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Hi Everyone I'm getting a late start but I'm ready to jump in.
GOALs 2009
1. Speak carefully to myself about me!
2. Find a way to overcome knee pain (had surgery a couple months ago - still feel uncomfortable)
3. Exercise 6 days a week - cardio and free weights
4. Dress size 12 by end of the year
5. Continuously better my eating habits - less fat and cheese more veggies, nuts, whole grains and fruit
6. Step out of my comfort zone and explore new activities and friendships.
7. Stay on my plan and refer to goal #1 whenever needed

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Jamz - I'm with you on the comfort zone thing....especially with exercise...I don't like to push myself

The picture of me 50 pounds lighter is very motivating....I hope to see some pics of everyone else
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Default Okay- Challenge One

Hello Ladies!

Goals for 2009-

Weight? Current weight 233 ~ Goal is to weigh 180lbs by the end of the year.

How? I plan follow weight watchers to reach my goal weight. For me this has been the kindest plan for my mind and overall well being. I like the option of having a treat now and then with out having to go off plan.

Pants/Dress Size- Current size 18 ~ Goal is size 12

finances/budget- Create a budget and actually follow it. I am going to part-time employment to focus on school, but that means a lot less money coming in. (Probably the toughest for me!)

nutrition- Goal to reduce sugar intake and processed foods in general- Which means cooking more at home.

water intake- I already drink water, just love the stuff, but my goal is to increase to 70 oz a day.

exercise / fitness level- I currently exercise 2- 3 days per week for 60 minutes. I want to up this to 5-6 days of cardio as well as 1 day of weight lifting. Also I plan to walk to work at my new job as it is close to my apartment.

I am adding a picture that was taken this month (green sweater) and also a full pic of me at Halloween. I hope it works! I will also take a pic of me right now and add it.

Here are my current measurements:
Upper Left Arm- 17 1/2 inches
Bust- 48 1/4 inches
Rib Cage/Band size- 40 inches
Upper Tummy- 48 inches
Wasit- 44 inches
Hips- 51 inches
Left Thigh- 29 inches
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg 008.jpg (13.6 KB, 5 views)

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My 2009 goals:

1. Lose at least 40 pounds/get off of blood pressure medicine. My weight is now 210. My doctor told me 10 pounds ago that I could probably get off of blood pressure medicine if I lost 50 pounds. That would put me at 170. I'd be satisfied with this goal if I got down to 170 or if I lost less but actually got off of the blood pressure medicine.

2. Walk (can include jogging/running) at least 1,000 miles. This works out to about 3 miles a day, but some days I work really long hours, so I'm not going to require that I walk every day.

3. Complete business plans for all three of my business ideas, have them evaluated for viability, create an action plan checklist for the viable ones and work through it as far as I can to get at least one of them operating in the black by the end of the year. I recognize that I can't control the economy, so I'll be satisfied if I progress as far as circumstances beyond my control allow, as long as they truly are beyond my control.

4. Take a nice trip for enjoyment, not just trying to squeeze in some fun on a business trip.

5. Save at least three months worth of living expenses.

6. Face at least one significant physical challenge, something beyond what I am currently capable of doing. I've thought about maybe a walking tour vacation or a run or a tough hike, but I need to research this more. Something that I plan and train to do.

7. Say no to at least three requests, or implied pressurings, to do something that would ask too much of my time and take me away from accomplishing my own goals.

8. Complete the decluttering process I've started and transition to maintenance.

I'm posting my measurements even though I have no idea what my measurements will be by the end of 2009. It'll be nice to have them for reference (all measurements taken while unclothed):
neck: 14.5
breast: 47.5
bra band: 42
muffin top: 46.5
waist: 44
hips: 53
left thigh: 27
right thigh: 26.5
left upper arm: 16.5
right upper arm: 17
size 18/20
starting weight: 210
goal weight: 170
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File Type: jpg Ufiside28DEC08.jpg (14.2 KB, 7 views)
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I did not put my starting weight either but as of this morning 178.2 a pound up since Christmas morning
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Im awaiting my weight view reply! hehe. Should be fun to see the results!
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Default Hi everyone.

I am super excited to be thin again. These last few months events in my world have been screaming at me, demanding that I straighten up and fly right in terms of taking care of myself. I need this year to be the turning point.

I will have my goals and pics up by the 31st. I have a long, emotionally draining day tomorrow (funeral) and will probably need a day to reflect, and get real about what I want. Put myself on Project Status.

I do have to say I have read all the goals so far, and dig many of the goal ideas, and reward ideas. Can't wait to get back and post with a clear head!

Eny ~ I did sign up on the sign up thread

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In 2009, I can't wait to...

1. Master the art of visualization (think "The Secret") - create a vision board, chart for progress, etc.
2. STOP the negative self-talk - appreciate myself more!
3. Complete the boot camp class (starts Jan. 5th) and enroll in another
4. Try on wedding dresses and feel confident doing so
5. Run two 5k races - Need to find race dates and determine training schedules
6. Accomplish my weight loss goal - 150 lbs. - Stay on South Beach, make it a lifestyle
7. Go from size 14/16 to size 6/8 - See above. In addition, workout 5-6x/week with bootcamp class, Turbo Jam, and Pilates/Yoga
8. Master the Total Immersion Swimming techniques
9. Finish my first year as a teacher and spend this summer working on projects to help me next year
10. Study for and take the GRE
11. Apply for grad school
12. Marry my best friend. The most wonderful man that Iíve ever met.

