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Hello again! I'm back
ok, so let me pick up where I left off:

day 7: arrange your enviroment. I've had this down for years! thankfully,lol.. I only buy things that don't tempt me. I tell you gaining weight has not been from what I bring into my house, it's eating out that gets me. fast food and great restaurants are my downfall. Maybe it's that old mentality that you want to feel like you get your money's worth or something. But anyhoo, my enviroment really is a "no fail" zone. I make sure I buy sweets for the kids, like sugar free popsicles and such because I don't like them anyway. But I don't bring in chocolate icecream, lol.. I know my limits in my house. like no pizza rolls or taquitos because I'll eat them all in one sitting, lol.. so Arranging your enviroment was easy for me.
day 8: create time and energy. Now this will be something I have to work on. It was very enlightening. I liked how it tells us dieting goes beyong eating differently. That is soo true!
Day 9- select an exercise plan. This is what I am excited about today. I've chosen to start small. I have several 10 min workout dvd's. I will do one 10 min segment per day and work up to 20 min and alternate my treadmill with the dvd's as well. But like she says, even if its 5 min of exercise a day, that is better than zero, so I'm starting small because exercise is actually something I really despise, lol.. oh and I'm getting an ab lounger tomorrow! my friend is selling me hers so I'm excited to work on my abs as well
day 10: set a realistic goal. Well since I don't have a ton of weight to lose, 5 lbs increments work as a goal for me
and now we are up to today:
day 11 differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings. I really tried to be intune with my body today and only ate breakfast and lunch when I was truly hungry, stomach rumbling etc.. and to test between the meals I drank plenty of water to make sure it wasn't thirst masquerading as hunger, so that worked great. Of course since I started this No S plan my stomach has really shrank and I'm not hungry between meals anymore which is new for me because every diet plan I've been on I've needed snacks to get me by. But obviously it's must be psychological because now I don't but that catches me up to today

jeanie, I give you major props for a roadtrip with lots of family! LOL!! that's stressful to me (well if you knew my family, hehe) your plan on eating what you are eating now and just improving on it as you go is a great idea! that way too it has time to become a lifestyle change which usually means long term success

Ko, congrats on resisting tempation!! I know it's not easy but you are on the right track!

I did forget to mention I weighed last week and I didn't lost any weight, BUT I must have lost an inch or so because I've gone down a size in my jeans so I was majorly impressed with that, lol..

well, kids are wanting dinner so I'll yak with ya later!
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Good Evening Coaches!!!!

How are you all? So, I faced the ultimate challange this evening. I took extra on my plate, and actually it wasn't even my plan, but I always take my allowed serving and usually eat all of it, then this evening at supper, I was, who would'a known, and I left some on my plate, and then I contemplated eating it because I had already written it down and soo...the calories were counted for, but I decided I was full, and not over full, just I completed my daily task and through the rest out, even after it stared me right in the face for about 10 minutes! CREDIT MOI!!! This giving credit thing is really starting to help me, I realize its sooo much funner and better than always beating myself up over everything. Also here's the thing, I am following Weight Watchers, I don't know if anyone else here is, but the last like 2 days I have only eaten about 19-20 out of my 28 daily points...I wonder if this is okay? Because I am getting fruits, oils, veggies, protien, milk, and carbs through out my day....and I mean I'm not hungry, but sometimes eating less means "gaining weight" ? Any suggestions here?
Here's to another great "beck" week!!!!

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hi everyone - just wanted to let you know i'm still alive. all of a sudden things got a little busier and i started to be incredibly exhausted ... TOM combined with hot weather and heavy exercise makes for one tired girl. But i've been sticking to the plan and losing bodyfat % - now down to 27.3 from 31.2 in 3 weeks ... not too bad. also sticking faithfully to Beck and about to start day 23 tomorrow. i hope to return soon with more energy for personals, etc. but i just want to let you all know how much your support continues to mean to me. keep battling the yeti my friends!!

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Hi there team,
Kuhljeanie-I can't wait to hear how your planning what you want to eat goes-I could have written what you wrote about the planning things letter perfect and then feeling a bit resentful about it. I have still been cooking up my healthy stuff and it does help to have healthy/delicious food to put into that planner. It is another thing to plan but that really helps me since I do feel like I am planning what I WANT and not just rabbit food.
Billblueeyes: YES on that "buy a ticket to go to school"...seriously-I am picturing my students (and their parents) and maybe they would take it a little more seriously.. we all heard it here-my daughter came up with it.. maybe I will get to be in the luxury suite of the old folks home afterall!

