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Red face

hi everyone!
i'm brand new, just joined this afternoon and am really excited about starting a new weight loss journey on 3FC! (i love the dancing carrot!) I've been lurking for a really long time so i decided today to take the plunge and join because the stories and support i've seen members giving is really brilliant! so here's a bit about me...
my weight loss story began 11 years ao when i was nine, when i decided my belly was too big so i began swilling down gallons of water because i'd heard somewhere it made you lose weight! the diets ive been on have varied from total starvation, liquid diet, raw food and nothing but cereal! needless to say none of them have worked! my belly obsession has always been my biggest bugbear and personal obstacle in my life, which sounds really dramatic but its true! im very tall, (5'10") with long legs which dont get fat, so all the weight goes to my face and tummy! my self consciousness about it has prevented me from wearing certain clothes and things like that, but its even been so inhibiting that sometimes i havent left the house! i have an amazing boyfriend (since i was 15!) who is always telling me im beautiful but i dont quite believe it, and my body issues have been damaging to our relationship on occasion, so ive decided that i need to cop on to myself, shift the weight and finally be happy in myself! i think the 21 pounds ive set as a goal will be enough. im rejoining ww (for the third time) on tuesday and i went on my first ever jog today so im off to quite a good start! im going to be doing ww core plan (no pointing but restricted foods) which has worked in the past but im also trying to up my nutrition because im strict vegetarian and anaemic because of my poor diet, so those are my goals! im really looking forward to being on 3FC where everyone is in the same boat diet wise! sorry, i really love the carrot!
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Ilene the Bean
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Default New to 3 fat chicks

I am not only new to 3FC, but also to blogging and all of this. I have never posted anything on-line so this is all new to me. In the past 5 yrs, I have gotten married, had 2 kids, and gained about 25lbs. My baby is now 1, so it's time to get my body back. I weighed about 127lb when I got married (used diet pills to get into my dress), my pre-baby weight before kiddo #1 was 138lbs, got back down to 140lbs before kiddo #2. Now I'm at 151lbs and need to at least get back to pre-baby weight---and then some. My goal is 133lbs.
Previously when I have lost weight, I've just done it on my own, smaller portions, low carb, working out etc...This time I decided it was time to get some help. I am going through Metabolic Research Centers. I am basically doing low-carb, lots of protein drinks, tons of water, lots of supplementation with vitamins and such. I know I need to start a workout regimen, but I haven't gotten there yet. I also decided I needed to get some online support. My sisters and mom are overweight, but they don't want to lose with me. My husband doesn't need to lose weight at all. So I'm hoping some online support will help get the weight off and keep it off.
I'm 29, I work as a nurse 2 days a week, the rest of the time I'm home with my kids. I have 2 boys, 3 1/2, and 1.
Looking forward to talking to you all in the future.

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Talking Hello RNmama

RN mama. Hope we can be of support in your goal to lose the "baby fat"

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Well, I'm new here - I'm at the end of my rope in trying to lose the last 18 lbs or so.

I was a division I college athlete about 4 years ago, I was fit and trim, and then I stopped running because I had to work full time (hello, real world!)...instead of running 3 hours a day 6 days a week and lifting weights in the gym 3 days a week, I had to slow down to exercising 4 days a week, one hour per day. This doesn't sound bad for a "normal" person but my body was that of an elite athlete.... so I gained 40 lbs. Yes, I gained 40lbs while exercising regularly and eating normally.

After a year I was 160, and so I went on a 1200 calorie diet and got down to 127...and everything stopped. For a year I didnt lose anything, and wasnt doing anything wrong, and I still had 10 extra pounds to lose!

So I let myself go a little, gained 7 lbs and here I am at 135 still desperately trying to get to 117, my "normal" weight. But I'd even be happy with 120!

Right now I have been doing the Atkins nutritional approach because my body is very, very sensitive to carbohydrates. When i was bigger my blood sugar was almost in the pre-diabetic range, and if I had let myself go any longer I'm sure I would have given myself type 2 diabetes before long.

Atkins is super easy. I dont have a problem with restricting certain foods, or counting calories, or any of that. In fact, I might be one of the very few people in this world were "diets" are EASY for me! I think this is because of my athlete backgroud...when you are training you can't have certain foods, period....so I'm used to not eating foods that simply arent healthy.

