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Hi everyone!

Got back from my walk a little while ago. Thought I'd pop in while I'm cooling down. We have to go when it's pitch dark and we get back just as the sun is coming up. If we go any later, it's brutal in this heat and humidity.

Theresa, you have a very beautiful granddaughter. She looks so precious and she must be a joy to you.

Lynn, NC is good! I think somewhere in the mountain area. Enjoy your 6 mile walk with your df. Sorry you missed joining up with the Peace Walkers, but it sounds like you had a very nice walk with your friend.

Trish, happy anniversary!

Karen, I'm so happy for you that someone is really interested in your house. I hope everything works out for you.

Sue, glad that you won't have to be around these judgmental people for a while. The best thing would be if you could stay away from them altogether. I grew up in that environment so I know what it does to your self-esteem.

Zoe, the gs of one of my friends had structure at school, but did not have any at home. The school finally told the parents he could not attend anymore because he was too disruptive. The only school they could find was miles away from their home. I do believe he is doing much better now. My other friend who has a gs with autism, had structure at home along with structure at school. He really did well especially in his verbal skills. But, he no longer attends school because of other medical problems and lost everything he gained.
Please let me know how you like the Boca crumbles on your pizza. With the tomato sauce and other flavorings, you really can't taste the Boca crumbles.

Hi! Joanne, Lyn, Heidi, Cat, Linda D., Linda-Meowee, Gary, Phyllis and anyone else I might have missed.

Enjoy your holiday today!
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Hi all,

We are going to the pool this a.m. and then out to a local fish place tonight, we grilled out last night.....a turkey roll, those are pretty good and low calorie. Was under my points yesterday....just couldn't eat any what a strange thing for me to say.

Lynn, sorry you missed the walkers but sounds like you had a good walk anyway and will join the group next week. Hey, I'll meet you and Ali in N.C. for a walk, let's wait until the leaves turn.

Karen, sure sounds like you will sell your place soon. We listed with Craigslist yesterday, told my dh that our condo sounds so good I want to buy it.
I am getting too picky with our cleaning, like you knowing window tracks are dirty, I have to clean them....dh is getting mad at me.

Zoe, I can understand your mixed feelings about GS. I use to run a girl scout troop for mentally/physically impaired was so very hard to get thru to some of them and some we just couldn't but they were well behaved. Just teaching them to put on a bandaid was a great success for most of them. Most were very happy in their own little worlds. I think your GS can be taught some basic rules, like Sue said finding the way to reach him is most important. Ok, let us know how the WP went and hopefully all that weight you lost.

Sue, I can remember the waiting part too. Hope baby arrives soon. Let us know.

Trish, hey it's important to take a day off from everything and enjoy your family....have fun. Happy Anv.!!!!!

Hi to everyone I missed, got to run.

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Good Morning . . .

Hope everybody has an absolutely great holiday Monday. We are having another beautiful day -- comfy temps; low humidity; lots of sunshine -- Wow!

See you later . . .
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Happy Labour Day to all my favourite GOLDEN GIRLS I am not even going to try and catch up just know I read all the notes and look forward to being better in September not only with my eating and exercise but will keeping up on my posts here.

First Lynn -- after what I have been through this weekend I am beyond sad to see your post about losing a friendship -- its like the universe needs to balance out - I regained mine and you lost yours. I also lost another friend many many years ago because I spoke my mind about her boyfriend that became her husband that became her frikken frakken EX. She even called me to tell me I would be glad to hear I was right and she was wrong about him -- I told her I was sorry and I never wanted to be right I just wanted her happy. At least we are civil to each other now -- but the friendship will never be the same.

So on Friday I had the day from **** at work -- just barely able to leave on time -- we got to the airport and I rearranged my bag but was still pulled to the side because of my contact lens solution -- arghhhhh. I will go into greater detail (that way I won't bore anyone LOL) on my blog. Lets just say the wedding was "different" - there really is regional differences between our two provinces (Linda knows about that). It was more down home and some of it was spectacular some I wasn't comfortable with. I was ever so glad I did attend -- I am positive that my friendship with the mother of the bride will grow again and for that I am glad. I told her she didn't need to go to this much trouble and expense to get me to talk to her -- she could have just called LOL. The father of the bride was of course saddened at the loss of his father but he "basically" behaved and was philosophical about the loss -- his father was 88.

My eating was less than stellar I was just pleased that I kept my drink consumption down -- about 5 glasses of wine over the two days and lots of water in between. I indulged on the dessert table and paid for it yesterday.

