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I am excited - I found the best website that gives a lot of details about Core from WW!! Sounds like something I can do!!! It is really flexible, and you can still get in the chocolate . Sometimes its fun to try something different! If you want the details, just PM me!

Jaymi also has a link to a good website from WW. Jaymi, thank you for posting that!! You are a sweetie!

Also, fellow WW, check out the WW boards, because there are some good Core recipes. Those girls over on the Core board are really excited and it's a fun visit!

Have a super evening!!
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Thumbs up Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?

Hi everyone!
I am sick of the rain too!!! One minute it's sunny and next it's raining! My 1.5 mile walk turned into a half walk/run! I also did my abs pilate video today. Yesterday it was 3 miles on the stairmaster and various ab exercises. I was going to skip w/o today b/c the baby kept me up til 2am last night, but once I read today's QOD I had too, b/c to answer that question, working out makes me feel more energenic (most of the time if I don't push myself) and more motivated to keep to a healthy diet.

Jennifer......Wow, you really did work that mall! Does it have two stories now? I didn't even know that. I hope you don't have to evacuate!
Jaymi/Dilleight.....I need to lose 10 lbs too! are a COTA, huh? Cool. I am on maternity leave from a school setting, but have worked in hospitals, and LTC facilities before myself. I got sick of feeding people food all day long!
Lisa....I'm glad you support the anti-atkins attitude. I would be afraid to do it especially now. My baby won't BF, so I need to pump, which is a pain, but it's worth it. How many kids do you have?
Elisha.....Great question! You really got me motivated to move today after a LATE night! Glad to hear that you did 40 mins of the stairclimber as well!
Aquareggie.....Sounds like you have a diet that you can really stick to! Real food is the key!
Waywardgirl..........Welcome from another newcomer! I went to school at Geneseo and did some student teaching in Spencerport! How is good ol' Rochester? Go Bills!

Well, here comes the witching hour consisting of the tempations of overeating. Atleast the fall season of prime time shows have started and FOOTBALL starts tonight! Sundays may be my downfall b/c we have the ticket this year, and I like my beer when I watch my team...the Bills! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy night!
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Talking To change my life

Hi. I am new to 3fc and have been reading these forums. I think joining will be great modivation. my goals: to lose 10 lbs by halloween and another 10 by new years. If I can not do that there is something wrong. I just joined the YMCA (they provide free babysitting while you work out ) I walk on the threadmill, usually 3.7 miles per hr. for 45 min. Today I ran!!!! 4.2 miles per hr. only for about 5 min. and I walked 3.9 miles per hr. the other 30 min. For me that was good. I will work up to running longer, just give me some time. other goals: drink more h2o. and eat healthier. I need to get away from pastas. and sweets...I always have a sweet tooth.

I don't have alot of childhood memories. We were couch potatoes. & so now I am still a couch potatoe. My daughter just turned 10 months old and I want her to have tons of memories of us outside playing and doing things. I want to be healthy for her so she will be an active person and never have a weight problem. Anyway just thought I would share some background info.

good luck to us all.
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well good news is that I am still going. I did 40 minutes of curciut training with weights and 30 minutes of Taebo... that is a workout. I plan on taking a walk later with my daughter... not sure how far yet but I am hoping that I can last over 3 miles. Since monday I have been doing alot. On Mon., Wed., and Fri. I go run atleast a mile and do a Beachbody tape. Then on Tues., Thurs., and Sat. I do my curciut training and taebo. It is making me so sore but it still feels good. I did mess up yesterday since I didn't go run my mile but I did go and walk 5 miles so that should have made up for it. Any tips on keeping motivated though? I seem to have trouble with that... if I don't see results, I don't stick with it for more the a month. Anyway, good luck to everyone and any tips would help. Thanks.
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I apparently need to restate my goals since I haven't been listening.
I will lose 1 lb/week or 8 lb total,I will walk 3x a week,I will eat 2 starchy carbs a day ONLY!!!!

