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Default Monday

Is it Monday already? YIKES!

I think I did ok over the weekend, I did eat less than I had been eating, so that is good. Actually a lot less. And I am VERY conscious of what I decide to eat.

I need to get brave and step on the scale later today.

Planning to go riding tonight, possibly bareback on my older mare...I like to ride her bareback once in a while to make sure I'm keeping my center of gravity. She's very safe and slow to do this on! But we'll is threatening thunderstorms, in which case I will stay home and floor exercise (BORING!!!!) ;-)

I've been doing good today as far as food goes...I've already noticed a drop in my hunger "pains" or cravings. My stomach must be shrinking a little already. When I lost weight about 7 years ago, I noticed that as I ate less and less, I was less hungry...and the opposite has been true for me the last year ...I would eat more and more and want more...when I became conscious of this a few months ago, I realized I had to change my eating habits/etc or I was in for BIG trouble (pun intended!!).

My husband asked me Friday, why I wanted to walk around the lake in Mpls (we did it together)...I just said "for exercise"...I haven't told him I'm trying to watch it....I don't need judging eyes...although he is usually not too bad about things like that.

Enjoying all the posts...thanks so much for the support!!

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Default Monday night is student night

AR- Gee is like butter I think, you can tell when it has a lot in as it tastes a lot more fatty.

Hikein2005- Laughing Cow light is fantastic, only 25cals a triangle, I use it instead of butter or maragrine in sandwiches. It's also nice on dutch crisp bakes.

My goal for the week is not to eat after 9pm. I'm not sure it realy matters when you eat calorie wise but I tend to snack late on when I've already eaten my 1500 calories.

I've only had just over 1000 calories today but I'm going out tonight (student night here in Wakey) and will probably add on a few more in alcohol. Still, I'll only have diet mixers and I've not drunk since last Monday. Also I'll count all the calories, this isn't a night off!! The main thing is to avoid making any food when I get in.

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Default What I did at lunch time..

I went to the grocery store and bought bananas, 2 apples, 2 organges, 2 packs of the new Nabisco 100 Calorie snacks, Fat free/sugar free jello 4 pak. Now I have my snacks...hopefully for a good week!!

Also, wanted to mention that a few weeks ago I started parking my car at work about a block down the's at the far end of our parking lot. I used to park right out front...this may not seem like much, but it's three loops a day for me...IN/Out in the morning/afternoon. Then I go to the bank every day and I also go out for lunch every day (or at least I leave the place at noon-time). This adds up for walking.

So when you go to the stores, etc...park a ways out in the parking lot...these little things can make a difference!!

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Default Good Afternoon!

Hey everyone!
My weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I won't bore you with the details, but I think I "maintained" my weight. I was proud of myself b/c DH brought home buffalo wings (My favorite!) do eat during the games, but I made a healthy veggie and chicken stir fry to eat for dinner. (I did snack on 3 of them though, but that's good for me!) Today has been good. I went for a 3 mile walk with DD, and have been great food-wise so far. I decided to track what I eat on a program I have on my computer called "Weight-by-Date" I ordered it online and have been really happy with it. Orginally I used it to track my nutrients during pregnancy, and decided now to use it to track my calorie intake and w/o as well. Let me know if anyone wants more details about it, I would love to fill you in.
Lisa.........Sorry the seltzer water suggestions didn't help you! Great 2lb loss and additional ab exercises!

Waywardgirl..............That Bills game was a downer, losing in the last seconds of the game. Unfortunately I am used to it! My parents both went to and met at Fredonia! It's a fun school.

Elisha...............Are you going to see the nutritionist? I always thought that would be neat too.

Sparked..........I've bee in Syracuse myself. I can't wait to go back to Geneseo. Our 10 year reunion is next year!

Birdie..............If you told your DH what you were doing, do you think he will support you? If so, you should tell him. Having someone supporting you really helps!

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy day!
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Almost forgot the QOD!

My goal for this week is to pump more so that I don't lose anymore BM for DH. Along those lines, I want to eat/drink as healthily as possible for her!
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Well, yesterday went well! Did great at work, and my feet didn't even really bug me all day. That = rad in itself. I did have a headache at the end of the day, though, so we didn't go on a walk.

