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thanks! and congrats on your own weight loss
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Hi everyone,

I've "lurked" on this website for quite some time. It feels a bit bizarre to be making this post, but here goes. Like many of you, I was slim in my youth, and very athletic. I competed in a variety of sports, from track and field to figure skating. However, I was basically sedentary by the time I hit my second or third year of university. I have always eaten well, by which I mean I choose low fat foods as often as possible, and have an aversion to low-quality packaged foods (probably as a result of figure skating and being forced to watch what I eat, and health concerns due to family history). But, I do have a problem with binge eating. I have a pretty stressful life, which I am sure doesn't help my tendency to binge, so a couple of months ago I started making time to go to the gym with a buddy (who is absolutely tiny, thus doesn't have a common weight loss goal), and we go for at least 40 minutes about 5-6 times a week. I have a solid 12 pounds to lose to get to a point where I'm comfortable with myself again.

I'm a bit frustrated right now because I have been going to the gym quite often, but I have not seen a difference in my weight or appearance. I need to make more of an effort in curbing the quantity of food that I eat, but I hate having that hungry feeling, and I find that vegetables and some fruits make me feel even hungrier. I joined this site to try to find some tips and inspiration, and maybe give myself a sense of some accountability as none of my friends want to lose weight (either don't need to or are not ready to make a lifestyle change yet).

Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to us all for becoming healthier people!
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Default Hello ALL I am new!

My name is Mary, I am a mom of 3, my youngest son is now 2.5 y/o. And after having him I lost all my baby weight and then some, I was at 135lbs. As soon as I returned back to work from maternity leave, I started my old habits once again. I have no self control when it comes to fast food BREAKFAST. Over the last year I have gain about 15lbs- putting me up to 150#. I just started a modification to my diet, smaller portions, eating more frequently and avoiding the drive thrus... I weighed myself this morning after 2 wks of hard work and yes I dropped 4 lbs. So I am headed towards the right direction and figure now I have to implement a exercise routine.


I am not sure if I posted the ticker right, I hope so. Anyways, I joined 3fatchicks for support and to vent. My weight is seriously bothering me. And I feel so vain about it but to truth is, it also makes me depressed. i am not happy with myself, so I would like to get to the point where I will like myself once again = )
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Hi Everyone!

I've been following and posting in the South Beach Diet and Exercise forums. I was excited to stumble on this forum today which is perfect for me!

I've gained weight in the past few years, mainly as my activity level decreased from playing tennis everyday in high school to walking miles a day in college to walking 30 min a day in grad school to basically doing no exercise now that I'm in the working world.

Since I've been working, I've also resorted to eating unhealthy snacks like candy and chips, as they are freely available in the breakroom.

I'm not happy with how I look, especially the weight I've gained in my stomach, or my overall fitness level, so I decided to do something about it on Jan 1.

My goal is to lose about 18 lbs and tone my arms in time for my wedding in August.

I started the South Beach diet and I'm exercising 3 times a week and meeting with a trainer once a month to work on my weight training goals.

So far the South Beach Diet has been great! I've lost cravings for chips, candy and soda and I stick to my meal plan most days. I've lost 4 lbs so far. I'm continuing to work on my exercise goals including being able to run for 20 min.

I'll look forward to reading and posting in this forum, good luck everyone with meeting your weight loss and fitness goals!
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I've always been around the same weight for about 6 years now. But in my final year of college, I`ve moved into an apartment, so I no longer am getting a balanced meal or as much exercise as I had been.

I have about 5-10 pounds that I've always wanted to lose, so in order to keep from gaining the freshman 15 (finally), I've decided to become strict and actually watch what I`m eating and work to maintain my current weight and then lose a few extra pounds.

I love eating out though, so that's my biggest problem.
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i was skinny all my life. i never once thought about how i looked in clothes--what was flattering, what covered my trouble spots etc. i went through puberty very late and was only about 120 when i started college. as time passed i just kept gaining weight slowly and steadily. at first, i assumed it was because my body was still changing. but eventually, i realized that i couldn't just eat whatever i wanted anymore. enter obsession with food, struggles with eating disorders etc. i know that e.d. made it so much worse...my metabolism slowed to a crawl (which i'm still recovering from) and my self image was way out of proportion. i'm thankful that i no longer struggle with e.d. but now i'm stuck with a body that doesn't know how to process food and about 25 extra pounds. i'm 27 now and i'm ready to start a new, healthy chapter of my life.

