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wonderwoman34...thanks for responding. After checking out this site I was inspired to actually stick to my diet for 2 days! Yowza!!!

I had really developed this frame of mind that my 44 year old body wasn't going to lose weight. That my metabolism was slooooooowing down and this was just the way it was going to be. After reading several posts and success stories I decided to pull my head out of my denial and get with it. I sure how I've got it together this time.

somebody out there cheer me on!!!! I'll cheer back...
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Token Short Girl
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Hi guys! I'm Kelly. I'm 18 years old and I'll be leaving for college on Wednesday (September 10th). I'm nervous, but very excited and anxious to leave.

My weight has wavered a lot since I first became an adolescent. When my father passed, I was 12 and suffered from some grief-induced issues. I lost a lot of weight, and suddenly gained it back very quickly. I spent 8th grade and freshman year of high school embarrassed about my weight. Before sophomore year, I managed to lose it all by eating healthier and working out more. I started working part-time on my boyfriend's family farm and got a tan in the process. By the time I was 16, I was happy with my weight. At 4'10" with a D-cup, I was weighing in at 97 lbs., which is right where a girl of my size and shape should have been.

Then I got my first job. And when you work at a grocery store where you have all of the sales memorized, it's easy to drop 79 cents on that Hershey bar. After all, one won't hurt you, right? Then, I started taking college-level classes in high school. Staying up until midnight to do homework made that cup of coffee look like a necessity in the morning. So, here I am, working 45-hour weeks as an intern in an office building where all you can do to break up the monotony is go to the break room for a snack.

At 18, I am 4'10" and weighing 110. For a vertically challenged girl such as myself, that's overweight. Moreover, with less height to spread out the weight, every pound is obvious. So, I joined 3FC in hopes to maybe breaking the college freshman stereotype. Instead of gaining that freshman 15, I was to lose it before it even becomes an issue. And I want to lose it in a healthy way. Someday I would like to be back down to around 100, or even 95 if I don't mind losing a cup size (lol).

At school, I plan on being in intramural soccer and hopefully running with a friend of mine. My roommate also wants to get back into shape, so I'm hoping we can keep each other motivated. I've tried and failed to lose this extra weight in the last two years, and I don't want to do that again!
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Wedding Weightloss
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Hi all! I'm also Kelly, and I'm on the opposite end of college as Kellyfoo! I'll be graduating this December with a degree in Education and Human Sciences. Kellyfoo, college is not that scary, actually, I'm finding it even scarier thinking about leaving college than I found it going to college.

I hope it's okay that I've joined in with the Featherweights. I have about 20 lbs to lose, so I'm a little more than the 15 lb max, but I think that's okay? Feel free to kick me out if it's not I gained most of my weight in mid to late high school because my family moved from Kansas to ITALY (culture shock!) and my dad was in the very first group of soldiers deployed to Iraq. On top of that, my older sister left for college at the same time and I was left at home alone with my mom, we were both depressed by the situation and being so far away from home and family and things just got out of hand. Dinner became wine and cheese fests, we snacked all the time, etc. At my heaviest I was a little over 170 lbs (I stopped getting on the scale around 168 lbs).

I am currently at 148 lbs. I lost the initial weight just from moving into an apartment and having all my bills to pay. Groceries is the last on the list so when it comes time to buy those, there's not much left! I also only have 30 minutes for lunch, so I became addicted to the weight watchers smartones frozen meals. Not a bad thing to get addicted to! I'm trying to lose my last 20 lbs for my wedding on 10/09/09 but would like to lose about 10 for our engagement pictures which will be taken sometime before Christmas! Well, that's my story! Sorry for rambling, I'm trying to procrastinate doing something for work
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Watch... as I disappear!
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Hey Everyone!

I'm Ally! I joined this site because I needed someone to talk to about my goals to being healthy! My entire family is (and probably never will be) concerned with eating healthy and healthy weights.

Anyway! I started my last year of college on Aug 25 and decided to make a change! I started at 140 lbs and slowly made it to 128.4 lbs (today). I'm hoping to get to 120. If I make it there well see!

I can't wait to meet everyone!
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Hey trishpix, I'll cheer you on! My mum is a couple of years older than you and has recently lost a lot of weight by taking up running, she says she feels great. Good luck!

I thought I had posted here but can't find the post so I'll quickly recap. I've felt as though I was overweight since I was 11 or 12 - I now realise it probably didn't matter at that age and if I'd been more confident and hence active it might have dropped off. Sadly I decided I would always be fat, and ate accordingly.

I'm now 26 and through finding this site, and taking up running, I'm determined to change and become a similar size to other women my age. Because I'm tall and broadly built I will never look petite and girly. But I can reach a weight I feel happy with. I have a lovely boyfriend (although he is underweight - anyone have any tips on this? He eats lots, is healthy, and barely exercises but is 6 foot with about a 26" waist.)

