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Eny, I saw somewhere that the reviews on that were bad and sure enough I looked on Amazon and there were like 140 and none of them were good. I thought about getting wii fit but wondered if it would really be a good workout. So you like the Jillian game? And do you have the yoga and is it good?
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Okay, finally I'm able to do my goals. I was sick all day Thursday and gone all day Friday and part of today. One good thing about being sick on Christmas was that I couldn't eat much. Its been forever since I've had a stomach bug.

SW is 168.8
GW is 135

Goals for 2009

1. Spend more time with God in prayer and study. DH, kids, and I already spend alot of time together, but I would like to spend more time with the kids doing crafts or just something as simple as coloring together.

2. Lose 33.8lbs to reach goal of 135.

3. Exercise 3-6 times a week

4. Continue to eat healthy, learn to pass on the soda when its available.

5. 64-96oz of water daily

6. Fit into a size 8 to 10, I don't really have an inches goal.

7. Pampering: get my wisdom teeth out so that maybe I can get my top teeth straightened out again. Get facial products to help tighten my skin

8. Get our unfinished basement cleaned, painted, and organized so maybe we can actually get some use out of it instead of just storage

9. Be frugal with our money, pay extra principal on our house.

Thats all the goals I can think of right now. I will get the picture as soon as get them off the old computer.
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Starting Weight? 271.

Goal Weight for 09? 200.

Any... diet related resolutions? I need to stop the soda and start moving.

Any... non-diet related resolutions? I need to be better with my money and start being less self-conscience about everything.

Picture? It's below.

I hope it's not too big... no pun intended.
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could be so pretty
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Height: 5'10"



Pants/Dress Size: Hmm. I'd like to be a 22-20. I'd take smaller, though.

Finances: I control the budget for my household, so for 2009, I'd like to see our debt go down around $1000 on each of our credit cards, with no new spending on his, and only the allotted grocery/gas spending on mine. I'd like to see my dh's savings account accumulate over $1000. I think it's possible.

I want to get all A's this semester, summer semester, and fall semester.
I will keep ahead of my chores in the house (dishes, food, and vacuuming.)
I strive to become as essential to my place of work as my boss. (The Owner)

Nutrition: We eat really well already: dh works at Whole Foods, and we get a substantial discount. I've almost completely removed refined sugars and starches from my diet, and I'd like to see this trend continue.

Family/Friends: Hardest goal yet. I'd love to go on a date each week (nothing expensive; more like a walk in the park, a hike, an activity that takes us out of the home, makes us actually talk to each other) with my husband - some actual quality time with him instead of sitting on our butts on our computers on our days off wishing our apartment was clean and doing nothing about it while griping at each other. As for friends, I'd love to be able to have them over more often for a home cooked meal rather than going out and attempting to find something healthy, failing, and feeling guilty.

Water intake: I live in a desert, and I weigh over 300 lbs. I think I should be drinking more than 30 oz of water a day. My goal is 80oz every day.

Exercise/Fitness level: I have an extremely detailed plan for myself for the first three months of this year already, so I'm pretty sure this is doable. My ultimate goal is to be on level 3 advanced of the 30 day shred daily, as well as working out 5 days a week at the gym, by the end of the year.

Pampering/Relaxation: You know, I hadn't even thought about structured relaxation and pampering. I don't get my nails done because they're already brittle enough (so a mini-goal would be biotin and calcium supplements every day as well), but there is an extremely nice spa place that is now available to me by train. Okay! Goal is I get a different body treatment for every 20 lbs I lose at 10,000 Waves in Santa Fe, not totaling more than $50 each time.

Weight Goals:
Starting Weight December 27, 2008: 318 lbs
Goal Weight for December 31, 2009: 240 lbs
A loss of 78 lbs.

Inches Goals:
Starting Inches
Neck: 16
Bust: 54
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 55
Hips: 65
L Thigh: 30.5
L Calf: 17.75
L Ankle: 9.5
L Bicep: 16
L Forearm: 13
L Wrist: 7.5
Goal Inches:
Neck: 15
Bust: 47-42
Chest: 42-38
Waist: 44-40
Hips: 50-46
L Thigh: 26.5
L Calf: 15.75
L Ankle: 9
L Bicep: 14
L Forearm: 12
L Wrist: 7

Before Pic:

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Strong is the new thin!
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S/C/G: 178/152/close enough

Height: 5'9 1/2"


1. Lose 18lbs to reach goal of 144.
2. Be active every day.
3. Continue to eat healthy, keep alcohol to a minimum.
4. Fit into a size 4, I 'm now an 8.
5. Take 4 or more trips, even if very short. I have 2 planned now.
6. Pay as much extra principal on my mortgage as I can.
7. Simplify my life as much as possible.
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Motivated for 2009
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I feel really motivated and think that 2009 is going to be a great year!

