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Good Morning, Everyone,

Hi Phyllis, You wrote, "Wow Lynn, great self are being soooooo good." You know, I think that this Diabetes has been VERY good for me. It's not so much "self-control" as "fear." I don't want to have to go on insulin and I don't want to get any of the health problems associated with the disease. Because of my diet and exercise, my blood sugar now stays between 95 and 115. I want it to stay that way.
BTW - eating out does it to me everytime. Even when I think I'm ordering wisely, the extra salt/sugar/fat that they put into their food adds pounds. I eat out less and less these days.

Hi Ali, my best friend is also a shopper - but not with me!

Hi Lyn, when I was married to my first husband, we got caught in the rain on a motorcycle. We just about froze. Glad you got home safely.

Hi Zoe, a sliver of pie made with Splenda is NOT going to make a difference. Just think of the old days - I'll bet it wouldn't stop with a sliver & bet it wasn't made with Splenda!
I always thought that the Wendie plan was to accommodate days where you are hungrier than others. Can't you just use the hungry day as your high-point day? Your body doesn't know if it's Saturday or Wednesday.
Your Tee sounds like my Princess - you pet her forever & then, she turns around and bites you. Maybe they're related.

Hi Gayle, I would NEVER be able to sleep in a bed where I had found a lizzard! When we go down to FL, I'm constantly running away from the gecko's.

Hi Linda (Meowee), that article about the ******* really made me angry. I think Dante should have created a special level of h-ll for people who scam those who are desperate for help.

Hi LindaD, you wrote, "After taking a real good look at the pictures, I noticed that I wasn't a bad looking woman......something I didn't realize at the time. Isn't it strange? " I realized this a long time ago. My motto is enjoy how you look now, bc it's probably the best you'll ever look. Remember, even when we get thin, we'll still be older than we are now.
I probably wrote this before, but here are my rules for restaurants -
Breakfast - order ONLY 1 egg, 1 sl bacon, no potatoes, 1 sl whole wheat toast, only water and decaf coffee to drink.
Lunch & Supper - no bread, no potatoes/rice/pasta, no dessert, only water w lemon and decaf coffee to drink, no gravy, extra veggies.
Other than the rules, anything goes.

Hi Lori, you wrote, "It seems so weird to me that ONE meal would do that!" I don't know about anyone else, but 1 restaurant meal with bad decisions can blow a week's worth of dieting. I used to eat out a lot - and I go on a lot of vacations where all meals are at restaurants. So, I developed my "restaurant rules" so that I don't have to think too much. Too many choices get me into trouble every time.
I have another motto that helps me with restaurants - "I've eaten in the best restaurants, I've eaten every kind of dessert, I've eaten every type of food I ever wanted. I don't need to do that anymore."

Today begins a new semester for me. This time, I'm teaching the 3rd course in the sequence for the 1st time. I've always taught the 1st or 2nd course. I'm looking forward to this class.

Last night, my dd called me about a "find" in her genealogy work - after several years of searching, she found my grandfather's whereabouts in 1890. She was REALLY excited. I'm going over there later today for her to show me what she found.

I hope we all have a Happy and Healthy day,

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Good Morning to everybody . . .

Wow MARGARET . . . You've gotten another year "better", Chickie -- remember, we never get older . . . Hope you have a really great day.

You know, LORI . . . I've noticed the exact same thing happens to me. One small overindulgence - especially with high fat or high sugar foods - really seems to bloat me (as well as the sugar causing havoc with my BGL). Guess our bodies get used to being treated better and really want to punish us when we don't treat them well.

Oh LYNN . . . I really admire your determination and control, Chickie. Even after all these years, I haven't developed the willpower to control my Diabetes as well as you do -- well, it's well-controlled, but it certainly takes a lot of meds to do it for me.

Nothing very exciting going on around here. It's raining . . . . . . and that's supposed to continue for today and tomorrow. I didn't sleep too well last night and the weather is adding to my sluggish feelings this morning. Oh well, this too will pass.

Hope everybody has a great day planned. Keep doing the good stuff just as much as you can, gang. The rewards will follow . . . see you later . . .
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Default Happy Birthday, Margaret

Happy Birthday, Margaret

Hope its a good one, And many more to come.
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Saturated Fat: Even a Little Splurge May Be Too Much
Fatty meal has immediate, negative effect on heart health, research shows


Sunday, September 9, 2007

SUNDAY, Sept. 9 (HealthDay News) -- How bad can it be to indulge in an occasional meal or snack loaded with saturated fat?

How about bad enough to diminish your body's ability to defend itself against heart disease.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia found just that reaction after 14 trial participants, all healthy and between the ages of 18 and 40, ate just one piece of high-fat carrot cake and drank a milkshake.

That fat-laden feast compromised the ability of the participants' arteries to expand to increased blood flow, the researchers found. The sudden boost in what's known as saturated fat hampered the effects of so-called "good" cholesterol, the high-density lipoprotein or HDL, from doing its job -- to protect the inner lining of the arteries from inflammatory agents that promote the build-up of fatty plaques. It's this plaque that, over time, clogs blood vessels and causes heart disease.

"Saturated-fat meals might predispose to inflammation of, and plaque buildup in, the vessels," said study leader Dr. David Celermajer, Scandrett professor of cardiology at the Heart Research Institute and the Department of Cardiology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Celermajer's team had the volunteers eat two meals, spaced one month apart. Each meal consisted of a slice of carrot cake and a milkshake. But, in one case the foods were made with saturated fat, and in the other case the meal was made with polyunsaturated safflower oil, a much healthier choice.