Love that Weight View site!!

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kmelody! I just got the vision board book for Christmas! Im big into visualizing and enlightenment all all that self help stuff..hehe
We will have to discuss our vision boards once they get on their way! hehe
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You all inspired me so much to write these goals. Thanks!

What's Flylady?

SW: 359
2009 GW: 299

I get my Wii when I hit my GW this year!

*Get $2000 in our savings account
*Stop using credit cards

*Maintain my house & yard better
*Organize my house! We've only lived here 3 years & I feel like every room is a junk room & every drawer is a junk drawer. No more! Get rid of the stuff we don't use.
*Paint my bedroom & hang up the beautiful painting I bought when we started redecorating the room. Also start using our bedspread & keep the dogs off of it.

Health & Wellness:
*Really start exercising. Want to walk my dogs at least every other day.
*Get under 300 pounds so I can start trying to get pregnant THIS YEAR!
*Start therapy & really deal w/ my issues & figure out why I have such a problem w/ food.
*Use my proactiv skin treatment twice a day. Give myself a facial once a week.
*Take better care of my hair, get it cut & colored professionally
*Quit smoking!! I'm 2 weeks into this!
*Take care of my feet

*Stop trying to run my DF's life. Step back & let him make his own decisions more. Quit trying to control everything.
*Have date nights w/ DF
*Visit my grandfather in the nursing home monthly.
*Visit my mom & dad at their house monthly.
*Have my neice & nephew spend the night monthly.

*Dress better, more professionally at work.

I lost the USB cord that attaches to my camera to upload pics. I'll take some pics & put them in here when we get a new cord.

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I have to completely REVAMP MY GOALS!!! (Good thing there's room for change huh?)
1. Hit my goal of #130 NEW GOAL:Maintain/gain #15-#20 in the next 8 months.
2. Drink at least 80 oz of water a day (29,200 oz total. Carry Water bottle all the time.)This is still doable, but I'm upping to 100 oz a day.
3. Exercise an average of 45 mins a day (16,425 mins total; starting with Wii Fit and Slim in 6 Program)Still planning the 30-45 mins of exercise a day - but not the high intensity areobics. i'm going back to leslie, and some Pregnant
4. Start a savings account and put at least $100 a month into it (Directly Deposited from my check every 2 weeks)DEFINATELY MORE IMPORTANT NOW MORE THEN EVER!!! I'm also going to put away any overtime $ I get!
5. Set a budget and stick to it! (Look at bills, household things and see where we can cut, and start saying NO to DH & DD's wants and whims)SUPER IMPORTANT NOW!
6. Have at least 30 mins a day during week, and hour a day on weekend for "ME" Time. For my crafts, reading, relaxing.. etc.or right now, sleep because it's all I want to do!
7. Have a Friend's night and a date night at least once a month. (Saturday after pay day - set up sitters in advance, include in Budget.I still plan on doing this too.

THAT'S RIGHT GIRLS I'm PREGNANT!!! All those days of waiting, and hoping - I took a test this morning and It is DEFINATELY POSITIVE!!! I'm still planning on beign here, working through the challenges, tracking everything etc...

Apparently all the dust from earlier this month really paid off!

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ENY - OMG your pregnant? As long as you don't gain a whole bunch of weight during your pregnancy you can still come out good at the end of the year.....when I was pregnang I only gained 4 pounds during the whole pregnancy (because I lost so much weight at the beginning and no I wasn't sick.....but I gained all that weight back to my original weight plus 4 pounds) so immediately after having the baby I weighed less AND due to lactation you burn about 500 calories a day extra so lactate as long as you can LOL!!!! That can count for your exercise during your maternity leave when you aren't supposed to exercise....LOL.....YAYYYYY this is gonna be your year! Congratulations!

JRCATION - Fly lady is a wonderful, wonderful woman who has shared her organizational skills that she uses for keeping her home in order........FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself....... check it out
she has a complete schedule with babysteps and all for getting your house in order and keeping your car cleaned and getting exercise and water intake is GREAT!!! Good luck!

I'm gonna repost a link that I posted a page back or so......sometimes if people haven't been here in a while (as I'm assuming is the case for many of us due to all the busy holidays) they skim over things if there is alot of posts and I don't want anyone to miss this website

Upload a picture of yourself now and within 48 hours they will send you one of a slimmer is free and you can pick how much weight you want to lose as small as just 10 pounds up to as much as 50 is VERY motivational!

Here is mine after I lost 50 pounds....although I think it looks like I lost a little more than 50 pounds because 50 pounds puts me at 200 even and that looks a little smaller than 200 pounds....maybe 185 to 190 or something like that....either way it is motivating as heck!
Attached Images
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Eny I bet you were pregnant when you took that last test and your HCG levels just weren't high enough to register a positive........YAYYYY

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CONGRATULATIONS ENY !!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!!!

These are all for you...

You must be on

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Congrats Eny! I am so happy for you, I remember waiting on that positive for so long and when it did I thought it was a miracle. I worked out the entire time I was pregnant and even ran until 7 months, just remember be open with your doctor about the exercise and your diet to make sure you and your baby stay super healthy,
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