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Ok... WOW!! You chicks are busy!! Or.. I'm just not! But I got time to catch up... but not with everyone! There's already 2 pages!! Ok lets. see:
Hello to Jennifer, Lucy, Julie, Elisha, Lisa, Drazen04, Marlow, Lucia, Aquareggie, CD, Birdiegirl, Dill, Donna, Sparked, Jen/midwife, NLuv and anyone else that is on page one!

Ok, The best way to explain Core is that you have a certain lists of foods that you can eat without limitations (responsibly of course) and you have 35 pts to use a week for extra things. Exercise adds points to your plan on the day that you exercise but doesn’t carry over. So if you start off of with 35 pts... and then you use 7.. if you do aerobics for an hour... you can get those 7 pts back . So the next day you start fresh with 35 pts.. It's basically high protein, high fiber, and a lot of fat free products. You don't count calories or serving sizes UNLESS you eat something other than a Core food. It sounds pretty confusing... and I'm still getting the hang of it.. but once you get on track.. it's not! You aren't being deprived on this diet at all.. just because something isn't Core, it doesn’t mean you can't have it.'s working for me.. because from experience.. this counting calorie thing.. isn't the way to go. Unless you stick to certain foods that you can count all the time. It started to be impossible for me. I can't count calories in the foods I cook for my family! And TV dinners are ok... but they have so much sodium in them. Fruits are all Core! But when you count calories.... an apple (80 calories) was a lot! I like to eat and be full.. not starve all day long! So this seems to work better for me because I get to actually eat! But... I need to exercise!

Ok.. all this rain sucks! But can't be worse than an actual Hurricane! And Thank God, no tornados! Ok well this is all I got for now! I hope everyone is having a blessed day!
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Evening chicks!

Wow! So many people, and you all sound so up-beat and positive! That's just what we need, so keep it up!

Food today was horrible. It's just been one of those days where I'm not thinking about anything until it's too late... for example, after I posted this morning I looked at the clock and realized I had about 15 minutes to get ready for work--and I was sitting here in my bathrobe and toweled hair, with no breakfast, no clothes, no makeup, no nothing.... And then there's food. I've just been eating things and then when I'm finished I think "Oh my god, my calorie count just went through the roof! Why did I do that?!?"

Breakfast: coffee w/creamer, 2 sl. ww bread, LF mayo, cheese, scrambled egg
Lunch: water, lean pocket, granola bar, TGIF's potato skin chip thingies
Dinner: water, Texas toast, Elisha's improvised fettucine alfredo (which can be made low-fat, but unfortunately, this was NOT)

Yeah, so calories are at 2008 right now, which is just plain ridiculous. WTF was I thinking?
It'll be ok though, I have some calories in the bank, and if I exercise it will make up the difference. However, I have a feeling that I am going to get hungry again before I go to sleep, and that is not a good sign. Maybe if I had some PROTEIN at dinner that wouldn't happen, but NO! Not me! That would make too much sense! *rolls her eyes*

So that brings me to my question: How do I deal with slip-ups?
I'd like to say that I just get right back on the wagon and start over ASAP, but the truth is, I usually end up writing off the whole day (see today's food choices for example). Sometimes I counter with exercise, but more often than not I just try to start again the next morning. The one thing I actually DO is drink lots and lots of water to flush my system. Water is the thing that helps me the most. Speaking of water, I need to refill my glass yet again.

I was honestly going to comment to everyone, but at this point I can't remember any of what I wanted to say, or even how many people there are to comment to. One thing you Challenge newcomers will notice about me is that I don't usually comment. Don't take it personally though. I usually just can't think of new things to say, and I hate saying the same thing as everyone else over and over. Besides that, by the time I get through typing all the stuff I wanted to type I can't remember much of anything else. Just know that I am reading and patting you on the back right along with everyone else!

Ok, I'm going to read and relax while my dinner settles, then hopefully it's the StairClimber for me! (Keep your fingers crossed!)
I'll be back later to let you all know I actually exercised.
Have a great evening, chickies!
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Red face Reality...

slapping me in the face! Ya!

