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Lovin' Zumba!
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Oh, btw - anyone who wants postcards from our Europe honeymoon, or who wants to give me there email address again should PM that info to me.

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The " anything is better than nothing " plan is working out.
When you get to a lower number the weight loss really shows. I think I lost two inches in my waist over the past month which is incredible.
The only thing about the "anything is better than nothing" plan is that there is no organization or structure to the workout. I have to think about which muscle groups I have done. I need to make me a cheat sheet so that I remember everything for weights.
Food has been ok. I have kept my calories up. Tuna is my friend. I am trying to do a fish or chicken meal every other day. I didn't bake this week other than the little "rise and shine" cookies. I did some Salmon on the grill with a balsamic ginger glaze that turned out super.
Cindy !
I am really jealous now- not only are you having tablefuls of pies at your wedding- but you get to go to Europe also ? Good luck and have fun !
If you end up in Northern Italy I would not blame you for not coming back home.
Ledom I know you are busy with school and the show. Things have really come down on you lately. There were two owls outside my window last night having a conversation. They made me think of you and the lake. You should try to take some time with your paddle and get in the water. I know it is hectic- but you have to replenish your basket somehow.
Well Chick in the Hat- We went to the last Auto Swap meet of the season. No good looking scooters-but bunches of classic rides. I wish I had my camera. DH won't set up until spring at Pate..Since it is Fall I bet you are taking some nice rides.

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Sirak - Man alive girl. You must be so tiny now.

You are so right about getting out to the lake. On Mon. and Tues. my department is going on a retreat to plan for our future. We are staying at cabins on Lake DeGray. I am going to take my boats for the evening. I can't wait. My new boat has not even been in the water yet.

Things are looking up. I'll be cooking in my own kitchen by the weekend. It has been promised me. My mom is more or less settled and this evening and tomorrow I am matting and framing my show.

I have two camping trips on the calendar. One mid-Oct. and one early November.

I have something else on the calendar. Starting the minute I am given the go ahead to use the kitchen I am counting calories and starting up exercise again. A stronger person than I might not have let those things go the last 6 weeks, but like I said they would have been very strong. I am exhausted, exhausted, exhausted, and my diet and lack of exercise aren't helping. I am ready to feel healthy again.

Thinking of you Cindy. Have a beautiful wedding day and I can't wait to hear all about it.

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i worked out this morning. i did some exercising on the bike and then jogged for a bit.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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As for me I've been freaking myself out with the 170's on the scale. I need to buckle down and get at least 5 pounds off. Pants are getting a little tight. This morning the scale said 170. I've been working out just fine. But the food....not at the calorie level it should be.

ledom - Hope your kitchen is in working order! Contractor promises...not always something to hold ones breath over.

Cindy - it must finally be wedding time!! ENJOY!!!! And congrats!!

sirak - That auto swap looks pretty The weather here has been beautiful - I have been getting some nice rides in.

Well - I'm off to the gym for front day!
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Haha on contractor's promises. My poor contractor is beyond wonderful. And still...he got hit with a stomach bug yesterday. He's my neighbor and he has busted it to get things right and ready. I do have a counter top, I do have a stove and sink, and yet there will be lots of dust created in the finishing up. He still has to grout the tile and do the finish trim. So, while not able to move back into the kitchen (and everything is still in boxes), I did purchase a cheap cutting board and paring knife. I made guacamole for a get together last night and think I'll be able to manage salads over the weekend. It is coming together beyond my wildest dreams. The prettiest most stylish kitchen I have ever had or ever expected to have.

So, have a good weekend all. Things are starting to look up for me. The cool fallish weather is making me feel great today.
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it's always something
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Time for a new thread
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