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I would not have any problems with getting help either, Lucy. I'm so very sorry about your friend. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

Also about the puter. Isn't it so frustrating!!!!! Take care!

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Gabrielle - hang in there!

I got a regular shoe on the "not broken" (but very painful!) foot today, so I am going to try to start my regular routine up tommorow. So far my weight loss is still yo-yo-ing so I need that exercise to reach my Halloween goal. I'll post tommorow and let you knwo how it goes.

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Smile Happy Thursday!

Hello Ladies!

This morning it was STILL raining, so when I woke up I decided to feed DD and take her back to bed with me. We slept in until 10. By the way I was feeling when I got up, I thought it was going to be a lazy day, but after having my java I felt GREAT! I ended up doing 1.5 miles on the stairmaster and walked outside (FINALLY) with DD for 1.5 miles. Food has been great so far as well. I had an eggbeater made with boca meatless sausage meat wrapped in a wheat tortilla sealed with FF cheese and a nutra-grain yogurt bar so far. Later I will have a salad and something else, I'll have to check to see what I have.

I was really busy he past few days, cleaning, having company over, errands to run. DD..and with all of this I had deal with my NUTTY neighbor. She is this old crotchity woman that lives by herself and tortures everyone that lives around her by trespassing, yelling, calling the cops...etc. I found her in my front lawn the other day dummping her grass clippings so I told her to get off my property and that I didn't want her dumping anymore. I also took pictures and told her that I did. She doesn't day anything, but guess what this freak does!? She mows a frickin' strip down my lawn! (LOW too!) So I spoke wtih my cop neighbor, his wife and a woman that lives with the torture of this PSYCHO as well, and we all decided to take pictures and file a joint harrassment suite if this continues. While we were all talking, my DH came home. A few minutes later NUTTY comes out and just stands 5 feet away from us and stares in the opposite direction. DH told her again to stay off our lawn and she ignored him, walked away and slammed her door. Now she is making a pile of rocks on her side of the property, but where the line is, and where her trees are, it looks like this mess is on our side. She drives me insane!
ANYWHO....I decided that I have a mini-challenge for myself. DH, DD and I are going out to LI to visit my parents in a couple of weeks, and my mom is gonna watch DD for us so that we can actually go out to eat! I want to lose a pound or two more and wear something nice!
Sorry, I have been talking about myself, and I have comments written down for everyone, but DD is crying. I will post later!!!
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Hey peeps hope you've missed me over the last week! I've been visiting my bf and then pretty busy the 2 days I've been home. Anyway I'll send a proper note soon. Diet hasn't been the best but hey it hasn't been the worst either. I weighed in at 141 on a boots (chemist chain) weighing machine in my clothes which is the situation I've been using as an official progress mark so that means I've lost an official 20lb! Yay. Although on home scales seem to have gone up half a lb

Mixed feelings here ???

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well today I took it easy. If hubby gets off in time then I will go for a run later but I don't want to confine Jasmine to her playpen again today since she has been doing so well. I did do my 40 minutes of circuit training. We also when waling in town. It was a slow pace but it was a 1.5 hour walk. No idea on how far it was since we went in stores and looked around but that is fine by me. I was going to do my taebo but decided that I could do it tomorrow instead since I don't have the energy to do it. That is alright. I am fine with taking it easy again today. Anyway...
I measured myself today. Lost 1.5 inches and 3 lbs. An entire inch from my waist. That is wonderful considering that hasn't been done in a while. I am excited especially since I didn't expect that much... inches expected more but am taking what I get and will work for more. I am halfway through my goal so I am right on target and that is music to my ears. Loving this. anyway, that is about it.
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Default The day from...

well, you know where!! Why is it that all I want to do right now is eat badly but when I do I feel guilty???

In the last 24 hours, I 've had (fried) chicken strips from Arby's, part of a vanilla shake from Arby's that I shared with DD, a couple of bites of nasty cake that was left in the break room at work, 1/2 miniature milky way bar (shared the rest with my chocoholic maintenance man who was having as stressful a day as I was!), a bag of peanut butter M&M's, some of DD's mac & cheese (hubby saved me from myself again and put the rest in a container in the fridge, probably mostly so he would have some for work tomorrow!!!) and I am still craving junk! I told my office partner today that I want to just eat junk for 4 days until I can't stand it anymore and I want to start with a Whopper from BK, McDonald's Fries and maybe a chocolate shake!