The only problem is, I'M NOT LOSING ANY WEIGHT! I even went to the Dr. to see if my thyroid was wacky...he said my blood tests were normal. Then why is it that I'm about 5'3" 135 and CLEARLY have almost 18lbs of extra weight on me, but it's just not going anywhere? What am I doing wrong?

I'm hoping Atkins lo-carbing is the answer for my body...but we shall see. I've been driving everyone in my life crazy with this so thats why I now need support of strangers!! Please help. My body doesnt want to lose anymore weight even though I very clearly have much fat to lose.... hmmmm!

And that's my story
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Welcome! And congratulations on the loss--you've done a great job! There are a lot of us trying to lose those last few pounds--I know I've been at it for a year now (and have gotten within 4 pounds of my goal and then jumped up to almost 16 pounds to goal). Join us in our weekly thread and we'll all commiserate together (and give each other pats on the back when we do well).
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Default Hello

Hi, I'm so excited to have joined this website! 3FC rocks! I have just recently started the fat smash diet, and am ready to get rid of 20 extra pounds I've been carrying around... I've done this on and off for the past twenty years - gained and lost the same ole 20lbs! Though I'm grateful that I've been able to lose it, I'm tired of the games! I just want to lose it, and keep it off this time! I'm tired of wondering what clothes will still fit. Tired of losing a little weight, getting a lil' cocky - and putting it ALL back on. I'm just tired! However, this tiredness has motivated me to do something about it, and with a community such as this, I have that faith that I CAN!

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I totally understand where you are coming from! I too have the same story of weight obsessing and beating myself up... Well, it's never to late to stop! We can lose this weight in a healthy, fun, and supportive way! AND KEEP IT OFF Oh yeah, and I love that dang carrot too!
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Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a while, and I am so impressed with the support and good feelings on this board.

I finally quit smoking on June 10 of this year, after 10 years of the nasty habit and on my worst days, 1 pack a day. Yay! Unfortunately, I gained 20 pounds over the months following.

I am glad to be a non-smoker; gaining some weight was definitely worth it. But I miss my body of a few months ago and would like to lose the weight, plus I would like to improve my overall healthfulness.

I also just got married five months ago, so it has been a time of great adjustment. I have been trying to be forgiving of myself, but some times I get frustrated when my clothes don't fit or I overeat.

Anyway, it's great to sign up and I look forward to being a part of this awesome community!
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Ilene the Bean
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Newbies, Newbies everywhere one and all
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Wow, I've never been able to talk about this because my friends are not supportive at all! I have always been a size 0 or 2 and it was actually difficult for me to keep weight on and not get too thin. I was always known as the skinny girl. So, now that I have gained 15 pounds I have lost a lot of my self esteem. Being a small framed person, 15 pounds looks a lot heavier on me than any of my friends. I hate the way I look right now and am hoping to have the weight off by Thanksgiving.

I lost my father a year ago, and all I could manage to do was stay in bed and eat comfort food. My job was to take care of him, so with him gone I lost my way. It became very easy to just stay in and not move. Well, it caught up with me.

I hate the way my clothes look on me and I feel awful about my body when I look in the mirror. My friends have been having a great time with the fact that I've gained weight and talk about it all the time. It's very hurtful but when I try to tell them, they don't stop. I am still the thinnest, but that's not the point. I feel awful about myself and don't have anyone to talk. My husband is trying to be supportive, but he doesn't understand how I could have low self esteem.

I don't know what to do with this lumpy body. I don't know what kinds of clothes to wear. I can't just go into my closet and grab something. Now I have to take a lot of time to make sure not all my bumps and lumps are showing. Buying clothes is a nightmare too.

I know I have had enough so I have started to move more and eat better foods. I bought the Firm system with the Transfirmer and Slim in 6. I've also been doing pilates. We'll see how it goes! I'm looking forward to getting my body back and become stronger and more confident! Thank you all for letting my vent!
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I started out with a rapid gain from my weight in school (about 152 pounds) to around 180. That gain took oh, maybe 6 weeks...two months? After a break up with a boyfriend and moving away to Uni. Never a good combination! I still cannot even LOOK at a packet of 2 minute noodles without getting queasy lol.