Main thing is I am glad to be home safe and sound -- I am not afraid of flying but I do find it a necessary evil. Of course yesterday I find myself watching a show about the Tenerife Airport crash many years ago - half way through I asked myself what the heck was I thinking!!!

On to a fabulous September and I will be joining in on the challenge starting tomorrow. LOL always tomorrow.
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Good Morning and Happy Labor Day Ladies

Not much going on today. Just another work day for me.
I did get to the garage this morning to walk on the treadmill. And did some Elliptical and only 30 crunches.
Today, I am making homemade enchiladas and a large salad. I cut my enchilada up and put right on the salad. Top with more salsa. mmmm. And cut up strawberry’s for dessert again…my fav.
I will also cut up a Watermelon and Cantaloupe. I serve them to my hubby for his lunch at work. Just getting ahead of tomorrow.
Thanks for the compliments on Jessie. She is one of the happiest baby’s around. Almost always smiling.

200! Crunches?? How long does that take!?
Wow good for you… Its been about 6 weeks since I did mine. So today was just a warm up for the week coming. I hope to get back to about 100 or more a day. And I hope to start walking about 30 min. every other day at least. I really need to kick it up again. Its been weeks since I really put a lot of effort into it.
I am sending good vibes that your house sells This week. I know you will be glad when its done.

I think a lot of us has family members or someone with that Superior attitude. The best you can do is ignore it (and or them). And enjoy your life. They are not important to you. Yes, It bothers me some. But mostly I don’t even acknowledge these people unless its necessary . These attitudes would be there probably even if you WERE skinny. Its their own issues that they can’t handle. Try not to let them get to you.

Kids… Ya just gotta love them. I am sorry to hear about Devon. Yes, I do think there are more kids with these kind of problems now days. I wish someone could figure out the reason.
I hope the parents realize before its to late. Even kids with problems require teaching. As you said.
This is why we are strict with Our dgd. When I say No. I mean it. She knows it too. With her right Now… we can just find something else to make her forget the problem. I wish it were that easy for you.
good Job, with the points. It is so hard to do that when feeding family and friends.

glad you did a good walk, even though you missed the others till afterwards. Wow 6 miles. today. You are really kicking it hard today. Guess we have to do most of it early this week. The 90’s coming again Thursday. I am so proud of you. I know I could NOT DO 6 Miles in one day.

How does one grill a turkey breast.?
I just love Turkey and chicken. I really think I would like to try that next week end.

well I have to go make lunch, not just talk about it. and get ready for work.
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Friday, August 31, 2007

FRIDAY, Aug. 31 (HealthDay News) -- Flaxseed may be one way to reduce the bothersome hot flashes of menopause, Mayo Clinic researchers report.

A small pilot study found that postmenopausal women not on estrogen who used dietary flaxseed daily reported a 50 percent reduction in hot flashes over the course of six weeks.

"Flaxseed worked very well," said Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, director of the Mayo Breast Clinic at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. "The women who used it said it really helped them."

But another expert, Dr. Wulf H. Utian, executive director of the North American Menopause Society, cautioned that the study was too preliminary to prove that flaxseed is effective.

While hormone replacement therapy, particularly estrogen, is effective against hot flashes, its long-term use has fallen out of favor since the large study known as the Women's Health Initiative found an increased risk of heart disease, breast cancer and other problems with long-term HRT use. So, Pruthi and her team were looking at options for women who suffered from hot flashes but didn't want to take estrogen.

They enrolled 29 postmenopausal women, median age 55, in the study. To join, the women had to have at least 14 hot flashes a week for at least one month.

"Flaxseed has some natural phytoestrogens," Pruthi said, explaining how it, like the hormone estrogen, could possibly have an effect on hot flashes.

Over the course of the study, the women sprinkled 40 grams of crushed flaxseed daily into yogurt or cereal or mixed it with orange juice or water.

In the end, 21 women completed the study; others had dropped out because of side effects. Of those who finished, the researchers said, the frequency of hot flashes declined 50 percent, and the hot flash score -- a combined measure of a flash's severity and frequency -- was found to have decreased about 57 percent.

"By the second or third week, most women noticed improvement," Pruthi said, adding that she is now planning a larger study to compare flaxseed to a placebo.

Until those results are in, Utian is not convinced the flaxseed is a proven treatment for hot flashes.

"This reduction [in the pilot study] could fall into the placebo effect," he said.

The study was also relatively brief, he added. And many women experiencing menopause suffer many more hot flashes than 14 a week. (Fifteen of the Mayo study women reported 10 or more a week, but 13 reported 2 to 9 a week.)

Utian added, however, that he was not aware of any harm in eating flaxseed.

