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I freeze alot of meals as most recipes make 4-6 servings and i am just cooking for dh and myself. Anytime i have leftovers i stick them into the freezer, it makes for a quick meal on a night when we get home from work late or if we dont feel like cooking.
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3 + years maintaining
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Good morning ladies.

Thanks for all the kinds words about my weightloss gals. It means so very much to me, I can't even begin to tell you.

Justme, I without a doubt can tell you what I am eating all day today and for the entire week in front of me. Planning, planning and then planning some more is KEY for me. It was from day one. I MUST have my day/week mapped out for me. I have to have my house completely "stocked" with all the "right" foods in order for this to work. I can't be out of any of my "supplies". I just can't let that happen. I need to set myself up for success. It's really, really important.

Abbynormal, welcome to the group and I LOVE your user name. I would also like to suggest to you to please check out the 100 lb. Club, found over in the Support Groups Forum. It is a great place and I think you will really, really like it there.

I went out for lunch yesterday with my DD. She had a panini with fresh mozzerella, roasted peppers, pesto and something else I don't remember and a side order of fries. I had a healthy salad, which was basically cut up lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, tomato and corn. I had it completely undressed and ate none of the yummy smelling/looking garlic bread. My daughter then asked me "Ma, what are you going to do when you're done" I told her I will never be done, this is how I plan to eat forever and ever. I think it was kind of eye opening for her.

Anyway, Wednesday's calories - about 1100.

Have a great day everyone, healthy and productive.
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Good morning!

Yesterday's menu:

Calories... 1,187
Fat... 16%
Fiber... 64 grams
Carbs... 58%
Protein... 25%

Early Morning:
Vitamins/Salmon oil= (10 cal)
Fiber One= (60 cal)


French Toast made with
2 egg whites=(34 cal).
1 oz. Lt. vanilla soy milk= (9 cal)
3 slices low cal bread= (120 cal)
Cinnamon & Splenda

2 Tablespoons SF Maple syrup= (15cal)
1 slice Turkey bacon= (35 cal)

Midmorning snack: Applesauce (60 cal) spread with SF/FF Cool Whip (20 cal) and topped with Fiber One (60cal) Cinnamon

Lunch: 8 oz. Tomato/Spinach soup (56 cal)
Toasted Flat Out (90cal) topped with SF Chocolate Pudding (40 cal) and SF/FF Cool Whip (20 cal)

Supper: Elk Cabbage Rolls with Tomato sauce ( 291 cal) and Winter Squash ( 84 cal)

Evening Snack: Mini Bag of Kettle Korn popcorn (100 cal) and glass of FF Milk (80 cal)

Robin... I couldn't agree with you more, Keeping my house stocked is an important key to losing weight. I have a wooden note board that holds a spool of adding machine paper that I use everyday. Whenever I get close to being out of something, I write it on my "grocery List". I've kicked DH more than once when he'll eat the last of something and not added it to the list, the dweeb!

Lara... One thing I like to do with Flat outs is toast/bake them in my toaster oven (you can use a regular oven) and top with applesauce, cinnamon and cool whip. Yummy! They also make great individual pizza's.
When you mentioned "Stinking Thinking" it reminded me of the famous motivational speaker, Zig Zigalar (spelling?)That's one of his favorite phrases. Have you ever listened to him?


Maybe you can just freeze half of it right up front? That way you can have it in a few weeks when you're not sick of it anymore!

Good advice, I do that with homemade vegetable soup. Only I put it in individual containers with the calories on top of each one. I also have the recipe on my fitday in the "customs" section. How's the beverage situation at your house? Have you stopped buying it yet? I'm afraid Cabernet is my down fall, I can't keep it in the house. That's what put the weight on me in the first place!

Theresa... Thanks for the link to Kelpiesoft, I added it to my favorites and will check it out as soon as I'm done posting today.

Have a good one, bobbi

P.S. You can buy the 100 calories bags of Kettle Corn now, it's my new favorite snack.
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Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
[FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=4][COLOR=#800080]
P.S. You can buy the 100 calories bags of Kettle Corn now, it's my new favorite snack.
MINE TOO!! I've been having a 100 calorie bag a day in the late afternoon. The only problem is my 5 yr old is loving it too and my 100 calorie bag probably turns into a 50 calorie bag because he steals handfuls!! Gosh I love that stuff!!