Had my eye appointment this morning for new contacts, and got some -awesome- news. The astigmatism in both of my eyes has somehow disappeared -- YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- and my prescription strength went DOWN in power, meaning I can see better than I could before! I was at an 8.25 prescription in each eye, and I'm down to 7.5, which is a HUGE jump. Plus, my eyes are round (thus no astigmatism, which is where your eyes aren't rounded on the surface), and that is awesome for me! This -does- mean that I definitely MUST wait until I'm at least 25 for my lasik surgery, but that's okay. I can handle a few more years, no biggie. At least I know things are doing what they should be doing!

Other than that, I haven't worked out yet today because I didn't have time. I might do it a little later on, not really sure. I'm still feeling somewhat drained of energy from the flu I had last week/this weekend, and I get really winded and dizzy if I exert much energy at this point. That's okay, though. I've been busy so that's a good thing.

Today's plan is to finish up some craft projects I've got going, perhaps do a wreath or two today. The holiday bazaar is on November something, and it's pretty soon, and I've got about 85 xmas ornaments to finish, 6 wreaths to do, and about 10 metal tins to paint/decorate and seal before that time. PLUS, i might do a few batches of candies, but I'm not sure, yet. Too much to do. *sigh*

Anyway, I forgot to weigh in today, so I'll do it tomorrow, honest. Also, if I don't end up working out this afternoon, I'll definitely do it tomorrow!

My goal for this week, in specific, is to get my butt back into gear and start burning those calories again! I'm really close to my goal weight and size, and it's both a burden and a motivation at the same time. On one hand, I want to just kind of say, eh, the **** with it, I'm close enough, and on the other hand, I'm like, I AM SO CLOSE!!!!!!! Sooo... yeah. Kinda torn.

Somebody said something to me the other day about never being able to look like they did in high school again. So? I don't -want- to look like that. I looked pale, sickly, and half-dead most of the time! I didn't wear anything to make myself look attractive, I didn't ever wear the right kind of makeup, and I didn't take care of my skin at all. Now, I'm 22, I'm mature-looking (well, a young 22, but mature for a teenager kind of look?), and I think I have a grown up kind of beautiful about me, rather than a kinda-cute 16-yr-old look going on. I'm proud of that.

So my goal this week, in addition to moving my butt into gear, is to look into a couple more options for skin care. If I want to be healthy, feel healthy, and LOOK healthy, then I need to be serious about taking care of myself. I'm pale, I'm anemic, and I need to use a good-quality sunscreen moisturizer in order to STAY beautiful, even when I'm 90, sitting on my front porch with my hundreds of snuggly little kitties.

Anyhow, I hope you guys are all having an awesome day. I'll check back soon!
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Default What we looked like in high school--

Hi - I think when you get to be my age (46) and I think I want to look like what I did in "high school"...what I really mean is when I was 22 to 25!

Or..."I want to look/weigh what I was when I was at my prime...physically...when I could eat any darn thing I wanted and never gain an ounce"...that means 25 or younger!!!

Take Care
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Oh, Birdie girl - I fondly remember those days!!
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Hello everyone. I still haven't headed out for my walk yet but I figured that I could do it when the sun isn't beaming down on me as much. The neighborhood is quiet so that is fine. I should be getting a treadmill soon anyway so that will help out alot as far as me not having to get up before 5 to get the running done. I am loving it though. That is a surprise to say since I usually don't feel that way until I start seiing a physical change and I haven't yet. I have noticed a mental change though. I am not as stressed as I was for these passed few months. Eveyrthing just falls into place for a moment I guess. Either that or I am thinking clearer. I don't get irritated as much which is a blessing since I was doing it often. Yeah, I'd say too often. I noticed that also helped my husband and my relationship since we don't get on each others nerves as much. Anyway...

Aquareggie- honestly, what used to help me was planning meals for about a week with extra snacks. That way you would have a bit of room. My snacks were usually grapes and stuff and the pounds came off. Just plan it for the calories you need. It may also be that you cut it too much. Oh, I exercise alot because I am still very motivated. Now when I get unmotivated (which I hope isn't soon since I rather make exercise a habit instead of a chore) you will see the difference.

Elisha- That is good news. Good job on the weight lose!

Julie- Honestly, I wish I had a bit more of that problem. I don't have enough up there and growing up all my close friends had too much. I am aiming for more miles done at once but that is good for now. And thanks for the encouragement

Donna- Don't feel bad about the bday cake. Last week a friend's som\n made 3 and I had a little. I just looked at it as a special occassion. The way I see it is that special occassions are alright as long as they don't come too close together! LOL!