And Pruthi said that because the fiber content gave some women in the study abdominal discomfort, those that find it hard on the stomach should consider starting at a lower dose and working up.

Her research was just published in the summer 2007 issue of the Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

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Good Afternoon, Golden Girls,

Hi Ali, OK the mountains in NC - Hmmmm - I'll have to go into training for this. I'm having a lot of problems with hills - not ready for mountains for a while.

Hi Phyllis, OK with the rendezvous in NC - think I'll need to wait until next leaves-turning time before I'm ready for mountains.

Hi Joanne, I am SOOOO happy you had a good time at the wedding. Welcome home.

Hi Theresa, my df and I have been doing this walk for many years. It's so ordinary for us, we don't even think about it - also, NO hills at all - absolutely straight & a dirt path.
What size is Jessica? She looks really little in her photos.

Happy end of the summer - Theresa, I am SOOOO sorry to hear that 90 degree weather is coming back,

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Well, crazy as this ďWendieĒ plan sounds, it works. Now, it doesnít accomplish miracles, by any means, but having spent three weeks on a plateau, switching to counting WW points and at least breaking the plateau with a one pound loss, and then switching to ďWendieĒ and losing an additional two - well, Iím not complaining! Methinks Iíll stick with it for another week and see how it goes. Itís kind of nice to be able to vary my points and actually have one very high point day without it ruining my momentum. Even the low point days are perfectly fine, because I get plenty to eat. I noticed, Phyl, that you said you were having difficulty eating all of your points, too - which is kind of nice for a change, isnít it? I had that problem in the beginning, but now I seem to be getting a little better at juggling - and getting the right amount for the day without feeling like Iím going to explode.
I was pretty motivated after my (good) encounter with the scale (for a CHANGE) and so I went bike riding for an hour at 8:30 this morning. When I got home, I was dying for a fresh tomato - and some summer squash & zucchini fried up with onions in pretend butter spray with a little garlic - and so I asked DH if heíd like to go on a little adventure and see if we could find a farm stand out in the country somewhere where everything was really FRESH, and he said ďYes, LETíS!Ē and so we did, and found the farm stand of our dreams - got the beautiful BIG tomatoes, summer & zucchini squash, potatoes, BIG fresh peaches, some apples and DH indulged in a home baked peach pie for himself. Then we drove over some old country roads and ended up at Wachusett Mountain where we drove to the summit and then traipsed around some of the hiking paths for an hour or so and enjoyed the view. Then we came home - it was still only 12:30 - and ate some tomatoes; I cooked up some leftover steak for DH, and made myself some squash (he doesnít like it) and had my squash, 2 Boca burgers (1.6 points for BOTH!) and one big tomato all for myself (DH had another one). Yum! So, plenty of exercise this morning, and still have some daylight left...havenít started feeling like the weekendís over yet, which is nice.
Sue, for goodness sake, donít expose yourself to those horrible people any more than is absolutely necessary. Who CARES how slim & trim they are? If they act snotty about that or anything else, then my guess is that if wasnít weight, it would be something else that they needed to use to feel superior about. Usually the sign of very insecure people, actually. You worry about you, friend, and do what you need to do to get YOU more healthy - certainly not to satisfy THEM. Iím planning to look up the author that you mentioned, incidentally - perhaps she can help me better understand - and deal with Devon. Iíd like to be able to do that.
Oh, Karen, I really DO hope that you can get moved before winter sets in! I hate being in the higher altitudes myself - even though my breathing is so much better now that I quit smoking at the first of the year. I can hardly believe itís been eight months already! But when weíre up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire Iíve noticed that I havenít got the stamina I have in lower altitudes even now. I brought my bike up with me once earlier in the summer and between the hills and the thinner air, I didnít do much riding. Iím sure your DH will feel much better living in lower altitudes.
Good grief, Lynn! Youíre becoming a real hard core walker these days! I wouldnít even THINK about trying to walk six miles! You GO, girlie! Youíre doing GREAT!
Oh, Ali, I forgot that you live in Florida, too! (Along with Phyl, I mean). I think itís awesome that you can walk at ALL outside there during the summer! I just canít handle humidity worth a darn, myself.
You can stop cleaning, now, Phyl! (Must be catching - I did all our window tracks yesterday too, in my flurry of cleaning for the family ďdoĒ).
Glad youíre having a run of good weather, Meowee-Linda. Itís real nice here, too.
SO glad you enjoyed the wedding, Jo-annie. Iíll read your blog for the rest of the details. Welcome back!
Tee, that enchilada salad sounds to die for! Can you post it in the recipe section sometime when you have a little extra time? As far as discipline and structure is concerned, I know itís important, and Devon is plenty smart enough to get what he wants through manipulation, so thereís no way he canít be taught right from wrong. He has no trouble articulating what he wants or doesn't want, for sure. My son had ADHD back when it was just considered ďextra energeticĒ. I remember his pediatrician asking me if he slept at night, and when I said "yes", he said then he's just need to learn to set limits with him. He was never put on medication, and I worked with him to learn how to focus and also what was acceptable VS unacceptable behavior. NONE of my children - including him - would ever even THINK of visiting at their grandparentís house and tearing it up and breaking things and terrorizing their animals. And Iím hearing whatís been said about Devon's differences in perception, etc. I will read what the experts have to say, and maybe find some way to adjust to/deal with his issues so that we can enjoy each other the way we should.
Phyllis, Ali and Lynn...let me know when you want to do that walk in North sister lives in Hendersonville, and she and her DH are retired and all alone in a 12-room house. Four bedrooms and three bathrooms! We can bunk in with her (or collapse at her place after that high altitude mountain hiking!) (OR, I can just have the iced tea ready when YOU all schlep back from all that hiking - I kinda like that better! )
Okay, this is sooooooo long, and I'm thinking long relaxing bath time for ole Z...enjoy the rest of Labor Day, all you Golden Girlies, you!