I did good yesterday 1350 calories...not all coming from lentils either...LOL Once again the scale hasn't really moved much it was at 169.6 again this morning (bouncing 168-172 for awhile)

On a positive note...I bought a bunch of jeans and capris in sz 10. 12's were loose in the behind...LOL but I'm a little thicker around the waste I guess.....things just dont fit just right anymore.... I hate to even think/say this but the more I weight I loose the more I think I may need to get a tummy tuck some day...I had 2 c-sections/2 big babies and it just doesn't seem my stomach will ever look normal again. I guess we'll see how it goes when I get down to about 140, its not like I can AFFORD the procedure anyway AND my gosh I never got my tattoo because I fear pain...LOL I imagine recovery would be HORRIBLE!!

Everyone have a GREAT GREAT day!! Kids get out early for teacher meetings this afternoon....and there is a book fair. The kids are excited. Both teachers already said the meeting will be short and glad they are both good kids and smart!! I did something right!! Tomorrow they go to daddy's for the weekend!! YEAH!!!! I get a break!! (THE BEST thing about being divorced is the free weekends!!)
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It's all going so well! Calories for yesterday were a little over 900, and I can feel my tummy shrinking and I'm not so hungry anymore :YAY:
I've lost my first three pounds and it took a week and a half...that seems pretty healthy.
JUSTME: you sound like me...I had two c-sections and my stomach will never be the same! I do have a tattoo, though, and I love it. I have a butterfly on my right shoulder and it makes me feel a bit "edgy" -- a little bit rebellious, ya know. And the pain is not that bad. I say GO FOR IT! It will give your soul a boost.

Ya'll are great ladies...I'll check in later.
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Thanks for all the words of advise on the food storage. I did save a serving of couscous and broccoli from last nights dinner. I will them tomorrow with a Boca thicken patty for lunch.

Zoe ~ I try not to think about it because I also get nervous. The two times I got down to about 150, I also ended up pregnant. Now mind you my kids are 19 and 16 so that tells you how long it has been. I have gotten down into the 170’s since but turned around and gained that plus some. My Mom and I joke that if I lose it again I will end up pregnant.

Rockinrobin ~ Your lunch sounded yummy. Yes, my girls I think are having a hard time figuring out how I could possibly dream of giving up all the stuff we used to eat and choosing healthier versions. I really like the healthier version and wish they would try them and realize health is more important than bad food.

Bobbi ~ I actually get the stinking thinking from Joyce Meyers. No, I have never heard of him before but maybe I will try to find something. I am always looking for words of wisdom. I think the hard part is figuring out that the way you are thinking is just bad. Yes, reading your meals each day and how you use the falt out is what made me go looking. They have a website that has all kinds of recipes.

I eat a mini bag of reduced fat popcorn every night as a snack. Stems back from childhood and having it every night as a treat. I have denied myself the simple pleasure of it most of my adult life because of the calories and not knowing when to stop. These 100 cal bags and this group has brought this simple pleasure back into my life and it surely isn’t preventing me from losing weight. Thank you all for sharing what you eat during the day so I get ideas.

Justme ~ I feel your pain on the baggy butt. I always buy stretch jeans because they tend to be smaller in the rear. DH hates it but I also don’t want what I call elephant butt syndrome. HEHEHEHE! Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Candy ~ That is why I like my tattoos, they make me feel rebellious and naughty. HEHEHE! Since I am usually the “good girl” and none confrontational, I feel my tattoo helps me balance on the wild side.

Well I better get going. Down one more pound today so I was walking on cloud 9 this morning, does that count for cardio. HEHEHEHEHE!

Anyway I have to get going because I need to work on a mailing.

Talk at you all later.
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Calories for yesterday: 1490

My calories included TWO glasses of wine.
Oops! I guess I was a bit stressed yesterday. Actually, I know I was...

Fat 18%

Fiber 47 grams

So even though my fiber isn't as high as I'd like, I think the fiber is working. When I got on the scale this morning (I weigh nearly every morning--to keep me on track) I was down two more pounds. This is two days earlier than usual. So, yay fiber!!! I'm going to wait until tomorrow to change the ticker (just in case), but it tends to stick once off.

Justme~ The worst part about tattoo recovery is the itching! So if you can handle a little itch (and you won't pick at it) then go for it. It's so wonderful to have a pretty work-of-art on your body. I love mine!