Off to journal and go to bed-I also love that verbage of Mary's "hang on to the day".. they go by so quickly and it is so easy to fall into autopilot mode... goodnight all..
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches – My one cup serving of white bean salad was just fine for lunch even though it seemed small when I measured it. Clearly there's room here for me to work on serving sizes. As much as I hate the thought of measuring my food, the whole Beck planning thing seems to me to be about removing the emotional part of food selection, yet I've kept a huge part of that in selecting serving sizes. Perhaps it would work to use Heid's idea of measuring periodically to get the visual rather than measuring every time. OK, that's now my new plan. CREDIT moi. One serious reason I've avoided measuring is that I don't have a definitive notion of what volume to serve myself of each of the dozens of foods that I serve. Gotta go work that.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for continuing to cook up your healthy stuff and keeping up with your journaling. There must be some way to incorporate your DD's idea of tickets for school so that kids and parents would take it more seriously. On our birding walks that are free, we find people rather cavalier about signing up but then not showing up, grrrrrrr.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Methinks you're on a good path shifting your planning toward food you really want. Kudos for actively working your plan to get it to be yours. You remind me that a serious part of of my own plan was to chose stuff that I wanted to eat - no hunger, no deprivation. It was easier for me because I was so ignorant about food that I was able to focus my reading on nutrition and healthy foods rather than on dieting. Now I subscribe to several gourmet type food magazines thinking that it helps me to become more aware of food so that I am less drawn to the heaps of mediocre stuff on which I gained my weight.

Erika (eusebius) – Congrats on the loss in percent body fat. Good luck on Program day 23: Counter the Unfairness Syndrome. What role does unfairness play in your Sabotaging Thoughts?

spryng - Congrats for being down a size in your jeans. Thanks for the update on Program days 7-11. Kudos that you've got the notion of splurge on days beginning with S but that "I really didn't go crazy." Just thinking about a wedding I attended that wasn't on the weekend, according to what I ate, it must have been on Sfriday, LOL.

JennyG - Big Kudos for leaving food on the plate. That's a Beck strategy that remains very difficult for me. I think I've posted here with great fan fare every time I've done it, LOL.

angelmomma210 - When you wrote "...I had one serving..wanted more..." you were describing what Beck calls Desire rather than Hunger - but that's ahead of where you are in the book - you're inventing Beck on your own, LOL. Kudos for organizing the house stuff.

Davy Crockett Kierie (KO) - Kudos for staring down the fridge. And Kudos for giving yourself credit for it. LOL at babes. Yep, we men can be called babes. In fact our Red Sox had a player called Babe a few years back. He could hit good enough but his off diamond decorum was a bit untoward for the Boston taste, so we sent him south to the New York Yankees where it would be less noticed, LOL.

Readers – "The Beck Diet Solution is based on the same plan I use with my patients who want to lose weight. ..." Beck, pg 23.

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Good Morning!
I rolled into work at 6:30 insanity? well yeah but I have a doc appt and need to make sure i make up my time.
Billie I love whitebeans could you post the recipe?
I'm going to take a few days to do day 8 I have to see what my actual schedule is and pay attention to it. (when running around like headless poultry has worked os well!)
Since I'm having foot surgery on Monday My exercise plan is going to mainly focus on my arm bike and stuff to do sitting down for a few weeks at least I just have to fenagle to when and how much.
not alot of time!
JennyG you are my hero b/c unless I spill salt or a dirty paper napkin on food I can't leave it alone!
Spryng Yay on the jeans
Hope to bbl!
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PS Billie
I've heard of him but I'm a Jay's Fan
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Default A Tuesday at Home and a Movie

Good Morning Coaches

I am totally enjoying every single hot summer day we have had. I feel so hyper-aware of how short our seasons are. The cold ones feel a lot longer though Never mind never mind. It's summer! I'm filling up on the hot weather to get me thorugh the cold stuff later on. Banking it so to speak.

