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Ok girls - I'm closing this thread right after the ball drops on the East Coast. If you haven't signed up for the G2009 challenges, please go Here:

If' you have signed up, please check out the next G2009 Mini Challenge: Loving The Skin I'm In;

We're going to have a BLAST! and of Course Mel has a BRAIN FULL OF IDEAS!!!
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My 2009 goals:

(1) Lose 100 lbs by participating in the online BL competitions and completing the YMCA's BL class then using Dr. H's fat loss plan.

(2) Complete Nanowrimo (a writing self-competition held every November) by starting a daily writing habit. Stretch goals: finish my novel rough draft, actually submit a short story to someone.

(3) Run one mile by finishing on of the C25K programs, even if I have to go very slowly.

(4) Face my financial fears and get things in order: a real budget and a real plan for getting out of debt and automating everything as much as possible.

(5) Work through Dan Allender's workbooks for the Healing Path and Writing Your Story to relearn my relationship with Christ.

(6) Start having at least once a month "just you and me" dates with my daughters to strengthen our relationships. Call my mother and my sister several times each week. Stick with communicating online with folks at 3FC instead of turtling up.

Still working on pics -- don't have a working digital camera but may fix that tomorrow.

Best wishes,

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My goals of 2009

-To lose at LEAST 40lbs
-To Love Myself Again
-To get my self-esteem back again
-To save enough money to already be Christmas ready
-To be a healthy wife/mom
-To look good in a bikini by summer's end!
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Hi all!

Happy New Year! I'm sorry I am a little late. I took some time out to think about what I really want. I have 12 goals for this year - 4 more than last year. I had 8 goals for 2008 and achieved around 5 of them. So, let's get this going! I'm excited.


1. Gain more recognition at work and in my field by striving to do more research, taking initiatives more frequently and being vocal.

Health and fitness

2. Lose 21kg.

3. Start and maintain a fitness regime of at least 4 gym sessions a week.

4. Tone up as I lose the weight - At least 1 of the gym sessions each week should incorporate some weights training.

5. Run a half marathon

Social life

6. Travel to a new place.

7. Take some time out to spend time with friends and family at least once a month.


8. Save more to hit the targeted amount of money to be seen in the bank balance.

9. Reduce cab rides to a maximum of two trips a month.

10. Learn something new!

11. Be even more assertive and vocal.

12. Working hard and be committed to all things I start on.
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Originally Posted by UrthWurm View Post
In 2009, I want to:

~Reach my GW of 135
~Exercise at least 2x a week
~Walk at least 30 minutes, 4x a week
~Cut more sugar out of my diet
~Eat Organic as much as I can afford
~Move into an apartment
~Save money to ^^^^^
~Write every day
~Finish my first novel
~Start an indoor "garden"
~Expand my online business
~Create at least 2 new designs per week
~Paint/Draw once a month
~Practice Photography once a month
~Learn a new song (keyboard) once every 3 months

SW: 196 CW: 196 GW: 135

I'll post pictures later on tonight (if I can).
Here are the pictures I promised. Whoo!
Not the most flattering pictures, but pictures none the less.
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Ok so I'm new at this but gonna give it my all, challenge number 1:

Weight - Weighed 31-12-2008 at 205lbs target to be 154 but 196lbs by Feb
Inches - Waist 33- Chest 38- Hips 42 - target Waist 30 - Chest 36 - Hips 38
Pants/Dress Size - Currently UK 16 (US 14) target UK 12 - (US 10(
finances/budget - Stop spending on rubbish and save for things I really need - (TREADMILL)
organization (home vs work/school) Haha get on with my Nutrition Diploma, (Its veterinary so it doesn't really help me
nutrition Eat alot more fruit and Veg I really enjoy it but can't get motivated to cook or eat it
time with family/friends spend less time on the PC and more time with my husband
water intake Actually drinking some would be good so 65oz a day
exercise / fitness level Start moving again
pampering/relaxation look after my skin, once per week lock myself in the bathroom with some gorgeous girly treats and have some me time, with a good book

It's strage how just writing down what you want makes you feel great so actually doing it is going to be even greater I'm seriously looking forward to this
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