Now I am trying to exercise every day - counting walking or running to work - and am eating more salads and less rubbish. The first 10lb were easy but now it's a struggle again. I want to be able to wear skinny jeans, or a bikini, and feel attractive in them. Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be much appreciated.
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Default New member!

Hey everybody! I'm also in college and looking to lose some weight! I just joined this site tonight because after eating almost an entire bag of chocolate I decided it was time I get some support and have some accountability. Basically, my highest weight was 156 lbs (not too bad) and I'm currently down to 132.2 lbs, but it's taken a couple years to get this far. My ultimate goal is to be a fit and toned 120 lbs. Now, I don't have much to lose and didn't have a lot to lose from the outset, but clearly it's been a long road if it's taken me years to lose 14 lbs. I'm notorious for getting down to about the weight I'm at now, plateau, and then gain back the lost weight. So now I'm in this for good, I've decided that I'm going to lose the extra fat and keep it off. Most importantly, I want to start living a more active lifestyle. I'm doing this so far by walking a lot more (I just moved to New York City) and playing soccer. Also, I really want to meet some people on here that can help support me and who I plan on supporting as well. I just started a blog that I'm planning on keeping up with so please visit it (the link should be in my profile) and leave any comments, advice, or what have you! Good luck to everyone else as well!

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Red face

I am a first timer and can't believe I am using a website but I really need the support to stay active and eat right. I will be 51 next month and am horribly out of shape. Some of this is due to recent cancer treatment but a lot of it is due to bad habits and feeling like I don't have the energy to do the work. I would love it if someone would stay in touch and keep me on track. Happy to help you also any way I can.
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Red face

Wow it's great to read your stories, makes me feel I belong here

I hit 31 this year and I'm discovering it's not as easy to be slim as it used to be. I'm naturally tall so I carry any weight pretty well, but I could never be called 'thin'. I've got broad shoulders which I can't do anything about, and a belly which I can.

I have a stressful job and have had a particularly difficult time of it lately; when I'm stressed I don't eat or sleep or find time for doing things for myself (gym etc.). I've been lacking in energy and motivation for, well, life really.

I want to get back on track and now I feel a bit better about work I think it's the right time. I need to start eating (at the moment I struggle to eat one meal a day - really not good...) and start doing more exercise, and I hope this site can help motivate me to do that.

I am a size 10/12, 5ft 9inches, weight 135lb. Sounds about right but it's all in the wrong places! (small boobs, big belly).
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I think I should join in with my story...I'm 3kiddos and I have 3kiddos. I'm 29 years old. While in highschool I had no issue with weight, I was about 135. I ate healthy food at home and was very active working and hanging out with friends. Well then I went off to college and got to eat whatever, and I did eat whatever. I started dating and all of the dating consisted of going out to eat.

Before you know I discoverd Italian food and hamburgers and french fries. I probably gained 20 pounds the first 2 years of college by the time I got married at 20 I was up to 167. I just rationalized it and didn't worry about. When I got to the point where I was heavier than my husband at 172 I decided I needed to do something. I got a treadmill and started walking, slowly I lost some weight, back down to 167.

Then I got preggo with baby #1, I ate like food was going out of style while preggo. Had the baby looked like a blimb and started the excerise and starving myself eating broccoli and slimfast shakes.....got preggo when my baby was 5 months old.....eat like crazy had baby #2. I knew I had to get under control. I excerised and started researching healthy eating......got down to 145, then baby #3.

After baby number three I worked my but off, literally, I got down to 138 by eating right and exercising. Then I got lax, got up to 154, and here I am trying to get to 138/135...currently at 147.4...and working it down..

I've learned some lessons along the way. I can't have junk food, not even for treat, it will ruin my efforts and bring the cravings back. I've got to eat as much unprocessed foods as I can. Prepackaged foods are okay only for emergency situations but I can't live on those things forever. I have had to read labels and measure my foods and THINK carefully about what I'm putting in my mouth. I'm just praying I reach my goal and stay there. It's really a life style change... this culture makes it so hard to stay slim...it's an everyday fight. My friends and family are tired about me preaching about it but I've got to do this for me.....sz 4 tastes better than anything!
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Oh, how I love to see all the newbies .... one and all....

I'm 51 I never thought I'd be in the best shape of my life at this age, I run, I bike, I weight train, I do Yoga... So everyone who feels old, DON'T!! .... but I still can't lose the last 15 OYE!

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I'm new here, too. My story begins when I was a child; my mom didn't know how to cook, and fed us junk all the time (sugary cereals, pop tarts, rice-a-roni, hamburger helper, little debbie cakes in the lunch bag, etc.), plus we were really poor, so when we (rarely) went out for dinner, it was to fast food joints like McDonald's or Taco Bell. I developed a wicked sweet tooth, and a severe obsession with carbs. One time in high school, a cousin and I bought a dozen from Dunkin Donuts and each ate half over the course of one afternoon. I moved out of my mom's house at 17, but not knowing how to cook, I ate mostly french fries, ramen noodles, mac'n'cheese, and frozen burritos.

