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this is my time
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alright i want to reach my goal of 135. (sw 180).
wear a size 8
drink more water other then in the summer.

that is just for starters. will get a picture later in the next couple of days. and will think of my other goals through out the week and post them when i think of them.
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GoodMorning~Everyone have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!!!!!
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Merry Christmas!!

I will post my goals later. DD and I are sick with some kind of stomach bug. Looks like we won't be going to my parents today unless we get to feeling awesome soon. Such a bummer, looks like we'll be stuck in the house all day.

Thanks Dixie, I'll have to try the sugar.

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no longer single
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MY goals for 2009 are:

1. Weight-i want to be down to 150 (sw230) by the end of 2009

2. running- i will be able to run 5 miles without stopping (which i have never been able to do, but also never kept up with the goal)

3. finances/budget- find a job and save money so if i am ever unemployed again i won't be in trouble like now.

4.water intake- drink atleast 8 glasses every single day
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I'm gearing up to get out of here for My last family gathering! PHEW! Anyhow, I'm SO excited about this coming year. Please make sure that you post your goals for the ENTIRE YEAR (of course they can be adjusted later as needed)

Also, POST A PICTURE - If you don't know how, there's a GREAT step by step in the FAQs of the site.



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I'm sure I'll edit later, but here's my thoughts for today!!
Weight; I am hovering between high 140's and 150, I'd like to get to the 120's and we'll see what I think, from there
Inches; later, but I am thinking I am not far off, need toning more than anything
Pants/Dress Size - 8/10, like to get to 4/6
finances/budget; Pay off credit card and OS first year of college, also not touch my savings for a withdrawal all year.
organization - Flylady
nutrition - Aim for healthy, not skinny
water intake 100 oz a day
exercise / fitness level - want to run a half marathon, exercise 6 days a week, at least 30 minutes a day
pampering/relaxation - have to think about that, tried a facial this year, didn't really care for that... maybe just time to read one book a month, just for fun!

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I'm so excited to see sooo many people signing up! I can't wait for 2009 because I know that this time next year will be here before you know it...and I know that things are going to be soooo different when I'm sitting here this time next next year...I will weigh alot less and be house will be clean....I will have a much closer relationship with friends and family...and I will have more money because I'm gonna follow a budget! I'm soooo syked! I hope everyone is ready for all the fun we are gonna have

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Isla's mommy
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Hello all! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I know I did! And now I'm done with the eating... it's time to get busy with the work outs. I know the tagging is done but I'm going to make sure I finish all that I was given. It's my own personal mini goal.

My goals for 2009 (my 30th year)

to lose the last 60 lbs. to be back at the 160 I was at when I was 21 years old.

pants/dress size:

I'm currently wearing a size 18. I want to be back in size 12.

this year I really learned how to budget. Next year I want to continue with my budgeting, I want to pay off as much as I can on existing bills, and I want to make it a point to put money into my savings.

this year I am going to organize all my closets and us them to the best of their storage ability. I will not keep junk. All that needs to be thrown away is out & what can be in a garage sale is sold!

time with family & friends:
I am going to make it a point this year to meet with friends for dinner at least once a month. I need to get out of the house more and enjoy my time with my friends.

exercise/fitness level:
I want it to be a completely natural thing that I work out 3-5 times a week.

Since our computer crashed at Thanksgiving we've been using my old computer & I can't find the software to upload my pictures from my camera. So the only current pics I can find are the ones we have on snapfish & when I take them off of there they are tiny. Let me see what I can do.

I can never wear a size 6 and I'll never weigh less than 160. I've tried before and my body just won't do it. The lowest I would go is 159! But I'm fine with that because I'm happy with myself in a size 12. So here we go ladies! A year to get to where we're going
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You know what... the picture that is on my profile is going to be the picture that I use for my before pic. It's from October 2008. I've lost a few more pounds since then but it'll serve it's purpose!
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Well it is getting late so tomorrow I will post before pics and also goals. And tonight will give me time to really think about what I want over the next year!

Okay time for goals
1. I would like to reach and maintain my goal 160.
2. Wear size 10 jean or smaller, currently I am 14.
3. Eat on plan which is WW Flex so staying within my point allowance
4. After reaching goal I want to have a reduction done but have been waiting to reach goal first
5. Pay off the toys, already have a couple down now we just have my motorcycle I bought this year(this will probably not get paid off before 2011 long term goal to have paid off in 2011 instead of 2013), DH got his in May 07 so hopefully will have it paid off this summer instead of 2010
6. This is the biggie --- to exercise at least 30-45 minutes 6 days a week- I am really slack on this one
7. Only eat out once a week instead of 2 or 3 you would think all our snow would keep us home but NOOOOO
8. Finish getting house remodeled- hopefully finishing up living and dining room in next couple weeks then on to bathroom
9. Keep house cleaned once it is finished and to not let DH or DS's get away with leaving their stuff laying around!!!
10. For a real ME thing- I want to put at least 5,000 miles on my new motorcycle this summer and I do already have a few mini extended weekend trips planned...

I want to live life NOT let Life live me!!!!!! Pictures will have to come later

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I am really excited about the challange, I think it will give me the motivation I need to stay on track. I really have BIG goals for 2009 but I am going to make some realistic ones to start and see if I make it further.

