Not really into things this morning. I didn’t do my final 15 minute workout last night. I’m feeling really discouraged because I’m working so hard and my weight isn’t budging. Yeah, I know, I may be “building muscle” but let’s face it, I SHOULD BE LOSING WEIGHT. It’s not like I’m even close to my goal so I shouldn’t be having such a difficult time dropping a couple of pounds. I may go back up to 1,200 calories. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. I was hoping a few really intense days would kick start something but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Haven’t weighed myself this morning but I’m sitting here blogging when I ought to be doing my morning workout. I feel really heavy and sluggish this morning.

6:00 a.m. – 166…no wonder I feel heavy and sluggish.  I am.  Shaved my legs and underarms but it doesn’t seem to have helped.


islandgrl says 13th November @ 7:28

I can so relate. I stepped on the scale today and I went UP! WTF. I have tried so hard to be good, but blew it will all the salt intake.
I feel bloated and really discouraged. I need to get running again cause I stopped because of the vertigo, but better now so what is my excuse???
I would love to be 166 pounds! 🙂

Joy says 13th November @ 7:42

Do not let this get you down pattty. I just watched something on TV news that spoke of how our bodies like to try and insulate the first few months of cold weather as a protection from the winter. hey say it can lead to weight being at a standstill or even adding weight. Funny they offered no solutions. here is mine. Just stick with it, drink a ton of water, eat within whatever calorie limit you set for yourself, workout and stick with it. It will come off. It cannot stay on forever. You can do this.
Take care

susan says 13th November @ 8:58

Put on your prettiest Coldwater jacket and go forth! I’m with Joy on this whole time of the year thingie. It’s tough to fight nature, although you, my dear, are doing an admirable job of it.

I’m finding it hard to stay as active when it gets dark so quickly now. Boys want to eat at around 5:30 now, then after dinner the long evening stretches out before us of tv and computers, since we can’t go outside anymore.

soclose says 13th November @ 10:26

You WILL win….it may take time, but you will win!!!! Someone who works as hard as you do has GOT to have the weight come off………..or there truly is no hope for a slacker like me. sob….sob…

shallweshrink says 13th November @ 10:54

Oh Patty, don’t be discouraged. You are doing such a great job! Maybe you should step it up to 1200 just for a week or so and see if that gets things movin. You can DO this!!

grabthebull says 13th November @ 20:41

what about your upper lip?

SO SORRY. i had to. really i did.

i think now is the time for a high-calorie weekend. shock your system a little. and then resume the 1200 calories on monday. your body may be in starvation mode.


leighish says 13th November @ 21:54

I miss you patty. I agree with grabthebull, I don’t think lower than 1200 is a good idea. Eat some cake.

brseay says 14th November @ 14:09

I honestly wonder if going into winter makes our bodies hang onto fat. I’m not being as focused as you but I can’t shake the 240’s. Also, as frustrating as it is, the smaller you get the harder it is to lose those pounds. You just aren’t burning as many calories purely to keep yourself alive.

Have you thought of buying a scale that measures body fat, muscle, etc? That way you would know if you’re adding muscle. I have one and I like to see the progress even if the weight doesn’t budge.

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