Well that is all for now!
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Height: 5'5

Smile Is there still time to join?

I could really use the motivation. I've lost 32 lbs. and am now at a serious plateau. I've been eating around 1400 cals, exercising at least 3o minutes per day and drinking my 8 glasses of water. Getting a little discouraged here, but came across this challenge and it seems right up my alley. My goal is to increase the exercise. Let's hope that works.

Hi gabwill. I recognize you from the 10 day challenge. You're doing great!

You're all very inspiring.
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Good going to all of you!!!

I'm going to get a "fitness assessment" at my gym this week. They're supposed to help you design a workout plan to reach your goals. I'm going to let them know I want to be down to around 130 by Halloween.

Keep up the good work everyone!!!
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Default Time to cut out the FAT!!!

...and I am not talking the fat on my body, either!!! I have GOT to get some FF mayo or Miracle whip! Hubby bought regular loaded Hellmans and it has 11gms per Tbsp!!!! Yikes! I also have to start cutting back on cheese (who else is a cheese junkie???) These things are adding too much fat to my diet! But I swear I get tired of meat! And cheese (low fat) IS a good source of moderation! I just totalled up my #'s for the day...and really, I was only a "few" over in the fat dept since I ate all but a few at lunch! My carbs and Protein were right on the money...under just a bit, but that's ok!

Here's what I ate today (just so you can see what I am talking about!)

B-fast: 1/2 c. blueberries, 1/2 cup lf cottage cheese
Lunch: Flat Out bread chicken salad sandwich, cucumber, peach
Snack: 5 Triscuits & 1 wheel Laughing Cow spread
Supper: 1 & 1/2 cup Bean Soup (used smoked turkey, veggies & beans-pretty much Fat Free!) and added 1 oz. cheese!
Snack: 1 Blue Bunny fudgesicle, 5 Triscuits & 1 oz. Gouda cheese (yum!)

I noticed I didn't have too many veggies today, but I did get a few in at lunch and supper! But I did get in some fruit! The peaches are sooo good right now...fresh from the orchards is best!

OK, to the problem areas"
1. No exercise!
2. Too much fat/food

I'm not hungry...this is good! I do have a feeling of fullness after meals...this is good, too, but I feel like I am bloating big time! I am drinking my water like it's going out of style (gulp, gulp, gulp!) I think I am eating too much of the wrong foods. I need to tweak my menus here a little, I think! Any suggesstions would be helpful...I am following the Zone (modified version).

Tomorrow is weigh in day! I'm very afraid and I have no one to blame but myself! I'm ashamed, really that I can't seem to get out of this slump of not eating right and no exercise! I had every intention today to get in some exercise...and I could have...easily, but had every excuse in the book to myself! UGH! The only person I am punishing right now is myself...and I am feeling it! OUCH! I could say I don't seem to find the time...but that is an excuse! Someone told me once that You just tell yourself you WILL do it and just do it!!! I know that is true...and once I start to exercise, I feel just's just that time really does seem to slip away from me...especially in the morning! I think what I need to do is bargain with workout = no computer, which means I will miss reading these great posts and getting inspired if I don't get my bootie to exercising!!!!

So...with that all said...I am going to bed and in the morning will get up...(what's that you say? sure?) and I WILL GET UP EARLY TO EXERCISE!!! OK, you heard it here first and I expect that you all will let me have it when I start giving excuses tomorrow!!! PLEASE...say a little prayer/send good vibes/whatever your belief it...that I will hold myself accountable and just do it!!!

Hugs to all of you! I want to comment, but I need my ZZZZzzzzzz's!!!

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Quick update before bed.

Breakfast: non-fat yogurt

Lunch: Got sent to a seminar for work, which was catered buffet-style. The real tragedy was the food wasn't even very good. Tossed salad, 1/2 c pasta with marinara sauce, grilled chicken breast, dinner roll, 3 small cookies, coffee with cream and sugar.

DInner: Healthy Choice manicotti entree, tossed salad with lo-fat dressing, 1/2 c ice cream.

Snacks: 1/2 c all-bran, cantalope, 100 Calorie Pack cheese nips, 3 Hershey Kisses (My boyfriend and I had a pinata party over labor day weekend- I sent all the candy home with him, but whenever I'm over there I pick at it. Hopefully he'll eat it the rest of it soon. )

Total calories: 1450

Exercise: 30 minutes brisk walking

Question of the day: I was going to say my goal was to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day this week... but then I realized that my car is in the shop so I'll be walking to work. Not much of a challenge. So, my goal for this week will be to stop picking at that candy.
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Good food day yesterday. Not much else to report. Oh, I've changed my Halloween goal. I haven't been able to stick to my original calorie goal. So rather than depress myself by not meeting my goal weight for Halloween, I've changed the goal to something more reasonable.

