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Still pushing to ultimate
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Hey ladies I wanted to get in on the fun. I am currently trying to lose 10lbs would like to lose 15 but I want to be as realistic as I can so I dont set myself up for failure. Im just learning my way around these parts. Lurked at the beginning of the year when I was looking for reasons why my weight fluctuates and found this site then the last month or two Ive been posting. I luv it here Story goes

Ive been a very athletic since I was 3-4yrs old. I danced, was a cheerleader, ran track, played volleyball, and attempted to play basketball and soccer...lol! Anyway I have always been fit, never skinny but really muscular and fit. I kept my weight pretty steady from what I can remember in H.S till my 5th year of college between 135-145. I would fluctuate with stress and increased muscle mass once I started cheering for a competitive time in college. I didnt gain my freshman 20 until my last year of college which was 2004-2005. I got all the way up to 165 and I felt horrible. I was in love, I wasnt cheering anymore, I just let myself gooooooo. So when I came back home to KC for nursing school and we were doing assessment on each other and I saw my blood pressure my mouth hit the floor. I knew I had to get it together. So I started going to our gym after class and started running. I started off slow 2mile here 3miles there until I was up to 7-8miles a day. Then eventually a mini. I lost 20lbs from August to Oct and was back into my size 4. After the mini I slowed down on my running and took a boot camp class that eventually I ended up doing everyday and got down to my lowest 134lbs (size 2 comfortably). Never would I ever imagine my body getting that small but I did. From 2006-2008 I maintained my weight between 138-144. However the end of 2008 I started to to let myself go and 2009 my weight started to creep up with me being fully aware of it. My highest this year I think Ive seen on the scale was around 154-156 at the end of the day. So I started running again but at first wasnt consistent. I was able to get down to 149-150 and stay there. The last couple of months I have been so ready to get these last 10-15lbs off. I know I can do it I just need a little bit of motivation from time to time. I started ChaLean Extreme 3wks ago and Im starting to see some results (not a lot though). Im btwn 145-147(some reason the scale went up today but Im thinking TOM is coming next wk). My goal is to be back in the 130's and stay in the 130's. My body frame is so different and although people tell me Im crazy for wanting to lose weight I know where I need to be to be happy and content w/ myself. Never have I ever wanted to be skinny like Paris Hilton because I know thats impossible for me. I just want to be happy
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I am new to this site, although i have been watching it for a while now. I guess it is finally time to post something!

I don't have much of a story, got a bit chubby in high school (5'4", 155) but managed to drop the extra weight before i went to college. I maintained 105-115 throughout college, i wasn't the healthiest person, but always looked and felt good. After college i didn't have much time to work out and what not and ended up gaining some wight. After a recent trip to Italy i realized i nearly overdosed on food! I weighed in at 132--looks like it's time for a diet!! I would love to get back down to my college weight.
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I loved reading everyone's stories so I thought I'd share my own.

Its been hard for me to admit my issues with food because my relationship with food didn’t start out this way. I was born blessed with good genes, high metabolism, and a healthy relationship with food. I ate when I needed to and only enough to satiate my hunger. Then I would be up and off, running around to my next great adventure burning off all of my food and then some. Then adolescence came and concepts of “self-image” and “perceived beauty” were introduced to my susceptible mind. I will forever remember my aunt making snide remarks like, “Look at how little she eats, I’m sure she’s starting to get vain about her looks.” What? I was most definitely not vain, and I was going to prove that to her by eating just a little more then before. And a little more. And before I knew it, thoughts of food consumed my mind. Yea, I sure showed her. >__<;

Even then, I never admitted that I was overweight. No, I wasn’t going to be one of those conceited types that only cared about their looks. Fast forward to my college years when I was away from the poisonous voices of my childhood, and I was actually able to get myself together. I lost weight, dressed better and felt great about myself. My last semester killed me though. Between the stresses of graduating and finding a job in this rough economy, I lost myself and sorted back to my old ways, to the comforts of my old (fri)enemy. I regained all the weight I lost and then some. I’ve since then graduated and am now working, but it’s been harder then ever to get back on track with the bandwagon (which I’m sure I will go into more excrutiating details later). I tried doing the stuff I did before to snap myself out of it, but now I am forced to face my unhealthy obsession with food head on.

So that's what brings me here. Hopefully with some strong determination and little encouragements, I'll be able to make my way back down the scale, one fraction of a lb at a time.
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Default New here! here is my story!

I am 30. a mother of a 2 year old and need to lose about 20 lbs!