i was really into (lurking) your site in the summer and thru october. i had (healthily) lost about 15lbs (down to 154 from 169) and was pleased with the progress. then...the weather changed...and with the sunshine went my motivation to get to the gym. i've still been keeping up reasonably well with healthy eating, but i'm up to about 160 again...

so, here i am, giving this another try. this time i will stick with it.

my bf is gone for a month and i'd really like to surprise him when he gets home at the beginning of march. if i can do it, i'd really like to lose 10lbs by then...so that's my goal for now...i'd love to get to know some of you all too...company makes it easier.
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Hi, thanks for sharing your stories. Here's mine. I was always thin as a child and young adult. Weighed 116 at my wedding, and 121 was my weight for years. With my first pregnancy, I lost just about all the weight within 4 or 5 months, just running around with the baby and breastfeeding. My second pregnancy, though, I never lost the weight, even though i had two kids now!

Fast forward to eight years later. I was fat, 191 at 5-2 and miserable. I went to the doc and my blood pressure was high at 151/110. It had always been low, like 100/79 previously. She put me on a water pill, and told me to lose weight and cut down on the salt. I lost 10 pounds of water weight right away.

Then I joined LA Weight Loss and lost down to 129, which is so skinny for me. This was eight years ago, and the weight slowly came back on and I found myself and 164 after the holidays. I've been dieting since and have lost 12.

Good luck to all of us!
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Default adding my story too!

Hi everyone! I have 13 pounds to go, so I guess I belong here!

I was always around 130 in high school. I tend to have a lot of muscle so I was about a size 8- not skinny but not overweight either. Then in college I gained the "freshman 15" thanks to the dining hall and late night junk food with my friends in the dorm. After my sophomore year I got serious about dieting and exercising- too serious in fact, because I was restricting my diet too much and over-exercising. I weighed about 108 at my lowest. Too low for me- stopped having periods, was cold all the time, had family very concerned, etc.

Eventually all the dieting was too much and when I was back at school I overindulged and got lazy on the exercise.... that got me up to about 140. After I graduated I got a desk job and had too much fun partying on the weekends which added on another 5 pounds. A couple years after graduating I got married, and shortly after that got pregnant with my daughter.... I gained 55 pounds and weighed 200 when I delivered her!

Through breastfeeding, stroller walking and yoga I lost all the weight from that pregnancy and was back at 145. Literally the week after I got back into my pre pregnancy jeans I found out I was pregnant again !!! This time around I was a lot more careful and gained only 25 pounds, eating really healthy throughout my pregnancy. The weight came off easily through breastfeeding, healthy eating, and walking.... and there I was back at 145 which seems to be where my body really likes to be!

However I look and feel a lot better at 125 pounds.... so that is my goal weight. Now I am running, strength training, and continuing to follow a healthy whole foods diet and I'm at 138. I have really stepped up the exercise lately and hope to reach goal by this summer.

Nice meeting you all and sorry for the life story!!!
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Well my story is so depressing when I think about it.I am a Mother of three and was able to keep my weight under control until after my third baby. He was 10lbs 10oz and shattered my pelvis leaving me unable to do anything for three months.The pregnacy weight of 146 did not come of and my new lifestyle didn't help.When I was able to exercise again it was just to painful.After a year of physical Therapy I was able to get back to running and lost 20 pounds,even though I didnt make it back to my prepregnancy weight I was very fit from working with a personal trainer.So I stayed at 126 for three years.Then I got reinfected with lymes disease for the second time and was not responding to antibiotic therapy once again I was crippled by faigue and muscle pain.I gained back 16 pounds. Thats when I looked for help and found 3fc's.At 142 pounds I was so depressed.But the weight doesn't seem to want to budge,I am now at 135 and would love to get down to 120 and fit into afew of my old clothes.I exercise at least 50 minutes a day cardio and strenth training.But I have a carb addiction so I need to get serious and stick to a diet plan.
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I've been reading for a little while and decided to join up. I'm 33-years old and I'm on a diet for the first time in my life, so it's a little scary for me and I thought I would join up with you all for some support and sharing.

I had the great fortune (which I took for granted, of course!) of having a very good metabolism until about 2 years ago, at which point I slowly started gaining weight. I have gained about 20 pounds in that time period. I wish I could pinpoint what precipitated my weight gain, but since I didn't make any lifestyle changes that would noticeably affect my weight, I reluctantly have to chalk it up to aging.

