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[SIZE="2"]Im so excited for this challenge... what a great way to start the new year!! So here are my goals as of now for the year ... if i think of anything else i will update

Weight- to lose 50 lbs and be 175

Inches - im not really sure about this stuff

Pants/Dress Size- i am currently a 16 and would like to hit a single digit number like 9 ( or even 11 i would be happy with )

finances/budget - stop spending so much freaking money!! monitor my spending and return the things wiht tags on them that i buy on impulse

organization (home vs work/school)- be more organized with my school work, new year means new semester and get that gpa up

nutrition- cut back on processed foods and make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a diet
time with family/friends- find more time to spend with family and friends

water intake- drink at least 8 glasses a day

exercise / fitness level- commit to my workouts and have fun doing them instead of making it a chore... also be accountable when not working with my trainer to keep up the workouts intensity

- quit stessing so much and read a book for fun once a month ...
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OMG - I bought a new scale today & it's saying I weigh some SO different than what my old scale said. I can't even wrap my mind around it right now so I'll figure it out later. I just had to share my horror.
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My goals for 2009:

* Get all my bills up to date.
(second job until full time at hospital, learn how to make and stick with a budget)
* Clear up at least 75% of my credit report.
(See above)
* Save at least $1000.
(again, See above )
* Get Leonidas whatever medicine/surgery he needs.
* Move into a little house with a yard.
* Get my truck.
* Hit ONEderland.
(post intake on SP/ SP recommended outtake/ blog & 3FC at least every other day)
* Take better care of my hair.
(monthly trims, learn how to properly grease, press, & wrap)
* Clear up this rash on my legs and get my sexy gams back.
(Gold Bond medicated lotion, if this fails: see a derm)
* Treat myself at least once a month
(non-food rewards for staying on track health and financial wise)

Enylove~ I'll post my pics, start weight, and measurements on the 1st since that is my WI day.
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Sexy Writer Chick
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I am so ready for this!!
Here are my goals for 2009

1. Hit my goal of 130 lbs (SW 229 lbs)
2. Pants/Dress Size: I want to be in single digits
3. Lose inches: 11 off chest, 13 off waist, 10 off hips
4. Find a new job that will actually pay the bills.
5. Finish my school assignments on time
6. Eat out once a week only.
7. Plan my meals on a weekly basis and get food ready the night before
8. Drink 8 glasses of water per day
9. Minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 6 days/wk
10. Pay my taxes and GST on time.
11. I really like the idea of a reward Box!! For every 10 lbs lost I will chose a reward.

Starting Stats:
Weight: 229 lbs
Chest: 48
Hips: 53
Waist: 47
neck: 17
L. arm: 15
R. arm: 15
L thigh: 28
R. thigh: 28.5
R. calf: 16
L. calf: 16.5
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Smile 2009 Goals

My 2009 Goals:

Weight: Currently, I weigh 178ish but would like to get down to 150 or less. I really want to feel healthy so that my hubby and I can start a family.

Pants/Dress Size: size 16 but really want to be able to wear single digits

Organization (home vs work/school): I am going to clean one room a day so that I don’t have to spend hours cleaning during the weekends.

Nutrition: I really need to watch my sweets so I would like to discover healthy alternatives. My diet needs to include more fruits and veggies. Calorie counting is how I plan to keep my portions under control.

Time with family/friends: I would like to plan a date night once a month. I need to email and call my out of town friends more often.

Water intake:
I really dislike water so I am going to start off with only 20oz a day and increase it throughout the year.

Exercise / fitness level:
Plan on going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week workout for ½ and eventually increase to 1 hour per session.

Pampering/relaxation: Oh, I love to get pedicures so I think that will be a reward for every 10 pounds lost. I also want to take better care of my hair with regular trims and maybe a deep conditioning treatment?
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i have never takenmy measurements before. I'm excited to do so! (Kind of wish I had at the beginning of my journey!) Going to buy a tape measure in the morning
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running my mass off
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Default 2009 Goals...

My 2009 Goals:
SW 197/152/113 by 10/17/2009...ARUBA!!!!
Weight:Currently, I weigh 197 but would like to get down to 113 for my trip to Aruba in Oct.
Pants/Dress Size:size 14 but really want to be able to wear my 4's again.

Nutrition: I will enlisting the help of WW flex plan as it had posive results last year.
Time with family/friends:Date night once a week with hubby even if it means just taking a Ride Class together.
Water intake:100+oz/day
Exercise / fitness level: 4 Ride Classes/4 Crossfit Classes, MINIMUM!!!
For every 10lbs lost I will buy one piece of gym clothes (tank, capri's...) to keep me updated and motivated to go to the gym DAILY!!!