This is a busy group. nice to see.Everyone seems to work out a lot. I guess that is my missing link!

Michelle~ what a wonderful goal and motivation!!

Hello to everyone else. I just read ALL therposts.Wishing you all a healthy rest of the week.

Answer to Question: I feel great in every way when I exercise! So why dont I do it more? Why do I lack motivation?

Take care.

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Hello All!

Just reading your posts for the past day is so motivational.....the enthusiasm on this forum is infectious! And your exercise programs are awe-inspiring! Hope I can keep up!

I did get in some exercise yesterday.......a brisk 20-minute walk with the dog and, later, about 10-minutes of low impact aerobics. I know this sounds pretty tame to some of you, but I have not exercised with any regularity since slow so I don't break anything!
In answer to the question of the do I feel after exercising? I have always felt physically great after exercising - muscles feel so good after being stretched and worked, and it seems like I breathe deeper too, if that makes any sense. Exercise always helped me feel better mentally too......after a stressful day, a brisk walk always seems to put things right.....getting that oxygen to the brain realigns life's priorities.

Todays food: Breakfast was cereal & milk & a cup of tea.......lunch was a chicken salad wrap (Arby's) and iced tea......dinner was mexican casserole (a little too high in the salt and fat content...but I never said I was The whole day seems a little light in the veggie department, so maybe my snack tonite will be carrots....and a big glass of water.
Time to turn up the radio.......and get this body in gear!
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Default I'm gonna call today...

My OFF day!!!

For a number of reasons, today did not go as planned! b-fast and lunch were fine and I did manage to turn down an offer on one of those little mini Milky Way bars (actually was offered TWO of them!)...Yea me!!! BUT...after lunch I knew there was a birthday party going on for the residents and I sent my office partner over to scope it out! She brought back cake at my request! I wanted only a very small one inch by one inch!!!!! I did take a couple of bites and gave her the frosting and then threw the rest away! YEA me!!! But cake...geesh!

Tonight I made an awesome dinner with grilled veggies and beef marinated on the grill! It was super yummy! After supper DD and I did some errands and picked up the neighbor girls/baby sitters to take them to get ice cream! I was set not to get a thing, but once we got was all over! I caved and got a single scoop (yea...NOT 4 oz!) of a favorite local variety (cherry chocloate in vanilla ice cream!)

On the way my stomach started makeing these gurgling sounds...i just thought dinner had too much garlic, you know! Then when I got was in the bathroom I headed! Not sure what's going on but several of the residents in the "home" had diahrrea today...maybe i caught a bug...hope not! I did manage to get in over 100 oz. water today...and I am still parched!
Maybe the marinade for the beef did it! I really don't know, but it better go away before tomorrow when we have to take a 4 hour car ride to the other side of the state! UGH!

Exercise was pretty pathetic today! We took the residents to the Farmer's market today, so I got exercise loading and unloading residents but other than that, I didn't even walk around the block!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

Lucy...hope youare feeling better too! can come up here....we'll be gone til Sunday, but the dogs might think your cats are snacks for them!! Seriously...Michigan is a great place to be this time of year...the colors are changing on the trees...temps at night in the 40's (brrrr!) and highs in 70's or 80s during the day! Can't beat it!! Hope that this storm stops before it gets to you!

Jaymi & Lisa...sorry about your posts! That sucks!

I'm going to bed now...I can barely keep my eyes open, but the rest of you...I'm rooting for you ...the exercise here sounds awesome! You chicks rock!!!!
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Evening chickies!

Today turned out ok. Even work was decent. I bought a new vacuum cleaner, which we *really* needed. I know, that's not terribly exciting, but after fighting with Mom's big ol' Kirby for years, the new one is absolutely fabulous.