Tonight I decided to actually sit down and figure out how many #'s I had with my food today. I am doing The Zone. Well tonight, after thinking I had a really good day (other than the really tiny minature milky way bar that someone threw at me and opened up and forced into my mouth!) I totalled up my #'s! OUCH! That black and white stuff really hurts, you know?

OK, I wasn't over in carbs (until after supper when I ate a few chips with my taco salad) but I was waaaaaaaay over in the fat arena! Protein came in just a little under, which is normal for me...never can seem to get in the right amount of that! So....I know now that I have to focus on reducing the fat and carb intake and upping the protein a bit! My, oh my....this is going to be hard!

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup milk, some tea & 2 veggie sausages
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ mayo (not FF, which I never do!)
Snack: that darned Milky way bar, but before that I purposely went and got a low carb snack at the gas station next door wtih very little fat and only 18 gms carbs and a few proteins!
Snack when I got home because I was starving: Zone Bar
Supper: Lots of lettuce with my taco salad (ground chuck drained and rinsed)! I did add a little more sour cream (and it wasn't low fat b/c hubby went shopping last...I need to have a talk with him!)

So that's it for today! Water has been ok...I'm around 50 so far today, but I will probably have at least another 30 before the day is out! I always drink more at night than during the day!

Well, I promised family I would go for a bike ride tonight and they are waiting! I am going to try to check back in later to comment, but in case I don't...I'm glad you ALL are here! It's great to have this space to call "home" for support!
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Talking I'm in!

Hello ladies,
I was directed to this post yesterday for the Halloween challenge. Well I need to lose (would love to lose) 15lbs. I know baby steps! I am going to commit to walking with my daughter after the older ones leave for school for at least 45-60min 3x week and weight train 2x. I know I can do it, It's all about getting the right frame of mind! Let's keep each other motivated and we'll look great in no time!!!!!!!

cw/160 gw/145

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Default Qotd

OK, how do I deal with slip-ups?
Some of you old timers know that I deal with slip ups on a daily basis! If I were to give upand throw in the towel each time, I would never get anywhere and I would just keep gaining!! I know that I am not perfect, but I certainly can "strive" for it on a daily basis! Each day we are given a clean slate (thank God!) and what we do with it is up to us! I am working on trying to keep the slate clean, but most of the time, I like to "scribble"! I'm not making excuses, but isn't that what life is all and learning? Thank goodness for erasers!!!!

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Default Replies (Phew!)

OK, here goes and please forgive me if I don't respond to you each and every day! I just happen to have a few extra minutes tonight! And also, if I missed someone, I am sorry!

Jennifer-Proud of you on avoiding the Pizza Massacre! You are awesome!

Jaymi-Yea! You found us! I'm so glad you are back and your post sounds so positive!

Elisha-Sorry about your bad food day! Tomorrow's a new day! I am collecting quotes and will send you some in a week or so!

Lucy-Hugs right back at ya...and I'm equally proud of you, chickie! You are doing so great! Yea!

Lisa-Gulp, gulp, gulp! How much have you drank today, chickie??? Keep it going!!! I'm up to almosto 70 oz.!

Lucia-Yea!!! Glad you are here and that you like my sticker idea! I think our minds must think alike! Love that you are still journalling!

Marlaw-Glad you are here with us, chickie!

Aquareggie-Perfect days are hard to come by! Keep trying, though!

Michelle-Glad to see you back with us!

Midwife-You are doing awesome! Keep it up!

Birdiegirl-I'm addicted to icecream also and just have to stay away from it! It calls me late at night when everyone else is in bed! Is that you on the horse on your avatar? My DD is in LOVE with horses and has started lessons this summer!

CD-Nice to see you here! Glad you joined us!

Praytolose (Roseanne)-Welcome! The walking sounds great! Wish I could find time to do 45 minutes a day! UGH!

Sparked-Keep coming back to us! That's why we are here!