I dropped down to an unhealthy 110 pounds in about 8 or 9 months by basically exercising like a maniac and barely eating (Ooo...maybe 600 or 700 calories on a good day)

Ironically it was my unhealthy obsession with "getting fit" that actually put me on a true "healthy" path and I learnt by reading that one had to EAT to be healthy and lose weight to keep it off. From there I steadily gained back to about 132 pounds which on my frame looked fine.

Then I met the most recent ex and over the course of this past year and a bit have gained 10 pounds. Blargh!

Granted I'm actually a lot lot fitter now than I was a year ago I am still uncomfortable at this weight. As we recently broke up I decided to use it as an oppurtunity to give myself an overhaul and have set to getting rid of the excess baggage!

I'd like to be back to ideally 132 by January but I am aiming for 136 (62kgs). I'm kind of more interested in getting my body fat percentage down than my weight - currently at 21% and I'd like it down about 18%.

I'm calorie counting because its always been the most effective for me and I just canNOT restrict food types lol. Keeping my range between 1200 and 1400.

Exercise - I have bootcamp 3 mornings a week, gym 5-6 days a week and running on however many days I feel like it. I also walk everywhere I can and have taken to walking on my lunch break at work.

So yes, thats me!

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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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Eeee, I love reading people's inspirational stories... AND I love knowing that there is always the small possibility that I could inspire someone else with mine... AAAAND, I'm one of my FAVORITE topics of conversation...

Here's my story:

In 6th grade, I packed on a significant amount of weight, and kept gaining throughout 7th, 8th, and 9th. I didn't eat any more than my friends did (now, I ate a lot, but so did they - and sometimes they were hungry when I was not), and I was still physically active, but I started to grow a massive gut and a double chin. I was ridiculed endlessly for it. It also didn't help that my skin broke out so badly that my face was constantly inflamed. Everyone said I was the ugliest person they knew.

So, the summer before 10th grade, I starved myself and lost 20 pounds, weighing in at 145. I thought I looked super hot, since I could wear size 8 jeans and nice, tight shirts without looking fat. I got my hair highlighted, got a fake tan, started wearing make-up, and my confidence level went WAY up until this guy I sort of liked (who acted like he sort of liked me) told all his friends that he thought I had a gut and acne. This caused me to obsessively wash my face four times a day and continue starving. Of course, the starving often caused me to have no energy, so I would have my periods of binging. I would feel guilty about them, and then I would exercise compulsively to compensate for all the junk I ate.

By the age of 16, I weighed around 120-125 pounds, then I started practicing more eating disordered behavior, which got me down to around 105. Somewhere around the age of 17 or 18, I decided it wasn't worth it anymore and that I should stop obsessing so much over my body. Then, around the age of 18, my life started getting very busy, and I was extremely active without meaning to be - I walked everywhere, had a band that was pretty much my life, moved out to L.A. and often involuntarily skipped meals. I stayed in the 120-125 range and was probably the most body confident I'd ever been. I never counted calories or paid attention to how much exercise I got because I had no need to; I was already thin.

Then, life slowed down. I met my significant other and moved to Florida to be with her after 6 months. No more band. No more acting. No more modeling career... just her. I had a series of very stressful jobs and financial problems, which caused me to binge eat. She cooked meals loaded with fat and carbs. I grabbed fast food for lunch because it was easy and cheap. I exercised daily for awhile but still somehow managed to gain 50 pounds in a little over 6 months. Then, I stopped exercising because I thought I reached the fat point of no return, which made me too depressed and unmotivated to do anything about it... except complain... while I was stuffing my face with Cheetos, donuts, ice cream, and french fries.

Anyway, on May 29, 2007 I stepped on the scale at Publix and it said I weighed 179. I kept telling myself that I weighed 145-150 to the point of where I almost believed it. I had to face reality: I was 20 pounds overweight. I bought a scale for myself and weighed myself in the morning, naked and empty. The scale said I weighed 175, which was my starting weight.