Food did not turn out according to plan, of course. It never does for me. Calories came in at 1597, which is just fine, especially since I exercised. I think I may have made up for yesterday's over-indulgence, at least almost. If not totally then I certainly will tomorrow. Anyway, food turned out like this (go ahead and cringe!):

40 minutes on stairclimber, 10 oz water
Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee w/creamer, V8, 2 fried eggs, 2 sl. whole wheat toast
Lunch: 20 oz. water, mini cheddar cheese rice cakes, chicken parmesan Lean Pocket
Snack: 1 granola bar
Dinner: 20 oz. water, small handful of potato chips, 3 small slices cheese pizza (the frozen kind)
I might go get another 10 oz. or so of water, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

And that is exactly why I love counting calories (man, I never thought I'd say that)--I can eat anything I want, as long as I don't go overboard.

Ok, my brain has stopped for the night, and I have to get up fairly early tomorrow, so I guess that's it for me. Have a great night everyone!
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Today has been a bit of a challenge keeping to my eating plan, but I managed, so I am feeling very pleased with myself. Exercise has been in the form of gardening. It is the first month of spring here, and we've had a lot of rain and the lawn is growing so fast! It's still a little too cold at night to plant any seedlings, but I can hardly wait!

I am following WW at home, and someone asked if I knew anything about Core, but I don't, we only have the points system, which is very easy to follow.

Jennifer - I pray the hurricane will not head your way. We don't have them in Australia, cyclones bother the top end of the country, but I have seen footage on the news and it must be devastating for those who are hit hard by them.

Julie - You know we all have those days where - despite the best of intentions - it all just goes bellyup! So give yourself a pat on the back for choosing small servings . I have to say you have inspired me to start up my own reward chart! During my lunch hour, I bought some great stickers to motivate me . I'm going to print out some charts as soon as I'm done here. I have yet to decide on my rewards, but I'm sure I'll be able to think of something I like. Hope you enjoy your day off .

Have a great day Chickies!
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Exclamation Motivational Quote of the Day

In the ordinary business of life, industry can do anything which genius can do, and very many things it cannot. ** Henry Ward Beecher

Daily Question: What do you love about your body? Again, not just how it looks, but how it feels, what it does, anything.
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Morning chicks!

Motivation level: 5

I slept in too late, so no exercise for me this morning. And the bf is coming over for dinner, so there will be no exercise this evening either. I will just have to make sure to do it tomorrow, and watch my calories and drink lots of water in the meantime.

Food today... who knows? This is the plan as of yet:

Breakfast: coffee w/creamer, scrambled eggs and cheese in tortilla
Lunch: water, ham, cheese, lettuce, LF mayo on ww bread, FF chips
Dinner: TBD, something with chicken and veggies

I was thinking about this yesterday morning--I really need to cut back on my egg consumption. I LOVE eggs! I eat eggs almost every single day for breakfast, and even though my dr. says my cholesterol is fine, I'm sure a little variety would do me good. The problem is, nothing seems to last for me like eggs. Cereal, oatmeal, bagels, anything carby like that leaves me hungry in a couple of hours, and it's usually a good 5 or 6 hours before I get lunch, so I need something that satiates me for a little longer. Some carbs are fine, but I need mostly protein in the morning. Any suggestions?

Daily Question: What do you love about your body?
I love that I am tall (5'10"). I love my very defined waist, even though at this point it just makes my hips look huge (because they are). I love my shoulders, and the way they look now that my collarbone is clearly defined. I love that my body can do more than I think it can, that I can go on for just a few more minutes, walking, climbing stairs, whatever it is. I love that I am female and have the ability to produce life, even though with my family's reproductive history I have a narrow window for that and even though I still haven't completely decided if I even want to have children and even though ToM is a pain in more ways than one. I love the way my body feels when I stretch and bend and twist and work my muscles. I love the fact that even though the human body is an extremely complex and delicate balance, it is also extremely resilient and adaptable. Most of all I love the fact that if I take care of my body, it takes care of me.

