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May I join you?

I posted in the general introduction section, but I'm happy to re-introduce myself here.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: I'll be 50 on November 30th, my husband of almost 30 years turned 50 this past summer. He's a very fit tennis player, and, well, I'm not fit. We have two sons, ages 26 and 19, still living at home. 26 y.o. is getting married next summer to a young lady I love very much. 19 y.o. is in college. We have a 3 year old dog who's been with us since he was 8 weeks old and he's my joy. I haven't worked outside my home since my children were younger, so I guess that makes me a happy housewife. For fun I like cooking exotic recipes, making scrap books, taking my dog to the park every day, listening to all kinds of music and watching scary movies. As you can see I'm not very physically active, but not because I can't, just because I guess I'm lazy. But I'd love to get out of that mode and be an active 50 year old.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I'm 213 lbs at 5'4". I never had a weight problem until my 19 year old was born. I became a big eater of all thing bad. I did get sick of it once and easily lost 30 lbs in 4 months by low-carbing and walking, but unfortunately 9/11 and the terrible scare we had here in NYC got to me and I ate myself back up to 200-plus lbs.
I'm ready to change my life now, especially since the big 50 is here. I want to be fit and healthy and sexy as I age. I'm low-carbing again, as breads and sugars make me CRAVE more like there's no tomorrow. I bought myself a pair of walking/jogging shoes yesterday to exercise with my dog every day, as he's a bit overweight, too.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES:My special hope is that I can be fit and trim in time for my son's wedding in 8 months, and that I'll stay that way for the rest of my life. Inside, I'm SO different than how I look outside. I yearn to be how I was back in my 20s and 30s when I was physically active with yoga, jogging and just generally more health-conscious. That's the real me. I can cry thinking how ashamed I am of my fat stomach. I want to be free from it.

I promise to be an active participant here, helping as well as being helped. And I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Thanks for reading.
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