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Gary, great news......prayers at work!

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Hi Girls!
I'm having computer problems, had to take it up to the computer doctor for repairs and won't get it back until next week sometime. I'm at my two grandsons right now using theirs to contact you on. I won't be running into town everyday to log into the Challenge (about a 25 mile trip) to daughter/grandsons house. I decided to not start this months challenge, hopeful join a October challenge. I was going to edit/delete my name off the list but don't see a edit button. Where is it? I noticed nobody else documenting today, is everyone having that problem or just me? I won't be able to log on so don't bother to answer me, I'll catch up with everyone September 7th, hopeful they will have it fixed by then.
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Hi, Bobby,
No I am not having problems here. I guess most are busy enjoying the day. I am sure they will by morning. I just finished mine, for the day.
Hope you get your pc back soon. Isn't it brand new?
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Hello Everyone. I hope everyone has had a good Saturday. We had a very quiet one here which was nice. I finally got back into my WATPís videoís and I did the 3 mile super fat burn today with 3 pound weights! WHEW! And also did 200 crunches on the Ab Lounger. I just have to get this back in to my regular routine and figured this was a new month and time to get started and get it done!

Sue, I really like the idea of cutting the meat up first and then there is a lot less chance that you will overeat it. About the only thing I donít cut up is chicken. We just buy the chicken breast and most of the time they weigh about 8 to 9 ounces each. So I just cook one and Tim and I cut it in half after it has been grilled. But we buy the family packs of the other meat and it just works out good for me. I agree that this weight loss deal is just like a ďJOBĒ Be sure and let us know when the grandbaby gets here. Iíll bet you are almost as anxious as ďMomĒ

Zoe, glad to hear that your grandson is getting all the services that can be provided for him. I know when Mike was diagnosed years ago it was like pulling teeth to get anything done. And they have never actually ever came up with a diagnosis other than a ďseizure disorderĒ I can remember putting him through so many tests and all the EEGís scared him to pieces. I remember telling this one nurse off after she got all the electrodes on him and he was crying, she just finished and then said ďOK have him go to sleep NOW!Ē Boy, was I mad! He just didnít understand all that was happening to him. But he has been doing great with the meds he has been on for the last several years and always is happy.

Hello Heidi!, My goodness that is a lot of work but know that it is so much better for you. I can remember my Mom doing that years agoÖ. Maybe when we get moved and can have a nice garden I can get into that too. I think that I would like that.

Ali, those Boston terriers are so cute! And they each have their very own look! Donít be afraid to post pictures of them-- WE ALL LOVE PICTURES!!

Phyllis--- what time do you open the wine???? Sounds like a good deal to me! Iím still doing a lot of cleaning around here. I have it looking good enough to show so Iím not too worried about that now but have decided to go ahead and do some ďextraĒ stuff too--- like cleaning out the tracks for the windows and all that stuff. It really doesnít show but I know it is there!

Gayle, Good luck on the job hunting! We will be anxious to hear when the baby gets here. Keep us posted! Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday. Will send good vibes your way!

Joanne, Sure hope you are enjoying the wedding and just having a good time.

Theresa, good to hear from you. My goodness you are busy! I will keep little Jessie in my prayers and pray that she gets stronger each and every day.

Lynn, So sorry about the argument that you had with the ďfriendĒ Just remember that we all love you and know that you are a good person. I canít believe that she would have called you like that in the first place!! Keep your chin up and Keep Smiling!

Lily, sorry to hear that you might have had food poisoning. Gosh that isnít fun at all and can make you feel so miserable. I hope you are feeling better now.

Bobbi, Cat, Marylynn, Trish, Linda and whoever else I might have missed-- I hope you are having a Wonderful weekend!

Iíll catch yíall later.
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Default Checking in!

Hi to All of Us!

Gary that's wonderful! Praying that rehab will help him restore as much as possible!

Gayle I'm excited for you! Not sure what that position entails but if I learn anything I'll let you know. It dosent sound like it's insurance related (my line-o-work). When's the baby due again?