Ok, I can feel my brain trying to get poetic here, so that means it's time for me to quit rambling and get ready to face the day. I'll be back this evening. Have a great one, chicks.

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Unhappy Good Morning!

I'm so thankful to be a part of this challenge. Thanks, Jennifer! I think I counted 32 people on here. Is that awesome or what ? I was up at 4 a.m this morning getting hubby off to work. Instead of going back to bed I decided to get on here and read all the posts. What a wonderful bunch of ladies! I want to say hello to Jennifer, Miss elisha, cmsurgrad 05, lisa girl, Hotcupofjava, Hollyhock, Aquareggie, Sparked, dlzbth, lameducklady, Goldiefun, Miss Michelle, ms Kitty898, Alora1978, Schellie, hikein2005, drazen04, Marlaw, Lucia-1, cdtobehealthy, Birdiegirl, midwife, Jaymi Dol78, dilleight, praytolose, gabwill, Redzam, tiredoffat, MSRD, waywardgirl, Michelle Y .

Jennifer , I truly appreciate all of your hard work. Thanks for commenting on my post. Thanks for your concern over my calorie intake. You're completely right. I'll try and up them some. It just goes against everything I was ever taught. (Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks )

hikein2005 Today's my sisters birthday and I think I'll take her a cake All kidding aside it's great to have sisters isn't it? I love mine dearly. Hey, I'm betting on you to win the contest What does the winner get? Something good I hope

Aquareggie Good job on your weight loss. I'm like you I eat the most at supper time. Yeah it is wierd to be the biggest even if its by 3 pounds. I'm very close to my sisters and love them very much. I can't imagine my life without them. We kid each other all the time but it's all in fun

Jaymi Dol78 I loved your quote "To put failure behind you, face up to it "
That is so true.

All in All I did good yesterday. 3 quarts of water, 10 miles on bike, 1060 calories. 3 hours of house cleaning. Oh, yeah, Jennifer what is "aerobic housework" ? I pictured you bouncing from room to room.

Well, I'm off to conquer the world. Mine anyway!
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Default Friday

Good Morning!

Yesterday afternoon was tough...I was SO stomach hurt! I'm too used to eating a LOT more than I have been eating the past few days. I did my best to get through the afternoon and through the long drive home without any snacks.

I felt better after I got home and started making supper...then ate a good sized meal. Made BLTs...and I just had a small piece of bacon on my sandwich..I"m not giving up everything good, it makes me too crazy!! My goal is to cut my food intake in half, not to take away everything I love...I can't stick to those expectations. ;-)

I did go out to the stables last night, but my face was still hurting from the dentist (crown prep on Wed), so I just groomed my horses and tucked them into bed. They, of course, were just fine with that!! I will go riding today. It was quiet out there last night, no one was around but owner. So very peaceful to talk to my animals. (They don't care how I look, they just want kindness and a scratch!)

Question of the day - What do I love about my body...this is tough, as things have changed over the years (I'm 46). I would say the way it responds (muscles) if I get serious about exercise/working out. I'm surprised how strong my legs have gotten in the past couple years from riding, even though I weigh more than I have my entire life. Which is why I would like to lose I look nicer on top of my horse. Most serious riders are fairly slim. I also think it's easier for a horse to carry less weight. 25 lbs can make a big difference.

I feel confident that if I pick at this a little every day, watch myself, do some walking and toning, along with my riding, in about 6 months I'll be feeling much better.

This evening my hubby and I take my son to my ex's house for the weekend. We are going to stop on the way home and walk around a lake in Minneapolis. It's about 3 miles around I think. Hubby has recently taken to working out at a club...he isn't overweight, just starting to lose his muscle-tone and it bugged him...his working out has motivated me as well.

Have a great day everyone!

I do have a question for people...what do you do (either activity, mind game or eat) when you get REALLY hungry and are dying for something to chew/eat?? I need help with that.

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Hi drazen04! I know a bunch of people who went to Geneseo! Rochester is cold and rainy. Big surprise, right?