I am working in my diet journal. I did a full page dedicated to the number 140. I'd like to be 140. It was the first time I had actually firmly visualized it and it gave me trouble. As I wrote it out it talked back to me. Here was a great example of sabotaging thoughts that need to be defused.
1)you'll be sick if you lose so much
2) You'll be weak at 140
3) You won't be yourself at 140
4) You won't look good at 140

And here's what I wrote to counter these thoughts

1) I am sicker now at this weight and carrying it will make me worse. The more I lose, the more I move toward health, and the healthier I will be.
2) I am strong now and will continue to be strong throughout my weightloss. Extra fat is not extra muscle and musles=strength.
3)Yes I am still me and even if I do change I am always changing no matter what I weigh. In fact, I am one who seeks change so there's no problem here.
4)I don't know how I will look but I will do the best I can with what I have. Feeling good helps you look good. (Everyone looks great when they smile I think!) As I get thinner I have more choice in clothing and hairstyle and this will add to me looking good as I go toward 140.

I have to say that of the things I have done lately, drawing and colouring in that 140 has totally stuck wiht me. I can really see it and it pops up when I am making food choices and I think "is this getting me closer to 140 or further away?" Things become clearer. Actions have real consequences. And I am so time aware right now that I can feel the extra time a deviation will add to my journey. I think that that bag of chips or that thing of cookies is no longer as important to me as the delay of getting this weight off that that action will make. It's funny, I don't connect with the health aspect of this, I should be more motivated by that but I'm not. I guess cause I am still healthy. Oh. But I do take bp pills so... time to change before I need to take something else! I want to get rid of my pills! I am feeling like the longer I carry this weight, the more time/opportunity some disease process has to "get me". Middle age. I think it does this to you. I want another 40 years of active art making. I need to do this to have that. It's that simple.

Anyway I am off to work up another page in my journal. I hope to do my first really elaborate one as I have the day to myself, with the exception of our regular weekly trip to the movies. Oh we saw Wall-E last week. I loved it so so much. I couldn't even speak when it was over. I'd just tear up. it really moved me. It does combine two things I love: space and robots. AND it was beautiful. And the story was told mostly without words. Awesome. I recommend it if you're thinking about going to see something. It's not a totally new story but it's a really good story.

Off to have breakfast and such. Enjoy your summer day Becksters!
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Hunger-not an emergency!
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S/C/G: [url=


Morning all...I will be doing day 8 for a couple of day to be able to get it down. We will see what happens.
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Back on the wagon
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Default yuck at work...wish i was making cakes!

(late) morning, everyone!

procrastinating because i need to finish two sets of documentation and i just don't want to. i've never enjoyed doing it, and i got through the first draft of the first one, and now they want all this other stuff and i just don't want anything else to do with it. ugh. just need to give myself a No Choice and knock it out.

i was planning on writing a plan last night, but got sidelined early with a migraine. i haven't had one in years...pretty nasty. tonight, i need to start making sugar flowers for a birthday cake due in 2 1/2 weeks. but you know what? that's not a reason not to do it. i'll make my plan for tomorrow FIRST, then start on the sunflowers.

onebyone, i love what you're doing. just seems like your understanding of yourself and how you work (visually, etc.) has given you a straight line of communication directly to how losing weight scares you. major kudos and how fantastic! my goal weight just tells me the same thing everytime - "you'll never reach me. you can't do it. it's impossible." have to chew on ways to feel more powerful when confronted with that. bill, how delightful that one cup is really enough! maybe that's a natural outgrowth of putting food in its rightful place as body fuel, instead of friend, lover, entertainer, cave to hide in, etc. heidi, girlfriend, i think we're living parallel dieting lives. are you doing any meal planning these days? what kind of stuff are you eating that you don't feel good about, and why? i'm tending towards sweets - i overeat on sweets when i'm not feeling taken care of, or i'm overtired, or have PMS. this week it's PMS and tired. what about you? maybe tonight, after the kid is down, i'll do my meal plan for tomorrow, prep some veggies and have dinner, do laundry, and just go to bed. wednesday can be cafeteria lunch and snacks and i'll start the flowers wednesday night. yeah, i'll do that. erika, battle on! sodium+water+summer heat+TOM=big ick and swollen ankles. jenny, amazing job with leaving extra food on your plate! that one seems to be getting easier and easier for me the more i practice, but it's also environment-dependent. i can do it at home and at restaurants, but if i'm at my desk, it all goes eventually. maybe a good argument for not eating at my desk. hmm. KO, good luck with the surgery! can i suggest yoga floor work as a way to continue exercising without putting weight on your foot? i've been practicing yoga for strength training for a couple of weeks now, and i love love love it. spryng, a drop in pants size is TREMENDOUS. big kudos on your non scale victory, and for recognizing that the scale doesn't measure all the good things that result from eating right! good luck with making friends with exercise. it was a rocky road to get there, but i'm a believer.