I am most comfortable around 120. i started traveling adn working nonstop bought a house, etc - real life stuff and found myself around 130 in about a year. And then i became pregnant at the end of that rollercoaster year. gained about 40 lbs which put me at 170. i lost most of it right away and the last 15 in about a year without really trying. I weaned my dd at 18 mo ths (which was this may) and gained back 10 lbs since then. what the he**! I thought you were supposed to lose weight when you weaned. well here i am at 140 no clothes fit and i refuse to buy any more in bigger sizes. i would love to lose 20 lbs but would be happy with anything at this point!!!
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I am a senior in college, graduating in May 2010.
I was skinny all through high school weighing in the 120's.
Then I went to college and the weight would not stop packing on. The highest point I have ever been was 148. I lost weight one summer going to Peru, and got down to 140. However, I have been fluctuating between 140 and 145 ever since.
I lost control my freshman year with the typical dorm meal plan buffet with the endless dessert aisle.
I now shun sweets, but my weakness is for bananas. I want to weigh what I did in high school, as unrealistic as it sounds. However, I want to do it right by eating fruits, veggies, lean protein, and delicious whole grains. I don't want to lose weight quickly like I have in the past by Atkins or starving in Peru (other countries have such smaller portions). I want to learn to differentiate between good choices vs occasional once in a while treats (like pizza) without beating myself up! My goal is to love the healthy food I eat, and to never envy anyone's food choices, but to look at my own food choices and appreciate that I am eating healthy.
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Red face first post!!

Well my story goes like this.

I just turned 19, am living at home and attending local college for an AS in Accounting.

I have been struggling with my weight all my life or so I believed. Looking back, I'd kill to weigh what I did back when I was "fat" I now weigh 177. I'm only 5'1 or 5"1 or however you write that! I'm in a very comfortable relationship with my boyfriend of almost 2 years, and I've gained about 10 lbs in that time, and moved up a pants size to a 14, which is just awful thinking that the next size is not carried in the stores I shop at unless ordered online specially! (American Eagle mainly!!) Well that point wasn't enough to me I guess. My want to lose serious weight didn't come until about a week ago when I saw a picture of myself at my birthday dinner. It was horrible. I didn't know I looked like that?! I have been turning a blind eye to how the shirts I used to wear look horrible, are skin tight, etc. It's finally time to do something about it.

I wear a size 14 a little uncomfortably. I want to fit into a 6, and hopefully 35 lbs will get me down to that goal.

I am currently just watching my calorie intake, and trying to maintain about 1500 calories a day. I love exercising at the gym when I can get the gumption to get there. Once I get there, I work out for at least an hour and a half, sometimes I can't leave. I just love watching the calories burned counter get higher and higher. I don't have a membership anymore, and it's expensive so I told myself if I could stick with a real diet for 3 weeks, I would work on funding a membership somehow. That way I know I will use it.

I stumbled upon this website looking up diet and exercise tips, and am looking for some younger girls to connect with and also advice from older ones can never hurt!
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What a great idea for a thread. My story is like a lot of yours, except I am older than most.

I grew up as a skinny kid, very active. When I was 13-14 I had to "act like a lady" and stop being active. I went through high school at 5'6" and weighing in the 140s. College was pretty much the same.

Age came, along with a couple of babies, and I yo-yoed between the 140s and the 170s.

A year ago, I decided it had to end and I started working on portion control and upping my activity.
The Bodybugg has been a godsend. I originally started gaining weight when I stopped being active. Now I am amazingly active for a 60 year old.

In that year I have gotten to 124 pounds, which feels great. I've been there for several months. If my Bodybugg died tomorrow, I would replace it in a heartbeat. It keeps me up and active -- love it.
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Wow, what amazing stories-part because they mirror my own (see my introduction post from yesterday). I am committed today. The start of day three without binging. I have hit my weight training session and cardio. I know that I can make it through the stressful day....and if I am feeling a little weaker, I'll post until the urge goes away.
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OOoooo my story.

I will put it in a nutshell or else your brains will fry lol.

For the past 8 years I have been battling bulimia and in the past 3 months I have started to tone it down and begin the recovery process. I went from 115lbs to 175 back to 140 and now I am back at 160. I want to get to 125 healthy and toned in the proper way, exercise and healthy eating. I have many long lasting effects of what I have done to my body and now have to start to fix them (bad teeth, gums, thin hair, terrible skin etc)
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LtsGirl - Good for you on wanting to get healthy.

Join us in the April Chat thread.

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Well, ... I just joined this site yesterday, and this thread is fantastic. I'm reading all of your stories, and comparing myself to your hights and weights, and I feel like one of the gang already. I'm 5'5, currently weighing in at 151, and this is my story.

I was always a healthy kid, a little on the heavier side, but never to a point where my doctor had to talk to me about my weight. But still, I've always been self consious for as long as I can remember, even as a little kid. In Jr. high I went on my first diet (salad only for lunch and no breakfast). Smart, right?

Lets just say through high school there were some troubling periods, which didn't ware to well for self esteem or eating habits. And after high school, well, thoes next few years were a dark and stormy time in my life. I was about 20 when I reached my lowest ever mature weight, I clocked in at 122. I thought I looked great! Everyone said I was too skinny, but I told them they just had never seen me the way I was meant to be. .. Suuuureeee

Well, a few years later and far out of the darkness, here I am. Happy, grounded, crazy in love, engaged until next Jan and 151lbs. I just celebrated my 26th birthday last week, which was ok. I had a small melt down the day before it, but nothing major. It did, along with a few other things, deeply motivate me to stick with a diet. I hope. LOL

My little sister announced in Jan. that she's getting married (long story, but we'll leave it at that). My friend announced in November she's getting married in October. I'm in both thier weddings and mine is in January. Talk about motivation! I was horribly depressed when I got measured for my dress, which put in a size 12. My dress for my sisters wedding is a size 14!!! A 14!!! god almighty, I cried for days.