Breakfast: lo-fat cottage cheese, peach, dry all-bran

Lunch: Hummus, whole wheat pita, fruit salad with yogurt

Dinner: grilled salmon, ratatoulle, brown rice, slice of zuccini bread

Snacks, chex mix, 4 (I counted 'em!) gummi bears.

Good: Pretty much stayed within my goal, 1520 calories. Woo!

Bad: Did not go to the gym as planned after work. (See what I mean about Thursdays...) Boo!

Daily Question: What do you love about your body? Again, not just how it looks, but how it feels, what it does, anything.

I love my good genetics. I am confident that if I take care of my body, I will live a long and healthy life. (My mother is 52 and looks 30... I don't mind that either )
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Hi everyone,

Amazing thread. NluvwithJesus counted 32 people. Not only is the thread big, but people are sticking with it.

Bad food day yesterday. Family came to visit. I knew we were going out to dinner anyway. So I ate junk food. Didn't go over the # of cals my body needs to sustain 164. So technically I should have lost weight. But I was way over my goal cal limit. And the food I ate was awful!!! I'm trying to wean myself off of cheese. And I ate two cheese entrees. That does not predict a good start.

But hey, I'm back. Going out to lunch at an Indian restaurant. That means lots of vegetarian choices that don't involve cheese.

Lisa -- Thanks for the info. I bet my mom would love them. She has bad knees and a bad back. Starting out with just a mile is a good idea.

Birdiegirl -- Cracked tooth? Ouch! Sounds painful. But maybe the novacaine helped you stick to your plan. And you are way right about "the establishment." I've got theories... but will spare you all.

Jennifer -- I'll take the cats. Are they acting crazy? I've heard that animals can sense changes in weather. Anyway, sending good thoughts that you won't have to evacuate. And rat poison? Do I sense some workplace angst?

Jaymi -- Hey, I do the same thing. Open up notepad to keep track of the replies. Sorry to hear your 'puter crashed.

Wayward girl -- Welcome. Never gaining it all back is an accomplishment. So many people are going in the opposite direction. It might take you a while, but if you've been able to keep going down, you'll make it eventually.

Lameducklucy -- You sound like a strong woman. I do do crunches. But not 200. I add about 20 a week. My goal is 100 every other day. You are right about the lower back. Another thing -- back when I went to a formal arobics class, the instructor had us do a back exercise after crunches. You lay on your stomach and lift up your lower body without help of your hands. Any opinion on that?

Dzlbth -- You make sense. Getting into the mindset makes a difference. Even if you are not OP all the time, you'll at least make some progress.

Marlaw -- I like what you said about gaining self-respect.

Dillieight -- Mm-hmm. It's like exercising gives us a free pass to be lazy the rest of the day.

Drazen -- You're right about real food. I think restricted food diets are good for changing eating habits, but I could never stick with them. Little-er portions are the key for me. And good job on the running.

Michelle -- That's sweet about your daughter. Hey, if you miss your goals, don't give up, huh?! It took me a year to lose fifteen pounds, but they are gone, and I am smaller. If I'd have given up when I didn't make a goal, I wouldn't have lost anything.

MsRD -- You're dog is probably happy.

Hikein -- Hey, everyone deserves some ice cream now and agian.

Lucia -- Gardining sounds like a peaceful and productive way of exercizing.

NluvwithJesus -- I've heard that planning your evening meal helps with supper binges. Sounds easy, but it's hard getting hungry at the end of the day, and just wanting to throw food in the mouth. Good for you for not going back to sleep.

DQ: What do you love about your body? Again, not just how it looks, but how it feels, what it does, anything.

It can get in shape *fast*. My heart only takes a week before it is noticeably stronger. Now, I need to keep it that way.


BTW, you are all welcome to shorten my name to AR. I know typing out the long names can take a lot of time.

Probably won't post until Monday. Have a good weekend, everybody!
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