Dlzbth (Donna)-don't worry about commenting! It's a bit overwhelming even for me who knows a FEW of these gals!

Drazen-I typed you a long post earlier, but something happened and it went poof! (just like Lisa's)! I see you are a SLP. I am a therapist, also...COTA and work as an Activity Director in LTC. Have worked in rehab setting as well! I love being a therapist and have been since 1991.

OK ladies....hope I didn't forget anyone! You all rock!

(That's all of us kicking some serious boo-tay!)
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Default new here want to join

I am new here and would like to join in the weight loss. I have been trying since my daughter was born and haven't had much success. I have been trying to do different from then though by adding different activities and switching them up since I realized that I get bored easily if I don't see results. For the past 5-6 months I have been at about the same weight +/- 5 lbs. I would like the lbs to stay off plus more the go so figured that this would be the thing to do.
HW-180 CW-155 GW-130

Today I walked around 5 miles with my little one in the stroller.
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Thumbs up Halloween Challenge

Hi I am new to this website and what a perfect way to get involved than with this Halloween Challenge. I hope that it is not to late for me to get involved.

*Stay focused to 22 daily target points per day
*Prepare menu of what I am going to eat the night before

*Drink at least 64oz of water per day

*Exercise a minimum of 3 days each week
*Personal Trainer

*To track my food every day and keep a journal with my exercise as well

This challenge is going to be a good start for me, I have just joined weight watchers about 1 week ago, so now that I have that and this new website I am ready to go.

I am looking forward to being a part of this awesome challenge.

SW - 200
CW - 156
GW - 132

Just to give you a little bit of info about my weight loss, I hit my goal weight back in april, but since than I have recently gained back 24 lbs and want desparately to get it back off again.
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I'd like to join the challenge too. Thanks for starting it. My goal is to walk/run/jog a total of 53 miles between now and Oct. 31 - that's an average of one mile a day. I haven't been exercising a lot and want to get it going. I'm allowing miles on the treadmill to count as well as outdoor walking. Hopefully tomorrow will mark mile one.

gw 150
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Default Core Info

Is there a website where we can see the list of core food groupings? It sounds interesting to me!

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"With enough discipline, you can accomplish transformation."
I was reading a magazine yesterday and that quote practically jumped off the page at me. Funny, the article had nothing to do with health or weight loss; but, that one statement could be used to achieve any goal.

More to the point.......count me in with your Halloween challenge. I needed something to get me focused and more accountable for myself.....and here you are, right on schedule!


Water......I don't do too badly with this, though there is room for improvement

Eating..... got to cut out snacking after supper......or at least substituting the giant bowl of butter pecan ice cream with something a little more healthful

Exercise......this is the biggie. I'm going to start with some low impact aerobic activity ....EVERY DAY.(did I hear someone say 200 situps? yikes! you go ahead - I will catch up later)

Weight loss.......let's set this at 15 pounds gone by Halloween. If I can achieve this, then the fall/winter clothes that I need will at least be the same size as last year....don't know if that is an accomplishment or not, but at least it is a start.

Let the games begin!
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Red face So many wonderful people!

Hi all!

I am so happy and so inspired to read about so many healthy and realistic goals! Especially not to hear about Atikins! I hope that I don't offend anyone, but a protein dominant diet is SO unhealthy for you! So many of us are doing it the "old fashioned" way, and the way it should be b/c it works for a lifetime, not just a few months.

OK. off the soapbox, I am.

I never posted me goals... I want to be 130 by Oct 31. That's 10 lbs to lose. 5 lbs to my pre-preggo weight and 5 beyond that to hopefully unwarp my body. and I have common goal weights! AND just had daughters. Hopefully we can get thru this together!

~Jennifer.... My hubby is going to ESU now for his MA.....I HATE the stroud mall! (No offense!) Where in there did you work?

~Cdtobehealthy....Thanks for explaining WATP!
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I really want to get to know everybody! I am going to start with commenting from just the top of page 5 here...and then I hopefully can catch the rest of you guys at some point in time. I just want to say that coming here is so motivational for me! Seeing this large group with such good attitudes and plans - its terrific!! We CAN DO THIS THING GIRLS!!!!