Now, I'm reaching the end of my weight loss journey. As of today (October 18, 2007), I weigh 139 pounds, leaving me with 14 more to lose. I'm going to be the same size as I was when I was most confident about my body, only I now have healthy habits. I'm already starting to see the ab defining lines on my stomach (upper abs only right now) and I figure that by 125, I will most likely have the 4 pack I've always dreamed of having. I'm stronger, more muscular, healthier, and more fit than I have ever been in my life.

My goal (as my sig says) is to lose these 14 pounds by January 2008. I want to start 2008 free of the fifty pounds I gained in 2006.

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Default I'm a new featherweight member

Hi everyone

This is my story. I was always a skinny kid, skinny teenager and that continued until several years ago when I was in my late 30s.

I put on a few pounds one Christmas, and my friend who was in WeightWatchers at that time, gave me her WW info and told me how to do it. It worked. I lost that weight, then more weight, probably borderline underweight. I was used to feeling hungry I got into bad eating habits - too much fatty and sugary foods. I had spare capacity so I thought that a few pounds didn't matter. But I put on all the weight I lost and then some. I was the heaviest I have ever been.

Attempts to go back on the WW points and lose weight stalled after a a few pounds and I was into bad eating habits again, put the weight on, and a bit more. I was going through a difficult situation involving my house, and I lost motivation. I was not bothered about my weight and accepted it, even if I didn't like it.

In many ways, I believe that following the WW points scheme was the worst thing I ever did. All I wanted to lose was 2-4 lbs and I ended up gaining about 20lb or more from that very first day I wanted to try it.

I moved house, I felt better. I lost some weight by good habits but then my friendly next door neighbour had a love of cakes and biscuits, so I indulged when she invited me, and the weight returned and stayed. I gave up weighing myself.

Time passed and I somehow broke the association between comfort and eating. It just happened. Eventually I found that I didn't want chocolate and sweet foods whenever I was at the local corner shop. Before, I was an addict and the temptation was too great. I have no explanation. The link between comfort and eating was broken somehow.

I became more disciplined at home, as my husband and I had some bad eating habits and indulgences. I cut out snacking between meals, so that helped a bit. We had the occasional treat, but as we know, occasional can become commonplace, so I am wary of that.

Visiting relatives always meant lots of food and overeating, to the point of feeling disgustingly full, to the point of discomfort. They always have lots of biscuits, cookies, sweet cereals and snacks to hand to nibble on between meals. Last time, in August, I had one slice of cake, not two or three. So, again, I noticed that I was making a change without being 'on a diet'.

After that visit, I stood on the scales and was a few pounds down. I began to be more disciplined about food, and gradually the weight came off. The first few pounds were easy. After that, it would take maybe three weeks to lose just one pound but the general trend was downward.

Then, I reached an impasse. My weight was stuck. I did not give up a few indulgences but I realised that maybe I had to if I was to shift this last half stone. So I began to cut out the treats a bit more, to just once a week.

Anyway, Christmas is coming .... and that means a party with as much Indian food as I can eat (every year I pig out), and a weekend with the relatives (see above) which is always one big calorie-fest. On top of that, I am given Belgian chocolates, shortbread, biscuits etc as gifts.

About 10 days ago, I decided I'd try the WW points again. My aim is to weigh the same on 11 January as I did last week. I know I will eat, but I am hoping that I have the willpower to prevent myself from overeating.

I am interested in the WW Core Plan far more than the points system as I believe that it promotes a healthier eating plan. 20 points a day makes me ravenously hungry during the late afternoon/early eating and that's when it becomes hard to remain disciplined.

My intention is to eat more wholefoods - brown rice, wholemeal couscous, polenta, quinoa, oats etc and make sure I eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

I do not particularly want to eat 'diet' food. I don't want shakes, meal substitutes, artificial sweeteners or anything like that. I believe that changing one's eating habits is the key to permanent weight loss.

OK, that's the sensible me talking. I know the risks.

Firstly, that Christmas indulgences will break my resolve, and secondly, I am at risk of returning to the lose weight/put on even more weight cycle.

In the New Year, I intend to try the Core Plan and then use it to maintain my weight once I reach my goal. I am very close to goal now, but 'tis the season to be .... eating, drinking and making merry.

I'm here to keep my resolve.
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