Karen it's just good to see your posts & know you're out there. I loved the funny about the dentist. Waiting to babysit the puppies for you anytime! Still hoping that the sale will come through on your house. It's all going to happen, never soon enough but it's coming! By the way.... what's a WATP?

Zoe- Not until I worked in Boston did I fully understand how wonderful the right group of women/friends could be. We're still in touch & your post that you made about friends was so very right. Now I'm blessed just to know this group of friends. Means a lot to this loner.

Heidi the canning sounds so good! We put a garden in, picked up all the canning supplies then the garden scorched except for the squash & tomatoes which we ate the minute they were ripe. I'll have to try that again because I have always wanted to be that ahead of the game on stocked stuff. Canned beets, right now that sounds wonderful. When I was a kid they convinced me that if I was good I'd get brussel sprouts! My parents must have been wizards because I have always thought veggies were a treat.... now all I need to remember is $#@ portion control! Only a horse can keep up with my appetite for fresh grown veggies.

Bobbi who would have thought that computer problems would impact our lives as much as it does? Look forward to hearing from you when you can & we're still thinking of you.

Lynn you're a wonderful person, period. If that 'friend' has chosen the low road that's not your problem. What goes around comes right back at us, you're due some blessings. Kudos to you for standing up for DD & bottom line is that person probably knows you're absolutely right about her husband.

Phyllis! I love the wine idea! Bring a few cases with you to Zoe's Spa.... we can get dizzy together. Remind me not to weigh in for a while afterwards. The truth monster can be so depressing!

Cat.... all is well? I think of you every time I pour myself a cup of chicory laden coffee. Personally I think it's got Starbucks beat.

Happy September to all! I'm just relieved that August is OVER & we can start considering finishing off this truly hot summer! May this be a wonderful month for everyone!

Take care & have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Gayle, I've got my fingers crossed that you get a GREAT job!

Hi Phyllis, I hope you're getting a chance to relax and put your feet up this weekend.

Hi Ali, come on up and visit the leaves this Fall. Stop by Bucks County, PA on your way & I'll meet you for a walk.

Hi Gary, glad to hear about your dil's father.

Hi Bobbi, Just join in the challenge when you get your computer back.

Hi Theresa, I LOVE the new photos of Jessica LYNN. Could she be any cuter!

Hi Karen, I have probably already told you this, but after my dh had his stroke, he was recovering nicely - walking with a cane - we even vacationed to FL and Bahamas.
Then, he started having seizures. Each one debilitated him more. He ended up on 3 different types of anti-seizure meds. The seizures made him lose the ability to walk and think straight.
The meds made him sleep almost all day. If we lowered the dosage, he'd have another seizure.
I'm so sorry about what you and your ds went through when he was young & so glad to hear he's happy now.

Hi Marylynn, WATP is "Walking Away The Pounds" - it's the title of exercise DVD's with Leslie Sansone. They come in 1-, 2-, and 3- mile versions. They burn LOTS of calories with lo-impact exercise.

Yesterday, I made 2 great lo-carb recipes - one with spaghetti squash and one with eggplant. I LOVE it when I have my meals in the fridge.
Today, I'm off to the gym this morning to do the Eliptical & then plan on joining the Peace Walk this afternoon. Because of Shopper's advice, I ordered a scale that will show me my muscle and fat weight. One more chart I can make! I LOVE charts!

I hope everyone is having a Happy and Healthy weekend,

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Good Morning Chickies . . .

and cool here in northern Nova Scotia this morning. Wow I just love it like this. Hope it continues for a good long time. My BGL seems to love it too, and so do my ankles -- three of those six pounds have disappeared this morning -- afraid the other three are mine to deal with (have to admit, although Friday was the "meltdown", the whole week before it wasn't too great either ). Hopefully I can catch up to my ticker again by the end of this month (it doesn't 'go west' - only 'east').