I'm so dang mad at the scale that it won't move! I did weigh today and it WAS down about 3/4 lb, but geesh, it's been like 3 weeks since it's budged!!! And I'm still not at my lowest! I want to get down to 165 so bad I can taste it!! GRRRRRRR!

Work sucks right now!!! I am busier than snot and I have this office partner from ****...she basically tries to tell me on a daily basis without actually saying it that I suck and I am not efficient and I can't do my job, etc!!!! It's so annoying...I just want to SLAP her!!!! But then I realize that she's a 43 year old spinster who will probably never get married or have a relationship with a man and she's bitter!!! And unhappy and so she wants everyone else around her to be unhappy, but she's driving me freakin crazy!!!

And to top it all off, my job responsibilities have changed again! I am stil the Activity Director, but now in addition to doing ALL the stuff I have been doing for the last year, including all of the Medical Records, I have to RUN the activities for the residents!!! It's like two full time jobs...and of course, there's no pay raise! And I still am not working 40 hours a week...up to 35, though! Woo Hoo! Whatever!!! I told/asked my boss today that either A.) He has a lot of confidence in me or B.) He wants to see me fail!! Of course he said the confidence thing! There is not one person in that building who thinks I am capable of handling this job without some help!!! I am feeling this overwhelming sense of stress and I really don't like to feel this way. Maybe I CAN do this job, but ya's just not fair that I now have TWO jobs that last week belonged to TWO people!!! What's up with that???? I feel like if I don't at least TRY to do this job, I will get a poor review and if I have a bad attitude about it (I'm trying not to!) that I will get a bad review (which is due in November!) I guess I'm kind of stuck! There is no budget to hire anyone to help me out. The few activity hours we had have gone to the assistant who was doing the programs. She went from 40 hours a week to 12 hours a week!! Sucks for her too! But at least she doesn't have all this stress on top of her!! What does this company want??? Blood????

OK, I'm done with my rant now! I'm sorry about that! I'm just a little stressed! No need to comment, really...I just needed to get it all off my chest! It will work out, I'm sure!

Sounds like most of you are doing great this last day of the first half of our challenge! I wish I could say the same!!! I'm gonna be gone for a few days, so maybe that will help improve my psyche!!! Of course, I'm a little stressed about the trip, too! We are taking our babysitter for the first time to a different city in a hotel, etc...just not sure how it will all go! I mean it's one thing to have the sitter come to our house for a few hours and then she goes home, but she will be with us for 2 1/2 days!! Maybe I'm just worrying about nothing!!!

Hugs to all you chickies! I love you gals!!!!
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Default New Thread!

With all the ranting I just did, I needed to figure out what I was really feeling! I have this great little chart (go figure!) that I have hung on my bulletin board and it gave me an idea for a Thread!

The new thread is called "Feelings Check"! Just a place to check our feelings and get some feedback on them! I don't know if anyone will find it useful, but maybe...
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hello All

DD & SIL & DGS just left.....they wanted to show us their new vehicle and brought over ham & cheese subs for supper. I ate half of I think today's food was ok....not great, but not out of control either. Breakfast was the usual cereal w/milk & tea......lunch was a chicken club salad at Arbys(don't think I will order that one again) & iced tea.....snack was orange juice. Do any of you take vitamins or diet supplements? I just take a daily vitamin and calcium.

Oops.....the presidential debate is about to will have to do my comments for each of you later..
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Evening ladies!

Did I post a quote this morning? I thought I did, but for some reason it says I didn't... I am forgetful.

Today was ok. Calories are at 1206 right now, and I'm kind of hungry, but I doubt I will eat anything else, simply because I am tired and don't feel like walking to the kitchen. I just didn't have time to eat much today. Water isn't great--24 oz, plus caffeinated beverages.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: coffee w/creamer, eggs, red. cal wheat toast
Lunch: 3 cheese chicken quesadilla Lean Pocket (this flavor is yummy!), diet vanilla coke, 2 carrots
Dinner: 1 cup chicken & dumplings, then I was still hungry so I had a tortilla wrap with deli ham, 1/2 a cucumber, and a smidge of artichoke crab spread, plus water

No exercise today. But there will be *lots* starting tomorrow!