I am concerned about my weight because of family history (both of my parents are morbidly obese). I have never had children, so this type of weight gain in my early 30's without any noticeable behavior change has kind of shocked me awake and I've decided to do something about it now rather than later.

I tried dieting on my own for about a month (Lean Cuisine, my own version of portion control, etc.), but I was starving all the time and would find myself in a drive-thru at least a couple of times a week. So, about 2 weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and order a meal-delivery service - and so far, it's been great! I've been on the service for about 10 days now and I've already lost 3 pounds! The food is fresh, good, and I look forward to eating it - and best of all, I'm not hungry all the time!

My current weight is 152 and I'd like to get down to 135 (the weight I was able to maintain with no effort all of my adult life until recently) - I am 5'9", so while I understand I am not technically "overweight," I want to try to nip my weight gain in the bud or at least mitigate it as I get older and my metabolism continues to slow down. I look forward to hanging out with everyone!
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Hi Featherweights

OK, here we goooooo, for my story regarding the weight problems

I was never a skinny child, nor fat. I was a normal newborn, who became very very fat in several months. I guess that is not my fault huh, I was a baby. But I strongly believe that my sweet tooth comes from back then.
I grew up always being more chunky. I was called fat several times by people and my mean brother nagged me on a daily basis.

My family started having more and more bad habits (and it has always been a family thing with gatherings and tons of food, and grandmas and aunts always thinking you are too skinny ), till one day my mom decided to cook more healthy. It was better, my mom changed a lot, she looked fit, younger and not so tired. But we were never able to give up the Sunday cake. On top of that, my brother became an problem kid and our family started having more and more problems.

Because of my bro, I started being a better child, to be easier for my parents. I started studying and get myself on track. Reaching adolescence with all issues was still a problem. I started developing sort of an acne (all types), more and more allergies so and so. I was happy because I had a growing plunge so I became taller and my true big bone frame started showing. What I wasn't happy about were my stretch marks

10th grade came with new changes- I put on braces, and because of the pain I felt moving teeth around, I could not chew anything. So my food consisted in anything a baby could eat. NO meet involved, it was a torment so I gave it up. I gave up even sweets because I was warned about decay problems with braces on. Soon after, I started loosing a lot of weight. I became a yogurt wacko, because it was one of the foods I ate the most. I was a 113 lbs on a big 5'7" frame
It felt good, all my cloth were falling. but I knew it wasn't quite healthy. Stretch marks got worse. My brother was still calling me fat, and he was causing many arguments in the family, I was under a lot of stress. My immune system got worse and worse.

Two years later, my braces down, and I found myself eating EVERYTHING I could not eat for two years. Guess what happened? Of course I gained a lot of weight (like 20lbs). not muscles for sure, and a new collection of stretch marks. So I looked worse at the same weight I had before, a weight that should have been normal for my body frame. I started swimming, and loved it a lot, I was getting toned

All the health issues (allergies, and acne problems and treatments for years), family problems, living under lots of stress, didn't help at all. Plus 2 colleges at the same time (one that I hated), no time for swimming, lots of exams, and an ******* bf split did the "trick" of plunging me at 158 lbs. I was 5'8", I grew up a little more, but I was starting to look horrible.

It was the time I said STOP, before it is worth. I gave up one of my colleges with my mom's support and kept just one (dad was furious). Put myself on track and decided to be even more stronger regarding the family problems I couldn't do anything about (yes, my bro). I started paying a little more attention to what I was eating (I always found comfort in eating every time I had a problem), and finally joined a gym 3 years ago.

I also met my husband, a real support in making myself stronger.
The gym guys were also helping me too (they were professional weight lifters, squats champions). So I started loosing weight the healthy way. It was hard, I even got injured a little for pushing too hart on squats. I was waking up very early, walking till the gym very fast (1h, so I was all sweaty, that was my cardio), was working out 6-7 times a week , then rushed to the University for 7hours, then work, then home walking another hour (with a rucksack on my back having clothing to change 3x).