The thing was, I had a very high metabolism then. I weighed under 115 during high school, and most of that was muscle (I rode my bike everywhere, and had a job in a hardware store with lots of lifting). I had a visible 4-pack until I was 22. People used to tell me, when they saw me eating a chocolate bar as big as my head, that my eating junk would catch up with me, but I scoffed and said "how is what I eat NOW going to affect me later in life??"

Oh, the folly of youth. What I didn't realize is that they were right -- but not in the way I thought they meant. Weighing between 105-115 lbs. for most of my life, I had grown accustomed to eating everything in sight, from a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's in a single sitting, to two orders of Nachos BellGrande for lunch. It was the HABITS (not the calories from that Symphony Bar) that have followed me and caused me trouble.

At 109 lbs., when I was about 22, I moved to North Carolina (part of the deep-fried South) from California. There's not a whole lot people do in my town for fun except eat and drink. So in addition to my bad eating habits, I also started drinking fairly heavily. By the time I had been in NC for three years, I had gained 27 lbs., due to the drinking and the metabolism slowdown that occurs between 22-25. At Thanksgiving, I stepped on my aunt's scale and it registered 136. I was shocked, having not weighed myself in a long time, and thought it must be broken, but she assured me it was not. I bought a scale of my own.

So at 25, I was trying to diet for the first time. I cut out second servings, and managed to lose 7 lbs. in a couple of months just by doing that, but that wasn't enough for me. I became fascinated with CRON (and all things longevity) for a time, and on a 1000-1200 diet, I got down to 112, but it was unsustainable for me... too little calories and I was HUNGRY! I went off CRON, and ate my way right back up to 129.

At 26, I tried a low-carb diet, which didn't really work for me, since I don't eat meat, and there isn't much variety that way. I went off low carb, joined a gym and ate a lot of salads, and managed to get down to 119 for my wedding last June. I generally eat fairly healthily (no refined carbs, no meat except seafood, little fried food, lots of fiber, etc.).

In the past 4 months, though, I have gained the same 10 lbs. back again. I want to be back in the comfort level of 105-113 where I spent most of my life except for the past two fat years. I am going to start trying for real to lose weight and keep it off.
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Take care of yourself
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Hi. my name is Lu and I am new to this site. I was invited to this site by Meowee. So thank you Meowee for the invitation.
I weigh in 143.5 and I want to go down to my first goal weigh in 125 lbs. This week, I planned out my exercise routine and what I will be eating daily. I have to have a schedule because if not I lose focus on what I have to do.
I hope to get to know each of you.

[I]"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit."

Change requires determination, energy and aspiration, the ability to intentionally bring into being something we want. It requires starting over even when we blow it or get discourage.[/I]
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Progress, not perfection!
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This is from my introduction:

Quick background:

I have always been SKINNY, all my life. Even after having 2 kids, I was the woman who bounced back in a few months to her pre-pregnancy weight. (Loose skin and stretch marks, however, have been my nemesis!)

About 5 years ago, I started taking some meds that caused me to gain a lot of weight, and even when I stopped taking them I found I couldn't lose it. When I went to the doctor to have my cholesterol checked, they did my BMI and I was in the "overweight" category. I was shocked. I guess I didn't realize, you know? I mean, I knew I had gained some weight, but.. I also should mention that I am only 5'0 so what sounds like a small number to some was actually a lot on me. 5 pounds on my frame is 2 jeans sizes.

I never really had to watch what I ate or anything, so it was very difficult for me to learn about nutrition labels, calorie counting, fat grams, fiber/protein, etc. and exercising.. forget it! I hate it! lol.

Well, long story short, I was able to lose 23 pounds over the course of about 18 months and get down to my healthy weight of 112. (Yes, I know, sounds small! But seriously, that's MY healthy weight, I swear!)

THEN, I started dating my now-husband. This is a man who likes his meat and potatoes, but please hold ALL other vegetables. No wheat please, and definitely lots of sugar in the coffee. You get the picture. Add in sports events with all its soda and hot dogs, etc. and pretty soon, my weight loss victory was completely in the ruins. I didn't gain it ALL back, but quite a bit of it.

In the last year of so, I have lost and regained the same 10 pounds. I am SO sick of this roller coaster ride! I want OFF!

So here I am... water-drinking, body-moving, leafy-green-eating, step-counting, the whole nine yards. I don't WANT to feel sluggish anymore. I don't WANT to feel irritable and cranky anymore . I don't WANT to feel tired all the time.

This time, I have to do it. I am 31 years old.. I have so many years still to look as hot as I feel! Right?!

Besides, I have a whole CLOSET full of clothes that don't fit and I'm way too cheap to buy new ones. lol. I've been wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans for the last 6 months. Anyone else ever have to do that? It sucks!

So, nice to meet you all! I look forward to getting to know you all better and to hopefully get some support from you, as well as offer my own!
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Welcome and good luck!

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Progress, not perfection!
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