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend. I stayed home this weekend and did some reading, cleaning, and relaxing. It sure feels nice for a change. Whew!! Itís very hot in CA. We need a break soon. My girlfriend and I set a goal today for New Years day. Her goal is to lose 10 pounds (she's skinny Errr!) and mine is to be able to attend a New Years party and wear a size 14 comfortably. I didn't want to pick an unreasonable goal. If I make it to a 12 it will be great, if not I'll be happy with a loose 14.

Zoe: Love ĎCool WomenĒ. Iím going to pass it on to my friends.
Karen: That is too funny. Sad, sad, but funny. Ha!
Gayle: Good luck with the job interview. I hope you get it. Remember that a lot of job experiences are learned on the job and everyone has to begin somewhere.
Gary: So happy to hear your daughterís father-in-law came out of the coma. I hope he continues with a quick recovery.
Phyllis: Congrats on the 1 pound loss. Keep up the good work.

For everyone I missed.(((((Hugs)))))..I hope your day is lovely. I have to walk on the treadmill now and get my bills mailed.
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What we grill out is a turkey roll.....they have them already marinated in the grocery store. They have pork tenderloin in different flavors and turkey marinated in different just have to grill about 40 min. turning once. Hope you can find them.

But I bet if you look on line you can find a recipe to grill a turkey breast...that does sound good....

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Hello Everybody,
Hi Phyllis, Congrats on the pound loss. It really does make you feel good to see the scale go down doesnít it?

Zoe, I know it was really hard for my Mom to discipline Mike when he was little BUT it was me that kept telling her that I had to make him mind now because when he got to be in his teens I knew I wouldnít be able to handle him. Of course, in her mind she just thought he was ďsickĒ and should be allowed to do whatever. I tried to explain but she just wouldnít hear of it. I hope your daughter and her husband will think further into the future and see they need to get some control now or it will be so much harder later on. That doesnít mean you donít love them any less but MORE!!

Trish -- Happy Anniversary!

Sue, glad you donít have to be around those people too much.. Just sit back when you get home and realize how lucky you are to have other friends then them. I think we have all had run ins with people like that. They have their noses stuck so far up in the air that if it rains they will drown!!

Lynn-- Sorry you missed meeting up with the walkers but it sounds like you had a good time anyway. They never did start a walking group this year here. I was looking forward to it.

Phyllis, I didnít know it until my son told me but you can delete and repost your ad every 48 hours on craigslist. That way you have it new every couple days. Iím still doing that with both the house and the 5th wheel.

Linda (meowed) Glad that your weather has been so nice for you the last few days. We had a bolt of lightening hit real close here this evening and my monitor ended up being reddish pink where it should be blue!! I shut it off for awhile and when I turned it back on it was fine! WHEW!!

Theresa, I just really wanted to push myself to get back in to the ab lounge so that is why I started out with 200 crunches on it. I take it at a steady pace and it usually takes about 15 minutes to do the 200.

I made myself do the 3 mile WATPís video again today. And while I was doing it I looked out the window and here comes a car up the driveway! I only had 10 minutes left so I just kept going. Tim was in the living room and they just drove up to the house and then turned around. They did stop and pick up a flyer we have for the house at the end of the driveway. But I got it done and then did my crunches. So I was at least glad that I didnít stop when I saw them coming.