Since I've been with my fiance I've gained about 12 pounds. And I want to see it go away. And compared to what other people need to lose, people dont' take me seriously. My fiance tells me I'm nuts and jokes that he's going to have me committed because my body image is terrible and I talk about it all the time. But he just dosn't understand! Being lumpy in places I haven't been since I was 14 is NOT COOL. I want to be a beautiful THIN bridesmaid, maid of honor and most of all BRIDE. I was in my friends wedding in the fall, she made a few comments about how she thought I would have lost the weight by her wedding. Like, thanks alot...

Any who. Thats my drama story. Thats the problem. To me, weight is drama. Its nice to see people who can laugh at it Or at least cry with me! lol, jk. It probably dosn't help that my mother is obeese. And has been for years. Shes now diabetic, has serious asthma, heart problems, needs a knee replacement (at 52), and has been treated for broken ankles and other joint problems many times over the past few years. It's scary.

So here I am. Day 4 of my South Beach Attempt. Nice to meet you all
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Sup laaaaadies.

Also just joined yesterday.

Here's where I'm at:
I've always been a chubby kid. Always. I hated doing active stuff growing up and in general ate like crap. Eating taco bell was awesome. Video games for hours was awesome. Running.. not so awesome

So anyways, I think about junior/senior year of high school (which I TOTALLY hated) I tipped the scales around 190. And at 5"5, it made me feel horrible the way I looked. But seeing that number really motivated me to do something about it. I sort of changed the way I ate (not really ie: i cooked sometimes but it was all frozen stuff from Trader Joe's) and I started exercising. I lost about 40 pounds in a few months and sat at 160-155 up until now.

I've been vegetarian for a few years now and went vegan a year ago. Some people (ME) had this idea that if you went vegan you'd lose all this weight and whatever. Well I gained like 10 pounds. All the soy-this and soy-that and late-night snacks really did me in.

So about a month ago I started changing the way I ate, and about 3 weeks ago, I canceled my cable and got a gym membership.

I'm just really motivated right now to get out there and be active and healthy. The number isn't so important to me anymore, but I know that I can look better and feel better if I do the work.

It's really awesome reading everyone's stories and motivates me like no other.
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I will never give up.
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Hey, chicks! The fact that there were very few people in the "Getting out of the 130's" thread on the 20-somethings board has brought me here.

I have been through the mill when it comes to weight loss. I was a chubby kid and then developed anorexia in middle school. I proceeded to swing back and forth between anorexia and bulimia for about 7 years. I'm tentatively in recovery. My weight has been everywhere from way too thin (in the low 90's) and too big. I went into recovery from bulimia last year, I was a little over 160 pounds. Now I'm losing weight the healthy way.

I have lost 20 pounds so far and I'm aiming for about 20 more, as well as to get toned. This site has been so helpful and supportive to me the whole time I've been on this journey.

My main things are watching calories and working out every day in some form or fashion. Right now I'm doing Couch to 5k.
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Hello everyone! I am about to turn 30 and I am the fittest and the heaviest I have ever been. I am 135 right now, and a triathlete. the pounds are not all muscle, sadly. I have a very stressful job that had me spending 9 months sucking down sugary soda and stuffing myself with chocolate just to try to cope with the pounding heart and dizziness I felt from the constant pressure. Would you guess I am a school teacher? Well, the very day school got out I signed up for 9 triathlons and dove in (literally) to a very rigorous training program. With 3 months of unstructured time (possibly for the last time as I am planning to have a child soon) I have been running 5 miles a day, swimming an hour, and biking an hour. I also rock climb, paddle board, mountain bike, hike, and do a medicine ball video. It has been 6 weeks since I switched to summer mode, and my weight has not changed at all. I am getting toned, which is nice. I was kind of expecting the weight to vanish overnight like it did about 4 years ago when I began marathoning. I guess hitting 30 changes things a bit.

I miss my old body. I weighed 105-110 ever since I was 14, so I feel like I am wearing a stranger's skin. I am embarassed to wear certain things, and I am honestly confused about what I look like now. I want to lose 20 lbs and be 115. I also want to erase stress from my life, finish an ironman, and amaze myself. I feel like I am on my way, but it is hard not to get impatient.

Two weeks ago I got first place in a small local traithlon. It was such an amazing feeling. This is the life I have always dreamed of....now I want my dream body back.
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I saw your post today on the general forum, but now reading about your really rigorous exercise routine (plus your history as a marathoner) makes me think you really need to focus on proper nutrition and be careful about cutting calories too drastically. Come post here and be sure to check out the exercise forum, too!
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