Littlered~ Thanks for the new website! I'm going to check it out today.
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Back to the beginning....
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Justme: I understand about the tummy tuck thing. I had 2 big babies also (natural) and I am seeing the scale go down but with the tummy not changing it don't really feel like it. But my DH said that if I loose the weight I want to then he will pay for it for me (I have the check book so I don't know how he plans to do it,lol) but I am going to hold him to it. We also have parent teacher confrences today and the book fair, I think they plan it that way so they can get even more money out of us parents.

My eating has been really good lately. I think that I am going to make my Easter goal only 1.6 lbs to go!!!
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Hey guys!

3-28 939 calories

I am in a REAL pickle right now... i am currently on my 4th day of phase one of south beach. I honestly hate it and i'm missing out on so many great foods. Do you guys think i should stick with it or move to a plan with moderation? Fruits, veggies, whole wheat, lean protein, etc?

Just looking for some input- of course the people at a south beach board told me to stick with it but its hard to after reading about how a lot of them have regained their weight!
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Hi everyone.

I want to thank everyone for their support.

Especially Bobby, Robin and Susan. I have learned more just reading your post than you can imagine. The knowledge everyone shares here has made it possible to have my first month be a big success.

I have lost 5 pounds. And according to my official weigh in at Curves...
I have lost 6.5 inches total in the last 2 weeks. Its not much yet... But it makes my hard work feel worth it!!!

Tuesday I start the Curves Protien Diet. I hope it makes my losses bigger!

My hubby is taking me out to celebrate. Now I have to go to the web site and see what I can eat and stay out of trouble.
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Littlered~ 5lbs and 6.5 inches is great! Keep up the good work! I too have found a lot of inspiration from those you mentioned (and more.) This forum is so great for helping me stay on track. BTW, the new picture of you Dgd is so adorable! She's a cutie!

Rocknroll~ I think the key is finding a program that you can stick with. I tried South beach a few years ago and I couldn't get past the third day, so it wasn't for me. That's not to say it won't work for you though. Have you looked at what you would need to eat to maintain once you reach your goal? Is that something you could do the rest of your life? I think the key is finding a way of eating that you can sustain permanently (upping calories for maintenance of course.)
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Hi Everyone, I'm New Here And Looking For Some Support On This Weight Loss Road. If Anyone Have Any Suggestions Or Encouragings Words They Will Be More Than Welcomed. Thanks
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Hey girls and J-man,

I'm having a really tired day and am a little worried I'm getting sick. As several of you with kids have pointed out, tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break, and I think DH and I are both quite fatigued (he teaches too). It is absolutely NOT in my plans to be sick over break - we have too much to do! Plant the garden, do lots of yard work, maybe paint a room or two, relax, exercise, spend time with family, etc. etc. So I will go to bed early tonight and try to ward off this sore throat, achy, sick feeling.

It sounds like everyone is having a great week. Good job Theresa -- 6.5 inches must be feeling really good! You'll have to buy new summer clothes!

Oh, about South Beach -- my experience was like Zenor's. I lasted just about 3 days and felt quite weak and had head aches. My sister talked me into it because she loved it and did great with it, but I just don't like eating that much protein or restricting my carbs. However, I've seen people have great success with it, so I agree with Zenor - maybe give it a week or two and if you still don't like it, go back to calorie counting.

Tomorrow is the last day for us (officially, that is) on biggest loser. Last week's weigh in was up 1 lb. and I had to move my dang ticker up. I think I'll be moving it DOWN tomorrow (better be!!), so please send positive thoughts my way... or should I say my 'weigh'?

Bye for now,
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Welcome NoJellyBelly

Zenor, Claire.

pic of dgd is first one sitting up completely on her own!
Age 20 months.
We were so excited to see it. She is behind her age due to illness. She is healthy as a horse. And as you can see... she is the highlight of my day.

I agree that finding a plan that works for each individual is the way to go.

I am still not sure about the High Protein diet. I like lots more veggies and fruits than the plan shows. I guess I will give it a try. Who knows... might do real well on it. (I hope).
Has anyone here done a HIGH PROTEIN diet? how did you do on it?
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Height: 5'5"


Nojelly... we must have posted at the same time.

Good luck to you on your journey! Do you plan to (or are you already) counting calories? Lots of us here us fitday to do that, and I personally really like it. Let us know your thoughts, questions, concerns. You'll find lots of support here!
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