The visit from my Account Executive was good. She said the dept. looked fabulous, better than she's ever seen it, my sales are fabulous, I look fabulous, everything's fabulous. As for the other bigwigs, I left before they got there, so it's hard to tell what they think, but I don't really care anyway. I'm sure I'll hear all about it as soon as I go back. But not to worry, tomorrow is my day off! Yay! Lots of errands to run though, so it's never really an actual day off. And tomorrow is my favorite day of all--PAYDAY! Yay! Of course, I've got to make my car payment, credit card, cell phone, etc, so I'll end up with about $20. Man, I need a real job.

Any day now.

Ok, now I'm just rambling, so I'm going to bed. Have a great night chickies!
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Blaaaaah!!! I woke up at 7:02 this morning (hubby woke me up by kissing my cheek... awwww!!! ), and the right side of my face, no, scratch that, HEAD, was pounding away. Looked in the mirror, got a black eye. ARGH!!!

I HATE my sinuses. So I'm going to stuff myself with sudafed and hope that the puffiness and the black eye dissipates before I have to go to work. And it's a one-day sale, which means SUPER SUPER busy, and I want to look good! At least I get to wear jeans today. Woohoo!

I am skipping my workout today, partly due to my sinus issue and partly due to the fact that I just don't have any time today. Like I said, blah. Plus, it's really cold outside today and it just zapped my energy. I'll get a good workout on the job, though, so I don't feel too bad.

No plans for the weekend, yet, really, except for spending some time with that guy I am apparantely married to. I havent' seen him much lately... what'd he look like, again? Definitely quality time for that.

Well... that's about it, I guess. Gonna head my butt out of here and get to work! Have a great day everybody!
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Default Sunday Night!

I should probably be posting the feelings section, but I will do that later. Just wanted to update everyone on my trip to Chicago! We really had a wonderful time and the weather could not have been better! Sunny all weekend and although it was a bit chilly yesterday at the Brookfield Zoo, we still had a great time! Last night was the big concert which I wasn't sure I would enjoy, but ended up loving most of it. I'm not a "hard rock" lover so the harder songs were a bit much, but I really enjoyed my evening with hubby and our time at the concert. If anyone wants to hear a great band, check out Marillion! They rock!

Now, about the food...(ahem!) I decided I wouldn't really be strict with myself this weekend, kind of "going off plan" if you will! There was a bit of a binge with M&M's involved. There are still some in the 14 oz. bag, but all of us helped eat them, so it wasn't just me eating them...but I did have my share! We had a good healthy breakfast each morning with their buffet and I had scrambled eggs and bacon and french toast (one-half slice) each day. There was fresh fruit, but I didn't eat any. Just didn't sound good to me and besides with the carbs from the bread and syrup, I figured I'd be ok! There was hotdogs and french fries and Mc Donalds and french fries involved in the weekend but I did make some healthy choices along the way...a salad today at Hard Rock Cafe and water! I have been drinking waaaay too much diet pop and eating too much junk, but all in all, I didn't do as badly as I expected!

Exercise...I walked about 5 miles today and I'm sure we walked about 3 miles last night, so I'm good with the walking! Albeit, it wasn't power walking, but still...all walking counts, right? Chicago would be a great place to lose weight if it weren't for all the great food around!

I'm pretty tired tonight. Haven't gotten much sleep in the last couple of days even though I had a cat nap this afternoon on the ride home! We were awakened to the sound of a fire alarm yesterday morning at 5:30 at the hotel (got a free room out of it, though ) and then again at 7:30!!! Last night I didn't get to sleep til after 2 and woke up at 7:00 this morning, with no way I could go back to sleep! So, I"m a sleepy girl and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Will post more then and I plan to do my miles tomorrow with Leslie! Not sure when, but I will do them...probably in the afternoon after I pick DD up from her 1/2 day school!

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Post on the Halloween Challenge, Part Two thread!
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