The high-fat meal, which contained about 90 percent saturated fat, had the equivalent of 68 grams of fat. In contrast, the meal made with polyunsaturated oil contained just 9 percent fat. The fat in the high-fat meal was equivalent to a 150-pound man or woman eating a double cheeseburger, a large order of french fries, and drinking a large milkshake, the researchers said.

Before and after each of the meals, the researchers obtained blood samples from the participants so they could evaluate whether the anti-inflammatory properties of the so-called good HDL cholesterol had decreased.

The anti-inflammatory properties did decrease after the saturated fat meal, the researchers said, but improved after the healthier polyunsaturated fat meal.

The effects may be temporary, Celermajer said. However, he's still concerned because the effect may be occurring over and over, each time a person eats a high-fat meal.

The study was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The message is clear, Celermajer said: It's important to limit saturated fat intake as much as possible.

To do that, you've first got to know where saturated fat lurks, said Jeannie Moloo, a Sacramento, Calif., dietitian and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

She suggests cutting down on meat, full-fat milk and full-fat dairy products as a way to reduce saturated fat. Those foods are all major sources of saturated fat, Moloo said. So are processed foods and snacks.

Switching to low-fat or non-fat dairy products can minimize your total saturated fat intake, Moloo said. Choosing foods wisely by reading the Nutrition Facts label can help, too. For instance, Moloo said, an ounce of regular cheddar cheese contains 6 grams of saturated fat, while an ounce of part-skim mozzarella contains less than half that, or 2.9 grams.

Ice cream contains a lot of saturated fat, Moloo tells her patients. For instance, she said, one cup of vanilla soft-serve ice cream has 13.5 grams of saturated fat. But some low-fat ice cream bars contain just 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

How much saturated fat per day is too much? Aim for 10 percent or less of your daily calories from saturated fat, Moloo suggested. The American Heart Association sets the bar for saturated fat at less than 7 percent of daily calories.

For instance, if your total calorie goal is 2,000 a day -- reasonable for moderately active adults -- you should aim for no more than 20 grams of saturated fat to keep your intake to 10 percent or so. While few people will take the time to add up their fat grams, doing so for a day or two can give you an idea of how you are doing.

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Happy Birthday Margaret!
Easy on the cake and celebrations.
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Smile Birthday Greetings

Just a quick fly by to say ...Happy Birthday Margaret!!
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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Moxie, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

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Hi Girls,

Sorry I was not on last night. Bad tummy day.
I have IBS. And Lately its been here… just being a pain in the tummy.
Any way, things are going well, I did not here back about the job, Well at least not directly…
One of my coworkers is friends with the lady (Katie) that I interviewed with. This girl is going to try to follow me there too. She said that Katie told her the JOB was mine. So Its is just a wait and see day for me.
It will mean lots of good things, this job.
I will have a 1.2 mile drive. I will get 25-30 hrs. along with vacation pay.
and…. I will get more money.
I just hope after all this time working 2 hrs a day, that I will be physically strong enough to do the job!

I am soooo glad that the lizard was there, not here! Oh Yuk! I guess there are worse things to find in your bed.

I wish you could send the kitten… But I don’t think my dog, Bear, would be happy at all. She hates cats.
The reason, One day she was laying in the living room and a cat had snuck in through her Pet door…When She seen the cat, Oh was she mad.
Chased her out and has never liked them since.
It was a funny site.

You really are a very pretty lady, I am glad you can finally see it. Helps to have a good frame of mind, when working so hard to loose.

I think we are here, Just busy with life.
I have also needed some extra motivation on this diet lately. I have been doing ok with my eating. But, Have just not wanted to get up and work out as much. Its probably the weather??? I wish I new. Really need to get motivated. Any ideas for motivation ladies?


welcome to The Golden girls.

What part of Southwestern Illinois are you from?
My parents came from Murphysboro and surrounding areas. In fact most of our family is in that area. Other than my siblings and myself.
As for the tummy bloat. it’s the sodium most likely. The food was so full of it you are holding water.
Just drink lots of water to wash it out.

You DO have good self control! Congrats! Keep it up. Doing that well, You will pass Us all by.
You said…“”BTW - eating out does it to me everytime. Even when I think I'm ordering wisely, the extra salt/sugar/fat that they put into their food adds pounds. I eat out less and less these days.””
Me too!
I have almost completely stopped eating out , anywhere. We have been out 2 times since march, When I started to do all this.
That, and I quit drinking pop. It has sodium too. And now days its just makes me thirstier. Mostly I just drink water. Or tea.

got to go, see ya later
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Well, it's weigh-in at TOPs confirmed my 2.4 # loss. I followed the Wendie points fairly well..ended up having more points on Saturday and less on Sunday so essentially switched the 2. I will try again this week.

Meowie - I spent a lot of time looking at the link on the Kimmie (kimmke?) program and it was fascinating reading. I'm amazed at how easily people were caought up in this scam. I hope Dateline does an investigation on this woman and her deceptive website and "diet" plan.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Happy Birthday Margaret!!!! May this year be the best year ever in your life!

I'll try to write more later, bizzy stuff going on over here!

Hugs & love to all!

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Want to feel better
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Happy Birthday Margaret ~ Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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I got the job!
Just hope I like it, As much as where I have been.
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