Anyway, guess I'd better get moving and shaking -- places to go and things to do -- hope everybody has some good 'labourless' stuff planned for the rest of the long weekend -- see you again, really soon . . .
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Well, I guess I am happy to report that I lost 1 lb. on the first week of WW.
Seeing that July I only lost 2 lbs. and this makes Aug. 2 lbs. things might be looking up for Sept now I'm on WW. Of course you know I was hoping for more!!!

I be back later, going to try to do the notepad posting like Lynn suggested.

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Phyllis, congratulations on your 1 lb. loss. That's great!

Meowee, I used the advance button and it's a lot easier reading
all the posts. Glad you're having cooler weather.

Lynn, I'm using the notepad and it works great! It sounds like fun
meeting you and going for a walk. I only wish we were heading home
this fall. We usually go home in Sept./Oct., but this year we had
some unexpected major expenses and thought it best to stay put.

Karen, I had a good chuckle out of the dentist. I know how you feel
about wanting everything to be perfect when you have your house on
the market.

Bobbi, sorry about your computer problems. It's amazing how many years
we had no computers and now we're lost without them. Hope your computer is up and running soon.

Gary, that's good news about your dd's fil. I'll pray for his continued

Zoe, that was a very nice post about friends. I have been very fortunate to have 2 friends who I've known for almost 50 yrs. OMG, just reading that makes me feel old. One of them I had lost touch with for 40-some-odd years. We have since reconnected and we've been best friends ever since.
Hi Cat, Marylynn, Trish, Linda D, Gayle, Joanne, Sue, and anyone else I may have missed.

BFN, Ali
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Talking Hello!!

I intended to do WATP todayÖbut today Iím just having a lazy day. Today is our 23 wedding anniversaryÖWe celebrated yesterday. DD was at work. DS is rather self-absorbed. ---we actually spent some time together. WOO! Iíve got to get used to DH again!! Should be fun! This weekend, Iím taking it easy.

Karen, Thanks for the laugh!! And all of the laughs that you are sending our way. Sometimes I get stressed out about some part of life---a laugh and kind word sure helps!! Thanks!!

Zoe---thatís us, the Golden Girls!!

Lynn--Your notepad idea works wonderfully!!

Gayle---Iím joining the others in sending good thoughts (and prayers) your way. Iím hoping this one is it!!!! :vibe:

Meowee Linda---Hi!! Glad you started the thread.

Phyliss---Congrats on your 1 pound weight loss. WW works if you follow the program. My problem is that I sure could improve and follow the program. I still havenít caught your cleaning bug.

Lily---Iím glad youíre feeling better. Food poisoning is rough! Hope you are soon at 100%!!!!

Heidi----Your post on canning brought back fond memories of my grandmother! I havenít canned in years! I might have to take it back up with all of the bad press about food contamination.

Gary---That sure was good news about your dilís father!! Yes, there is power in prayer.