Jaymi - Thanks for explanining how this Core thing works. I'm going to find out what those core foods are!! Glad to hear you did not get in bad storms!!

Elisha - Keep up your good work! I want this to be my best challenge ever - I am definitely with you!! I'll do my best and try to stay away from the chocolate!

Julie - Hope you have a fabulous day, chickie!! Keep on drinkin that water, and stay away from the chocolate today - LOL!!!

Roseanne - HI!! I would like to lose 15 pounds also!! I have got to do some major exercising to do this!! We'll get there!

Gabwill - way to go on the 5 mile walk. I love walking!! Welcome to the challenge!

Redzam - Yay!!! Another WW person!! I love WW, and it is the only thing that really works for me!! I have a bunch of recipes and whatnot...

Tiredoffat - HI! I must say that walking is my favorite activity as far as exercise goes. If you want to do 1 mile/day - try the WATP 1 mile exercise video - it is awesome!!!! It's a perfect starting place

Birdie Girl - If I get those Core foods, I will PM them to you!

Drazen - Hi!! I totally agree with you on the Atkins thing...It is just not for me! With your BFing, you will be losing weight more easily...I just loved that time with all my children - it's such healthy thing for both Mom and Baby!

Alrighty, for the big news: I drank 96 oz. of water yesterday!! Now most of you dont know me, but some of you that do - well, that is big for me, since I am such a whiner about the water thing. And last night, I did the WATP 2 mile! I was going for the 3 mile, but was home alone with my kids, and the baby just kept crying and wanting out of the crib! So....cut my exercise time short!! Feeling good about today! I want to lose this weight in the worst way! I'm glad I'm not alone in this - you guys are the BEST!! Have a great day - I'll be back in a bit to check in!

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Height: 5'10"

Exclamation Motivational Quote of the Day

Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. ** Cecil de Mille

Daily Question: How do you feel when/after you exercise? Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.
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Morning chickies!

Motivation level: 4

I am not feeling energetic in the least today. But! I will get on that stairclimber anyway here in just a few minutes.

I didn't exercise last night like I said I would. And to top it off, I had some Doritos. Bad Elisha, Bad!! At least they are gone now and not around to tempt me, right? So yesterday totally sucked in the healthy arena. Today is a new day. I just woke up and I am already tired. I think I need some vitamins or something, because this coffee is not helping.

Today will be an OP day. First, the stairclimber. This is my projected menu for the day (even though you know how I am with planning menus--they never turn out the way I plan):
Breakfast: coffee w/creamer, V8, scrambled eggs and cheese in tortilla
Lunch: water, LeanPocket, FF potato chips
Snack: granola bar
Dinner: chicken soup, crackers, water

At least breakfast, lunch, and my snack will happen that way. Dinner is anyone's guess though.

As for my question: How do I feel when I exercise?
Well, first and foremost I feel tired. They say exercise makes you feel energized, but I don't know that I've ever really experienced that, at least not physically. Now mentally, yeah. When I exercise, especially when I do it in the morning, my mind is all geared up and ready to face the day. I feel so proud of myself. I usually go to work and brag that I actually exercised! And depending on what exercise I do, my emotions can go anywhere. If I get on the stairclimber I'm typically feeling pretty good. There's just something about having to balance and keep my concentration on that stupid thing that doesn't let me think deep thoughts about everything in my life that I wish was different, which is what I do on the treadmill. On the treadmill I just zone out, and then the steady stream of crap starts running through my head, and I end up feeling worse than I did when I climbed on. Fortunately for me (sort of), my treadmill is broken, so I don't have to worry about that. However, my Ideal Coach only comes to me on the treadmill, though I guess that since she's a mental construction I could bring her around whenever I want, it just never works out that way. Gee, I probably just threw a few of you off with that one. Remind me to explain her sometime.

Ok, I guess it's off to the stairclimber for me. Have a great day everyone!
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