I can do this, I will do this, nothing can stop me!!!
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Another part of this challenge: editing and defining my goals. I took my measurements in November for another challenge. I took them again this morning. All I can say is the tags worked. I didn't drop a lot of weight. I did make a new "decade" though. But the journal and tags did the trick. Here is what the tale of the tape says

Midrif 40 ~~~ 38 1/4
waist 42 1/2~~ 39
hips 48~~~~~ 47

I will start this challenge with the new set of measurements and work like heck to get my waist at the least 35, smaller if I can, but first mini goal is 35.
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Ladies... can I just tell you what kind of emotional roller coaster ride I was on yesterday!?!? I got the new scale & it was telling me that I weighed 10 lbs. more than I thought I weighed. So then the rest of the night I had a pity party. I ate whatever without thinking. Then today I got over it & told myself I needed to knock it off & get those 10 lbs. off. I'd just start new & mean it. SO I worked out for an hour & a half to work on those old tags. After I was all tired and worn out I took a nice long shower. Then I decided I would weigh myself again on both the old & new scale & figure out exactly how much I was off. Now, I've said it before & I will say it again, SCALES ARE EVIL. My old scale said I weight 222 (OK - so I put on 1.5 lbs. over the last week) and the new scale said 224. It's only 2 lbs. off!!! !!!!
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I would love to go ahead and jump in. 2008 has been a rollercoaster with my first baby and I just feel like my life is in total chaos. In 2009 I want regain control of my life! My starting weight is 183.

Weight/Inches: Get under 150 pounds!

Pants/Dress Size: Fit into a size 10/12 comfortably

Finances/Budget: Keep within our family budget each month. Pay off student loan...finally!

Organization (home vs work/school): Get back on track with Flylady and keep on track with work. No procrastination!

Nutrition: Kick my Diet Coke habit to the curb and stop eating so many processed foods. Eat more veggies and fruits, show my daughter what a healthy diet is.

Time with family/friends: Take time to just spend time with my daughter one on one. Take her to the park and walks more. Go on a date with my husband once a month.

Water intake: Okay first just start drinking water and then aim for more.

Exercise / Fitness level: 30 minutes a day minimum, go on long walks or hiking on the weekends with husband and daughter

Pampering/relaxation: Take time for me before bedtime to relax and read. Get a massage for every 10lbs I lose.
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I don't know if I put in my SW for this challenge. I listed random goals and stuff... but forgot the SW!

sw 247 ( Im hoping a lot of that's water weight.. ive had a bingarific christmas)
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This was so hard for me! I don't like to think of things that far in the future. I did it though! Here goes:
2009 Goals

Weight : 12/08 SW: 216 12/09 GW :145

Size: 12 Or 10

Finances: Pay off all debts except mortgage / save money for a trip

Organization: Clean out attic and all storage areas...throw things away or have a tag sale

Nutrition: Keep eating OP all year long! Find new recipes for healthy food

Exercise: To be able to RUN on treadmill and longer sessions on elliptical.

Pampering: Take care of hair: Need to color and highlight (nervous to do so)

If I think of more...I will add them along the way.
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Hi ladies! I am new here, but I'd like to jump right in and join you all in this challenge for a better life.

SW: 183

GW: 127

Goals for 2009 Challenge:

1. Hit my goal weight by December 31, 2009.

2. Go from a tight size 14 to a comfortable single digit size.

3. Exercise at least 5 days a week--NO EXCUSES!!

4. Continue to work my behind off in grad school to finish this summer with a 4.0 GPA.

5. Save enough money to take my kiddos to Disney for a Christmas family vacation.

6. Cut out all caffeinated and sugary drinks, replacing them with water.

7. Buy a jump rope and use it when I'm being lazy and watching TV.

8. Include more fruits and veggies in my everyday diet--5 total servings per day.

I feel really good about this! I need to be held accountable and I think this group challenge will help me a lot.

I will upload a pic later--I'm not able to yet.

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Are we supposed to have a goal for each of those categories, or could I do more than one goal for one category and none for some?
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Originally Posted by Ufi View Post
Are we supposed to have a goal for each of those categories, or could I do more than one goal for one category and none for some?
The categories are just to give you ideas to have for goals. YOu can pick and choose whatever you want as your goals - it's you that has to reach them!

I would like everyone to post a starting weight and a goal weight for the year though... it helps me in my tracking.

On another note - I got the Jillian Michaels Ultimatum 2009 game with a Wii for Christmas and OMG - SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!!! - I know I'm completely OUT OF SHAPE (well technically round is a shape)... BUT WOW!!! I did 10 minutes just to test it out and I WAS BEAT!! I'm going to love it!
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