Hi to Bobbi, Ail, Cat, Joanne, Marylynn,Linda D, Gayle, & Lyn. :hugs: If I missed someone, please forgive.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!
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Okay, theyíve was wonderful having them all here, and REALLY wonderful to wave goodbye. Oh, yes, I love my children and grandchildren dearly, every one, but when they all get together, the energy is pretty intense, to say the least. Itís like Iím in an adrenalin rush all the time theyíre here. Devon (the five-year-old with the recent Autism diagnosis) is SUCH a handful. Iím really afraid that heís being overindulged because of his ďproblemsĒ and never disciplined or taught acceptable behavior by his parents (My DD2 and her DH) at all. He races through my house, crawls into all the beds, tosses the blankets and pillows all around, tears branches off my plants, chases the cats... oh, I could go on and on. He pays absolutely no attention whatsoever to anybody who says ďnoĒ to him, and DD2 just looks pained, and pretty much shrugs her shoulders as if to say ďWhat can I do?Ē Sue? You taught Autistic kids - canít they be taught acceptable VS unacceptable behaviors? Itís getting so I hate to see Devon coming, and I donít want to feel that way! I love my daughter dearly, and he can be such a sweet little boy, but heís so destructive and difficult. I feel so guilty for feeling this way - especially when I hear about all the Golden Girls' wonderful grandchildren. Iím so exhausted right now, I swear I could just cry.
My DD1 came with her two children who are 16 and 12, and lovely kids - and DD3 and her DH and lovely little DD, who will be 7 in November. She is such a smart little thing, and such fun. And looking forward to - and enjoying - them so much really makes me feel all the more guilty for NOT enjoying Devon.
Anyway, we had a terrific supper - ended up ruling out lobster because too few of us seemed to want it, and had steak on the grille and chicken for me, DD2 & DD3 since all of us are doing WW. Had angel food cake with fresh strawberries and Light whipped cream for us dieters and carrot cake for (my) DH and the rest of the non-dieters. The non-dieters had both, of course - who can resist fresh strawberries? (They had chicken as well as steak, too...some people are just lucky that way, eh?) It was all good, though, and I stayed within my points for today (24). Today was day 7 of the Wendie plan for me, so tomorrow Iíll weigh in and weíll know how well it worked.
Pretty soon Iím going to be tucked into the ďbigĒ chair in the living room with a book. Yay!
Oh, Gayle - definitely sending good vibes your way re: the job interview! I hope itís something youíll like!
Congrats on the pound, Phyl! I donít feel like Iíve lost a thing. Weíll see what tomorrow brings. Yes, Iím hoping that with the proper services, Devon will overcome this - or learn to make adjustments for it - I just worry, as I said above, that heís not being expected to behave appropriately, so why should he? Maybe the structure at school will help, but Iím concerned that they wonít follow through at home.
Hi Ali - I bought Boca crumbles yesterday for exactly that reason! Iím glad to hear that theyíre good on pizza, because thatís what I plan on doing with them.
Omigoodness, Tee, little Jessie is just the cutest! Oh, what a little doll she is!
Karen, it sure sounds like youíve started the month off in fine fashion! Iím afraid all my exercise over the past couple of days has been from shopping and cleaning. No fun.
Hi Marylynn, yep, girlfriends are key to maintaining sanity, I think, through all the family things we have to deal with over the years, and work, and everything else. Youíve GOT to have some girlfriends to kick back and let it all hang out just flat out canít do that with anybody else at all!
Lynn, youíre sure getting plenty of exercise today! I clicked on the Peace Walk link, and it was pretty cool. Iím glad youíre doing it, but you know, itís the kind of thing Iíve come to expect from you...youíre so caring.
Hiya Meowee-Linda - Iím glad the weather is cooperating, and youíre feeling better. Letís hope it keeps up.
Okay, thatís about all I can manage tonight, Iím afraid. I know Iíve missed about half of us, and I just canít help it. PLEASE donít hold me accountable! Hugs to....oh, darn...I just have to send hugs to Jo-annie. And Cat, and Lily, and Bobbi, and omigawd...Iím falling off my chair, here! Hellos and hugs to all our Golden know who you are!


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Hi GG's! Today was kind of a busy day but not much exercising really! Everytime I would try to start the WATP's videos the phone would ring and then we ended up showing the house a couple times today. One couple really likes it and said they will do everything "Short of robbing a bank" to get it! So that sounded really good. They are going to call their lender on Tuesday and hopefully things will go well. Still haven't heard anymore from the people in Tucson, Arizona. But until we have a contract it is first come first served! The couple today that want it build race cars and he really wants the HUGE (30 X 70) storage garage that we have. It has 4 overhead doors and he just said that he has to have this!

So since I had such a hard time to get in to my walking today I did do the 200 crunches on the ab lounge and thought that maybe after supper tonight I would go ahead and walk. BUT I got lazy after supper so the 15 minutes will have to do it for me today.

Theresa, the new pictures of Jessie are just so cute!! She sure is a Happy little girl.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. Everbody take care and stay safe!
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Evening to all,
Visited some extended family who tend to be grumpy and judgemental. Whew, that interaction is done for quite awhile. Their "superiority" due to being naturally thin people does get very old. I certainly did a bit of self medicating with food which followed the ice cream binge. Back on program again today. Oh, to have the level of self acceptance that other critics don't bother me.