Julie -- Hope your haircut turned out well. 11g of fat PER TABLESPOON? You have got to be kidding. Where does it all fit in? The spoon handle? Careful on the cheese. I'm veggie, and since cutting out meat, I've added way too much cheese. The problem is that there's more fat and cals in a smaller serving. Try mozzerella. That tends to be lower in fat.

Sparked -- Ah, yes, light beer. Perfect for a diet, huh? Hope your daily goal goes well. Having success every day will motivate you for the next day.

Birdie -- Riding bareback sounds so traditional. Did you get to do it? And you're right about stomach size. When I have been cutting back for a while, I look at the food portions I used to eat and think, "How on earth did I eat all that?!" Portion control is great, because it lets us eat what we want, just less of it.

Dill -- Hope you avoided the food when you got in. Night out, relaxing time with friends... always tends to create hunger pains.

Lucy -- Hey, maybe it is the weight loss that got rid of the astigmatism? Your eyes just popped into a round shape?! j/k And don't give up before you reach your goal. You'll feel good that you reached it. And you can always go higher in the future if you decide to.

Gabwill -- Happy to hear you are feeling positive already. And thanks for the advice.

Dena -- Welcome. Your plan sounds reasonable. Sorry to hear that you are on a plateau. Have you tried more or different exercise?

Shall we start a new thread? It's gotten to the point on the board where we can't just click on the page where we last posted.
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"workin' on my fitness"
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Morning, chickies! Man, I am going through withdrawal! I still can't access from home, but the good news is I was able to get hubby's machine running smoothly, and he is connected. Maybe I can convince him to take a break so that I can get in to post quickies from home. Once we get our wireless network back up & running, I'll be able to get in, and be back on track.

The last week has been so chaotic, so I know I am off-target with exercise most of all. Food has been good for the most part, with the exception of dinner out last night at Macaroni Grill. I think I gained 10 pounds last night. Well, it only feels like 10 pounds- I've been good, so probably minimal damage.

Speaking of minimal damage, and the chaotic week, on Friday night, I went to pick up the things we needed to repair the wireless wouldn't believe what happened.....less than a mile from home, while I'm 2nd person waiting at a turn arrow...light goes yellow while the person ahead of me is pulled into the intersection. She can't get through & she's in the path of the other traffic. When the light turns red, instead of clearing the intersection & making the turn....she decides to back up. Throws the car in reverse & when she does that, I hit the horn, which causes her to stop, briefly, and then, she hits the gas again & hits me. Freaking people...that was just the icing on the proverbial cake. Grrr. I called hubby & made him come out with the digital camera to take pics of the damage. I am surprised that I was so calm & didn't get out of the car & scream at her. I think everything else last week sapped the energy from me & I couldn't muster anything else after spending so many hours trying to fix a computer.

The good news- I'm not hurt, the headlight didn't break, so that saves a lot of money, and the woman is going to pay for the repair. My car is paid off, and is in great condition...I might need to have the whole car painted, especially if they are painting the whole front- new black paint vs. 6 year old black paint everywhere else. Well, that's cosmetic & not a big deal...

Today we dropped my car off at the mechanic, and hubby dragged me to work. Didn't have time to pack anything for breakfast- my Zone bars are all gone, and we didn't get any shopping done (thanks to the events of the weekend) so I had diet coke. Bad to skip meals, but somehow I think I could stand to miss a few hundred meals & I'd still survive. Lunch will have to be Chicken Kitchen- chicken breast & yellow rice, or something similar. More controlled, better choice.

I have comments for everyone, so I'll be back a little later with that- I have poop everywhere on my desk, and need to do something since I was out yesterday (shhh- I was "sick", not spending the entire day on tech support with 4 different software companies) and I'll be back

I missed my chickies!

As far as a new thread....perhaps I should ask Suzanne if we can set up a separate "club" for us? Then we have have weekly threads & have it be more manageable? What do you chickies think? I plan on doing the challenges long term, so if we are going to keep this kind of turnout, it might be worth looking into. Post your thoughts, and if there's enough support, we might be able to make it work....
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