went to work after 25 years of raising my family. I like to keep busy. And boy do I.
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Rosie - Glad you found us here.
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Welcome to Kayla (Portland), Deborah (North Carolina) and Rosie (Georgia).

If you haven't been there yet, come on over to the LAWL Losers and Friends thread and say hello. This is where most of the day to day chatter and fun takes place.

Hope you are all doing well on the program!!
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Default Flabby in Florida

My name is Staci and I live in Tallahassee, Florida. I joined LAWL on Friday last week and finished LA Express on Monday. I'll get the hang of this soon but I have lots of questions about the exchanges and I'm sooooo glad that I found you guys!

I'm 28 and want to whip myself into shape and start my family early next year. I have a ways to go to get there though and saw LAWL as a streamlined path to my goals. I was a pudgy child and adolescent, but then I discovered volleyball and played very competitively for 5 years which got me in the best shape of my life. I was 19 and a size 4. Then I went from player to coach and eventually finished my college degree and got a desk job...needless to say, the pounds came RIGHT back. Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it nags at me with mild but majorly annoying symptoms. The sedentary lifestyle, my appetite for junk, and the weak thyroid have led me 191 pounds. I want to see 140 again!

I look forward to hanging out here and getting to know you guys!

I'm on the purple plan and do not use LA lites.
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Hello everyone I am Bella I am new to LAWL just started today 9/1 is my first day on the Juice I was reading everyones post thought i went in prepared on how expensive it was going to be but I guess i was not I was suprised when they told me that there was 52 weeks of just maint. is that right? 6 weeks stablization your weightloss weeks plus 52 weeks of Maint.? at any rate I have been lurking for a bit and reading your post very impressed at how Kind and helpful everyone seems and i can't wait to be a part of it all. =)

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Hello All! My name is Michelle, I'm a born and raised Missouri Girl, 27 years old and wife of 1, mom of 2! I was a very active cherrleader, drill team, dance troupe, etc. 97 lb. 5'1" (sz 1-3) high schooler. Had my son a year after, got up to 158, down to 120. Wedding came at a weigh in of 159 and daughter left me at 210. Got up to 214 and went to LAWL last Wed. I have finished the FF and am now on the purple plan. I am sure I will Love this site.

SOOOOO tired of the whole weight thing. So far am pleased with the amount of food, if anything it is too much. I am committed and wish to see 150 lb. again. Will decide when I get there if I want to see 130.

I am a at-home child care provider and have been living on no-nos far to long!!
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welcome Mickey Sue and good luck--it's a GREAT plan. One piece of advice--PLAN, PLAN, PLAN your meals and snack. This will make following the plan so much easier. Head on over to the Losers and Friends thread for all the action
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Welcome Mickey Sue! I am at the same weight you are. We can lose together! Come join us in Losers and Friends for the daily chit chat.
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