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NAME: Tonya
Married:very happy 11 years
Children: girl/9 & son/4
Hobbies:spending time with my family;dancing;an walking
Height: 5'5
Goal Weight: 150-165

I wanted to say to all those who have had WLS..You are very brave....And much congrats on your weight loss.....I am new to this site and have alot to learn...But if there is anything i know, i know diets...I have lost 7lbs. in the last week and wish to stay on this losing train...I hope to make many new friends here...I also know someone who has had this surgery and she has lost 40lbs. the first month....I am thinking about checking into this surgery myself....

thank you for listening
I prayed to God to give me everything so i may enjoy life;and he gave me life so that i may enjoy all things

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