Karen sound like you are selling your home and getting some success in potional clients. Where are you going next?

The dentist joke was great!

Z- Yes, Devon need structure and can learn from it. Most state have a support agency-we call it Regional Center here in Calif. He and the family should be eligible for a behaviorist specialist to come to the home and offer weekly support to the entire family. Also the local school district will be providing support and information. When I taught I had morning class and did home visit in afternoon. The children's behavior can be overwhelming and how to reach him depends on how Devon learns, I have even verbal children respond to pics-processing spoken language can be very difficult . i. e. a pic of him sitting and then then tell him to to sit down. other understood simple sign language. Hopefully the staff will get to know and understand him and plan a program which will help control his behaviors and figure out what activites help calm him down. Have no guilt-The normal off the top of your head parenting tricks just don't work. There will be a period of trial and error to help Devon, but there will be changes. There is an author by the name of Temple Grandin-PHD she is a very bright autistic employed woman- I have heard speak and found her great. These beautiful children don't process language normally-kind of like breaking the code that GS is processing info-exhausting and confusing for both the child and the entire family. But his behaviors will change and improve.
your food sound great-love strawberries and angle food cake.

phyllis- how nice to have one pound off! Congradulations. may Sept meet your expectatons.

Meowee-glad the weather is cooperating, your body is feeling better. may the ticker go to east soon, Be patient some this changing eating habits is serious deligence with a real mix of good and "bad" days. From my 300lb + I would be thrilled to have you mere 200+weight.

Lynn envy your computor know-how I still just fumble around it, plus if I do it only once -2 months later can't remember what the heck I did.

To everyone please bare with me as I get to know everyone- but I do wish everyone well.

We are still on grandparent watch-maybe this Wed night the baby may be inducted. I remember that long wait.

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Hello Sue,
We are planning on going back to MO. where all my family lives. My hubby has had some breathing problems and we think moving out of the HIGH altitude will help a whole lot with that. We usually go back there every Summer and this year when we did Tim admitted to himself finally that he can breathe so much better back there. SO hoping things go well with one of these buyers anyway and we can get moved before Winter time hits!

I'll try to get caught up with everyones posts tomorrow. Sure hope everyone is enjoying this weekend. Take care.
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Linda (Meowee), I'm so glad that your weather broke & you're feeling better.

Hi Phyllis, glad to see WW is working for you. Bottom line is when you eat 3,500 calories less than you burn, you lose 1 pound. The trick is to find the way of eating that enables you to eat the 3,500 fewer calories. CONGRATULATIONS on your loss.

Hi Ali, guess I'll have to come south for our walk - maybe we can meet in the middle - how about NC?

Hi Trish, Happy Anniversary!

Hi Zoe, It would be pretty difficult to enjoy a 5-yr-old who tears up your house. Sounds like Devon and his parents need a visit from SuperNanny. CONGRATULATIONS on staying within your points. I can't wait to see whether or not the Wendy plan is working for you.

Hi Karen, you are getting so many bites on your house I'm sure it's going to sell soon. Good for you to squeeze in your crunches on the ab lounge.

Hi Sue, you need to stay away from these judgmental people. It's pretty hard to have enough self-acceptance to put up with mean words. My own strategy is to avoid people like that.

Yesterday, we missed meeting up with the Peace Walkers. Got to where I thought they were supposed to be & we couldn't find anyone who looked like a probable Peace Walker. We did our own peace walk - tried to talk about positive things while we walked - and on the way back we met up with people wearing T-shirts with the logo from the national website. Found out they met in a different part of the park. Now, we know where to meet them next week.
Today, I'm going on a 6-mile walk with my df on a canal located half-way between the two of us. Weather is supposed to be beautiful here in PA. Main goal for the afternoon is to avoid the Labor Day traffic.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend,

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