cheers everyone...
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Hi all,

Stress, busyness, fatigue have all resulted in falling back to old unhealthy habits and ways of "rewarding" myself by overeating. time to stop this-have only gained a bit back but the potential is great to put on more. Saw my Doc yesterday and she felt that low carb may be a good one for me as I am pre-diabetic. so today is the first day of the south Beach diet-BBE really understand that resistance to measure/weigh everything. Hoping the SBD use of limited foods but with unlimited portions of some food will help me get past that and back to losing again.

So understand those struggling with our primal self indulgent emotional brain which must be satiated NOW and our logical self which which seems to get drowned out only to return after the damage is done and tell me what a dumb dope I have been. I think those foods with an high glycemic index are my food demons-too few and I feel deprived or is that depraved but too many create such a strong craving that often sensible eating is over ridden. Since bawling me out doen't work, it is time to work on giving me credit for each baby Beck step I take again. today 1. follow phrase 1 of SBD 2. Read advantage card. 3. Shop for some of the unlimited foods on SBD.

Really been missing consistanly swimming-still have many days of too much smoke-fires are only 48% contained in our county-The firefighters-many are volunteers have be amazing.

Love reading all the postings about those beings successful and those (like me) struggling to follow a food plan. A big Hi to every one-

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Default only telling my coaches

Okay coaches. Nobody knows I did this except you, my support system. Seeking/asking for weightloss help always makes me feel "less than" like a loser like I "can't do it on my own" "can never do it".
All self-sabotaging thinking.
I'm ignoring it.
Today I emailed a local company that runs a gym downtown, which is convenient to me as I am downtown for work and later 5x a week for school. The gym is literally in my path as I go to and from school. They are supposed to specialize in one on one personal training. They have a health assessment that sounds very thorough for $120. The ad I saw on the bus says you pay $67 a month. I can afford $67 a month it that really is what it costs. So I wrote a truthful, detailed, email and I am waiting to hear what they say back. How soon they reply will tell me a lot about their customer service. I asked them if they had worked with clients wanting to lose 100lbs. I told them about my weight history and where I am at now. I told them I don't want a quick fix but lasting change. I'll let you know what they say back. I am hoping for the best of course!
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Oh, Sue, so glad to hear from you. I have been wondering how the fires were affecting you.

South Beach sounds like just the thing to get you back on track. The quick little weight loss boost can't hurt.

To all, I am finally back on track with the volume control; it has been a rough time. For me it is so simple: Just quit before full! But for whatever reason, I seemed to need to be full for awhile. I will never know why. My life is very full and rich. Oh, well...I am loving the feeling of not feeling so full and bloated and FAT!

Good for you, onebyone! I hope the gym meets your expectations and you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Enjoy summer, all my Beck friends, cuz it goes way too fast.

It was a glorious gardening with enough wind to keep the skeeters away. At about 9:00 the wind just died, and unfortunately the skeeters were irrationally exhuberant, so I headed for indoors and admired my borders from inside.

Glad tidings to all.
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Hi there friends,
Wow-I completely binged out today-It was all SWEETS...I am attributing it to my first sort of "panicky" feeling I had this week that summer is truly creeping away from me. I am trying to just remember to ENJOY every bit of it, prioritize my list of what I want to get done this summer and get as much done as I can. my biggest priority is to spend time with dd and keep building all those great memories while I am still "cool enough to hang out with" (anticipating the teen years... ). The journaling each morning and night does help and I am writing about how horrible I feel physically and mentally after my shenanigans today.

onebyone: I LOVE the idea of playing with that number-the goal weight number. You said that you wanted it to be about health but that the number motivates you more.. when I was reading what you wrote, I was thinking about how the number is sort of a symbol that could represent all of our reasons for losing weight and taking good care of ourselves. If I think of my goal weight number, I think of a healthy, active, vibrant mom/teacher/friend/learner, etc.. it is easier to think about a simple number and get a visual and a feeling than it is to think of all of my advantages all the time. I want to keep reviewing (or get back to it is more like it) my advantages during journal time but the number can be with me during the day. I hope I didn't "overtweak" your idea-it is FABULOUS-love your artistic version of it-do you have an actual picture in your mind of that number and what it means? That could be a pretty special piece of artwork.