Hello to Cat, Joanne, Ali, Heidi, Linda D and anybody I might have missed. And Gary--- WOW! You are doing so good with you walking! Good job! I want to get to where I can add about 30 minutes of the treadmill to what I am already doing. Wish me luck! That is still a couple weeks away!

Ok --Iíll try to check back later if we donít get anymore storms up here this evening. Take care everybody!
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Well the kids have all headed home. Looks like summer is over. We had a nice BBQ here today with my son and his wife my daughter and her husband , my ex-wife, her sister, my brother and his family, my niece and her husband and son, and a three other nieces and one nephew. It was hot out side but the boys still did the shuffleboard, basketball and bocce ball, along with baseball and football catch. Later in the afternoon we played Battle of the Sexes...we always have great fun playing men vs. women's fun because our gals know a lot about sports and us guys know a lot about cooking so the games are always close.

Nicole said that she spoke to her mom today and all is stable with her dad. Thanks again for the prayers, she also wanted me to thank you all for her.

Angie and I have made the 3.5 mile roud trip to Starbucks with our GOLDEN MUTTS the last two mornings, each of us has been able to get in some extra miles too with the long week-end.

KAREN ~Thanks, as I know from my marathon experience, the more I walk the easier it gets. How much are you doing now on the treadmill?

PHYLISS ~The turkey roll sounds good. Good luck with WW!

LINDA D ~I am sure you will achieve your goal. Yes it is hot here in California!

LYNN ~How was your 6 mile walk?


ALEKA ~ Thank you for your prayers.

MARYLYNN ~ Thank you for your prayers.

Well HELLO to all I missed ~ Have a great finish to your summer....Gary
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Hi Gary, right now I haven't even started on the treadmill. I've started with the Walk Away The Pounds video with Leslie Sansone and I'm doing the 3 Mile Super Fat Burning one. Plus the 200 crunches on the ab lounge. But what I'm hoping for is to add the treadmill in another couple weeks and start putting in some time on that. I'm going to try to add at least 30 minutes on the treadmill sometime during the day. That is if the house isn't sold and I need to start getting things all packed. Tim and I were talking today and everything will need to be packed up so much better since we are moving to another state--- not just across town! The people that did look at the house yesterday emailed me today with some questions so I know for sure they are really serious. Just hope all goes well when they talk to their lender tomorrow! Thanks for the FAJITA recipe. I already have it printed and in my recipe book. It looks really good. Have a good night!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Zoe, YEAH!!! It works, it works! TWO pounds in one week - I guess I'd better try this. Where do we find info on the "Wendie plan?"
I haven't done WW in several years. Counting points will give me just one more chart to add to my calories/exercise/weight/blood sugar ones.
OK - Hendersonville it is. See you there - as soon as I'm in shape for mountain walking.

Hi LindaD, Here's to you in a size 14 dress by New Year's Eve!!!!

Hi Phyllis, that grilled turkey roll sounds great. When I walked in the state park over the weekend, there were lots of people having picnics and grilling - everything smelled SOOOOO good.

HI Karen, I found two national walking groups recently. Here's the Colorado Volksmarch group site -
I couldn't find a Colorado website for the Healing Walk that I'm joining. But, when I walk with them on Sunday, I'll ask them about it.

Hi Gary, sounds like you had a nice time with your family this weekend.

Today, I'm supposed to go see my dd. I never know what her schedule will bring - she has a B&B and things often pop up out of nowhere.
OK - I'm off to the gym.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy day,

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Back from 4 glorious days off. Just read through all of the "GG" posts trying to play catch-up. DH and I played golf on two of the days off, and he also got a bigger "bike" (Honda 750) that has a backrest so we took a ride down to dansville, NY for the NYS hot air ballon festival on Sunday. It was very hot at the festival, but I took lots of colorful photos of the balloon launchings. Also ate some of the "carni" food - but avoided the fried dough, candy apples, and bloomin onions. Did indulge in a large bag of kettle corn, however.

Eating-wise I did not count WW points, but tried to watch what I ate. Was up a pound or so this am. Walked 2 of the 4 days off.

Zoe, No need to feel guilty about your frustration with Devon. Hopefully yourDD will recognize his need for more structure. My oldest DD works with autistic kids in NC and she has seen a lot of positive changes in the three kids she works with. It takes a lot of time and patience, but they do learn. Congratulations on the additional 2# loss!!!

Karen - Sounds like things are happening with your house sale. Good luck

Lynn - Sounds like you did a lot of walking over the weekend. Good for you! Have fun at the gym.

LindaD - hope the heat breaks for you soon!

Theresa - great photos - she's so cute.

Well, got to calls. To everyone I missed...Happy September!

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