1. I want to get to my goal weight of 115 lbs by next Dec.
2. I want to be a pants size 2-4.
3. I want to get my internal issues under control and be well established in going to OA meetings and 12 step program.
4. I want to eliminate diet soda drinking and replace it with water.
5. I want to get the dental work done that I need.
6. I want to take progress pictures for every 10 lbs I lose and take measurements.
7. I want to get my house in order and get rid of what I don't need.
8. I want to get contacts to replace my glasses and get a new hair cut and hair style.
9. I want to write in my diet blog every day.
10. I want to spend more quality family time with my husband and kids -- and go on a date once a week with my hubby.
11. Stop smoking once and for all!

ETA: my starting weight is 205 lbs and I will take pictures tomorrow to post!

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Working at it
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Height: 5'3"


I'm in!

For 2009, I am going to:

Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (125) and beyond (115)
-I will fit back into my beautiful size 4 white trousers by August 1st.
-I will not eat anything but fruit after 7 PM
-I will eat more protein, less carbs
-I will exercise daily, even if it's just a couple sets of push-ups/squats/crunches
-I will continue to nurse my baby
-I want to move into a better apartment, closer to the city
-I will get a decent car
-I will get a better job to pay for above mentioned better apartment and car
-I will be more social
-I will continue to grow out my hair
-I want to improve my wardrobe without breaking the bank

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GOOD MORNING GIRLS - Ok, so it's almost afternoon here - but whatever I got to sleep in today for the first itme in a LONG time. Right now things are really emotional, and I haven't been handling things very well... lots of crying.


Stephi =- I couldn't help but laugh at you're "no pun intended" on the pic. it was WAY funny to me!

Angie - i haven't gotten very far into the game - but so far I like it. The biggest reason that people don't like Jillian's workouts is because they're hard.. she's mean, and she makes you WORK! If I had to be trained by her in real life, I'd probably kick her in the shin.. but it's safe to curse her in the comfort of my living room.

I LOVE the Wii fit!!! It is a good workout, but I don't think I'd do it as a stand alone... but a great supplement workout. I've used it at my friends, but couldn't find one around here for myself for Christmas.

Alright girls - off to go and make myself a new bag TTYAS!!!!
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Eny~My Starting weight is 179~my goal weight for now is 150. When I get to 150 I want to see how my body feels. I may need to go for 145. Time and body will tell me when I get there. so 179 to 150 is it for now.~~I am sorry you have been upset and crying, a big ((((H U G)))) just for you!!!!!

I am still working on a before picture, please bare with me. Pat
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I would like to run 3 miles comfortably.

I would like my hips to measure under 40 inches.

I would like to have an organized bedroom closet.

At this time I can run 2 miles comfortably, my hips measure 42 inches and my bedroom is a mess. My starting weight is 167.5.

Okay girls, help me stick to it!!!!
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Good afternoon all!

The weekend is almost over & I have nothing to really show for all my days off. That's okay... before I know it I'll be busy all over again with no time to relax. So I'm taking care of it now. I'm trying to decide what it is I should do next... should I work out or go grocery shopping first? Maybe I should go shopping first since I just had something to eat & I won't be hungry. I still have to take a shower though... I've been so lazy this weekend!

Oh well - I hope everyone has a great afternoon & I'll be back later...
Eny: you know we're all here for you!
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Height: 5'3"

Wink Need some motivation?

Hey everyone

I found this website in my Shape is:

You upload a picture of yourself and within 48 hours they send you a picture of what you would look like 10-50 pounds lighter....whatever you choose....

Check it is my before and after picture...I have to say it is quite motivating!
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File Type: jpg 50pounds down.jpg (23.7 KB, 23 views)
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That's pretty cool, Melissa. That's going to be your after picture this time next year.
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Goodbye Fat!
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Okay I am attaching a picture. This time next year no double chin. I had a healthy snack of an apple and peanut butter instead of chocolate covered pretzels so goldstar for me today
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Melissa, I just checked out that website. It's really motivating! Thanks for sharing!
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