kuhljeanie-my sweettooth is getting me-I surrendered to it bigtime today. I have been planning my food sporadically lately. I do solemnly swear that I will right after this post though. I made some homemade pizza tonight-as in, I made the crust and everything-whole grain crust with homemade sauce, some mozzerella and then grilled portobello and button mushrooms. YUM! It turned out so delicious! We have a lot leftover too. That will go into my plan for tomorrow for sure-maybe even for breakfast! dd also ASKED me to make more salads! We were talking about when she is an adult and has kids what she will feed them-she tells me that she will do all that I do but more salad. EASY enough my darling! I have a bag of salad and lots of veggies and she loves this vinagrette that my dad makes-she is the perfect child for me (I adopted her from Guatemala so I really do think it is amazing at what a match we are...).

Sue: may those fires be under control asap... and may you be able to get back into that pool asap. Am I too much of asap? hahha? It is late...I wish that we could bottle up whatever Bill has that keeps him so consistent and ON. I do not want to minimize Bill's efforts-it is not easy for anyone-I really do watch him and he is the "maintainer to watch" I would say.

1. plan tomorrow's food
2. Plan tomorrow's activity
3. Journal -include all about the number 170
4. read advantages to losing weight (related to number 3)
5. prioritize my list of things that I really want to get done this summer and include playing, reading and biking on that list-I have a leg of a triathlon to train for!

Goodnight my coaches and friends!
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches – Had lunch at an upscale restaurant as appreciation for some volunteer work. Did well, asked for a salad instead of “special dusted French fry’s.” Waiter says, “You don’t want to do that, they’re the best French Fry’s ever!” I did and I did. Then the best part. When it came time for dessert, I invoked a critical early afternoon meeting and, with great apologies, left early. Loved it. A little gray lie (only the exact time of the meeting) and I avoided a die-for dessert menu. Now that’s using Cognitive Behavior Therapy well. CREDIT moi. DOUBLE CREDIT moi for such finesse. I just bathed in my Beck glory. What a feeling.

Until I returned from the tiring afternoon meetings to find on my desk a takeout box containing three of the restaurant’s signature milk chocolate pecan turtles with a gracious note from the hostess thanking me for my contributions and hoping that I would enjoy them. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Retracting the CREDIT moi. Doubly retracting the DOUBLE CREDIT moi for finesse. Humbling down my bathing in my glory. Brought them home. DW dibbed the first. I asked, WWJBD? Yea! The perfect question. I know exactly What Judith Beck Would Do because she writes in her book that she has a candy bar every evening. Well, well, well.

So, it’s a hat trick day: Bathed in self-righteous glory; delighted DW with a treat; savored every bite of a beloved milk chocolate pecan turtle. Oh CREDIT moi Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for choosing to take a new direction in your eating plan. And Kudos for going right out and buying the South Beach foods. Ouch that the fires continue to keep you from swimming. Sending dampest thoughts toward the California fires, LOL.

MaryBlu - Kudos for getting back on track with volume control. Giving up that desire to feel full is one big step. Love hearing about your gardening.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Ouch for the SWEETS attack. (Apologies for my food porn above.) Kudos for sticking with your journaling. Your pizza sounds yummy.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for the migraine. Ouch for documenting software. Ouch for procrastinating. Yep, food as "a cave to hide in" - done that. Good luck with your planning.

onebyone – Neat, the pages from your journal help me to see how a visual person sees numbers. Thanks for your Sabotaging Thoughts and Helpful Responses. I particularly respond to "3) You won't be yourself at 140." And such a good response: yep, "I am always changing no matter what I weigh." BIG Kudos for going after the gym and trainer; keeping my fingers crossed.

angelmomma210 - Neat that you're working extra time on Program day 8: Create Time and Energy. Good luck.

Kierie (KO) - Also extra time on day 8 - you guys are doing synchronized Beck here, LOL. Sending supportive thoughts for your foot surgery. Congrats that your Toronto Blue Jays beat Baltimore last night.

Readers – "… It works regardless of your unique psychological makeup, lifestyle, or family circumstances. … " Beck, pg 23.
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