WEIGHT (SW)240....GOAL 150.....#90 LOSS
SIZE 22........GOAL 10

I want to lose 110 pounds all together but I chose 90 because it was more realistic, it is just under 2 pounds a week. I love challenges and I am competitive. As long as people keep posting and don't abandon the challenge I should be able to hold on. I want to tell everyone GOOD LUCK.

Here is my before pics taken tonight

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Hi Everyone~Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I had a very good one. Now I am ready to get down to business. I have started working on my organizer. I think for me I need to set mini goals every day, along with the normal/regular daily list of things I need to do around the house and personal things for me..It seems space bags will be my best friend for a few days. I want to take out more of my mothers' clothes. I will definately need closet space b/c.......Santa gave me a gift certificate to buy a new wardrobe of skinny clothes!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo happy. C L O T H E S!!!!!!!!!!

{Quoe} pampering/relaxation~Wash my face twice a day. Give myself a facial once a week. I will style my hard to get it back into good healthy shape. keeping it trimmed, hair treatments, maybe even try highlights. I have really let my hair and skin go due to extreme stressing over this divorce. It is over and behind me. Time to move on. I want to try a sugar scrub. Sounds sinfully wonderful. I have bought mineral powder make up. Found a wonderful face cream and cleanser. I am ready to be pretty again. Yoga, visualization, prayer, and breathing exercising. It works Mel.{end quote} Washing my face~I have washed my face 2x a day since I posted this. I put 2 pinches of sugar in my face wash cream. Gently wash my face. Makes my face feel oh so good. I lightly beat an egg white with a drizzle of honey. Leave on for 20 min. Rinse with tempid water. Already my face is looking better. My hair pillows have not come in yet. I can't wait to use them. I think gentle curves and waves in my hail is a good starting point. A little mouse and hair spray should do the trick. My make up has not come in as yet either. I might try a few more natural products as I get used to "dolling" up again. I need a bottle of cologne. Odd isn't it what we let slide when we are depressed? Feb around Valentines day I want to get my hair trimmed again. I will write it in my organizer. I might surprise my sister and take her with me. I have found several recipes for deep conditioning and hair masks. I want to try them. I have got to get my hair back into healthy shape.~~On the budgeting aspect. I will pay my house taxes today!!!! Then I am good to go until May 10th. I am working on things.~~ I bought some stickers. Each day I do everything for that day I will put a sticker. That will help me see progress. I have a plan girls. We will see it in action

I baby sit here today. Then have Christmas at my sister Sandys' tonight. Then Christmas is gone. I am sad to see it go in many aspects. Then my grand D said wouldn't it be nice if tomorrow was Easter!! DD and I almost chocked!!!! Kids think big. I have 3 tags I am going to finish up. We do need an exercise challenge. That was so much fun and motivational. This is getting long, so I will catch ya all later!! Pat
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Weight -I want to hit my goal weight of 180. My mini goal is to be at 212 ( 100 pounds lost by march 15th)

Pants/Dress Size - Currently 16... hmm I never thought about sizes.. that was always a bonus treat. umm size 10 at goal? I dont know how sizes go.. lol

finances/budget - To really get some of our debt paid off and live more frugally. This is my year of organization and lists and NO PROCRASTINATING!

Personal: Get my body ready for BABIES.. get enrolled in some more online Education... associates or certificates in the holistic nutrition field... get ORGANIZED with what i need to do... I really want to work on my time managment!!

nutrition - Eat to live, don't live to eat. Maintain my healthy eating and create/find a broader aray of recipes to cook so i don't become board. Nutrition is VERY important to me and I really want to only put things in my mouth that benefit my body.. and not have to think too hard about it.hehe

time with family/friends - email more often.

water intake - Drink ONLY water.. and lots of it!

exercise / fitness level - I want to do Yoga everyday at my gym... even if the only class available is the early morning one! ( On days where working gets in the way.. I need to atleast to a dvd at home)
I want to really focus on my running and training for a half marathon. I want to work on not only my endurance but my time.
I want to do some sort foexercise everyday.. approx1-2 hours Min with one day a week of rest/small amount of exercise.. 1 mile WATP or something like that.

pampering/relaxation - Set up a schedule for treats when i hit mini goals. (Like Melissa's box idea!)

Here are my pics.. Im staying with some friends right now.. so i didn't have tighter fitting gymn gear to take a recent picture of. This is BRIGHT and early in the morning after my 4 day BINGE... I already see my face looking chubby after my crazy relapse.


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Hi Enygirl, My goals for 2009:

1. Hit my goal of #155-160 - stop yo yo'ing
2. Drink lots of water, plan meals, eat clean
3. Exercise 6 days a week, cardio 3 days, weights 3
4. Pay of the last debt and save
5. Continue to budget, also keep house organized
6. Continue to research career change/business
7. Relax and care of self, stress less, argue less, detach
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Good morning girls! Well there are still alot of people that haven't posted their goals. The time is NOW! Remember that this goal setting bit only lasts until the First.. and then we're onto the Valentine's day challenge. It's going to be a good one as well!

I got a Wii and the Jillian game for it from my mom for Christmas, I'm excited about using it.. but right now I'm going to finish putting Christmas away

Another good idea is to start working ont he goals now... drink your water, eat with in your limits, do your exercise..
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