It did the trick. In 1 year I reached 135 and kept it for more then 6 months, I was happy. . And I was not eating too healthy, sweets were a daily thing. I was happy I didn't had to change my diet too badly. School became more busy, I moved out of my parents, a new job, but I was still not going over 137. Then to all the busy life I had a wedding to plan, and my last 4th year of University, with a diploma waiting in line, plus a visa to leave. It was a crazy 2007-2008. I lost 7lbs for my wedding (2lbs just in the week of the wedding because of running around for the last details). But I looked smashing at 130 lbs in May 2008. I was never happier then that day. I realized my health was better (allergies slowed down, my skin still had a few acne problems, still has, but will get better in time), stretch marks are forever, but I am LOVED by the most wonderful man and I him too. I was 22, never thought I would consider a marriage or a man till at least 27, but there I was, more prepared then ever.

Then my exams came right after, got my University diploma (I didn't work for it at full potential but I got it ) , a few months away from my trip to the States, and I was busy renovating an apartment for my mother in law Didn't have too much time for my folks, for my plans, for my dying grandpa to say good bye the right way, for myself, didn't even have time to pack my luggage till one day before my flight

So September 2008, my loooong 13h flight to the States and a few more hours with the immigration. I was a walking zombie. But I was happy to reunite with my husband.
In a month we joined a gym here, YMCA, and found out I was 140lbs...soon to be 144 lbs. The days I skipped gym (that was for 3 months of renovating the apartment, I missed 2 workouts from 3/week), the bad food I ate because I had no more time for cooking back then, the new climate in the States, the new food, new tastes, everything, no job yet, loosing a day in front of my pc at home not at work, a little depression got me here, at 144lbs.

I have been working out, not enough cardio obviously, I have been eating quite healthy (but I was never good at protein/carbs/fat measurements), chocolate is always involved, and I am determined to learn more to have results.

2009 Hopes, Goals, Dream, Plans

- get my 132 lbs back (from 144) and keep it, with gym and healthy living for life
- learn to drive, doh
- hope to find a job
- make friends in the States (I guess I am on the good track )
- get my English speaking/writing on an excellent track, without forgetting my mother language.

That's a wrap folks!

I need your support, to change my diet plan, the working out plan.
Above all this, I am helping my husband to loose his weight (he has gone so far from 315 to 265, at 6'2"). So that involves another plan for him . Glad I found you 3FC!!!

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Default Newbie

Hey Doughnut, I like this whole introduction thing. I'm just new to 3fatchicks today and haven't a clue where to go from here so any advice would be greatly appreciated. (You can also to tell me to get lost if I'm posting this in the wrong place )

Figured the easiest thing to do would be to paste the first entry to my blog by way of introduction:

Right well Iím a bit confused as to how this works but gonna write a brief bio and go from here.

Iím a 27 year old woman who has been on a yo-yo diet for the last 12 years. My highest weight was 147lbs and my lowest 114lbs. Iím currently 128lbs but trust me that does not look good on someone who is 5 foot 1-and-a-bit inches tall!

Iíve also been a smoker since the age of 16 (20 a day). Over the last year Iíve been working really hard to give up. Managed to stay off them for 4 months in 2008 and was on/off for the rest of the year. Had my last cigarette New Yearís Eve 2008 and havenít touched one since.

Last summer I traveled for 10 weeks in Asia. Before I left I weighed 127lbs, when I came back I was 118lbs. Iíve been steadily putting on weight since. Looking forward to getting back to 118lbs but my UGW is (a probably unrealistic) 105lbs.

Being that Iím Irish and today is St. Patrickís Day, the traditional day of excess for my people, I decided Iíd buck the trend and start my diet today. Hereís hoping I give Dita Von Teese a run for her money soon enough!

Ok, so that wasnít exactly a brief bio but heck, at least you got your moneyís worth. Any comments/support would be greatly appreciated!
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Originally Posted by Solas View Post
Any comments/support would be greatly appreciated!
Hey Solas, . Congrats on your decision on getting into shape. There is an introduction part, but any subforum has another introduction part again, so you being a featherlight makes it ok to say hi over here I am a newbie too, so I will be seeing you around huh

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So heres my story!

I am 24 with two kids... I am wanting to lose the last of my baby weight. But more importantly I want to tone/firm. Esp in my 'trouble spots'... and get back in shape. I dont have far to go on the weight loss, its just actually getting the last few lbs to come off. I've heard those are the hardest to lose?! I mainly want to look leaner/healthier.

I am eating a better diet. Cutting out carbs and sugar where I can. Lots of protein and fiber. And of course my daily multi vit.

I am hoping to make a complete lifestyle change and become healthier. Setting a great example for my kids...so they can lead healthy lives too!

I look forward to getting to know everyone!

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Welcome Kellie!
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